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1be Bails Iftebrkekatt
"Vol. V, No. 22
Price 5 Ccnt
rPlan for Keeping Out 8ophomores Suc
cessfulThird Candidate for
President Win Out.
Tho long-expected and much wlahed
tfor meeting of tho Freshman class was
hold yesterday morning atcloven o'clock,
-according to tho plans announced oponly
.some days ago, and with ho assistance
of some dozen Juniors, John Uhl, and
Chancellor Andrews. " tho first-year men
.succeeded In meeting undisturbed by
their enemies, tho Sophomores. A very
elaborate system of admission to tho
hall had been prepared by tho FrcBh
men generals and Registrar Clark, and
ovory Freshman was supplied with a
green slip testifying that ho could qual
ify -as a. first-year student. "Without
this It was lmposslblo for anybody to
.got by John Uhl, who guarded tho out
sldo door of tho Chapel. Aftor onco sur
mounting this obstacle tho man desir
ous of casting a voto was compelled to
stop at tho door upstairs and havo his
name crossed off on tho list kopt thoro
by a Junior. Thon ho was safe at last.
Soma three hundred Freshmen, woro ablo
to piass through this ordeal successfully,
howovsr, and accordingly tho mooting
Tcprcsonted a largo majority of tho class,
which la somewhat of a novelty, as tho
Sophomores havo hortoforo bcon ablo to
prevent most of tho first-year men from
' attending tho flrstj mooting of tho year.
Tho meeting was presided over by
President Do Young of tho Junior class.
It had been rumored that tho Sophomores
had laid plans to capture Do Young and
keep him away from tho meotlng, and
accordingly about a dozen Juniors es
corted' him from tho Library to Memorial
"Hall, and after that remained to assist
in tho fight to kocp tho Sophs out. Soon
after cloven tho meeting was called to
order, and tho class got right down to
business. Thoro woro four nominations
for tho presidency, Clydo Elliot of Central
City, Rlcahrd Patterson and Claronco
Walsh of Omaha, and Miller Benedict of
Lincoln It had bcon tho gonoral opin
ion that tho raco was botweon Benedict
and Patterson, as no matt from outsldo
tho two principal cities of tho state has
over "beep ablo to gpt elected tho first
semester, but tho progrcBslvo and aggres
sive campaign moljiods displayed by
thoao supporting Elliot had won for him
a large following, and tho first ballot
brought tho following results: Elliot, 121;
Benedict, 71; Patterson, C3; Walsh, 20.
Patterson thon withdrew In favor of El
liot, and upon motion ho was declared
elected unanimously.
Mcanwhllo abqut a hundred second-
-year men wero gathered about bravo John
Uhl at tho outsldo door, and about flvo
hundred upper-classmen and girls woro
crowding tho steps and other available
places whero they could) look upon tho
fight. For a fow mlnutos tho Sophs woro
not very demonstrative, but finally ""a
ruslVwaB mado for tho door, only to bo
checked by John's sturdy form and tho
bodies of tho Juniors insldo. Aftor tho
fight had been waking for a fow min
utes, Chancellor Androws and Mr. Feo
appeared on the scene, and managed to
obtain some degroo of quiet; As soon
as tho. former had gono back to his ofilce,
however, tho attempt to forco a way
into tho halt was renewed, and almost
succeeded. Chancellor Androws again
camo to tho rescue, but this tlmo hud
some difficulty In making thp Sophs with
' draw. After ho had again left tho sceno
of action, about ton Sophs climbed up tho
archway over. the entrance to tho hall,
and succeeded In forcing tho largo win
dow directly behind tho plpo organ openr
and climbed inside. Results' showed that
they had not beet) half- as anxious to get
into the .building as thoy had lot on,
however, for in a moment there was an
awful uproar inqldo, and after a fow
seconds the same Sophomores who had
. climbed thrqugh the window so valiantly
Faculty Foolishness
third Annual appearance
Nebraska Field, Thursday, October 26th
:2:30 p. m.
Admission 25c; Reserved Ssats 50o
a short tlmo boforo woro thrown out
bodily, with hats gono, coats torn, and
faces all btr.Ised and bleeding. Two of
the Sophomores put up a bravo fight bo
foro thoy woro finally thrown out, and
for a couplo of minutes fought with' tho
Frcshlcs while clinging to tho ledgo of
tho window. This onded any attempt of
thd Sophs to got Into tho mooting.
During tho fight at tho window, a num
ber of roods i "..d pipes of tho big organ
woro broken or injured, and thoro will
probably bo considerable damago to re
pair. Tho nomos of tho Sophomores who
wro lmpllcay woro taken, and thoy
havo already yefin hauled up on tho car-
pot boforo tho Chancellor. More will
piobably-recclvo notices to appear today,
find on tho whole the class fcols as though
It had gotten tho worst of It.
On account of llnotypo machine break
ing, we aro compelled to run tho abovo
In nonpareil typo. Wo hopo this will not
occur again. Ed.
New Apparatus for Gymnasium.
Tho Physical Education department
recently received a shipment of now
apparatus for tho gymnasium. This
consisted of a long, horse, springboard,
and a pair of parallel bars. Tho cost
of this material with somo other small
or apparatus that was secured, will
roach tho neighborhood of two hun
dred and fifty dollars.
Tho long horse Is by far tho best
piece of apparatus In tho gymnasium.
It Is covered wit ha flno quality of very
heavy leather. Tho adjustments arc
much better and of lator Invention
than tho other long hprses In tho gym
nasium. Both tho spring board and
parallel bars aro of tho latest Im
proved. Other, smaller apparatus
which was secured Is of the very best.
With these additions our gymnasium
is one of tho best equipped in the west.
It Is Dr. Clapp's aim td havo moro men
out during advanced work, and trying
for tho gym team this year.
--!-- -----MIa
Tho Dramatic 'Club will moot with
Miss Erford, 215 Q street, Thursday
evening, October 26. ,
Walkover shoes for college men.
Rogers & Perkins Co., 1129 O St
U '
Manager Morrison Has Arranged for
a $1.10 Rate to Crelghton Game.
A rate of ono dollar and ton conta
has been made betwoon Lincoln and
Omaha and return on Saturday for tho
Croighton-Nobraska gamo. ThetRock
Island has mado, this rato providing
that two hundred pcoplo tako advan
tage of this opportunity and mako tho
trip. Tho train will leave Lincoln at
8:30 a. m. on Saturday and return
at 10 p. m. tho samo day.
Tho rato Is the same as tho ono
made by tho Burlington to Omaha last
year. About five hundred pcoplo took
advantage of thiB rate rate last year
and thero Is no reason why just as
many pcoplo should not do tho samo
thiB year. ,A rato so low is ono that
does not come to passengers to and
from Omaha only about ovory year.
Manager Morrison is to bo compliment
ed upon his work In securing such a
low rato considering that this is fifty
flvo cents lower than the rato given
Ak-Sar-Bon visitors.
Tho people In tho city will avail
themselves of tho opportunity to visit
Omaha" and see tho gamo, but this
is not what the team wants. Tho var
Blty wants the support of the Univer
sity students In Iho Crelghton gamo.
It Is up to ovory student of the Uni
versity of Nebraska to tako advantage
of this low rato and go to Omaha to
cheer our team on to Omaha to chqer
our team on to victory against thft
Omaha men. Wo aro going to run up a
largo score on tho team from the big
city Saturday, but ovory University
yell given by tho students means a fow
moro points.
Tickets are on sale at Rock Island
WANTED Two men to wonc dis
tributing bills for Faculty Committed.
See Prof. Caldwoll.
'Perkins' Swedish" gymnasium
shoes at Rogers & -Perkins Co., 1129 O
' it
New Attractions Added Governor
Mickey Indian Camp Quold
Tuba BandPeanuts and
Tomorrow afternoon, within tho nar.
row limits of tho Nebraska Athletic
Field, will-occur ono of tho broadest
exhibitions ovor participated In oy
man, beast and professor. Broadest in
tho sense that It shall includo tho
greatest variety of attractions; broad
est In tho Bonsco that ovory attraction
glvon will bo developed to a perfection.
Tho pushers of tho undertaking had
felt that something was lacking In
their program as long aB thoy -did not
havo somo othor "stars" bosldos those
selected from tho Faculty, Thoy triod
various sources, applied to many prom
inent men, and at last succeeded in se
curing tho valuable sorvlces of our'own
Governor Mickey. Tho governor posoa
as tho world's champion ot quoits! Ho
challenges any ono, whether in tho
University or out of it, to a fow rounds
in this most oxcitlng of nil quiet games.
In case tho Governor's challenge Is not
accepted before October 20 at 2:30 p.
m. and his rights to woarlng tho cham
pionship bolt aro undisputed, tho Gov
ernor will give ah exhibition against
tlmo. Come out and watch Governor
Mickey decsrlbo tho husky curve I
Tho Indian camp wHKropresont con
ditions as thoy oxlSVed in tho "Good
old days boforo tho wah." In those ,
days whon Sherman and Bessoy woro
little boys nhd woro knoo breeches.
The buffalo thon gontly grazed ovor
what Is now tho 5-yard lino. "In those
days," tho Senior professors toll us,
"Life was a long, sweet song." No lit
tle boys and girls, In Ihoso days, ovor
mado cross-cornor paths ovor tho cam
pus or fought ovor tho Big Rock. Most
of us havo boon laboring under tbiov
mistaken impression that Indian life"
whs wild and oxcitlng. Wo plcturo tho,
Indian as savago, cruel, warlike and'
bloodthirsty In fact, such Is tho
story told ovor and ovor again In
books. But tho Senior professors ab- '
solutely and unconditionally discredit
it, and thoy hope, to 'demonstrate by
tho presentation of tho Indian camp
tomorrow afternoon that tho Red
Skins in all their savagery woro not
as formidable an onemy as tho Fresh
men. Thoy. ought to know, Thoy aro
able and willing to toll tho truth and
their information Is source. None of
us will ovor .havo an opportunity to
Hvo the life of the Pioneer Nobras
leans, but we can at least do the next
best thing; we can go to the circus
tomorrow afternoon and watch tiw
Senior Professors show us how It wag
Another event that will come as an
innovation to tho crowd tomorrow af
ternoon will bo the military spelldown.
Who was It that said that military
drill was unpopular at the University
of Nebraska? called It militarism;
malicious science and Military Fight
Let him come to the circus tomorrow ,
and see how untrue his charge was.
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