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Vol. V. No. 52.
Price 5 Cents
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Juniors and Sophomores to Contest for
Iriterclass Honors Both Teams
,8trongand Expect Victory.
Today at 2:30 p. m., on Nebraska
field, the final" game for the football
-.-championship of the UttlverBlty will bo
1 -played when the Juniors and Sopho
mores battle for honors on .the grid
iron. Each of the teams was able to
make but. a single touchdown on their
opponents In the first games of the
dories, and the game this afternoon
promises to be even more interesting.
In spite of the attempts of the sup
' porters of either. team to fix up their
"dope cardB," a lino on the compara-
" tive strength of tho two teams can
hardiy bo drawn .with any success.
Tho Juniors have defeated tho Seniors
and th6 second high -school cloven,
whllo thguomores havo defeated
tho FrcsliiUvV thoAcadomy and suc
ceeded in holding tho eleven from Lin
coln high school to an oven scoro In
-a-gamo of ono half. The SophJlno-up,
howovcr, has beon changed consider
ably since the gamo with Lincoln high
school and after figuring and compar
ing for some time it comes down to the
question of, "Where are wo at?"
Thqlcams are about evenly matched
itf&weight. Both teams havo been
cS&ffod toy men on thjs year's 'varsity
andlhe plays used by the teams nre
Very similar; The final (result of the
game probably depends on tho- indi-,
iduaf playing and .team .work:
Ttio Jirie-"up of the Warns will bo jis
follows f
Juniors. . Sophomores.
Cramor 1. o, ....,'......'. Cook
.Meier 1. t. ...i. fjOyennan
Klessolbach.v . . . 1. g ,t0rawfqrd
Wilkio . . . . c Porrln
B.Green , r. g McLaughlin
Ilort. . . . -. ".' rh . .Matters
Butler.. . . ; r. o. Moneffoo
Standoven q. ..,., Koohlor
Howard r. h.- . ... . . . .Wallace
Runner. 1. h Howard
Myers1.. ...... f. b. .Flanagan-Myers
. , QlrlB'Masa Meeting.
A.V'thd4mass' mootingof tho girls of.
tho throe- tippet; classesTuesday, . a
tfniversrty.dlrrsClub was organized.
-firdcer Trigg, '"the Senior president,
pfesidqd,v'MIsVHowoll stated tho'pur-
jjoso'orifio'Club to bo, tho aim to make
college life irioro pleasant for the
Freshman girls. '
Mrs. Barkley said. In" partr"that It
should-mean a broader University life.
much good In a way' vxbgkqjajffla
, Sftaall circles and clique may do
much In a'way, yet theytend to'self-
ishnees. The purpose of this club
should not bo f 2tly social there Is
much realtVo be done. It ought
.to make better' women and Talse tho
standard' of social -life 3tMPitf er
spoke of the' need4 of eordlallty and
' said. hat although the people of the
"vtfeft .were much more cordial thai!
thoe pf'the EaBl,yol avo'n.the' WeSfe
erner has sometimes loihink. of .cor
diality, and especially the University
girls'. It is your business and Ought
to fee a pleasure to make the new girls
- feel at homo. '
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Today 1:00 p. m. Athletic Field. Admission 25c
to Continue the Cross Country
. Running for Training.
The cross country men will continue
to do training in cross country running
in ordor that tho distance men may
bo in training for tho track in tho
spring. It is hoped that all men in
tending to' do track work will report
for this, and not put off training until
tho last tiling. It is not necessary
that you be spoedy, for these runs are
to bo long, easy and slow. Tho dis
tance will not be so long but what
anyone can cover the courso, and that
at the pace set by tho leaders. Cross
country -work is the best exercise men
can got who are not able to do the
regular gymnasium work.
It has been arranged to make two
runs each week, if tho weather per
mits. Tho first will bo on Tuesday
from four until five o'clock, and tho
other on Saturday at 3 p. m. These
t5vo dates are such that every man
who wjxnts to do cross country work
may bo ablo to get out at least onco a
week. If you juBt want tho work for
exorcise, do not be afraid to como Into
the work, as It will develop you more
than indoor work.
Professor Luokey Is in receipt of a
copy of tho quinquennial report of the
public .schools of Bloomlngton, Illinois,
which contains a number of photo
graphic views showing what the dif
ferent grades- are doing in regard to
manual training! agriculture and gar
dening especially. The schools' of
Bloomlngton havo, since 1901, been in
charge of Superintendent J. K. Stable
ton, formerly superintendent at Lex
ington, Nob.
,Mr. Fred Abbott, editor of tho Co
lumbus Journal, was in Lincoln yes
terday visiting with University profes
sors. Mr. 'Abbott was Xormorlya stu
dent at Nebraska and Is ono of the re
cently elected regents of theUniver
slty. i
Don't forget, your Senior pictures.
in -, .
Armory, bee. J3, 8:15- p.- tii.
Dr. Clapp Begins to Train the Men for
This Big Athletic Event Indoors.
Work begins today on tho big ath
letic event of mid-wlntor. Tho Char
ter day athletic program Jia's become
of more than ordinary importance to
tho University student. This yoar it
promises to bo of greater" importance
than over before. -Realizing this, Dr.
Clapp calls tho men to a mooting at 4
o'clock this afternoon in tho. Armory.
All who Intend to try for any of tho
events in the program aro urged to bo
in attendance thia evening In ordor
that training may commonco immedi
ately. Another thing that makes this in
door training of greater importanco
this year than over -is the fact that a
big athletic carnival is to bo held In
Kansas City in February. The Kan
sas City Athletic Club is arranging
for a big Indoor moot embracing all
the Indoor sports. Sho has four other
representative teams .to participate
with her in this meot, Missouri Ath
letic Club of St. Louis, Missouri, Kan
sas and Nebraska Universities. This
comprises what would bo termed a
Missouri Valley Indoor Meot In all
probability Nebraska will send a team,
but this all depends on tho kind of
work-tho men do on .Charter day.
Tho events for Charter day this
year will bo the same as last: 25-yard
(lash, running high jump, polo vault,
shot put, rope climb, 'fence vault, and
inter-fraternity -relay race. This pro
gram occupies about throe hours and.
ono-balf, making a very interesting
C. G. Hodges of tho Mechanical En
gineering department, loft for Topeka,
Kansas, last Tuesday to look at a tele
scope there., Mr, Hedges is assisting
Professor Swozey in 'tho construction
of a' Targe telescope to be, used at .the
obsorvatory here. ' '
C. W. Roberts, '06, wa taken sick
last week and Is mow at his home: in
Normal, Mj Robert will prob
ably not bo ablo to return to school
until tho flrst'of tho year.
'; Admission 25 cents
Wesleyan Comes With a Strong Team,
and an Enthusiastic Crowd
of Rooters.
Tonight tho first gamo .of basket-ball
Is to bo playod on tho homo floor.
Tho .gamo Is with Wosloyan Univer
sity, tho toam that dofoatod Nobraska
on last Thursday night at University
Place. Tho scoro, although close, was
ono point in favor of tho Mothodists.
Tho gamo tonight promisos to bo Just
as eloso and exciting as tho ono held
on Thursday night last Both teams
havo practiced hard for tho game, and
aro in the best of condition.
Wosloyan "Jtas"'"tho best toam this
yoar Bho has ovor had, and plays the
gamo with a vim from start to finish.
Lowell, tho "tall ono" at tho contor po
sition, is a Btrong playor and knows
tho game in overy detail. Ho Is as
sisted by Whlto 'at forward, and those
two men aro tho chlof basket tossors
of tho Wosloyan toam. Tho toam
work manifested by those playors in.
tho first gamo was of a very high or
dor for this early in tho season. Tho
varsity has boon practicing bvory day
sinco tho last gamo, and show marked
improvement Hagonsick Is back at
his old position at forward, and plays
a hotter ga'mo than ovor. Tho guard
positions will bo, taken caro of by Bell
and Captain Hoar tonight, tho center,,
by Moyor, and Mosor will play tho
other forward position. Kowitt will
bo on tho side-lines ready to toko
Hagonsick's place If his kneo should
go back on him.
Tho peoph-wll bo glvon tho oppor
tunity to soo tho flrsand last game, of ,
basket-ball boforo vacation. It is-a
groat incentive to tho nowplayors to
have a largo-crowd of peoplo foivthe
ursc gamo oi mo season, u maxes
tho men feel their work Is appreciated.
So' como out, students, and give the
team a good rousing start for the
basket-ball season.
'Tho new Physics building has boon;
sufficiently completed to allow tho
classes in Physics to. meet In the large
lecture room on tho second floor.' The -
change from tho 'poorly-lighted rooms
which, havo been used- Is jnost wel
como and bettor results aro expected .
la tha-now location.
. The lecture room Is lighted by near?
ly a dozen large -windows. The seat
aro-arranged In tiers, each tier at lit--lie
higher than tho oneln front of it
Tjho lecturer's deaki Is in thAfroa and
penter of tke reom and the .slopla
floor brlBgs the student much nearer
me uesiL thu i tne only leoura
room of 1U kino; in the University fcmd
it is to W hoped that in the nar. fu
ture every department' will h&vu tf
most suitable rooms possible;
Tho Engineering Magazine for De
cember hag n very interesting arlelf' .
upon "An Engineer's Ufa in the Field
on the IqtkmuV3' it will, be especially
InterestlBg ta any young engineer oo
templatlng employment upon &e
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