The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 06, 1906, Image 1

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c6lombian .minister offers
r "prizIes-for EifAYt. ' ' '
Competition Open to .All American
College tSjyutfswteThe Llet
of Stib)etVt
Aj t xi
- Three prizes-- prl;ce4of $100, asec-
'Otid prize oi $76rand.:a .third prize of
$60 have been established by Jhe
Hob. John Barrett, UnltecLStates min
ister to Colombia, to be awarded to
'' the authors of the beet papers on any
one of the guWicts named belotkif:
.BalTeeth object ofMf
history, peoples, politics, .reKarces
and'poMibiUUes o't'our" iisterv repub
iiqsWideveVop4 thrghl
Unlted Statee "a wider interest in our
"frUtical ad commercial relations witn
Latin America,' aad. to foster k more'
;v ; Fraternity Hall ' r, ? -liJi
9 -1 TanuaryTwcltth. -ij
general ..'gUdy of Latin-American "his-
edubatioaai" ccindltkMM, 'mateflal and.
iolblliti4 caDoclaMv axihev affect
thV' growthof closer ties'- ofinterna-
O rplv InflnAMAA e9 Ia Danoma f
iJcaftal on the commercial and political
Hdevelropment of Latin-America. 1
'$ .'Preeentcowlrticms and' future
pos4bllltie of the trade of the United
.SiratiW'wIfti, Sinnf'fC. 'AmSrfpa.
t v-t r ? T, -. ? a .-, -, 'w I
f 4 -f Be-"present material and eoo-'
nomic. progress of SkuthvAmer.iqa. ,'
5. ' The .practicability aad utility of
'thV propose'd' Paa-American.ra'llway', H
ni p x uniu au
tlorial comity and conldence." i
jTJie prizes'afe offered subject to the
foltowlag rifles of competition: -
? lurlag Jtlie aodelVar lMBCia
y American -college, university or
i.jwaooij usaergraauaie,- pro-
and graduate students . are
r vo. ",ipri
bie; - ;
exoied-'iip words -hi
atfesspajiiody: the fall
im eCrVrit- kihI
Ueinjnthreliss and jcoilege, uai
' ,vefs4ty orebhnlcal scfcoel'towhlck
JW8 wrweF'wags, mvV.Deaiie or
delivered te an express voompany not
'.iairtlBpieiibr'Jfili itiIsV.
'dressed ip the" president. cOoluaaWa
jt' i ".- . :."" 'j r -. .'I
uiversuyrWiixorKr. x:,narxt
VBU.n.Jvvv.i,!.;, , - -B
iby a
. -ble. -
--' " (-"--. '"hsh.4.
45;.fcTkev paper awarded, .the;inrst
(lrl Iwill be transmitted; by the un
' tlersigW: t6V"t ,dffietor vottfie' Yn-
reau.df AmerieaallepttWicg, who will
'oause l'to be published and ettoti
' iail M ! dC tho iHilnwUloA'f that
buneaa. v " J, "" ,
T:rf;,ftJUel Uf .oompe,
tition other than the 6ne o which the
flr'st'prlze is awarded, will be de-
. ',,lee awaiilMA unless, at theVtWttoa '; ;.-; ..
v twiwng.a.qompfuwr ksks mt UMre-
fturtTeC pw1 Wnuaeiiptaad furaisiies
. JhJlly stamped a4 proper! ai-
dresned Mtewpe. T ,. " ft ..,' '
' JlfiS??1'' a aajMtaitecl Ua:
Any oa4 of mj following ubect
may t cajoten: . '" ,'
, . POUT1CAL ANb W56foMJC. ;
YM JUaroe betriae and its in-
. flueaoa oa tkw pomioal aad eeeaosnle
. 1. iThe, influence. fine, -conditioas
that;workedfor the indenendeaca and
Establishment oftn'eSoulh merljan
' republics. ' ' ' ' - "
' -
,2. - Tho J n, flue ace "and conditions
that worked for the lndenendenceand
establishment 6f,tbe (Jentrkl American
.M i .."" .
:3; ftecharacterUad achieremehts
of, Belivar ashewa fn .the struggle
lor the independence of "northern
South' XWertea v " " v
'$. TkaTRmdltions surroundina and
eiieatances Influencfng the. over."
hatiWtbf the'einDlre'aiid tKs ttaWish'
aaentof the republlc-in Brazil: " x
'-'Tito oMrsalttWl&ingtWiltstriW
Uo'of ihW ln,iTucxn.
iPoi. .of ifrAlri
flthaw and Tir Trvhti W IPfnlovX
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, ' - - , r -; X
. -v , . ' J.
.. v. .. r ' '
v Sundav Men1 UUkina. ' J
" X. "" Kr'Xrt rWffw V ,3' Zi- $
...V ., ... n f. -. . ' I-,.... v ' Ji "tl
wBsHiiv.'ata ihni rmri r itiiir
-r ' T--"ij. - '""'ii.'.A' i . ,j. i
gomw-aMraoo ww m ;ejWi
of t-Ginfcait il-tJ-i.-Wkft i-'tWWM
k. ..! v4r!.; : h "o ' . .ii7. . 4' . .
as ..cne staging ,vaaensui. - Teee
yotiaW'Iadies sine the old home' sonri.
w 'short;, stirriag talks jn betweenr
JNwh-ind .hvehJii eithWsCionieet-
?s Hi'sOTw. m'wpb
iau. , ine. ooonivwii open-at.JMHC
past,. three-aeJocV.
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srrrrTi ?s? m
Burean moved siTJf rtfesasf 101, 1M
MWywhip a4koeettpjaxlr
it w
tl ul V.' 1..1
jwo puiv iwu ui irwT jvnrir
jipwto;e, found at the' wost endof
.. .1
A deed tList.,er Evknts. Haa KeenAr-
rriftiSif. ferFoliruary 1h.
The 'celebradon of the University
Charter day for im hasabeen planned
for and should be more ejaborate than
ever, 'This day has Increased in im
portance for the past few years until
It; is now considered one of the days-
of the college .year. This year thi
regular program which has occupied,'
xtheAforenoonahfkreioforfi' will .hold
J J1 , rSi m m
guou-aRum vr e program, ior me ai-
ternoon isjn the hands of Dr. Clapp,
andrwill consist of an athletic contest
in' the Armory.
Interest is already hjgh among the
f"fOia farJous eVntSi The'edals glyea
by ,the Charter day committee are of
such a kind that the athletes have
found it well, worth their efforts, to
win them. This year the prises will
be the same, ftrst and soeoad places
only bofng , awarded. The iaer-fra-ttrnUyurelaraorisVeanoing
rnuoh4 1
terwt among -the dlf erent fratorntUos,
and a larger representation than "oyer
Isxpocted ''Ufa yef. n
Awaoryare; Twentyrtve yard dash,
ropelimV;pole. vault,1 shot put, 'run
sjtag Mgk Jump, running hlgh kick,
and lesoavault.. Dr. Clapp Is ready
ajojhwjUllas; to, meet aaoHt, who dor
afosY toworlc. f6rlhe different
events, ml .n a few days' nt'wfll
havjra scKeduleout for the practising
of the different events. In this way
each individual is given plenty of op- of-conAkLon-tho summer session, this year of
.The. Celfsfes n4 UhlVefaltles .oVW
Vraska HavV JnM In Unlerf .;;'
' slefl -U -bt-Hshr In -Lkteoia?. -,.
The management of the Uaiverslty'of
Nebraska Summer Session, for the com
Ing summer has ned wtt'tf thither
tmlversltlea and colleges of the'ut
1n a anion wimwer session, to bo held
InLfncoinv This imfon 6t the tnoHu
tionshaa,made poioible aun(e and k
muchL more jBomprehonsl. profTa.
The high sohooTaad ooHege ooarses
wjll be gjven-ln this Unlveraityr The
grade and, normal courses will be given ' ;
at Weeieyaa.
Thls.union session "of thlTMMllofes
ahf 'Universities of Webraika aadec
the direction of. an exeoatlve ooaaoil
conalsting of tho heads of the Institu
tions interested. The facUHy consists- ''
of the strongest and-most 'available
men in the" participating Institutions.
For high .school teachers and stu-
dents seeking entrance credit vtkere
are nearly .thirtymvlew' and jnethod.
coiirsea in Latla, German, , FreneH.s.
Spanish, niathemaics,;ehonUstry,.sool ,Xs
ogy.JroUny, geography, physietl goog .
raphy, nature sUdy, Physioal ediwa
tlon for betk men MAooW, AW-,
lean hlotory-Namropean history, Bag- ,
lioh, Bogllen literature, peyohotogy
Ptdagogy, art, drawing, ohlna Hiatlag, '
.For oollfte. studootsad leaohon.
ieWag college credits there are twon-'
ty(a4vaaoad.eoursos In the xsttbjoott
mentioned above. The eonrses is, those
two section are carried, in the bttUd
This union 'has' made possisls 'two.
ckvolopmoiits long desired by the fa-.
nlty here. THo Urstof those two U
that, it jswkos nossjble a greatly la
ereaaed number " of collete omtrsea
wMosi.wiil moke it 'iHHsrfMo ,gtr eei
loso studMitsi to make ebtieg and,
Koparatory credits wttoh ootdft not be
offered ojherwJee. --
The second dvoionaaont is along tke
lfno..of gradate work. Thaarssenoa"
tion. vAll men who Intend to enter-any
.ofHkhojevonts re; rotiested to .Joaye
inwr;namowun uv. plan, as oarjy'ns
t v.
) -Until; arregnlar Mbrariaa is aejootod
jto suooeoa rroioator-wyor, whaoe reo
ignatio took effect7 the first of this
tooaih, Miss Compton will- net aa
librarian. The committee having this
aDDOintmont to malota mnmr ak.
th. npper.lloor-af BraoeHallr--: ' ' tag for a suitable mab foe the place.
. ( t " i i -f r , ,
rrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnrtftwi - - .,.-
m i- j i -i a ""r. --' ns; 'pfr - Bjg"BBsa
4 r 1 yi
i' . .r. -T' ,
jOpiw ThmmrSifodkrt Jmmr 7
Professors osler, -ammaaaa and
Kunse haesugs4oI to tho dsypstil
and diraetor ptens which nugr rrnuH
to organ toatlon of a gtaslts
ohooi wkJdujriM be Tissojsjmgi. A
plan for a rotating gjradswio ooMosd m
been proposed to the state undvisVatUes
of Kna Wsioiri, Iowa sjaj Mtgns
sota. Chancellor Andrews has hoartfty
sndofoed the pJan and pistfjid the,
sapport of the University of ffobrastka
ehofdd tho ptea be nthtod by tho other
unltaraiUos which have been at kod to
join. . ;
Should the plan go through, Uarver
attr stadoata win have available to
1 thorn in the coming summer session
the moat attraetlve graduate ooorsca
oyer before osTerod to the traas-ef isais
stppl ragoop. .Tho axaaajeatent plans
to bring to the asatataaoo of tho pro
fessors already engaged two or three
I of tao swat sale opodalists la the oar-
Iltkipatiac laotitntipno who wiU ceVer
eoavatf tg taaur apeetaKlsax
Jftottasor Faaaier seat aajt foil
taflaVadaeadayof the nmpaaai afloil
'v.'WbI " WiFJTMWiWfcp