The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 10, 1906, Image 2

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Cc Daily Utbraskan
A eoneltiilon of
The HcBperlan, Vol. i, The Nbraakart,
Vol. 10, Bcarlet and Cream. Vol. 4.
Published dally, except'. Bunday and
Monday, at the University of Nebraska,
-Llnceln, Neb., by the Hesperian PUbllsh
! Ins Co.
.; ioard of Directors..
. O, V. P. StoUt. -r " Xaurenoe Fowler.
, . H. P. Leaviu.
- A. 6. Bchrolben
(Dvlght Cramor.
.y Edltor-ln-Chlef .-.John D. Clark
Manager, Fred Naughton
" " Assistants.
'News..... '- J- Bcdnar
Athletic..,,.... ..B. A? Van,Oradel
"Circulation K , . ."W. ;B. Standeyen
Editorial Roomc, TJ
04. Buslnesa'Offlce,,
ce, Station A,. Lm
N :
. U 211. Post u
'coin, Neb.
Office hours of business Manager and
'Editor, 11:00 to 11:89 dalTy.
Telephone Automatic 152t
Night tTle.R.hon Automatic 23S5
f3' Subscription Price, 12 per year In advance
Entered at the postofrico at Lincoln,.
Neb., as second-class mall mattor under
tho act of congress of March !J. 1879.
Individual notices will be charged, for
at the rate of 10 cents for each Insertion.
Faculty departmental arid university bul
letins Will gladly bo published free, as
The F.reshmon seem determined to
assert their rights and wear dlstlnc
- tivo class head-gear, and the Sopho
mores are equally determined that
they shall do nqthlng of the sort if 4t
is8 in the power of the second-year moh
to prevent it. Unless one .or the other
changes its present a.ttltudo, tho
classes-will inevlt&oty clash this
spring, andttie good resolutions of tho
past fall will be forgotten, and tho dc-
?Vploraule loss ih private and Univer
sity property wllr recur. , -
W"Hyn5t look at tho questioning an
other light-? 'The assertion that o
nllow the Freshmen to Wear caps will
poibuQii uu jo upvoaq ou. Tiuuod q oq
college-tradition is untrue vfor wo
doubt if anyjjbtty. will admit that two
years is long enough So perfect a col
lege tradition, oven in tho newer co
legos 'of tho West. Other than this
t there can bo no objection to the wear
' ln of caps by tho -Freshmen, aside
u from the .desire to promote a. class
fight. On thorother hand, thero is one
., .reason why this should be permitted
Oghlcti has peculiar force at Nebraska
Owing to the great latitude in the se
lection of courses in tho academic
college, it. frequently happens thai
there, will be representatives of all
four classes in "a single course, and
the new man will require a full year
before. he can find out who are his
classmates, Only at class meetingo
dp the. Freshmen. got together so as to
knowv each, other, and even then we
have known more upper-classmen to
be at a Freshman mooting than flrst-
year men themsolves. There is really
no way in which freshmen can gel'
acquainted with each other and thr
wearing of class caps will nil this re
quirement as nothing' else can. It is
surejya good, thing for the University.
to have, the men of, the .different
classes know their -classmates well
enough to Join with them itfjthjg'pro"
6Mpjntpf legitimate olass1 spirit, ami
any'thllig jfiAtik will PoUpte tkiiivend
kottld not' oijr ibe VWrml bt
ahottld be ejwemrae4: Let tho FreeiJ-
man wtr their cape, then.
Rules for Lewer-CUtemen.
Ihe Seniors and Juniors of the TJnl-
versity,. of WlMohsjn hay prescribed
a Bet of iMen and regulations ror ixun
PreshmonNand Sophomores. "As yet
there have been'iio reports of the sue
cessful operation, of these rules, but
it Is safe to say that the Sophomores
reglsterod an komphaUc objection to
them. The rules are as 'follows:
"1. No Freshman shall smoke a
plpo or bo seen to carry a pipe when
on tho -street or, outdoors in tho city
of Madison. ,
"2. No Freshman shall wear any
derby or stiff hat whatever during tho
year Until May 1, save onlyupon prom
' "3. No Freshman or Sophomoro
shall under any circumstances what
ever sit upon tho fence In front of the
gym. This shall apply to all Fresh
mon and Sophomoroa without excep
tion. "4. No Freshman or ."Sophomore
shall under any. circumstances be seen
to woar while in tho city of Madison
any corduroy clothing of any descrip
tion." Prize Essay."
For tho best essay on "Moral 'Train
ing In Public Schools" a prlzo of flvo
hundred dollars is offered, and the the
second best, Jthroe hundred dollars.
FirstLength of oSsay to be not
loss than 6,000 nor more than' 12,000'
wordsr" ' .
Second Each' essay must bo sub
mitted typewritten.
Third All essays must heln thdj
hands of -tho commltteo not laterHhan
Juno 1st, 19d0.-.
Theso prizes are offered byji citi
zen of California who desires his ;namc
Withhold. Ho has apppirited.. Rev;.
Chas. II; Brown of Oakland, California,
President DaMd "Starr Jordan of Stan
ford University, and Prof. F. B. Dress
lar of tho University of California,
Berkeloy, "trustees .of thofund.and
sole judges of the merits of tho essays,
Tho two prlzo essays shall becomo
tho property of the trustoes to bo; by
them published and circulated as
widely as possible" from tlw fund
at their disposal "within tho limits of
tho Unltoif States" , Tho prize will
bo pa,id immediately; upon, thej, award;
of tho committee. v
Any essay not awarded a in-Izo.wiil,
bo returned, to the writer upon request,
accompanied by postage,
' I .
Miss Dora Joy Grimm, '04, is n
teacher in the primary department ol
TaylorvUle. Utah, nubile schools She
spoKcsof, enjoying hor worlc qnd suf,
All candidates for the University,
Teachers Certificate at tho mid-winter
commencement should notify tho Head
of tho department of education at
once, ,i
With, the return of many students
tram ine npuuay vacation, comes a
chanb in, the boarding place of many.
The University School of Music O'aity
has added, a number of new regular
boarders' to its Uatana the number of;
students who patronize the Cafe for.
noonday lunch Is constantly increas
ing.. Quick service, quality cleanli
ness, and l3w prices are the rule at
the,Schookpf Music Cafe, and they are
merltlngtne, they have
brought tho Cafe, Better drop. In for
lunchtbday. ' '
1 ' . T
.The students pf "Npi'thweeHw.n hare
peUtloneil the Board bfjrusteea to. do
iwaywitli all forms 'of athletic meets!
I This sounds like a refcwrm-eohd.
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"-- - - mC T ITSSSBBT . 1 v1 lEBBflk T BBBBSSW I J
4vLBBflRKgEaeBPeVVeHL, AS L B m kCtek PJr' eilW
The thrilling chariot race scene In "Ben Hur," the
most stupeticUous and realistic stage picture in the .his
tory of the amusement world. Dight horses harnessed
to two chariots are driven as fast as ever marked a race
over a dirt course in the turf world. "Ben Httr" is to
be presented at the Oliver .Theatre, Lincoln, -Nebraska,
on January, 15, 16 and 17. .
Train Service
to California
And all principal points West, via
Union Pacific
Electric Llihted Trains Dally
Inquire "of
E. B. SL05SON,
$ty.,t - -
1 QualltyUnaurpasd. 1307 O Street v
- - -....,. .... i - m
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TfrHaMe m mm wetmna on W exakflce
ftod ba thebUnc h get lW Ktah grade repeatkg
ruve yew dMtet ortiec A lor yott;
Send far tUMar&l Catalogue en J
f)(ctt tbeM may .bowed, several unpteveaeAH
4 7fc'2tcMuiLtirpwtett
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TV -we ewwv e
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V -Wc -will
Office 1106 6. ' '
. - -
1 9 O St., VlWOOL
N. JUM. rMeli HM Mil! KM. ltil I
.General , Agent
... rt .1 . . ... . r.t . t I
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nptevesMAto in Hie opetaUng parU make it the eatiert. mott;
, We are gta'd to make it, peu&le. for evy hytt ei gam
eatffig thbt ipw at to ayf a pnee,
-" r' -' - ' -. . . .'. : ' r-
Exptilthoe Bok lMu FrteerJ
TO AT. raft anA 'jj 53fci'.iW
a amt mw mm mjtew imrm - "'i "B" tfwff-' i
trctt ycxj.Htht
PUdnei, Belij Autol610; j
CAPITAL - $100,000.00
. "N"
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