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Voi.y, No. 44 - 'UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA,. UNjGbtlSf, SATURDAY,, NOVEMBER 25 i$05. Pric 5 Cents
be 3Datl flebraeftan
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Today's Gam
,Make Good Shewing
.With today coHpea.;the Dakno-Nc-toaska
game, and thla -is 'the game
which settles Uufv state '.championship.
'This is the first game .with, the Crete
team for throe years,-' and being tho
siast game with a collogo, of the season,
.should provo a good exhibition of the
fiomoi Doane haq.Jjepn dofeated but
once mis yoar, ana tnat oy tne uni
versity scrubs -early Jn the season.
'The .scrubs .defeated JDrJaio 5-p in a
game which waa decidedly ..Doane's,
.for she carried the ball three 'times
.as Jar as the scrubs, but on account
'of hard luck was unable to score.
;Snco that game Doane, has improved
"woadorfully and Coach Fuhror has1
- worked miracles with the. material at
hand. Its Doano's IntentlonJo play
straight football, relying oa their ex-
ita. weight to make gains a'inst the
varsity. .
The weigh t.of tho visiting 'team la
,at least five pounds to the man heavier
than tho -varsity, but whether this
will prove effective remains to be seen.
JbCan.of the, visJUsg.'tedmsikav.e'been
as ioavy s woso far thlsj(Miru,C
tip kScoaQrdsiMtsaysVeJatefed
about tho same story." TheDoane'
toam wHLJbe'aCcomnaniodby Ed
v'fdwd which iflli do everything in
' the line of rooting to-holp their toam
.ilong. Lincoln seems to' be a favorite.
jLJitKJU lur nu, tuuiviti, ivr uxib in uiu
-' third excursipjr.,'of good, size., thaC has
corao to umcoia iuih Beason.
, Booth 'worked with tho mehlast
night on their signals, and the inter
ference on end runs. It is his intern
tion to get tho men to follow the ball,
and the man wlthvtho ball more than
they have done- heretofore " In - the
.gamps. This was one featuro of the
game that Was surely lacking In the
'Minnesota game. Thoso who saw the
pracuco manifest much satisfaction at
the-pvay in which the "men worked.
Every man seemed to bo in tho spirit
6f tho gamb, and eager for a chance
to carry the ball. ' But , few changes
will occur jn "today's, line-up 'as to that
of laBt Saturday. The game will bo
called2 at three o'clock; No reserved'
rseat tickets have been sold tfiis week
and nothing, but a general a'dmlsaloj
will be -charged.
- The' liBO-up of tho varsity for today
lias not. been determined yet; but it-Is
quita likely that Bodth will try out
a good many men in ordor, to:got a line
da the men' for Thanksgiving.;
. denier Play Dues.
'iTho Senior Play committoo will be
in V.- 10 on, Monday and- Tuesday at
chapel time to accept tho dues from
tho members of tho class, The dues
have bea set at 13,'Qtf for every; mom
i6r, sad those, paying Tirst wJH get
their "choice of soagskt'ls quite noc
essaryjthat' UitBTmoneytshouia e i
the 'hajids-qt the commiitee-'lnordef
'that thebest results of the play may
behad. w ,
Pr,'Haggitd, 5124W MichartU Blk.
1 .Nebraska vs. doane
X Satofday, Nov. 25. Admission, 25c f
" ' " "" " " "'"-! mm ' ' T " ' ' '" -' ' "M " 1- ! ! Win . -
Addresses University Pedagogical
Club oh Praetioal 'Subject.
Qity Superintendent Stevens gavo
a practical talk on-"Characteristics:
That Influence the Success of Teach
ers, Both in Getting and Keening Po
sitions," at the meeting' of 'the TJnivor
slty Pedagogical Club in U. 212, Thurs
day evening.
It seems'tha't tho greatest weakness
of University trainod teachers is,, net
In lacking knowledge and learning,
but rather in the. ability ofapplyipg
and using the knowledge they possess.
He spoke . of lithe aunaerous. socaUQd
''little things" .which appllcanta for
schools, would overlook in thelrInter
viowsx or correspondence, but which
counted greatly against them when
they werff bdimt weifdied in the bal
ance of a school board or suporlfltend-
ent and;audeci8loBxreiidred.'' -Ho cau'
erencesfpartles who had attained pollt
Idal distinction, as this gave tho im
pression that party Dolitics would be
used to Influence 'decision's of school
boards and superintendents. Ho men
tioned indotall tho systematic routine followed in tho 'selection of
teachers for city schools and without
-following this system it Is hard for
tcachors to get positions, be thoir
qualifications ever so good.
Superintendent Stevens believea
that teachers are made, not born. Ho
quoted statistics to " tho effect 'that
ninety per cent of thoso electod to
teach becomo successful in their work,
not through any Inherent traits, but
through training. He' gavo as'deslr-
able .qualities In teachers: Voice,-
poiso, order, earnestness, enthusiasm
and decision. A clear, commanding
voice is the strongestand most effec
tive. Nervousness should be .avoided
and attempts made to overcome Ik A-
suc,cessfulr teacher ,is a self-possessed
teachep .who will' not Jose-her power
of control oven under the 'most trying
circumstances.. He urged teachers to
cultivate cheerfulness.' "A ch)ld can
not learn In tears," said he, 'but grows
amid, cheerfulness as flowers in the
sunshine A -cheerful teacher with a
third grado. certificate can do more.
good than ono with a university di
ploma who has ruined her digestive
apparatus in getting it."
i , i ,.
The -New Comet.
A good deal of exciteomnt has. been
created recently In astrdriomy fields
by tho discovery of a comet and tho
observatlon-of Its p"alh. It was first
seen. November '17 by Dr. Shaor, from
the observatory at Geneva, Switzer
land. 'Tho following night it was seen
,by Dr. Hartwig, Hamburg, Germany;
,ahdProfessor Tucker from California.
lUalYersIty.' Slnc&Uhen It has-been
seen and-vcommented on. bya number
of Tastronotners, Professor Sweezy lo
cating. It for thoflrstnimo from Ne
braska Thursday night. Tho obsorva-
'Mrs; Raymond Picks Young Ladles
Who Are to Represent Univer
sity 'M"ny Applicants.
The Girls' Gloo Club has been se
lected at last. Considerable competi
tion and rivalry was shown for tho
several parts. About twico'as many
co-eds sent in their application as was
oxpectod. Many of tho voiced wero Of
such an 'o6.ual standard that it was
hard to decide which was tho bettor.
Mrs. Raymond, who has chargo of tho
cjubv predicts a club whlcl)aqod not
hesitate., to go . throughout . tho stato
giving concerts. The voices blend
well, and every girl is working hard
to 'hoi dhor position. Tho club Is un
der the same management asjtho pioo
and Mandolin1 Club. Tho'VolJowing
are the members of thoJ Girls' Gloo was givei out by Miss Pearl
ArchilMld; .captain:
PirJiiijbMis -Ada M. Castor;
M, iss Graog A.xOlark MUs Holen Huso,
Miss E1U. JuiRej-Booe,' Miss Mildred
Parks5Mlss i Bessie M. Fry, Miss Char-
lotta Haskollj, Miss. Helor W. Andor
soiVllasrLida torpslebcrg,, ,
lory was open 10 ino pupuc again lasci-,-- , ; . QitZu .
t-ttjjwvnw'-ujuu- iibb ciHiHuuiu xu.
-night and the Drofeesoritorasvoa
.to- oxplaln'ir"to "a number ot people,
mostly students, who viewed it.v
Tho comet was first seen near the
Polo star and Is found to bo moving
south at the rate of about f our or five
degrees a day. It is a circular, hazy
object with a bright nucleus near tho
"center. Former, observers' Sroport it as
being without a tail, but thls'roport is
deniedby somo who havo vfowed it
later. It la. rapidly becoming fain tor
and Indications, are that It will n6t be
visible later thatr!
nl-tittfa v '
December 1 or there-
First Interclass Game.
The first - interclass football vgame
will occur Monday afternoon otf the
flold. Tho contestants will be the
freshmen 'and flophomofes, and tho
winners of tho game will play tho
successful team in tho Junior-senior
gamo for .the , class championship.
Both teams have-been practicing daily
for a month or "more. Thocharices
seem to favor the sophomores, who
"havo a heavier and more experienced
team, being practically -the' same one
which played' tho 'present junior team
a tie gamo last year. A small admis
sion fee will bo charged. All the gato
receipts wllLgo to the champion team
to bo-used In the purchase of sweaters.
fourth AnnuaL Corniiusker Banquet I
'Mitchell, Miss Bessie Holcomjio, Miss
Mabel p. Starn, Mr?, Ruth C Castor,
Miss Mabjo Mould, Mss Pearl Archi
bald (captain), Miss Layerna Barnum,'
.Miss, Myrto Kauff map, .Miss Forn AI
brlghLMlss LucIa Cull, Miss fcicanor
Andrews,' ,.
' AJtoHMissJcssio A. loylo,. Miss
Laura, B. OwenjMWs Holen 'Hendrloi
Miss Beatrice Clarlc. Miss Edna. Zim
merman, Miss LauraHRhodes, Miss
Leota,Lappr Miss LllllahxColo, Miss
Edith Wright.
Bar Association Meeting.
Professors' Pound, Hastings and
Ayers of tho Law School returned,
from- Omaha yesterday,; whero; thoy
.had been attondlngUho 'mooting. of tho
Nebraska Bar Association. Dean
Pound addressed tho association.
Thursday morning on "Tho Spirit of
tho Common Law." His address was
unique in character, and brought forth
considerable" "praise for the. way- is
which ho handled tho subject. Judge,
Hustings presonted the-report of n
committee on legal oducation ondorfjk
ing tho-provision, 'requiring a higher.
proliniinaryedu.cktI6n for students en
tering law schools. Dr. .Gregory, dean
oft the Iowa Law School, spoke In-thq,
ovonIHg. v
Regent Calkins iof, Kearney was
lpctcd president of , tho aseocjatlpn.
s A Cerrsetlen. i
In the Issue of; the xNebraskan yo
terday It was stated 'that the reception.'
to Dr. Relgbard was given by Dr. and
Mrs". Ward, The reception.was give.n
Tuesday evening at ,the residence -of-Dr.
Barbour and ,was under the au
spices of Uio Sigma XI society. While
in' Lincoln Dr! Reighard was the guest
of .Dr.' Ward.
Tickets for the
are going rapidly. -They are o sale at
Porter's, ,
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