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TEbg; 3ail IRebrasftan
Vol. V.' No. 88.
Price 5 Cents
., . , i f
Object to
Be Promotion
of Class
A now honorary society for girls In
the Junior class said to havo boon In
-contemplation for some time, has just
been organized under tho mysterious
name of the Ordor of Silver Serpent.
The pin Is to bo a small colled sor
pent. Colors are silver and green.
Ten Sophomore girls are to be chosen
each spring by the Junior girls In tho
. Tho Junior girls composing tho or
ganization aro no longer shrouded In
Tho names of Juniors are Eleanor
Andrews, Louise Brace, Eva Casey,
Beatrice Clark, Georgia Field, Vlnda
Hudson, Helen Huse, Florence Parma
leeBeth Parkinson, Margery Rich
ards. Ton senior girls have been elect--ed
to honorary membership. They
aro: Pearl Archibald, Ruth Bell,
Mary Bldwell, Harriet Hutton, Edith
Butler, Ethel Poke, JulIaDeweoso,
Olive States, Ina GIttlngs, Leta Stot
ter. Junior societies aro very common
in larger schools for girls as well as
tor men and Nebraska has beea-rathor
late in organizing.
der of the Slivor'S$vi)OUt'''proiuigC3-
atone for the deficiency in a manner
thatJs all that could bo asked.
Tho election of the Sophomore girls
who will be active members of tho
Silver Serpent next year will be hold
later and an Initiation and banquet is
being planned.
Tho object of tho Silver Serpent
oemB shaded in as deep a mystery as
are its founders, but tho information
was volunteered yosterday by one of
the newly elected memebrs that it was
to promote student enterprises, espe
cially those undertaken by the coeds
and to create greater class interest.
Battalion to Take Part
The. ordor was road yesterday after
noon at drill, commanding the bat
talion of cadets to fall in Friday after
noon to take part in tho funeral cor
tege of tho late Hon. John M. Thayer,
former governor of Nebraska. The
funeral services will bo in charge of
the G. A. R. and interment will be at
Wyuka cemetery.
Juniors Today.
The Junior class will meet today' at
11 in Memorial Hall. A report of tho
Junior Prom will be glvon by tho
chairman and other class business will
be taken 'up. Tho delajr on tho part
of tho chairman of the Prom hay
caused a little irritation among somo
members of tho class. This has
brought forward the usual, charges of
"graft" and tho managers pf the affair
will bo given a chance this morning
to make a report and clear thomselovs.
Mrs. A. J. MorHs, at University
School of Music, will give a recital for
graduation, tonight in Memorial Hall,
Public cordially invited.
N k
Maxwell, 13th and. N.
Fresh candy.
Friday, March Twenty-three
fc fc fc
9:00 p. m. Tickets 50c
Botany Club Celebrates.
The Botany Club, with malice afore
thought, gathered Monday evening at
their accustomed stamping grounds in
costumes rivaling tho Norwegian. And
it was a goodly company of maidens
fair and manly youths, twonty-flve
strong. Subdued titterings of the
damsels, Important pnclngs of the halls
by said manly youths betokonod some
thing of importance in tho wind. Twas
tho occasion of tbjfannual bob sled
Twenty-live in. one old bobsled
didn't give much clianco for prome
nading. But oh, It was delightful!
You couldn't fall out, any moro than
tho printer's "wodgod form can escape.
Some kind soul had nailed slats length
wise of tho seats to keep one remind
ed that ho was still hero. Songs and
yells, jokes and jeering, scraps and
However, tho J'eivWuabbles, ' an, .pooanloaalvrrburat-gof
niuiiiil ilijim i Uhi hiinan tjflnijJMnM.H r"""" a series or Lectures at
into a trot niado th6 perfect snow
sceno brim full of "dolns."
But good enough was not enough.
Tho generous hearted ladles of tho
club had propared a "feed" at tho hos
pitable homo of one, of them. Few
wore tod bashful to indulgo In that
feed. Nothing but' joy would have
como of it had not tho ladleB mag
nanimously insisted in allowing the
follows part of tho honor "by calling on
them for impromptu toasts. Zooks!
Registration 8lips.
Tho call for delinquent registration
came forth from tho ofilco yesterday
in stentorian tones. Lists were posted
on tho bulletin boards yesterday con
taining names of thirty-eight students
who had neglected to turn in their
registration slips. The call Is sup
plemented by a suggestion that credit
will be withhold from- tho students
whoso names appear on tho list, un
til tho slips aro turned in.
Honor Ex-Governor.
Tho University flag waved at half
mast yesterday, in honor of John, M.
Thayer, former governor of tho state,
who died, Monday. '
Valkyrie Given In Part by Mrs. Holy
oke and Mr. Johnston.
Tho musical program, which was to
havo been given Friday, was given'
yesterday at convocation, Mr. George
Johnston and Mrs. A. R. Holyoko ren
dering the third sceno of act one 'of
A brief account of the plot of tho
drama was given by Prof. Gumman,
after which Mrs. Raymond gave tho
three climaxes of tho piece on tho
The attendance was large, a fact
which speaks well for tho enthusias
tic qualities of tho student body.
Dr. French will speak on "Demo
cracy and Culture," Friday.
8eattle During the Summer.'
Dr. Ross will give a throo' weeks
course of lectures at tho University
of Washington during thor summer. His
subjects will bo "Mob Violence" and
"Race Suicide."
When seen yesterday relative to this
announcement, Dr. Ross stated that ho
would leave for Seattle, whore tho uni
versity is located, late In Juno and
after delivering his course of lectures
would spend a week in tho mountains
of that state. Upon his return to Ne
braska In the latter part of July or the
first part of August tho professor will
remain 'in Lincoln until September 1st
when ho leaves for his new residence
In Madison, Wisconsin.
Tho Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. will
hold a joint meeting in Memorial Hall,
Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. The
gathering will be addressed by Miss
Llvormoro, who rec'onty returned from
India, where she has been doing mis
sionary work; Miss Llvormoro is a
speaker of moro than ordinary abil
ity and has many interesting things to
tell of her adventures while 'abroad.
Don't forget tho dale Sunday, March
25, at 3:00 p. m. '
Work In Gymnasium
J .
"Pat" McLaughlin, chairman of last
yoar's Intor-fratornlty basoball man
agers, has called a mooting of tho pres
ent managers to bo hold at tho Dolta
Tau houso tonight.
TJioro are many points to bo brought
up and Bottled. Tho schodulo was not
finished last spring and tho ponnants
wore not doflnitoly awarded.
Tho Phi Gams, who won on tho
"South Side," woro glvon tho second
pennant, and Pat has tho first hanging
up in his room. Ho sayB, rathor than
mako a mistake, ho will koop it.
A silver cup was purchased sovoral
yoars ago and is at present nl the
hands of Dolta Tau Dolta, who woro
tho last to win tho championship.
Just what will bo dono about last
yoar Is not known. Tho loading teams
on tho North Side say they havo some
claim, and Phi Gam says, as it had tho
only team which was not dofoatod, it
deserves first placo.
Many minor affairs and a now sched
ule for this spring will bo acted upon.
Dr. Clapp calls especial attontlon to
tho mass, dumb-bell drill and tho work
6f the" boxing class, which wilL be two
features of tho gymnastic exhibition
which will bo hold in tho Armory on
Saturday evening, March 31. Tho mass
dumb-bell drill will bo carried out by
as many of the first-class men as can
find room on tho floor and about one
hundred! and twenty-five will tako part.
This work is strictly class work, spe
cially developed to add Interest to tho
Tho work In boxing will show tho
development of this now departure
which I. P. Hewitt and Jack Best havo
beon working with all winter and will
consist of class work and a series of
leads, parries and other fistic maneu
vers that will ploaso tho most elite.
Tho boxing stunts will concludo with
a bout between Hewitt, former under
study of Gebhardt at tho City Y. M,
C A., and Hale, a Lincoln man.- of,
somo roputs in tho boxing fraternity.
The gymnastic team try-outs, which
woro to havo been hold tonight in the
armory havo been postponed until
Tuesday, April 3. This has beton nec
essary because of a bad cut which
Klosselbaoh received yesterday while
working in tho chom. lab. Patterson
also is suffering from a sprained wrist,
and with two of the contestants in bad
shape, It was thought beat to postpoae
tho trials. ,
On Friday ovenlng Miss Maude' Ken
dall of University Place will give one
of her popular' recitals .consisting of
solos; readings and impersonations, at
'Assembly Hall, Agricultural College,
under tho auspices of the Y. M. CA.
Admission, 25,centa. Take State Farm
Cire ll ;
Union Shining Parlor Shims, tje
cents; chairs for ladles. 1011 O ML