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Vol. V. No. 54.
Price 5 Cents
'Sbe 2ail$ IRebtaefean
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"Will Occupy the Chair of Psychology
of Education, and Assist Dr. Luckey
in Other Work of Department.
Beginning with next somoater, a
ery Important change will take placo
In the department 6f Education. Pro
fcBBor Luckey, who has been carry
ing all the instructional work In the
department .the present semester, will
"share the work with Dr. Wolfe, who
comes as professor of Educational
Psychology. Dr. Wolfe Is considered
An unusually strong teacher and co
turns to tho University with many
Tvarm friends, both within and without
the institution. - Ho will share with
.Professor Luckey the Work In school
supervision and conduct Independent
ly the coursos in educational psychol
ogy, high Bchool curricula, philosophy
of education and ,n special course in
school discipline for beginning tpach
ers. ''His" extended practical school ex
perience will be of great vuluo to tho
students and he will no doubt be un
usually strong In his course in educa
tional psychology.
Dr. Wolfe Is a graduate of the Uni
versity of Nebraska, and after teach
ing a few years in tho schools of tho
tttnte, ho "went to Germany. Ho at
tended Leipsic from 1884 to 1886, and
his work while thoro was of the. very
best. When ho returnod from tho
Continent ho took up school work In
California, but was Boon elected to the
suporlntendoncy of the South Omaha
High' School. In 1889 ho was mado
professor of Philosophy in Nobraska,
which posjtlon ho hold until J897,
-when he wentto tho Lincoln High
School. This position was his until
Fobruary of tho present year. At tho
present time ho is professor of Philos
ophy and Education at tho University
tt Montana. From the above we can
see that Nebraska is securing a man
of great "strongth In educational cir
cles. Meeting of Regents.
yhe first regular meeting of tho
board of regentB for tho present col
lege year, which was to have occurred
last Tuesday, will take placo today,
beginning at cloven o'clock. Besides
the ordinary routine business which.
will como up,thero will bo a number
of very important question finally de
cided. Thl8"Hrfifttlng will bo the last
-at which; thff two" regents elected in
1899, Mr. Rfch and Mr. Teeters, will
bo present, Tho two regents elected
' at the 'lastejocjlph' will, take, ;thelrj
seats in January,
Fresnmsn Will Take Trip.
The manager of the, freshman bas-Icet-ball
team has announced that all
arrangements ijavo been, completed for
tho 'proposed trip, to-be taken during
"the'Christmas ,vacatjph, Three games.
have already ueen secured ana per
haps another will be played befpre
-the team'rpturs. The freshman class
contains a large number of good play
ers, and should have the best team of
-any of the classes,
Pershing Rifle Informal
Fraternity Hall, Friday, Dec. 15.
Walt's Full Orchestra
Decide Not to Take Part In Publica
tion of Annual.
Tho junior laW 'Class met In U. 207
during the convocation period yestor
day morning and transacted consid
erable lmnortant business. Tho com
mittee which had the' collection of tho
assessment to re-pay Doan Pound for
tho advance ho mado at tho tlmo of
the sophomore-freshman law game last
year reported that the, entire amount
had been raised, and handed over'tb
tho Dean
Mr. Parrlott, tho class niKhuger of
tho Law Book, who had been Instruct
ed to look up all the figures as re
gards the cost of the annual, reported
that It would cost ut least $600 to pub
lish the sort of a book which the com
mittee folt tho law college wanted,
and! that to raise this amount it would
bo necessary for oach member of tho
junior and senior classes to buy two
books at one dollar each and to pay
$2.50 for his picture bolng plrtcod in
thn hnnU Aftnr considerable discus-
, . '. i 'l".''. '
slon, the class unanimously ueciaoa
to refuse to combine 'with tho senior
laws on the proposed book.
Mr. Rice of tho freshman law class,
was then given the floor and said that
tho freshman law class had decided"
that it would be bettor for tho law
college to have a separate athlotlc or
ganization,, entirely distinct. . f com, tho
academic, athletic board, and asked
the juniors to join with the seniors
and freshmen in such a move. This
provpked some little wrangling, but
the class finally turned tho proposi
tion downt It also refused to join with.1
the freshmen In giving a law hop, to
be substituted for the freshman law
8enlon Class Meeting
Tho Bonior .class mot in the Chem
istry lecture room yesterday morning
at eleven o'clock in order to-hear-re-ports
from a number of committees.
Tho editor of tho senior annual passed
around' slips upon which each member
of , tho cjass- cpuldipnltytbjBmsiaDpr:
of-booHs he VaSta? rTno hat commit
too reported that they expected tho
sample any day, but it had not ar
rived yet, and nothing could bo done
until it did. Tho committee which
is to have the senior party in charge
announced that it would 'meet next
Monday- and. sottleuppn plans, forthe
The Department of Botany, received
a, small collection of fungi and sea-
weds from Cuba a few days ago. Sonfo
of them are very inlGrestlnr,
Tickets $1.50
Off for Chicago.
About ono hundred students In the
School of Agrlculturo, in charge of
Principal Davlsson, leave over tho
Burlington today fdf Chicago to attend
the International Stock Show. It' was
at first planned to secure a special
train, but a sufficient number of tickets
could not be sold nnd tho party will
leave on No. 2 at 1:30 p. m. Special
hotol rates have been securod at tho
Grand Pacific. Professor Smith left
yesterday and Professor Burnett will
go Saturday. The excursionists will
ItfffVo-Chicago Thursday morning and
arrive In Lincoln shortly after mid
night Nebraska will enter no contestants
in the stock Judging' contest, but a
class of five or six has been entered
in tho corn contest.
Eight grade and pure bred steers
have been entered In the show by the
Nebraska management, two two-year-olds,
four yearlings and two calves.
Two of theso are Shorthorns, ono Ib
an Angus and the rest are grades.
Cadet Band Plays at Convocation.
Today the Cadot Band will play nt
convocation. Tho band, under tho di
rection of Mr. A. HagonoW, -had been
practicing for this program for some
tlmo, and an excellent rendition-Is. ex
pected. Tlio- program Is:
MarchYankee Jrlt. Holzman
Selection Shoo-Gun . . .v. . .Tuders
Melody of Love. .Engolmonn
Waltz Adlyn '. Hall
Serenade Anita Allen
, Pershing Hop Tonight.
The annual hop of tho Pershing
Rifles wjll be given tonight at Frater
nity Hall. In former years this hop
has always beon formal, but this year
it was decided to xnako it informal in'
tho effort tp-get a larger attendance.
Tho hair has ben decorated for the
occasion, and during the; evening
punch will bo served, so-that the Hop
should prove to bo unqualifiedly suc
cessful from every standpoint.
. JElllott of Princeton Team.
Tho jnany University friends of
Newell Elliott, -.formejy captain of the
basket-ball team, will' be pleased to
loam that bo has secured a place on
tho Princeton team. ' Last year he
showed himself the superior of 'any
man on the team', but could not; play
onr account of the one-year rule. He
.was one of tho strongest forwards Ne-
nrasKa.ever naa, ana is an.oxcepuon
ally strong "player. At presnt he is in"
tho mvlnlty school of 'Princeton.
. '
AH those who borrowed costtuoes
from Ludwig, the tailor, are requested,
fo return them4 a.t once.
Men Who- Would Make the Best Team
the Different Squads Could
Tho request in Thursday's Nobras- ,
kan that an allclass toam bo s'olected . ,.
by Some porson or porsons -that havo
seen the games, and know the playors
hns been responded to. The toam
was solectod by two men after care
fully considering tho ability of overy
man .on tho four teams, and they havo
nut together a bunch of men thnt
would playa very fast gamo. Borg
and Cotton, (n Bolecting this, toam,
haVo made a toam of whoso ability
they know.
Most of the rhon on tho class teams
are ones who havo played on tho sec
ond team or scrubs some tlmo during
the season, atJeast the best of tho
class team men have. Borg and Cot
ton have played on tho 'varsity and
most of the rnon havo somo tlmo dur
ing the year had a chanco to play oh
the scrdbs against the 'varsity. Con
sequently these two men know of tho
power of the all-class men at their re
spective positions. Some shifts were
mado from the positions the men
played in tho intorclass games, but
this Is quito necessary, for a man does
not always play the position ho could
best play in class games, owing to tho
lack of good material
It is quite likely some one. will find
fault with tho team as picked. This
Is'truo to human nature, but when
you do so, consider whothor you are
prejudiced or not, whother you .havo
soon all the games, and whothor you
are enough of a football critic to "bo
justified in finding fault. The toam
as plckod is as follows: v
Loft ond Cook, Bophomore:'
Right end Butlor, junior.
Loft tackle Porrin, sophomorer--
Right tackle Matters, sophpnjoro.
Left guard Peterson, seilor.
Right guard-McLaugtiflB, sophi
Center Wilke junior. .. ,,,-,
Quarterback Standeven, junior.
' Right half-Glbbs, sailor;
Left half Fenlon, senior.
Fullbarik KImmel, senior.
h-ZL , U'
Membership Campaign.
TKeV W. C. A. has followed the
lead the YM c A an.a has nstltued
a membership campaign in the en
deavor to greatly increase the mem
bership of the association. All the
young ladles of the dlffereat classes
bay elected captains for the respec
tive captains, and tho chase for first
prize promises to be'excitlag. At
present the senior class Is! slightly la
the lead. It is not announced what
the prize is to be, but there is a rumor
that the. three losing classes will bare
.to give a chafing dish party to the
winners. ' J
There will be a receptlo this after
noon to all the sew members i the
association rooms.
A young womaa's shoe, Soresis,
Rogers ft Perklss Co.. 112f O Street.
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