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Vol. V, No. it
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The 'VarsltyGoes Through, Good. Prac
,r; tjcc Men In Good Physical
;N,ext Saturday Doano comes to Lin
coln with an Idea that Bhe will carry
n way "the "Cornhu8kor8, " scalp. Thoro
was a tlmo during the nnte-deluvlnn
period when Doane could hold Nebras
ka down to a small score, but' that
time was pre-Boothian. Doano has al
ways played a good game against the
smaller colleges of tnuBtatc, and has
at times succeeded In landing the state
Inter-collegiato championship. TChis
year Is one of the times, as the Crete
men have defeated every college In tho
state. Tho championship was settled
one week ago In tho $ellevue-Doane
gmie, when Doano defeated the Pres
byterians by a score of 2-0.
"The Doane teanj Is made up of a
bunch of husky players this year, and
sbYfar as weight goes have tho varsity
scodped. But they lacfc In experience
and In knowing tho finer points of the
game a whole lot more than they make
up- In weight. The, weight of tho
Doane team is as follows: Dowse, left
end, 179; Day, left tackle, 180; Far-
row, lefrguard, 220 j Specs, center,
193Bronson, right guard, lf); Wild
hafrer right tackle, 187; Perry, fight
e"n"d,f 174: Hurd, quarterback, 153;
Johnson, lef f halfl54 ; Mare&li, right
"-half, 178, and Fuhrer, fullback, 180.
Maresh Is their star player, and, in the
Bellevue gamo 'was responsible for
many of Doane's-largo gains. But the-
Doane team, whllecxpectln defeat,
will come hero with thefirm determi
nation to give Nebraska a runvfor her
It is quite likely that ail excursion
' will como from Crete over the Burling
ton to see Saturday's game, If the
JDoane rooters support their team as
well In this gamo as they did in the
Bellevue gamo some six. hundred root
era should come to Lincoln. Tho
shortness of the distance makeslt all
tho more probable that a largo ex
cursion will como to Lincoln to tho
-ebj&ska gamo than "went to, Bellevue.
Booth' sent .the men""through some
" -good practice last night. The mon;
tried at some new line- bucks and. for
' mations. Rice' and rTaylor were,out
for work! and given some stiff training.
It is quite likely thnt these men will
i bo given a chance In Saturday's game
against the Doane team But, 'owing
, to tho freshman rule;thl8wlll betholf
last gairie of the, -season. "Thenwork
of these two men has boon of tho best
tnls year, and for 'the simple reason
that tboy'havo worked hard all year
- without regard it tho rule barring
Jfeggtliem from tho Conference games, Is
worthy of much praise- , ,
vThe team is In the beBt physical con
dition. that could be expected after tho
flerceway In which they 'were handled
in last Saturday's game-. Johnson was
the.-only 'varsity player that did not
, .report for practice last night," His,
leg Is in pretty bad condition and -will
probably .hinder his practice' work to a
great oextent 'for this week at least.
Benedict was out for workand showed
but llttlo effects of the Mlnnesotn
game. Borg, Weller, Cotton and Wil
son all seem .to be in the best of
physical condition. Thus we find that
the hard gamo of last Saturday has
effected the physical strength of our
team but little.
The men will continue tov practice
on tho field this week, while Booth
may tako them to the State,Farm .for
practice -next week before the Illinois
game. -v.
To Abolish Football at Harvard.
In tho wako of the Jordan articles
on tho corruption of athletics in.
Anlerlcan universities, comes the
statement by John Mahan, coach at
tho Massachusetts Institute of Tech
nology, that football will be abolished
at Harvard after this season.
At a banquet given recently' at the,
Tech Union, Coach Mahan, during, a
talk on athletics, said: "I possess 'In
side information which enablos mo
to say that football in its present form
will not bo played at Harvard next
year. Tho trouble there Is that ath
letics plays too prominent a part is
a business and hot a sport. Men in
the senior and Junior years who have
had enough athletics and wish to
study are made to bollevo that their
duty to thefr college Is to spend their
.time, playing football.1' -
It is Jiot at all improbable that Ma
han is correct when he makes" this
statement, slncq it is known thnt
President Elliot of Harvard Is openly
opposed to tho gamo of football' as It
Is now played.
The gigantic .caterpillar which Is to
be exhibited at tho County Fair hqs
gained ten pounds in weight and a
foot -in length since its arrival inthiBT
city last week. It Is being taught now
"stunts" dally.
JChd latest addition' to the "Baby
Shof department otUio County Fair
Is tho pantomineof "Casey at the.
Bat." The reproduction is ,sald to he
exceedingly interesting.
Academy Notes.
Tho Debating Club has Just boon
organizod with Mr. Heskett ns presi
dent; Miss Stevenson, vice president,
and Mr. Morgan, secretary. Tomor
row evening at 8 p. m. tho first dobato
will bo hold. The subject is: "Shquld
Suffrage Bo Restricted by an Educa
tional Test?"
Tho Academy girls are invited to
meet at tho homo of Mrs. Hodgman
next Saturday afternoon. Plans will
be discussed regarding the organiza
tion of tho Social Hour Club. Tho
work to bo taken up will receive con
siderable attention. Last year tho
club studied tho "World Pictures"
under the direction of JMmu-Hodgman.
Basket-ball practice Is well under
wqy. The regular practices aro hold
Monday and Wednesday, from G to G,
at the-city Y. W. C. A. rooms. Two
teams are planned for and already
twelve or thirteen girls hnvo signified
their intentions of competing for mom
Football Js carried on by the boys
without help of jnanagement or coach.
Nevertheless, they "are doing romark
ably .well. Next Saturday they go to
Croto to play Doane's secqnd'toam. .
We regret to say that Mr. Rohdrt
Beckstrom has bon compelled to re
turn to his homo at Axtell. Ho has
been three weeks in tho sanitarium,
afflicted with rheumatism. Ho hopes,
however, to return next seemstor.
First Law Lecture.
Tho Hon. C. C. Flansburg of tho
Lincoln bar opened tho course of lec
tures before the students of tho law
school Monday evening with an ad
dress on "Fees." Tho law lecture
room was packed to tho doors, and
every chair and window was occupied
.with nttfintlvo Htnrianffl. Mr. FlntiR.
burg gave a number of, valuable" point
ers to tho students, and at the conclui
slon of his address answered a num
bcTof questionspropounded by-thoso
present, t, - "
The next address will be glvon-noxt
- WITH KAN8A8. '
Proposition to Resume Relations With
Jayhawkers Looked Upon Favor
ably Team to Go to Chicago.
Gggrgo Bros., Printers, 13th & N.
" " ' ' i i i ramm , ,. , . ii mm
Fourth Annual Cornhusker Banquet!
' ; LINPELL HOTEL ,-. .'
Moiid I
The Athletic Board hold its regular
monthly meeting Monday evening, and
considerable now business waB trans
acted. Those designs which had been
submitted for uso as tho official em
blem wero examined, but owing to tho
fewness of them. It was decided to do
lay selection for another month, and to
receive any new proposals which
might be made. A ft or some discussion
it wus decided to sond tho cross-country
team to Chicago to conTpeto In tho
lnter-collcglato cross-country contest
whlch Is to occur thpro Thanksgiving
morning. .-
The most important business beforo
the board was the question' of what
stand Nebraska should tako with" re
gard to the proposal of the Kansas
athletic board that commltteos from
each board should confer and fix up
some articles of agreement which
should be satisfactory to both collogos.
The sentiments of the different mem
bers of tho board wero very different,
but after considerable dobato It was
decided to meet the Jayhawkers half "N
way and' to appoint a commltteo to rP'T
resent Nebraska. Tho conitrilttce was
to fro composed of ono member of the
faculty and. one student member, and"
Dr. Pound and Benedict wore solected.
The manager's- report of tho Minne
sota gamo .was received Tho estl
mates of the number of .spectators
.wore shown tq' be toyay off, tho total
number being1 less than 5,000. No
braska's share of tho gate recolp.ts was
Annual County Fair.
Don't forget it. It is to lie th,o oyont
of the season. Como and play you are
young again. All kinds of toys can
bo obtained at a very reasonable price.
Thero will be a wonderful display of
pictures. You can'tafford to miss
this. Don't neglect this side of your'
education. The Fair is tho place whero
you can get good things to cat, such
as bullion,- waffles, cojted and candy.
These 'are only a, few of tho many at
tractions of tho ovening. Timo' and
space will not permit ment!on-6f all',",
so -como and see for yourselves. .Get
tickets. while they last
; .
f A I a a OIit Klt aim
uics wiuu ( ,.'
The Qlee and" Mandolin Clubs wero
entertained at the Beta house at ,a'
smoker last Friday evening. Every
member was present, And ah enjoyed .
the evening very much. ,.
The .mnnagerhas received an invl-j w
tatlon from alWthe associations of Le- ,
land Stanford for tho clubs to be thq ;--
guests of the combined societies on the, " n
occasion of, tho concert to be given lnrf " ,
Palo Alto on April 25. " , JL
Dramatic Club. , - . '
There will be a meeting; of the Dra l J
matlc Club on Thursday, Novembefl23- '
at 11 o'clock in" U. 106. The cast of. ; ' -,
the first play to bo produced will, be ,
announceu, au mmqers; are urged
'to bo present. ' j '
.. -,
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