The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 10, 1906, Image 1

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;. Count rjr low-Out Te Be Given at the
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i v Down proposed Cap. ,
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.. ' hflHtraifig' at -eleven o'clock and decided
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re;, jiMrtening;. to many reports ot vanoua
ItU (-"dwmltte!ai9nior Book com
Us.' i&eeanWin'cclUlit all nictUrca
ii' -.;ut bflJmiJilateiy, aa.lha plc
K - 'V'tfii jrcaluidTaVe to be sent, to'
. r:- f"lWt cdal&Vra'Pled that' the try-
v &' . IStht All members ot tho class
A; whf. have. bad any, experience, whetlir
'I vj,a:tihe Urilv'erslty-br elsewhere, In dra
r . 4iimi,o. nuu uiacu c uuiuu uuv tut
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. . ? . ojevs. maue 10 proauso inp -nest piay
.6mit tec .also announced that, over a
klred. dollars ha'd'been "collected
H ;iTQn"tne memDers, or me ciass on tne
tkwfl (lollkr ameasmant. but hat' there
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, XyiaJf .room- f6V'moro4a;tiie' dxcheo.uw5T
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the' committee Having; the class hat
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(. -uiUBa wit iHjo,y1.uiuujui. m .lire bsi
.i ?yiioJtJw9TpiUwbrn, mad;
vwswifMiy oaw.wim te cuum
P5fcv'( '- f:nM'merar pn; th..ha'nd.' -It didjnot ap-
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peai'tp tner memBersoi tne class at, however, .ajsidth "coimniUee was1
and. MlteJMinethinK etter. even
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Special Ratts to Stixtotis---Sww Tick 5oc
Smgh'AdmtMwn Soc.
tjiisatd asraplaiH .party, aa4" .the'unanlmoiisHilts support oC
tWjsrdKibii;?; Itwas decided that
rtfiMhknwU' tHHtry ollliotion, to
"acKtf rFridAir eveaiaw, ArWy gjrl-Jla
tbe ilasajsejited to go, andao go
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wlw yetTOitera-manWiaoewyanyr;
'alfipi Ikyeir ttSo has Omj affair in
iMtMu. iifiarojl 'a 11 j-Ilia- wmv
HHM' fM.B 'K..i fcWi a, v'.j TVV.
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taito at bom." and lh hearty "A"n
; irfofcwin her -wda wVI that aJl
.-vnmr iri reit uie wjr aucmt w-'
oHH W repre to uwre a ok,
pie aiont; a4 it is diidvaWo
tW there will W a YoUng ooaUat
'4 , The men iflH ,hv variotw d-
O0 to perform, amottg thm the imee
tion om o t4tr Hsucrtan- to be a
filter baby," and H te expected that
will be ouite eonpatttton for
post of honor. Other feaibrW
ittlne eoontry fair will be prse-
Charter Day Athletic Events.
. ' . ' .
L The raea, continue to work on thein
different events' for the big mid-winter'
athletic coatest Charter. Day! From 4.
to' 5 o'clocki on Monday, Wedneday,
and Friday a large crowd may be seen
in the. gym. working out; Tlfe 25-yard
ash as usual Is, attracjUng much att
tea tloa from the men, and many new"
candidates are out tkis year for trial
In tbiseventr'It wl)i be necessary, to
holdsemi-flhalsin nearly every eveat
so tbtjt tho number, may 'bo narrowed'
dotf by Charter rJajv " '
In regard to the differenUevents the'
;pole vaUltJs being worked, iifc by Hag-,
easicki. Morse, and MacDonald, HaJr-
miik;l's expected to break all yarsiftr
. . .
Ihtloor. records. In. this- event, on. ttti
tried "for vby lvalUoe,; Cralgr Welier,
Winarg, aad af large number of eif
men. Meyer will. be4he Jeeding maaj
;ia te p$n. pump. uae man Who -wuj,
be. missed from the Charter Day exer
cises will be. Bowman who has beea.
very prominent during the past two
'years'n 'all events;' being 'a-'iarge'pdint;
wIpBfr.j The jaumtyer of fraternities:
that'.will enterthe. relay race oah-nof
be51 estimated at this time,' but jtherr
T9t sJcikIo the present Imt"!?'
ing ieaws,
W v4
j ' CerneHue To ' Ailjitant;
M"B. Oorn'fliusthe sefgeaat-raajor
01 iae oaoet settayoa, aas ueea ,ap-i
pointed -adjutant ' by Comwaant'
tmt Ct 1 . C . m '- ; J:'
Tvuynwwr, uj .aaooeea iu n. x nosapeon,"
who has? left,lh(jjiiiversity to aooept
a positiqsi ltf'tUb;with-arallrcW
Mr Crraellu is anior, aad gave 119
a seaadlieuteaaicy4 in om( the
oaviaat Ui tfirtitac of th
yrto"oeit taeTian seVaeat
we4dr,,r iVhis ep1tkm h is rank-'
lag Jtrst UtrtUeoant. HU sooceaeor m1
seneant-major'has not been appointed.
. 4
. :
DisoirW Suffrage TaWIII ' Debate'
theeae,emy Nit Jatwraiy., '-
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FJrat Qm aft Seaeeh 'With . OutsMe
tani Te ie PlayaUry in Feb-,
ruaryvyifi, Se-Oeee Setrteet.1
h.M '
y- v1 .
The Students1 DebatlHg. Club held'lts
first regular 'm'eetlag .slh3e th(e; Christ-
mas vaoatibn 'last Saturday riight.
Union Hall was Well filled with mem
bers" who participated" actively iv;tb
iJHruHiueauiry scrap ana aiterwarus
nsienau 10 a aeData. on. tne Question, j
'JSeedlVad, Thai the. tWeatyrflve centsf
tax'or euJtrage onvthe Athietic;Board
should be abolished?' Jilack and Mar-.
atlve bat net beings ,presetJterr;
lQfLware filled hy J. M.-Paul aad
C,, McWaiaiiey. rBHHMHiBwla;
Yeder spoe -on "the aegativer"
ArraMgemeats Have beea n.ii'
whersby tk University of NebrasKa.-';
t vy usaer umyersuy la L.iaeoIn -T; .
on February Ird or fcta. Baker- hasv .'
Ivrava .lvaii fa 'a, ..T t..l ' '
...,. (ei..w un . Suuu nuru game, ., , ; fc-
aad hist drawa.a good crawl to the ' -'.'
game. This year .should prova no ea- '' '" ) ., "'
eeftiori to the mmm prerlouely played '': - fr
Hir Baherwih be , represented by a iTt'HV&
nuwBr imun tnaa evert-aaa Webras-"- -
kahili have, to piiy the game of thV 4
year to win with a geod margin. ' .'$.
Last yea,r there was a dfffefeace of Pr
to.M psfett in the ecpr'ebathis, ' '
.... B,tii to, uj uir UWW,-.;,, y
nlnaalv ( o; ii. "-. 'jkt. ' s"
.v..ywmwiu UI ,RVH OH lfl rlf J
Seoretary HMghesrWag instructed
soibe Urn ago to oefrespohdwith dif
ereeit ooliejfee relative to the airaagt-
went of idintdebates, has sneoeeded;
in. aaii KiunuK mmnuii Rnawera
from -the Alpha Oatega "Debating Club
of Deaae College a ctffttjavhieh the
club aefeated iti a' debate-last year,
wd.from the Crelghton Orato'rleal.So-.J
letyr of Omaha. It -Is expeofed that
debate wlllbe arranged with both of
these eollegee ia the near future. .. :
'Next Saturday, Bight the Studeats
Debatlac 01b wm"ebte the iueetioa'
of grerameatowTaersWp-ot raroads
ivlth repreeenttaiyes, of the Academy
Debating Club. Leo'H, Legro,, F. S.
(3oeiaM, aad R. R. Satith' wjll repre-srde-Uw
aHUia:D ClKb. " i
. The-CAoadssay ;teaai will aaholil tho
Mraiatire. i '
TCithArtn VavrMslrV 'Si" .wWk' tal
tigUalaf & sltfciaeaWsi. aa "" vMJSJ gagiaeaBVag) Jtaaaatt Main
P1;?"1 faai'aftie..,the ed by Ue beet taan ia Its aisieTy
''-' "-- "- - -- ill lA 1 uUk 11
he taught teat year;
't- ?
floor, during the year. Two of 4ast
years team arenot In the..
tbteI;,;- '
year consequently the; strength, ef fh -;- ;'
team will not-be known until' It ajoes . xr
up against a nard amme ' :
-, It le'hawid tha airie-Trti-TCji- J
an-Kn CIty'AtWtetk olabSiwjy he-"' "
played 'oiT'iha-Jjoma'iaoc dttHaclfn' "i':
'HPIunt rank 'M--''W'2 j. Vr.-.'i 1
l.wv..b muuw. niMI M.IU1WU MMI
lira air hiva .rMuiu'l.?...llt.U. -i
very probablt. , The. Kansas City & MV . "
letie olub has beea . ooatejnpialinr TTI k
trJp up this way for;soinainW,and;Ijr ? fv
sdcha, tffntte made, a Tgaaae w(th Ne- ';; ' ?.
braskais .almost awsertaintyf jki fcit&u:' "
Qthei1 home gamest4here-areii6tay.,C-; '
that are certain jreibHt-,! a. sheet Jj; (j
time ItVia hoped tbatr the eowplete . v,,
schedule. an be 'announced- ;V t' v-
o.-fJ . ,.
"S:' "sT
.j r-
ExcitlJHI ilMVethall Praoek
aooc reriy cawiwates Xor the has-. r ;v
1. -1.1.-11 x i..- .. . "..-t,' , - :tlm
Kviimii ieam lurnea ouc muk. evening
tor a fast praetlce., Ty wae aiVteV
ed iato squads aad each squad given a
wncr lor are orr:ten minutes, lev- zt
efal'6f-he''waahes, '': t
exceiteat zona, and wm he valaaMe
additions the ftrst" QO4 Si
eefch .of these men will have been in
achool an. enllre issiiln hmtmtm u
, .atwiwiy. !. w win mm. mapmif
tor the tnt, i,, K stev
tnfl, NebraseThoald hex ilii Masai
A ."UJ.
ifJf T
V "1
ienda'lii t Puttl, lalaneeoU, whafeifr Mr. T. H. Tlbbtea, ex-eesuJMate of
I. 1
V --'
.1" '
' ' t-
, I
: -
1 .
ie, 19M
a good Hue te ensured to all
RsfeV iejae wwwf eflsnssaab'aBTCsiy
I IM'fKlaea oasui mtj.
gUeiHJl Tkta.W-50
the Popnltet jaarty tor vSee-prealeeat,
will oecnpy the aosivoeation .parted
this morning with a dlscsnates o "The
Insnranee InveetigaUo." Mr. Tlbhtee
is a speaker of wore than leonl fame
and wOl gjve a very lnteTeetlng and
instructlTe talk. '
Fletcher Lane, who until reeeotly
ten had eharpg of taa nhyeteal depart
ment la tbe Irtaetrtal Sdaool at ear-
SSMf. MtShlfMin la MM mmmA In
'lal. C. A. vork In Oilenan.
(I t mi n .
Fiorenoe Doswleaa, who wantU haw
fradSasad te tae XfSf, haa asassaed
dike noaittem M crtealaal the la-
zIlw ff1'
.- k'
Lji ' : . Htl-wAslii
wmijMtfjtiii.., ?yeftii jjrftjt fcTntii;fc"iTlML2(iKl
"i .