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rol.VjNo. 20
Price 5 Cent
R Mlchfgan, Holds Big Mass Meeting to
Entourage Men .University' Al
umni at Omaha Enthusiastic.
Today 'in Ann Arbor Nebraska and
Michigan, will oppose each other in
the greatest gamo on the wcslorn,
gridiron this season. Both teams are
'in tha pink of condition and entor tho
games jsvith a determination that
meana"u'game In which every inch of
the erotmd will bo contentful. The
result wiltHie-In doubt until the Former Professor of Psychology to En
whistle, has blown ending the second ter Education Department.
Hall and the game. Both contestants Dr. H. K. Wolfe, former professor
will have plenty of ,Wal supporters, Qf philosophy In the University of Ne-
Tvlth the best of feeling to Nebraska ra8ka and atrosent professor of
from the Michigan supporters. phllosonhy and educatIon In tho Unl.
Prom, a Michigan standpoint, how-,u. , ,, . . . .A
... , , . ' I versity of Montana, has been called to
one vdf tho most, not tho mbst, im. the department of education as pro-
portant gamo ,on her 1905 schedule.
Coach Yost .has confidence in his men
to do' their best. Shultz, tho Michl
gan center, is a hard ond, but Booth
thinks that Captain Borg can tnko
caro of tho husky German. The
clash between Borg and Shultz will bo
a game in itself. Taylor will have an
other hard task set for him in oppos
ing Schulte, tho big Michigan guard,
but those who saw Taylor's remark
able dlspjny of strength in the Dakota
gamo have reasons to believe that ho
can take care of tho biggest' and best?
Last? night in Ann Arbor a big rally
and 'football mas3 meeting was held
under the auspices of tho Michigan
union. Prominent professors addressed
J tho' students, ns well as many old var
sity stars, After tho regular program
there was a rehearsal of university
songs and yells, Such enthusiasm has
never been shown by the students of
the University of Michigan except be
fore tho Chicago game two years ago.
Several of tho football players wero
present, but Yost took them to their
quarters a an early hour. '
Friday bight tho Cornhuskors were
given a rousing reception and send
off by soveral of the Nebraska alumni
and other enthusiasts in Omaha. Tho
.crowd was led by Dean B,lnger, a for
mer guard'.of tho Nebraska team. The
team filed out of the Bleeper and wore
greeted on the Burlington depot plat
form with tho University yell. By
the time the' train was ready to leave
Omaha a large , crowd had gathered.
around the varsity aranthuslasm
ran high.,
The team reached Ann Arbor with
out anything eventful, happening and
Indulged in a short, snappy practice
before dinner on Priday evening.
Tho. teani' appeared- to bo nono tho
-worse for tho trip except for a little
stiffness, which soon disappeared
-with a little 'practice. Tho -men went
over tho signals without a slip and
few fumbles wero made. Tho men
. are in good spirits and seem confident
of -victory oyer "Hurry-up" Yost's pots.
, Reports' of tho game .will bo "re
ceived at Harry Porter's and also at
tho Lincoln-Chicago gamo this after
noon. Tfce gamo will be given Jn' full
detail at both places and students will
have ample opportunity' to seo ,tho
gamo through tho telegraph key as a
.medium. ' .'
fessor of educational psychology in
'place of Dr. Prank W. Smith, who re
signed to ac'copt the presidency of tho
Pnterson, Now Jersoy, State Normal
School, and it is -hopod that ho will
Dr. Wolfo Is well and favorably
known by the school men of. the state
and is thoroughly adapted to tho work
both by broad scholarship and ox-
L tended practical experience. His se
lection will be especially pleasing to
the alumni of the University, of which
he, is a prominent member.
The department of education has bo
come one of tho strbhgan,glmportant
departments and tho tratnlnlrot
teachers an essential function of tho
University. Under the present ar
rangement of uniting and correlating
the different departments concerned in
the training of teachers it is almost
Impossible for n weak student to re
ceive the faculty's recommendation
for tho University teachers' certificate.
The strength of graduates' holding this
certificate, is recognized by most of
tho states and there is a rapidly In
creasing demand for students thus
trained. Tho addition of Dr. Wolfo to
the department will materially
strengthen tho work and" make tho
University of Nebraska In fact,. as w.ell
as -In name, ono of tho best places !n
the country for tho training of sue-
cossful t?acher.'..
Traction company officials aro dis-1
cussing tho desirability of taking all
their cars in at six o'clock this even
ing in case Nebraska boats .Michigan.
Iowa plays Minnesota and Chicago
meets Wisconsin today.
Ladies of the Faculty Serve Tea.
"Tho ladies of tho faculty served tea
to tho girls of tho University in tho
rest room of Memorial Hall yester
day afternoon from half past four un
til six o'clock. A largor number of
co-eds took ndvantago of UiIb oppor
tunity than had been the case on tlc
preceding Friday, but still many did
not take a moment or so from thoir
studies in order to drink a cup of
tea, and for those there is a day of
reckoning coming along about exami
nation time, for to stay away is a
direct accusation that tho ladles of tho
faculty do not know how to make
good tea, which Is false, as wo can
testify. Many of .tho girls dragged
somo poor man along to partake of
tha kindness of the faculty, but from
the mannor of tho victims thoy did not
seem to bo so unwilling, and from
somo expressions heard t would seem
as though they intended to go again.
County Fair.
Preparations are actively under way
for Uo great fqir which tho Y. W. C.
Aiartcj&lYe In tho Armory on Nov.
25. All tlnibsttfeuQCossful features
of previous colebratiorisntvdioen.jrO'
tainod and a number of new ones.
startling Jn their originality, will be"
added, so that tho fair will bo tho
greatest over-seen hero. Every fra
ternity and Borority is to take a booth
or glyo an exhibition of somo sort and
it is rumored that somo of tho sorori
ties aro contemplating a midway.
Further announcements will bo made
from tlmo to timo through tho official
organ of tho (air association (honestly,
no joko intended), and after the fac
ulty have shown what fools they really
aro dn active advertising campaign1
will bo begun.
Claps football is slow Jn 'getting
started. The Juniors have boon trying
to "get but all week, but tho wpt field
has dampened the ardor of all but
ono or two, who kick tho ball around
industriously every morning.
Theta Chi initiated last
. Returns from Michigan-Nebraska Game
, , , to be announced.
Nebraska Field, Sfctamfey,' Oct. 2 J
Admission SO qerits.
Principal Event to Be a MilKary Spall
Down Clapp's Athletes "to do
Stunts Fancy Horses.
A commltteo of professors having in
charge tho Faculty Poollshnoss mot in
Prof. Cnldwolls offlco yesterday noon
.and decided on tho final courso ot
ovonts that will be given at tho Groat
Clrcua Thursday afternoon, Oct. 20.
Suggestions for various novoltlos
and specialties .were not wanting.
Every professor brought with him a
largo lino of games and contests In
which no hlmsolf had won h6non
when a boy, nnd each professor in
slated that tho commltteo should nc
copt his games and in so doing restoro
to him "his formor Joys of childhood
days." However, tho committee, In
deoidlng upon .tho various concessions
did npt cater to tho ploasures of any
professor. Thoy dooldod to glvo only
thoaa novelties that are interesting
and instructive Jn themselves, and fol
lowing, in brief, is what thoy nro:
Prof. Clupp nnd his athletes wll
glvo an exhibition that shall call
forth brain as well as' brawn. His
men will porforin on bars, Jump side
ways and build pyramids that shall
roach to tho clouds, providing it is a
cloudy day.
Tho cavalcade of. hqrses imdeV tho
skilled manajjemontbf Capt. Workteor
and Col. Taylor will bo as magnificont
as superb. For this ttio usual njinv.
bor of "horses has been reinforced by
prominent saddle hqrses from all over
the state. Tho latest addition has
beenUio famous imported Sullivan
horses'from1 near 'tho State Farm. It
is doubtful if our athletic Hold can ac
commodate all at the same time. Thlsj
promlsos to bo an exhibition of beauty
ns well as common horso sonso.
In tho obstacle raco Fosslor seems
to bo so confident of winning that the
other professors 'hesitate about entor-
.fng. It is not definitely known Just
what shape tho obstacles will assume,
but it is believed that the will bo
"something good to eat," and Danne.
Sweezy and Bolton fear that Fossler
pan gobble down tho Dies and swal-.
low the doughnuts faster than any
body. However, should some of the
peanuts hang high ho may yot find a
close competitor in that man Ross;-
Among tho other, -"stunts" will bo
Pig Skin Scramble, Military Spell
Dow.n, Tuba Band, Happenings on the
frontier arid Shiriny. N
Cello-Piano. Recital. '
, On Monday ovoning, Nov. 6, at tho
First Baptist' Church will do given u
very" interesting musical program by
Mr. Henry 'Eamcs of tho University
School of Music as pianist and Mr.
Carlo Fisher, coUolst. Mr. Henry
Eamesneods no introduction to Lin
coln" lowers of music and Mr. Fishei4
is well known as a member last year
of the famous Chicago Symphony Or
chestra. He is now with Von der
Satuchln, a Cincinnati musician of
national prominence. As a special in
ducement to students of music mo
price of admission, for them lias" been
reduced from fifty to thirty-five cdnls
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