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Vol. V, No- 32
;tlbe S)ait IKebraeftan
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The VarsHy In Poor Condition Physic
ally, But Determined A Maw
" Meeting Friday at Chapel.
The Bcoro of last Saturday's gamo
betweon Colorado and Utah shows
that Nebraska will not have a snap
In the coming game. Colorado simply
overwhelmed the Mormon school by a
score of 40 to 5. Utah seems to .have
ji cood team, and made some very
3100 P. M.
substantial gains, both nround Colo
rado's ends and through her line. The
average yardage made by Utah in tne
second, halt was 5.65 yards on eachof
twenty-three downs; while Colorado
only averaged 3.G7 yards In fifty-six
"Something of 'a sensation occurred
in" the Colorado-Utah game, when the
coach of the Utah, team made his in
spection of the armor worn by the
Colorado players. The heavy shoulder,
pads worn by Captain Roberts immedi
ately attracted Coach Maddocks eye.
Ho hit the pad with his list and near
ly broke his knuckles. A little rlp
nlnc awav of the padding rovealed the
fact that tho shield was composed or
metal sheet, covered with padded felt.
Roberts declared that he had worn,
the pad all season williout complaint,
but manfully doffed it1 for a less dan
gerous shield' When requestedto do so
by Maddock?'(3oh3fado- seems to
havo,tho necessary nerve in entering
tho game without regard to protection
Word comes from Boulder that tne
Colorado coaches are exerting every
possiblo means to bring awinning
tnnm to Lincoln on Saturday. .The
rninrndo team will havo secret prac-
ticotho rest of tho week. By thls
theyliopd to work up some now plays
that will bo successful in 'running Ne
braska off her feet during tne ursi
half of the game. The victory of 1904
has so stimulated, the: Colorado, men
that they cannot, but hope and expect
victory again in 1905.
While tho Colorado team is in the
best of physical condition, Nebraska
x is drilling away with a team really
belonKing to tho hospital corps. Den-
. slow, who was hurt in last Saturday's
". gamo, will bo kopt out of practice
, this week and consequently the game
.Saturday. Cotton still continues to
:jbo on the stale list, but is improving
some over iaBtweok'B condition, The
quarter-back position will' likely fall
to Benedict from this on, owing' to
,ftho. great form he showed in Satur-
.,' day's game.
Tho team wont to the Stajte Farm for
practice last night. Several new men
were Included In tho squad to flH some
of tho vacancies on tho team. A few
of 'these men were tried ouUin Den
Blow's Placo at end. Avery was th5
Students' Convention.
Tho Nebraskan Is in receipt of an
invitation to all tho students of tho
world to assemble in Milan for a Con
gress next year. Tho call is as fol
Follow Students: With tho object
Important Shakespearean Document.
In tho London Standard for October.
1R. there is a Ions artlclo by Prof.
C. W. Wallace of tho dopartment of
Literature regarding his discovery of
thrco documonts touching upon a law
suit in which Shakospearo was a de
of strengthening the bonds that unite fondant. Following is a part of tho
vouths ot education all over the world,
of discussing ami dealing with those
mmutlnna Hint IntnrGBt our class, tho
Students pi Milan, taking advantage
of tho -Great International Exhibition
that Is to take placo hero in 1906, havo
decided to call a world's -Convention
of Students. to bo held during tho
period of tho Exhibition.
Wtf hope, feliw-studoilts, that you
will 'respond to our invitation and will
come in great numbers to Milan. Wo,
on our part, will do all in our power
to onable you to spend tho time you
will pass in our city to tho best advantage.
Fellow-students, ' by seeing and
knowing one another wo shall bo ablo
the more to respect and esteem one
another and fulfill the noblo purpose
of forming all the educated youth in
)n .v immnncn linTiil nt hrnthars. with
thosamo aspirations, tho samo ideals
of peace, of progress, of civilization.
Make up your minds, and all ot you
como to Mllanin 1900!
With regard to tho subjects to be,
discussed by tho Congress, wo, beg you
To communicate to us those that may
interest ypu most, of which wo shall
take nato for discussion.,
In duo counte. wo -shall send you the
deflnito program, and will lot you
know the precise data'of tho Congress
The official festivities will last about
11 week, and will incliido sports (re
gattas, footbaTTTBhooting at tho tar-
got, wrestling), receptions, balls .pro
cessions, illuminations, banquets, and
excursions maho neighborhood of Ml-lanr
The commltteo arranging tho Con
gress has alBo taken measures to ob
tain for those who attend the Congress
notable reductions f fares both from
the, railways and froKrthe steamboat
Wo bee vou to communicate to us
the probable number "oTttio students
of your university who will cpmo to
tho Congress,, to sorvo as a guide in
making tho general arrangements.
It is of course understood that tho
Invitation wo give you,.fellow-students,
All tho world Is always Interested
n Shakosnearo Scholars havo
searched, ono would suppose, ovory
nook and cranny that might holdtho
Hllchteat evidence bearing upon his
Hfo and career. An announcement
concerning Shakespoaro at this day,
therefore, strikes 01x0 witn excited
surprise. Yot tho fact that in the
state archives ard valuablo documonts
hitherto unknown touching tho last
vnnr nf tho ereat noet's life. Theso
documonts I discovered. in his majes
ty's public record office some -weeks
ago while making a systematic re
search concerning tho children com
panies at Blackfriars and Whitefrlars
theatres from 1597 to the mlOIlHT'ot
tho reign of James I. practically a
now field,' despite tho fact that year
ly every Shakespoaro scholar ror a
century and a half has glanced at It
Incidentally, In addition to tho dis
coveries published below, I have como
upon other Items touching Shakes
peare, particularly elucidating tho fa
mous passago in "Hamlet" concern
ing tho children, and contributing
toward tho questions mat cluster
about. thq 160.3 and 1604, "Hamlet"
In conducting my researches in tho
nubile record ofllco concerning "Black
friars" and "Whitefrlars,''.. taking into
account not only "theatre" and "play
house," but also "mpssuages," "lands,"
otc, I came In natural course upon thp
present documents that add an 'item
Jn the life ot tho greatvpoet;. ,
I Theso documents are tho result of
' In il.n rviir- nt r.hnnp.firv. In
Marked Increase Jn Attendances-Line
Up Yesterday for Mili
tary Drill.
Registration at tho Nebraska School
of Agriculture, for both tho long and
short courses, oponcd last Monday
morning and boforo tho. closo pftho
day ono hundrod and thirty-sovon had '
reglstorod. Of theso, sixty-thrco wore
freshmen. Tho registration was con
tinued yestorday and will probably
roach ono hundred and fifty boforo tho
closo. .
Tho records so fav snow a marked
incroaso In attondanco- over tho roc- t
ords of any provjous years. Tho rdgls--tratlon
for tho first day. of last year
was ono hundrod ' and two, as com
nnrocl with ono hundred and thirty-
t I Bovon last MPndny. Last year thoro
woro twonty-four In thoJ3onior class,
as compared with forty In tho graduat
ing class this year. Tho total number
registered laBt year, for both long and
short courses, was threo hundred and
thirty-two. What the total number
will bo this year is notitnown
cording to present IndicaUonsvIt will
exceed that amount. A forco'of about
twenty Instructors is now required to
handle tho classes 'at tho farm. -In
addition to this, ,a good many of tho
students havo claBspsj at itho Univer
sity. The State Farm-has beon greatly lm
nrnvori flurlnc tho past year. Now
" - w - N
buildings havb) beon . built,
walks laid and a sower Is now behig
to connect tho farm with
croekTThe lafgeBt of tho. now bulld-
ingsvls tho Agricultural Hall, where
tho registration iff now being held.
-This hall vhasx Just recently bito' fin
ished and willbo dedicatou some umo
during the midwinter,, commencement;.
The 'students rcglstoredln thbxthreo
year course are required to take 'Drill-,
tary drill and yestorday'hUc'f noon -.they
lined up for their first formation,
a suit in the Court of Chancery, in
which William -Shakespeare is ono of
tho plaintiffs and. MathowBacon de
fondant. The suit concornscortaln
London "dwelling houses or Mes
suages," etc., possessed by Shakes
peare and his neighboring property
owners in .the... Blackf rlas precincts,
near tho renowned old Blackfriars
theatre. ' ' '
man given the greatest attention by extends also to your professors and
nnMJniiPrt nn naco 2.) tneir uhhihiuuib.
Indian Curios JMatch holders .in
birth bark, smeklng. sots,-etc., from
10c each to 25c. Tho Lincoln Book
- II... St ,T.rMasfcwl Avlnnila
cordial invitation to students to a-tend-tho
annual art exhibit atvhisv
studio of photography 226 . South
Eleventh street Friday and Saturday
ntthia wpok. Tho Btudlo-vwlll, fce-weti
Saturda:xflvening, with special -icY"
by St. Paul orchestras --?
TCmll P. LanKP '99 who .Wasuwcll
known n tlio Botanical Department aa
a( proficient botanist, called- at tho
University on Monday. Ho s now liv
ing In Falrbury. Ho has bao'n ongaged.
in botanical work during' tho .summer.
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. .
In tho last number of Science,; Pro
fessor Bessoy reviowa .a rdpou.t book
on tho wnter lilies of, the wprld, by
Dr. i Canard. .Thebook'appBared aaa
ono of tho publications of tho Carnegio
(institution at Washington.
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