The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, December 19, 1905, Image 2

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bc Daily Depraskan
X consolidation of '
Tho Hcsporlati, Vol. 31, Tho Nobraskan,
Vol. 10, Scarlet and Creum, Vol. 4.
Published dally, except Sunday and
Monday, at tho University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Neb., by tho Hesperian Publish
ing Co.
Board of Directors.
O. V. P. Btout. Laurence Fossler.
' H. P. Lcavltt. "
JDwIglit Cramer 4 A. Q. Sehrolber.
EdItoMn-Chlef. ....... .John D. Clark
Manager. Fred Naughton
News J. E. Bcdnar
Athletic ;.... ft. A. Van Orsdol
Circulation W. E. Standoven
Editorial Roomr, U 204. .Business Ofllce,
."U 2UW. Post Oraco, Station A,"Lln
. coin. Nob.
OlTlco hours of Business Manager and
Editor, moo to ii:80 daily. ,
-' .i i.- ..-- i. -- i
telephone Automatic 1528
Night Telephone Automatic 2365
(subscription Price, $2 por year In advanco
Entered at tho postodlco at Lincoln',
Nob., as second-class mall matter under
tho act of congress of March 8. 1879.
Individual notices will bo charged for
nt the ruto of 10 conts for each Insertion.
Faculty' departmental and university bul
letins will gladly bo published free, as
The souvenir Football number of the
Dally Nobraskan has been taken off
sale at the book stores, but there are
a few copies at the' office of the No
braskan which may bo had at the regu
lar price, ten cents.
Camp's All-American.
Walter Camp has finally selected his
all-American football team, Oifly one
western man has received a position
on the first team. Eckersall of Chi
cago, tho famous drop-kicker and
quarterback, is tho new nil-American
quarter. The team selected by Mr.
Camp is as' follows:
End Shovlin, Yale.
Tackle Lamson, Pennsylvania.
Guard Tripp, Yale.
Center Torroy, Pennsylvania.
Guard Burr, Harvard.
Tackle Squires, Harvard.
End Glaze, Dartmouth.
Quarter Eckorsall, Chicago.
Half Roome, Yale.'
Half Hubbard, Amherst.
Pull McCormlck, Princeton.
On tho second and third teams Chi
cago and Michigan each got three po
sitions, Wisconsin two and Minnesota
ohej Last yoar Bender of Nebraskn
was on the third team.
Wo wish to call tho attention of all
readers to the advertisements appear
"ing In the Nobraskan this week. Near
ly all students, especially thoso living
iii the smaller towns of the state, pro
euro tho presents they desire to give
to members of their families before
leavlng.Lincoln, since thoro is a wider
cliolco hero and prices urb somewhat
cheaper. It is to these that we recom
mend that they run over our advertise
ments before malting purchases. By
doing bo they will save themselves
much trouble and some little money,
and wiil do a favor to tho Nobraskan,
especially If this paper is mentioned
at tho time of the purchase.
WJ.iJlo talking to a merchant yester
day wq learned that a large number
of fancy costumes which certain young
men of tho. University had borrowed
for tho County Fair had not yet been
returned. Anjnquiry nt the rooms of
the Y. W. C. A. showed that here war,
no. responsibility there, as the. men
had made all arrangements themselves
and still had the suits in their posses
sion, despite requests that they be re
turned. Since the merchant was kind
enough (q give 'the use of thesp expen
sive costumes freo of charge, it is to
bo hoped tlut this matter will bo at
tended to at once and .that a proper
explanation of the delny bo made.
i-' :;.. -
Ann Arbor banks are used to hav-
Iner tthlflont flnnnrlrtra Invont nvlcrlnol
and radfcal niolhods of banking, and
the laurel wreath may well be award
ed to a freshman this' year. '" This
young Wri had made 'a small deposit,
" and overdrawn It in he course of,
time. The bank' pomply sent him a"
notice. Thoj answer, which camo In
by return mail',' was; a cheqk for tho
amount on 'ih'e samo bank. Michigan
Daily; - '
Tho course; of lectures on forestry
by Mr. C. A. Scott' of tho United States
Forest Service Will , begin Monday,
January Ahnm, continue daily for two
sweok8. These addresses will be .open
to thq public. They will bo given at
one o'clock in room 110, Nebraska
Messiah Program.
Tomorrow tho annual Christmas con
vocation program will be given in Me-
morlal Hall. Mrs. Raymond has
workod hard to make the Messiah pro
gram this year the best over. The
soloists selected are of the best, Mrs.
R A. Holyoke, Miss Charlotte Hull
horst, Mr. George, Johnston, and Mr.
B. B. Gillespie. Miss Stolla Rico will
bo "at tho pipe organ. Tho final re
hearsal of tho Messiah will be held to
night In Memorial Hall at 7:30 sharp.
Members of both tho Glee" Clubs are
requested to be present for this" re
hearsal. All. 11:30 classes on Wednesday are
excused In order that the students may
attend the program, which will Iqst
an hour.
Several of tho forestry boys will
spend their vacation In a study of tho
lumber industry in the field. Mr. M.
A. Benedict left Saturday morning for
the northwest to investigate logging
operations as carried on in Idaho and
Washington, and Messrs. F. W. Mor
rell, G. A. Parson, and C.NJ. Humphrey
leave today for the south, where they
will make similar studies in Arkansas
and Texas. v
. John R.- Bender, the famous athlete,
who Is now Instructor in athletics rit
Spearflsh Normal, was on the campus
yesterday greeting oUl friends. He
will remain In Lincoln for a few days
Land then proceed to his home in Sut
ton, where he will spend the Christmas
It is probable that Minnesota will be
dropped from Wisconsin's football
schedule for next year. Three games
like the one with Michigan, Chicago
and Minnesota are considered too hard
on tho Bador team, and through the
recommondatlqn of Phil King It is
probable that the latter game will 'be
.dropped. The. Minnesota game has
been kopt up mainly .as a source of
revenue. IL the game Is -dropped the
Gophers will have. been ostracized by
ajl the leaders In athletics among tho
Big Nine. Tho only possible draw
back that- can arise from such an ar
rangement Is the strife which will
necessarily, arise In regard to tho
question. of tho Western championship.
If "Doc" Williams' proteges succeed
In winning from tho second-rate
schools . with which they are accus
tomed for tho mosJL part to play, tho
Gophers as usual will claim tho west
ern championship, and- there will bo
no way to settle the relative merits
of the. teams. Nebraska will be the
only team that both Minnesota and
Michigan play, and It will be Impossi
ble to decide mattors by the! relative
scores. Michigan Dally.
RIOCKET BOOKS, Card Cases, Bill Books, Shop- .
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etc., etc. Our line is complete and of the newest
styles. Visit us : : : : I i .
VkIRICIC'S. trunk: store
1036 O STREET , ,, ' '
Auto 4453; Ball F IS7I. I46 North I Jth Street.
Protected by Block Signals
Tho first railway in America to adopt the absolute
Blook System in the operation f all trains was the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
It to-day has more miles of road oporatod undor
block signal rulo than any othor railway company,
The Si Paul B'oad was the first railway to light
its trains by electricity, and it now has moro than
400 elocjrio-lighted passenger cars in daily sorvioo.
Throe trains from Union Station, Omaha, to Union
Station, Chicago, every day. "
For time table, special rate write
F. A. NA8H,
Gea.rml WMtera AWt, X58S F.ra.m Street,
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In the next five minutes you can decide what the Christmas
package for your mother shall contain. The idea is concealed
in this list and the prices attached may help you pull the string
Dress pattern All wool black
goods, 50c to $2.00 a yard.
Black silk, 50c to $2.00 a yard.
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cloths with soft satiny finish,
2, 2&, 3, 3, 4, and 5 yards
long and 2 yards wde, from
95c to $5.00 a yard. Napkins1
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Silk umbrella with her Initial en-
graved, $3.i)0 to $12.
Shoppjng bag- fitted with, purse
and card case, $i,00 to $20.v
An aluminum cooking utensil,"
4uc io ji.vy. ,
An art calendar, 25c,to $3.00.
A gift book, 25c to $3.0k '
Silk petticoat, $500 to $45.
Handsome comb for her hair.
50c to $5.00. " '
A souvenir spoon.
' ' '
' , ' " ?
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