The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 17, 1906, Image 2

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Cfa Daily Dtbraskan
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Vet i; Sctrlet aa4 ,Crm. V.' 4.
daily, cctet Sunday and
M4r. at tho XJnlvrlty ef HjtefMfca,
Application mad for entry at the
poatoBce at 'Lincoln, Neorasica, as
eecoad-clasa mat tor under act of Con
cm- of March 3, 1878.
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. I II ' .
art af Director.
O. V. P. Btout. Laurac Foi
n. p. Leavitt.
Dwlcfct Cramer. A. O. gcbrelber.
Managtr Frad Naughton
Circulation W. B. 8tandeyn
Telephan Automatic 152S
Night Telephone Automatic 2S5
Bubeoriptlon Price, 13 per year In advance
With Iho rapid growth of our insti
tution and tho oroctlon of building
aftor building, thoro is ono thing which
is apparency forgotton. Plans aro ar
ranged and porfoctod whoroby tho
students may increase their intellec
tual being along most any lino some
times' wo think theso lines of learn
ing aro beyond restriction and num
bers. But tho fellowship of tho stu
dent is almoBt forgotton and novor
wjllviho studonta in this institution
bavotho social fellowship until tho'
dormitory system is installed.
Studonta moot in classes and some
times bocomo so intlmato as to havo
npeaVlpg. acquaintance with ono an
othor. iJiit how many lasting friend
ships aro formed? Wo think thoro
arc vory few as compared with other
schools whero the system Is In use.
It lo truo nomo raeot In fraternities
and sororities, but this part of the
studont ,body "la vory 'small, probably
one-eighth; The other soven-oighths
theoAjmuot go t,tholr own way, form
frlonUs as they choose, and many
Umoa theso. aro indeed vory tompor
ary. With tho dormitory systom students
, would moot In a common hall evory
day and fellowship with one anothor.
The "tablo would bo tho means of good
f r
sociability ono with anothor. Thoro
would be a freedom among the men In
frequenting each other's rooms for a
good heart to heart talk, and in the
end man would' learn to "know man,
honca a ' lasting friendship. There
would bo the close bond of loyalty
existing, betwoen students that had
lived in the same, hall for the four
years of a' collego course
-In a university the sizo of Nobras
ka there is too much antagonism
among the students, probably duo to
tho wild grab after class offices and
different organization control. This
Is bound to cause enemies and espe
cially bitter ones when there has been
no .bond horetoforo to draw them to
ge$cr. It is not claimed that theBa
dormitories would form a close class
poHtic'al "ring," "but it would tend to
make tho students meet man to' man,
and -a greater " regard would conso
quently grow up.
In- urging this system of bringing
the -students- closer together it is felt
that It wilt be for the University's
benefit and wotiiA' tond In the'ioad'to
give the a tudent.body greater' trBgih
dnlcr at lbfl'thftdyionaf
of the school.
There has been more or loss specu
lation among' those interested In ath
lellcs as to tho probab'lo action of tho
Athletic Board In regard to tho recent
Conference rulos. The rufos passed
bythe jjdonferenco colleges lnrogards'
to 'football havo boon regarded fcj?
many as moro or less radical, but
thoro are somo foaturs' of these rcgu
lations which are In themselves very
The quostlon of a training table' as
been the ono of utmost importance,
and it Is genorally considered that Ne
braska will follow tho Conference
colleges and abolish tho tablo. It has
boon thought for somo time that the
training table had Its ovlls as well as
Its benefits, but tho evils have all
seomed to overbalance the benefits.
Consequently tho training tablo muBt
go, and but few aro of the opinion
that without It Nebraska's chances
for a championship team will be less
ened. Putting the training table aside,
the student goes into tho game from
tho pure lovo ho has for It, and not
from a mercenary viewpoint.
Qo to Ml If on.
Members of the University Dramatic
Club loft this morning for Milford,
whore they go to glvo the "Russian
Honeymoon" tonight. Tho Y. M. C. A.
quartette accompanied tho casto and
will glvo several selections to fill in
tho time between acts. According to
word from Milford, tho play tonight
will havo tho largest attendance ovor
given any entertainment in that city.
Tho Dramatic Club first trlod tho
giving or plays out of town merely
as an experiment, but thoy have bqen
so successful that in all probability
soVeral will bo, given during thoTest
of the school year. Tho work of tho
club has boon more extensive thin year
than ovor, which is probably duo. to
tho Increased interest among the stu
dents in tho work and tho successful
way in which tho plays havo been car
Hod out. MrChas. Sawyer and Harry
Keyser desorvo special mention for
the way in which thoy have trained
the castes in the two last pieces, "Rus
sian Honeymoon" and "Tho Trained
Non-Com. Hop.
Tonight at Fraternity hair the non
commissioned officers of .tho Battalion;
glvo their annual hop. Heretofore'
this has always been a vorjj enjoyable
affair and tonight promises to be no.
excoption. Bent Slaughter .and D. C.
"Wilson havo charge of tho dance, and
thoy have left no slono unturned In
ofdor to make this ono of tho most
enjoyablo Informal parties of the
year. Tho program consists of eigh
teen numbers and two extras. This
will bo tho last Informal dance of
tho prosont school year, with the ex
ception of Company B danco the first
part of May. '
Tho Secretary of tho Nebraska
chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Clem
ents, has sent notices to tho various
departments requesting the grades of
all seniors who graduate in June, he
object being to enable him to decide
to whom Phi Beta Kappa honors he
long. Tho announcement of candidates
elected will be made early in April.
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Jl3-l2TJNbr4h Thirteenth
f the umt jm Hvo itf tU mm w to ika
& fanUr. Notice the cU mAr.
irfaTOow Street, NeW Htved, Ct. f
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