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r Populist Candidate for Vlfce-
I1', Proldency Reviews vlngur-
ance Abuses.
Tin'XKtVfiH ,
- "Mr. TV H. Tibbies) a former kedjCorl
oj the- Independent, gave an address
at convoca'tlon yesterday on "The In-8tiraiiCrIavetlgaUan,v-rnQW.behir
ried tWlnifarr York., 'Mr. Tibbies ha
sjpent the last six months in New
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V vlttAi BJraaM" lUkiafV far BnSHHsn' .SP WmmmmUmF SUM BBY . anon Une Vnnm USM BanVM nvmVJ snr SSBBni OW .OW Sana nOM nana BSw. Sana nam. .Bnv nana saw Bv BBB1 nana near
1 Ybtk, He has attended, tke- sessions
of the court where Insurance oases are
, being JtrJed.and Is able, to, glyo direct
aadvaluable "information ooftaeraing
1 the 'kiatmer, of dnyssdgakkNi ami tesbi-
mpnylof lteekses .. 4?-j ?f
. 4irTb.ipent somfjlpnesdcscribi
Irtg the personnel or jfrosccuung At
torney Hughes .and his. method 6f
" M4riT!BK'i' jMbiribatlon :out of thehb
tlle-RBv unwilling v witnesses.-he .ex-
- amines. -Mr. Hughes,' the speaker
v . rsald;'ls -nb4hs."fti ' f actrh-ee-
jiles eryjMliljiBWpNeJbraska'f
er rHkyso, however,' is por-
O ft.:ftliirv of
$ ajCinYostIpitw6, ;loe WMew per; no
.sMtterh'ow xaspaibtg hlirtaskr May
bel Jl , jutvesen s n4f ,-ask. the same
witaess .tliesameueftB, Hta. exactly
hefseHaniwr,-rthlrten-tlmes be-fOMKfe'stft:-.
saUpfaelorv aiwwer.'
TklrteiayC bea nkluoky 'number,.
.It-MrtilW-was In .tbtii omse fer the
Wiwess. , ,
ITh BlBn.msnllnBMl iher fP.f. that our
olfv. ninik- (! the'Aafeoolated PreesV
W IUV ....;.,- v. ... .- - ,
w,ere' publishing the Jesuits of he in
ves'tftatlons 'from time to "timeout ex
resa h(s srf rWe .at; lyhelr complete
.failure .to glve'lne mok glarfng abuses
aW orlates .that .were being unearthed.
Je a the investlgajtlon. Ififena
tors,' rust magnates, presidents of. in
surance companies and other 'influen
tial persons, upon vthelr oath, under
- B'hes, admitted, of belnj guilty of
'asm'any- m 'fix Wfrwlt d d,8,l?ad.t
-e&nlnal offeisy.'for anyon-of wJpelj
. thircouldenVejiid to'atarm In
v "tWiteatlafy,- and- jrbUno. nientlon
isade,oLtha-fijMLln,,tlie columns
of:the AMoeiaw- Prese. uponia,
qfchVarae4 tffathejdfer infar-
fSorable.toany ofthe pattiM.'in-
yojved, tha Associated Press wotiW
. ei publish it., in xmsway me gen
eral publtb 1 KaDt IgnoyAt of thfeal
, cqnditlon of alfairp.' ... ,. J
,The speakerfpenj v -remainder
- of'Jthe time inseusaingftesolety;
lofavn. tork- 01jyyfi) VT:JKat?aaais
ophe jrtonW qf jrork .Oityh
W. "are within thirty days of sUrva-
t. They are dependent on the.
tW and cprporatlns for their saj-as-to
sneh an extent that iftbelr
waces wvt te,b 'iUtffa they wrt
end of thirty days, tfbf eteetloiMi
there' are the biggest 4uuevef con
ducted under tbt name On every
-jp..wr, f-y JtAwLWm kk, f, "
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.Li..fiin 'M w-i
Kansas, City,
Cltampion? ofJfy.:Vlf$sf, v& . , ,,
lMWfdtTrtf Nebras&a 1
I r n "jur jL a , ' iflt
3" -;"rm
t JWill Bra ,Great
The senior "ar taking holksof-the
proposed, couatryparur In great. style
an4It; proMliwst ,t Jbf a? stlcteKln
everyway. aTs jcosJnti canva4slg
M'thc ?ate oftlWi'reiorted
th.ut oselH,..lua..yet refused iour-
chase one, and ig; taken foranted
thaf no1 line who buys one win fall to
bo tTieroTheIruTe'tfiatVnb:ydung
lady i to kjloV an escortto . accom-
pany her is tot ue ngiuiy enioroa, as
well ftBjke -provision. tktnlyselors
wlHts'bp'allwklor Jbe freeentt, Jn
dtSdr Kiirtmlyritk &Mhaly
bribe that a reporter of,iThe. Nobras
kan was abVto' obtain permission to
Stterid the attltTalW 'CMeA bBrjr' onvWe4
rol"imn raiseijo.tofhavo va..gpoi
U. c x uw , M iv j r- . w
seniors oiilyaail eisjni ,1
dercd fo have.sorMttoh'df'lttaat'
Jnbem,Mi4fw0yerfor any one
7 T . - '' . C
The funwilLlast for.three solW
lourj arfn the -pl? Trfftch wlll.'hl
dlHhed out to the .hungry oountr
jake-'nre guaranteedto bsv-not'llke
liaoth'er uedTtb make--LbuWikoiPwother
fused totry to make Aandhlafe for
the-position of nigger-baby has bee
found, and -he 'Is cutting all "clasues
now in order to have .plenty. o'f time ttp
practice dodgin'g. livery girl 'boTilts
him will have the Drlvllece of eatlne
w pMectr ar Ht mtikovtfw.
:the, secojrd-Kanatoes; lp,yftyn.
eannof'-brihg odUwltl to. brieve this,
for it against all' natural law that a,
senior should have: to "go outside his
own wardrobe i to oWaiaTold elotheiJ
ifo-iniuj'e, every one wearlngnoth(ni
hut M dud-;, the cMtMlhasJlilt;
utfon the deVIeeof ? assessing a Una:
.upon each senior who wears a oellar.
$r has his, shoes blacked pr is in: any
way "drweed up.f
Bat at' the TJnl. MusUc Gate.
V ' . I r i . ' ' . ' T , . t 1 5
llMff'M W'4 Jil, 'I.1MSS 5BnuuggggB3BBPpugslgWBUuauI I .
$A ... New Fraternity Haa ,; ' ' !
-f -j, - -n f - 1 . ilT -If i 1- r 1 1
i"x 4Sk e a , 4mmrlm mm efcesj .
W-! '7 ..?, pliMulalsTy A WCUW " n , ': ' ' -. ;
1 BaenHBBannsnunnsBBnsnnnssBnnBnnBBBBBnnuBSsnsnnBSn
II inT 1 11 11 I yp" -iiii i'i'Hi i ini iipi BlinniTinriii ipi 1 in 111 w
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yihhik ClUk
Tfato&jZ, 1906-
f - Freshman, Hen, Temerrew.
, TOie freshmen will glye ..their, annual,
liop in Fraternity Ifall .tomorrow .eyen
lag and- It is .rumored that already the
opjSbmoreif ore laying plans jb, takef
ample Vengeance for the mean tiiok
the freshmen pfaeed upon them at the
Ekiitlrtmtxk rtnn leaf volI lea trtxftlap
vllQ-8inelllng chemicals Into the dance"
hall." It, lg'juaid that, the chairman f
the-hop committee, the master of cere
monies and J ho president of the class
hrive all been spotledMor ihe iMiit
threo. br four days, and thaMt will bit
IknpofiflejLfor theni to escape capuire,
I f rjuuiey win ,be. oomultad.b'
ipeuu in BYVBiaBn upturn uhhimw
less' enjoyable than ttfedanoe hall.
The ireehmen, on the oherVandhave
assorted; that the sophoni6e'aT" not
men enough oowrV'ouTlheirtJiroat,
and claim that all iheif chief men will
be oh hshd wlien the muelc benins.
some ceriteMt over the oapturoiH the
leaders' ot the freshmen, .all .other
chancers will, bo left-unmolsCed and all
should epjoy the evening tfcorjSughly
Friday's Leeturer
Dr. J llolovtehiiier, wkeIs to .leo
lure In MemoriaVlfaU Friday nightLon
Pushkin, tjje foider"9frteodrn .liter
ature, has hiiU'an' lrtereetlag eareer.
A .-
OncoumoTiltioaniews 'WWa
oomilled oeave uea. Me eomj
pleted heduiojl the.ttnlVernrtlee
of Germany; ,rtHe,hM;wrlttea for a
juid America. He deserves a large
hearing at his initial appearance at
tbe-TJnlvenilty. ' While this lecture is
given, undeV the austeea of the Oradt
JaU JWb'th nefrV lqyfpt t& $
; r
A young wonwm's shoe.
I Rogers Jb Perkina jOOm Hit ,0 jKtft
i ' "
v ifh " - - -
'i . zn.t
.- w.
( .,tQUTHfli7KRt iATURDAJ,,
ksnsss CIty"'l the .Basket-ball Cham-1..
,' . . K . f i
l . pion. of the westQame
1 , V '
The first and greatest game ut
basket-bslfthat will be .playeH on the , ' ,
local 'floor during trje present 'sea'son-
will- tako -place Saturday night In the
Armory; The, Kansas., City Athletic
Club represented by the fastest- team ,
in the West, will be the.ppposlng team.
This Is' thelrst game of 'basket'bair
c verv "played In Lincoln with the Kan
las City club'and it should .be V great
ar'awing' car. AlthoHgh' Nebraska
las played1, "the club on" the Kansas
3ity fl(Mr, uut;WJtK 'little success. -. - -
The Kansas City Athlftia Club has fc
been represented' in the past few years
V.U-KabaJI, :eam4.tjia.ys .hard '
to fq.uaUapyw.hye., Latea theirw,
success was Indeed signal, fof they
dafaaterl TwIk Tnt(Hit Whutn'
4iuhh.e Qefman YrjMTcrA?ofBukaIo, -
junaio naaciajmsatne championship'
of;, the'woridfor'several years, )jut
niet their ilrsdfeisivejlefea",at then t
frauds; l,amikKnvUyr)M. In-.i ,
atU;Ute,ana wneaton ,nave sotn,ien u
very nrewbieiit' iu .basket-ball ,elraiSi
i' it. Wr 'Li ' V Lr rV ' ' i T-
in is rvofK, mK'fMBot ee eonsiaereu
in the. aame claas wltnKanuas City.
'"'Tfii'viraity will beithVbeet shape
fo fast work by' tfalttVflay thatJt l
has - beeh for ; soine time. They are
Hard at praoiloe this "week, and the
eagerness w4di which the men are
working for1 the different positions1 is -
surelyTgratlfylng'to the oaptain, and '' v
ooach. TheAreshmen will be peirmi "'
ted to play -in the gameand all other
sjantes from now on. While the Hue-" -up'
kas net been definitely deeided up- '';
on, ''yet it is alntost. oertaim .that the ' ,
line-up will" be as follows;, Oentetf':; -Moser;
guaVds, Captain Hear. and v"V
Bell; -feard,fWalh'ud Haten.1"
sioJc; The; subetituiwUl-bexNfrijniers -
The.Oekets are on sate, at? Harry ;;
Porter's. Dook Store, and aH seats have
been'' reserved, .and they, are on sale -J"
now. The prion of the seats has been
set at M jmdM cents, Fifty ourfe v
being 'ohaiaed for tworms ef neeul
T i 1 "V
on eaoh side of due oonrt. while UM
end and fcejcoay sevs sell for II oedta.
i T
fThe game will' commence at SIH p.
m. .sharp', and it is hoped that noth
ing will happen to in anyway jnar the
pleasure of it. v .
1 , Y
.' -
. Kf VUKi lf8eWf VpfJjftsVtpfJuuV
The echedules fr tke Ana) examlna
tioas are now being prepared by the
registrar. The mmlnattene will take
piaee at the sane time as hen always
been the custom, with' the exoeptkm
thai th freebjuea ekumes In those
courses la which there are a number
of divisions will be combined and take
the examlnaUon together In one of the
wrfcie Mla. dpeciaJ scbedulee will bo
laeued for the profeeeioaal colleges.
' s;
band ,UM rjNr ,a4 iniuwoe
money pWlV
-, .-.iii. - a n 4. t ' s I.V"1.!! iMitfiirttoBMayifetinnusniiia
Try the Vni. Dlniag