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Vol. V, No. 43
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Wye 2aito mebraefeah
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Man New Attractions Have Been
Added Others Coming on Every
Train Entering the City.
Yes, Rome had her Olympic games;
nations have their centennials, but we
girls of the Young Women's Christian
Association of the University of Ne
braska are going to have a County
Those who have been there before
know well- what it all means. They
read, as they run through the halls,
those bright colored posters and an
nouncements on the walls. Theycom
. prehend their meaning at a glance.
The boys recall the memories of for
mer years In such a way that tho very
thought of the Fair being held next
Saturday evening makes, them chuckle
with joy. But what a pity that only a
few really know, while a good many
more do -not know, what the County
Fair Is. Still, I don't know why I
should take- the matter sq seriously.
Ihave done all I can, andwhen a girl
puts her whole heart Into her' work
and does her best, I believe she ought
to be .content, no matter what the re
sults will be. But really Jt Is amus
ing and I just can't help but feel
carry for some of those Innocent, un
sophisticated .strangers-. They know
that a-Cpuaty1 Fair may bo' managed
successfully by a lot of men, but don't
see how it can ever bo managed by
Women. They ltnow how a. county
fair couldbe'held injthe open field,
XJmt; don't see how it could ever be
held in a closed building. Those and
a" .hundred other questions perplex
them. They gaze at the posters, they
" reod-the Daily Nobraskan, they resort
to every .means Imaginable In trying
to find oufwhat it toally Is. I have
done my levet .best in trying to exr
plain it to some ofxthem. Why, when
I came to tell about the caterpillar,
the baby show find, the Coy show I
simply pawed the air for adjectives"
and yet I know I haven't done much
good, for this afternoon when I asked
' those Bamo people to buy tickets, they"
sighed and began making excuses, and
as they- walked away I fancied I could
.-heat thorn whispering, "fake foolish-
, ness firaf):."
Well, If really is too bad, but still I
dpnft'know why I should care so very
muchfit really hurts hem more than
itjdoeB mor I ddn't blamesome, of
them. Tor thinking about it as they do.
Tho-'inpocont and unsuspecting public
has been so. of ten decelyed and so
.grossly" deceived by foTollshnegs,, that,
Its the hardest thlg In the world to
get people, to. believe a truth.' I, be
lieve therq ought to be some wayjpf
calling-things .by their rlgtii names
and then f people knew what .they
would see hen they got, there, they
would aif go: to" tho. County Fair- "-.,
I wonder, 'if-hey, win find all they;
expect to -find ifth6y do come to' the
see' such things, nsftpreford cattle
and Cochin pigs and Chester White,'
CMCKSBB, UUl' IUBU iHoro Jtlll "U BU
raany,1 other .things .tfieri "so uhfgx
prettier arid cuter than chickens and
pigs that I don't believe anyone would
care to look at them If they were
there. But I believe I know what Is
going to keep a good many from com
ing. They are afraid they would got
lost among those crowds of people.
They have been to county fairs before
and that is exactly what happened to
them. I really wish I might be able
to make them believe that nothing of
tho kind will happen. And If they do
get lost I will hunt ror them. If I
could convince them or this I am suro
a good many more would como. How-
over, I don't think I ought to feel hurt
If they don't come, for I have dono. all
I can .and when a girl does all she can
she ought to be satisfied.
The Mid-8emester Report.
In order that It may keep in closer
touch with tho work now being done
by the students of this university, the
Executive Office has requested that
the heads of the various departments
make a mid-semester report. This re
port, which Is duo next "Wednesday,
will ennbjo the Registrar to "get a
lino" on those students . whoso work
thus far has not been, satisfactory
and to .sound the alarm bell before It
Is too lato to make amends.
Although this Is the first time In tho
history of this Institution that mid
semester reports have- been required,
the system wll doubtless prove a suc
cess, since it will show the student
exactly where ho stands in his studies
and what he will have to do If ho
wishes to retain his name upon the
university records.
Friday Program,
,The convocation period this morning
will bo occupied by a song recital by-
Mr. H. B. Street. The program Is as
Die Llndonbaum Schubert
Der Wanderer,. ...... Schubert
Fruhllngsnacht Schumann
Die women uronauieron. ...acuumnnn
Romance, Op.' 5', ...... . .Tschalkowsky
Thd WateTSprlte. ..... .,.-.-,.. .Loowe
In TIefeh Kellar SItze Ich Hier. . .
T. . . .Anonymous
Chapln Bros, Florists, 127. So. 13th.
Saturday, Nov 25.
!$aturdiv 'Novl 25. ' ' ' A Ami! IZr 8
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Rain Prevents the Game Between the
Seniors and Juniors.
The football game scheduled to bo
played yesterday afternoon between
the Juniors and Seniors had to bo
postponod on account of tho muddy
condition of the field and the disagree
abloness of tho weather. Tho game
will bo played Wednesday, Ndvembor
29, on Nebraska Field at, 1 p. m. The
lnterclass managers nnnounce that tho
tickets which wore sold for the game
yesterday will bo good on Wednesday.
Tho Interest In lnterclass football
bus Increased grentl in the last two
weeks and a large crowd would doubt
less have been in evidence at tho game
yesterday had tho rain not provented
the playing of the game. The post
ponement of tho game wlll'givo tho
toanis almost a week longer for prac
tice. Coaches Wollor and Fenlon have
been working hard with their men and
tho. playing next Wednesday should
be much abovo tho average for class
gtimes. Very nearly all of tho men on
die class teams this year are men who
nave had experience either on the
"sctub'v or on some high school team
In the Mate,.
Girls' Glee Club. ,
Mrs. -".Raymond nnd Manager Dirks
J re experiencing as hard a time In se
lecting the members of the Girls1 Gleu
Club as tho latter did in solectinglhe
men's, Tho closest' of .competition be
tween the co-eds has existed ovor since
the first try-out. Tho final selection
was to havo been made last ntght, but
owing to the "closeness of four or, five
candidates it was decided to give them
another trial. It Is remarkable to see
the amount of enthusiasm that has
jjeon manifested by tlie girls, in this
work For it is entirely new and what
originally was .intended for "an experi
ment has -been a surety. Those In
.charge -aro -quite optimistic ovor tho
prospects, and predict, for .Nebraska's
Glee and Mandolin Clubs- the best of
C . . V - "-. ' . " - (
Team Goes Through Some Fast Signal
Practice Johnson's Ankle Keeps
Him Out of Work.
Owlng'to tho-cdnditlon of tho field,
the schodulod scrimmage botween tho
varsity and Lincoln High School teams
Was not pulled off last night. Both
teams were ready for tho work and
nothing but tho rain could havq pre
vented It. Slnco the work of the .
scrubs against tho varsity on Thurs
day night the High School boys had
taken considerable confidence unto
themselves regarding tholr ability to
Bcoro on tho varsity. Up to the past
two years tho Xincoln lads havo al
ways scored on us, but tliolr time
scorns to havo passed.'
Booth had tho men out for. signal '
practlco on tho sod just south of the
Library building last night. The work
of tho men was highly satisfactory, as
they exhibited moro speed than at any
practice since tho Colorado game, -Tho .
Interference on end runs has been '
strengthened, and tho men, as tho for
mation now Is, offor moro protection
to tho man running than, tho work of
any previous formation. Johnson's
anklo still continues to give him trou
ble, and he has not been out for prac
tice this week at all. Booth is trying
to bring bcnslbw' around In time forx
the Illinois game. With this speedy;
little end in the. game mir chances
against tho Easterners would be ad-.,
vahcoU considerably. vV
Tpday tho team will go 'through Its.
lost-practlco before' tho Doano game.
Stanonranhlo Bureau Remain.
The report thatMho. stenographic
bureau would bo "moved; out of the
Unlvorslty and- off thexcampUs has
caused considerable talk among., the
members of tho faculty. If tiilswas
dono it would mean that, the work,
would bo taken- down" town at- extra
expense, nnd much lnconvonienco to
the instructors. While the, room now
occupied by Iho, bureau will -be used"
for a check roonjyot the bureau will
be given quarters In somo other, part
of tho campus, and remain, as It has
heretofore, a part of tho University.
Dr. and Mrs. Ward entertained mom
borsof tho faculty at their home
Tuesday evening .in honor of Profes-"
sor Relghard. of the Unlvorslty of.'
Michigan. Professor Relghard is one
of the leading American authorities
on fishes. ,, l.
Dr. Robs returned from st.short trip
to -Missouri Wednesday. Ho delivered
an address, under tho auspices of the
Department of .Economics and Soclolr
ogy, before tho students of tho State
During the Thanksgiving week Pro-
'fessor Bessey; goes to Oberlln, Ohio, '
for a short Visit with friends and rela
tlvca, While he Is asfeat Dr. Cleoi- '
eats will meet his clause. As Obef- .
lia is-the seat o6e:f tkW : largest ',
collecea 4a Ohio, ae will "ke oocaaiei
to laspfrct oe,f,lt dertBMats, -'
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