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Voi?V?No. 35
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Slfl Crowd Will 8ee the Best Game ofr
Season on Home Grounas-'-lMe-
braska Is Ready.
All is in preparation for the big
game today, and when the game id
called at two-thirty grandstand and
bleachers will bo packed! with Tooters,
hot all of whom will bo wdarlBg tho
Scdrlbt and Cream. An excursion of
i?50 CblOfrtdoans will arrive in Lincoln
about ton o'clock this morning, armed
with colors and megaphones, and de
termined to out-root Nebraska on her
own field. Thursday 200 grandstand
seats were reserved for tho delegation
and yesterday morning tho Colorado
manager had an additional 150 set
aside, haying received word that moro
tickets had been sold than 'ho had
counted on. On account, of a war be
tween tho tJnion Pacific and the Bur
lington, a round trip rate of five-dollars
was secured, and accordingly half
tho colego is coming along. With this
opposition to fight against, our own
rooters will do tho best that Is in
them, and Nebraska field will ho the
scono of as pretty an exhibition of
college spirit as any western field
has ever sen.
The Colorado team arrived in Lin
coln early Fridaymorning, and afc
onco went to tho -Lindell. At eleven
o'clock they came up to tho Univer
sity and attended the football rally,
which seemed to interest them very
much. One of the players expressed
himself fts being much pleased with
the football song sung by the band.
After that they spent the remainder
of tho flay In quloCuntll threo olock,
when" they wofe taken out to the state for a final 'slgnai practice, for
which they did not oven put .on their
togs.x While not confident- of defeating
Nebraska, ptill the men are dete'r
mined, to put up the game of their
lives and to fight to the last whistle.
All tho men are In fine physical condt
tlonp'and show no effects of the Jour
ney. ., ,
Nebraska is ready for the game, and
confidence of victory reigns In Booth's
camp. "Every man lsln good condi
tion,, with tho exception of Densjow,
whoso ankle Is getting worse, and may
keep him out of the game for the rest
of the seas'oh. Avory and McDonald'
will 'take caro of his position very sat
isfactorily, however,' and with John
son - on tho other Jwlng of tho lin
Caloy will ptpjiably fall to pull off
" any -df his spectacular runs, Bene'dict
yas nevotjh finer form, and every
studont is confident that the old moss
grown trick used on Minnesota, Illi
nois and all the rest of them will bo
good for at least fifty yards some time
during the game. While the Uno is
still somewhat weak, Nebraska never
had a better secondary defense', and
lino bucks will net Colorado but little.
fo o t b a L lJ
8 SAtURDAV, NOV. 1 8
8 2:30 p. m. 8
On account of tho early evenings,
the game today will begin at half past
ttvo Instead of half an hour later, and
frill halves will be played. Tho field
is in vory good condition, considering
tho rain of a week ago, and although
soft enough to prevent any player from
sustaining severo brulsps, is not soft
enough to prevent fast work. For the
first time in six woolcs the ball will bo
dry enough to allow of good punting,
hnd, tho contest botween Benedict and
Caloy will bo Interesting, with odds
perhaps a little in favor of the latter.
In case of victoryfpr Nebraska, the
Annual bon-flro will probably be pio
pared by the students.' If this proves
to bo true, tho football management
urges the students to build tho fire
some place other than on tho football
field, for tho heat bakes the ground,
so that play over -that spot Is danger
ous for tho rest of the season.
The teams will-line up as follows:
Nebraska. Colorado.
Avery r. e. . Levlt
Burns N r. t Roller
Cotton r. g. ........ .Jordan
Borg c Farnsworth
Jenkins,, 1g ,.Barr
IVollor 1. t Footo
Johnson 1. o. ......... ..Salborg
Benedict... . . , . , q. b ..Trudgian
Llttlb -..'. rl. h. Sigmund
Wilson, .Vr. h Caley
Mason f . b Roberts
Tho Michigan Daily has the follow
lng to say about girls rooting squads
at football games:
"Thoniovement -among the girls to
nttondthe Wisconsin game in a .body
Is meeting success on all sides. Di
rector Baird has promised to reserve
two wholo sections foiv girls exclu
sively. Tho girls themselves, -'are re
sponding nobly to tho opportunity, a
Or-M - V . . V
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U . ' II
R ' . r- " 8
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3 1 . I, , - i i . i ?
M...MMU rirJ.-m-rJTlir)(un.rjmit
U "
goodly number having alVeady put
down their names for tickets, while
over tho campus, team and students
are enthusiastic over tho display of
Michigan spirit among the girls.
- "Captain Norcross, speaking of tho
Minnesota-Wisconsin game, said:
'Thoy had a wholo section with noth
ing but girls. I didn't suppOso they'd
make any holde, but whonOvor Minne
sota made it gain, you ought to hoar
those girjs cheer.'
"There havd always been a lot of
girls In the past who wanted to go to
tho big gamed, but didn't like to go
alono in a big crowd. Tho now ar
rangement will be Ideal in avoiding
this difficulty.
"Girls who want to get In on this
should leave their names at Barbour
gym before this noon in ordortoso
quro seats In tho reserved section."
What Michigan does do, Nebraska
ought to do. Let our Nebraska girls
this "afternoon remember their Michi
gan siBters and go and do likewise.
Mass Meeting' Tomorrow.
Tho men's mass meeting at tho Oli-
vvor thrdtro tomorrow will bo unaor.
the joint auspices of tho city and uni
versity Y. M. .A's. Theso meetlugs
are always attendi'dby a largo crowd
of university studots who derive
much ink-fit from them. JDntortiiin
Mig jii'.tmn.s are always aViiiitjot',
and tho cnt-' tomorrow will bo In no
way licnlud tho standard. Me. Frunlr
R. Itobc-rjon. ono of tho most noted
lecturers of tho country, will deliver
Min illustrated lecture.
Tho English Club" will mqot with
Miss Howell at Mellck Court on Satur
day, November 11.
Supplement your voice with a mega
phone. -The Co-op.-has them.
it, J905.
Price 5 Ccnti
Six Dollar Rate Finally Secured Two
Hundred Tickets Guaranteed
More Will Go.
Late Thursday night tho nogotln
jtlons between tho athletic board and
tho railroads terminated favorably and
a six-dollar rate was securod for tho
round trip to s'oo tho Mlnnosbta; gamo
a wook from today. Sovoral. wooks
ago a rate of six dollars for second
class and eight dollars for first-claps
passongors was grantod but this was
unsatisfactory to tho ttoard, and no
excursion would have boon run had
the railroads not made a first-class
rate of six dollars. Tho spocial train
will leave Lincoln about six o'clock
Friday evening, and will arrive in
Minneapolis earlv tho next mnrninir.
tunning Over tho Ndrthwoslorh via
Fremont, tfwo huiidred tickets are"
guaranteed, but at least a thousand
students and townspeople should .take
advaTrilajp of this opportunity and go
along tochoer for the team. Pullntan
berths will "cost five dollars for the
round trip and tourist two and" a half
The Unlpn Society h61d thefr first'
meeting In their nowly furnished hall
last night and the evening was made .
memorable Ty ah old-fashioned house
warming. Sotigs wore sung, games
played, stories toid, and tinib'mado
merry until a late houtvThe' society
this year "have been holding' -tholr
meetings in U. 107 and variotrsvothor
plncis and their return to tholrold
halkhas been like the return of a
prodlkhK.s-on.' ' , .'
Thdir hall has boon. In poor condi
tion lately. Tho plaster on tho coil
ing was loose and in.placos suspended' ,
as unique hangings. Asido from he- -lng
unique, th& hangingsthroatonod
every moment to fall. Tho "Univer
sity authorities havojorig.-heldiout to
tho society a promlso of a. steel cell-
lng, but because of a lack of meti and
a shortage In tlio approprlalldn tuhd,
the ceiling will perhaps hotbo put " '
on until next summer. FoV ihbpres
ont the room has been ropapored, the , H ,
flx't'ure8 of tho stage Bomowhat ,vx '
changed an,d a new' burlap, to miien
tho color of the paper, will ho put
do.wn. The tost of -Ufo burlap and
paper tvill bo ahbut-alxty dollars. '
The Hall is also used by the 'Stu
dents' Debating Club and a law class. y-
The former will defray a part of the '
expense of furnishing the hall.
' Thariks&Mn'o Game.
The reserved seats for the Thanks-
giving game will he put on sale at '
Harry POrter's Wednesday morning, ,
November 15,
NOW Trunks, New Bags, 1088 O.
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