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Vol. V. No, 56.
Price 5 Cents
V l
Add First Tuesday in January to the
Vacation Found Inter-Fraternity
At the meeting of the board of re
gents lastFridny it was decided that
the Christmas vacation should be
lengthened by the addition of one day,
the first Tuesday in January, and the
date for the beginning of college work
waaTset on Wednesday morning, Janu
ary 3.
The fraternity situation was dls-cussed-at
some length, and the recom
mendation of the committee appointed
by the Chancellor was adopted. This
calls for the formation ofn-fraternlty.
council consisting of one active mem
ber, of each fraternity, one alumnus
of each chapter, and one member of
the faculty to be selected by this coun
cil and the Chancellor.. This council
Is to have very complete powers, and
will have complete supervision over
the rushing, pledging and chapter life
of the different fraternities. It Is ex
pected that this council will b6 able
to obviate the evils of early rushing
to a considerable degree.
The question of naming the new
phyBlcs building was taken up, and
tho name "Braco Laboratory of Phys
Icjb" was adopted, in honor of the late
head of that department This name
was adopted in preference to the more
simple one of "Braco Hall which
had been recommended.
Revised plans for the new museum
to be erected north of the Armory
wercs received and accepted? Bids will
bo called, for immediately, and work
should begin early next spring.
t)ktit)k)k tit- tit & i i t L- id
Both Glee Clubs, Soloists, Orchestra,
JJniverslty Chorus
i U.OQ A, M H.30 Classes Dismissed
kV A W W tfr k W fcs W W A A W A A A A A b W A A A A A t ' ttV isfE t c
Railroad Rates.
For the information of alltudents
who Intend to o homo -for the Christ
mas holidays, we give below the
method of procedure in obtaining the
special rates made to students:
A rate of one fare, and a third, has
been granted to all points between
Denver and Chicago. The dates of
sale will be Thursday and Friday, De
cember 21 and 22. Final-return limit',
.- Wednesday, January 3. These tickets
are issued only to bona fide students
who possess certificates from the reg
istrar's ofilce. These certificates wljl
" bo; issued on Thursday. After obtain
ing the certificate, it must be taken
to 'the Rock Island office on the corner
:of Eleventh .and O Btreets, where the
secretary pf the Passenger association
will countersign it, charging twenty
five cents for this service. It must
then be taken to the office of the road
. over which the student wishes to go;
where the ticket may be procured.
Those who so wish can avoid all
thjs- trouble by waiting until Friday.
Oij that day the general, holiday rates
go ihtpveffect, and as these rates are
' the same as the studeat rates, and no
certificates are required to secure
them, it will be much more convenient
to?walt until thatvday. These tickets
'are also good for ono day longer than
the student tickets.
Mr. F. E. Bishop, an alumnus of the
University of Nebraska, gavo an ad
dress at convocation yesterday on the
"Contrast in Efficiency Between Orien
tal and Western Civilization.''
The speaker first spoke of efficiency
as being the measure of progress in
nations as well as in individuals. "A'
test In the efficiency of nations," said
he, "is, in the last analysis, a test li
the efficiency of the individuals who
compose tho nation." Proceeding from
this definition as a basis, he pointed
out the contrasting features in effi
ciency In Eastern nations, emphasiz
ing especially Russia, China and Ja
pan. "Tho element of time," ho said,
"ought to be given duo consideration,
and tho fact that the Japanese, with
a much shorter period of independence
than tho Westerner, equals, ' and In
many instances excels, him in effi
ciency Is all the more to his credit'
The speaker emphasizerd the pro
gress Japan has made In recent wars.
The smoothness with which she con
ducted her recent war both on tho
battlefield and in diplomatic circles.
Tn her war she mae a better record
than did hq United States in tho war
With Spain. "There was less criticism,
almost no removal of officers in com
mand because of dishonesty and a lack
of efficiency, better treatment of pris
oners, better sanitary conditions, few
cases, if any, of graft, and certainly
no cases in which the element of dis
honesty and graft reached such an
odious pre-eminence as in the em
balmed beef 'BcandaLTJn which th6
United States was Involved.
A Work of Art, Done at Great Coit,
and Under the Direction of Amer
ica's Greatest Sculptor.
New 'Student Directory.
Tho Y. M. 0. A. Is making prepara
tions for tho publication of a directory
of all the faculty and students of the'
University, giving their addresses and
telephone numbers. The names ,and
addresses are obtained from the office
of tho .registrar, but tho telephone
numbers must be supplied by the in
dividuals themselves.- For the pur
pose oQhis list, a tablet will be posted
in- a conspicuous place in the Y. M.
.C. A. rooms this morning and will re
main for the entire week, or until
the directory goes to- tho printer. Mom
horn at frntnrnitleR who live in the
chapter house need not trouble them
selves to give their numbers, as they
are already listed, but all other stu
dents, should see to It that they are
on tho list within the next-two or threo
days.. In signing, give name, kind of
telephone, and number of It.
Will Debate Wiscbnsln.
Tho University of Nebraska has at
last broken Into the "Big Five" de
bating league, consisting of Minn' ota,
Wisconsin, Northwostorn, Cbtuigo
and Michigan. Word was recolvod by
the debating board lato last week to
tho effect that tho University 6f Wis-
,consln had decldod to meet us In de-.
bate and, although no doflnlto agree
ment has yet been mado, It is quite
likely that the match will bo "pulled
off," or "fought out," at Madison some
time noxt spring.
This "taking on" of Wisconsin
means a groat deal to Nebraska.
Heretofore we havo mot such institu
tions as Colorado, Kansas, Missouri,
Iowa and Washington and, although in
every Instance we havo landed a vic
tory, tho time has come' when wo wish
to test our forensic mettle against
larger game.
In Wisconsin wo should find a most
worthy opponent, for hor record In de
batons a long and distinguished one.
In intercollegiate debate that institu
tion hns for years taken a foremost,
if not the Wremosl, place among the
universities of tho Mississippi valley.
She regularly debates with Michigan
and Minnesota and has been a pretty
constant winner.
Tho Badger debaters will bo even
more formidable this year thmTany
year heretofore, since, in addition to
their increased library facilities, a
prominent Harvard instructor has been
added to the department of rhetoric,
which Is ono of the most heavily
manned departments of the Institu
tion. There is a possibility that Nebraska
may also establish debating relations
with another of the most important
universities In the Mississippi valloy,
the only thing standing In tho way be
ing the expense of holding such a con
test. The university in question Is un
decided on that account-
Tho Dramatic Club, at a mooting
held last Friday night, decided4 to
present the University of Nebraska
with a marble bust of Chancellor E. B.
Andrews. This has been considered
for some tlmo by tho club, and a com
mittee had been appointed by Miss
Howell to confer with the chancellor
lnregard to the matter. Ho consented
to sit for tho sculptor In Novr-York
somo tlmqdurlng tho coming Bprlng
or summer.
Tho work Is to bo done by a woman
pupil of Amorlca's greatost sculptor,
St. Oaudens of Now York." In secur
ing such an artist tho club guarantees
the University' the finest kind of work.
Tho biiBt will bo life size and mado of
tho best kind of marblo It Is possible
to secure It Is not, Ukoly that tho
work will bo completed for somo eigh
teen months, for It Will bo necessary
that the Chancellor sit soveral times
boforo the piece of art may be com
pleted. It is hoped to hayo It com
pleted in ordor that tho University
may receive it in time to put it into
tho now Temple.
The Dramatic Club, In presenting
this to tho University, draws' its-funds
from the proceeds of several produc
tions presented last year. The two
from which nipstrovonuo was drawn
Wore the Minstrel-Show and "Every
man." Both these wore, of a high, class
and attended by a largo crowd. This
club has worked hard at any produc
tion it attempted to give, and tho re
sult has boon that they give enter
tainments of the highest order, and
well appreciated by all "who attend.
The club assisted the Y. W. C. A. last
year in raising their Tomplofund,
and they also gavo very HUeTally to tho
fund themselves.
Tho impulse that hasudirectedv tho
movement on the part of tho Dramatic''
Club is suroly worthy of 'the highest
commendation. Words of praise are
all that can bo uttered in regard to tho
work of this organization, which has
broadened this year' from a depart
mental to a University club.
Seniors, get pictures taken boforo
Christmas. ..'.
Eat at the Unl. Music "Cafe. ,
Reception to Freshmen. '
Saturday afternoon the 'girls of- the
three upper classes gave a party for
tho freshmen' girls. A festive appear
ance was added to tho ' chapel,- wherp
tho party was held, by the Chrlstmfcs
decorations; flags and bunting In tho
University colors. Tho committee in
charge was composed of represonta-.
tives of each of the upper classes.
An interesting program was ar
ranged by tho juniors, consisting of
Informal stunts by sevoral of the girls.
After light refreshments, consisting
of doughnuts, apples and elder the
more industrious 'of the girls worked
diligently at their sewing, while the
others danced a Virginia reel. About
280 girls and? several members of the
faculty, were present
' .Athletic loard Meeting
-The Athletic Board held its monthly,
meeting in-Dr. Clapp's office last even
ing. Tho ballots for the captain of
'tho-Bfoptball .team :of 1906 were opened
and Glen Mason, fullback of the last
three years, was found to bo elected.'
Dr. Lees was delegated 'to represent
Nebraska at' tbi'conferonco of all uni
versities which has been called by.
Chancellor McCracken of New York
University, and which will meet in
New York on December 28 to consider
football rovJaion.
The meeting between Kansas and
Nebraska'-, representatives was ke't for
January 1 in Lincoln.
i t
Xmas suggestions Unl. pins, fobs,
pennants and pillows, at tho Co-op.