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Xlfce SDaihj flebraefcan
Vol, V, No. J9
Fill Hall to Overflowing and Cheer the
Team to the Echo Band Fur
nishes Music Speeches.
The flrBt mass meeting of the yoar
was a grand success in every way, and
the fifteen hundred students who
crowded Into Memorial Hall yesterday
morning showed that college spirit
at Nebraska Is far from dead, but Is,
on tho other hand, greater than ever.
Every seat "was talten both downstairs
and in tho galleries, and both sides
of the hall wore lined with students
fifteen deep. The rooters rules tho
meeting from beginning to end, and
Insisted on every whim so vigorously
that they could not be denied. Yella
and songs followed each other thick
and fast, and no ono could quiet the
crowd until they had gone through the
entire repertoire whenever they pneo
got started.. The band was there, of
c'cWse, and rendered noble sorvlco In
adding to the noise, and If that Is tho
only requisite for a victory In football,
the Cornhuskers will have an easy
time with the Wolverines.
Promptly at eleven !clock Dr. Bol
ton, who was to preside . over tho
meeting, took his place on, the plat
form, and the rooting began. As soon
as ho could obtain silence, ho made
a few opening remarks concerning the
University of Michigan, and then made
wny for Chancellor Andrews, who was
being called for by the 'crowd. Tho
Chancellor expressed Wmsolf as being
Heartily In favor ot football. "Thero
are evils, of course.Jbut tfiey are being
eradicatecl. I -believe-that at Nebras
ka they have been completely wiped
out, and we play football strongly, but
we play It cleanly,, too. I know of
no reason why victory over Michigan
is Impossible, and Indeed I do ..not
think that it is lmprobablo. I havo
soe,n too many football games which
have bjeen won by tho lighter tenms
to feel that mere weight always wins
the game. If wo are not so heavy in
the lower story as the Ann Arbor men,
thorp Is no reason why we should not
bo heavier in tho upper. The result
of this game will show the truth of the
old quotation: 'Westward the course
of .empire 'takes. Us way.' "
. When Dr. Andrews had completed
his remarks, the football playors wore
picked out of tho crowd and forced to
tako their places upon the. platform,
so, that tho, hero-worshippers could
havo a good chance to gazo upon them.
Dr. Bolton then called upon Professor
Caldwell.' as being tho oldest and most
enthusiastic supporter of athletics at
Nebraska. Professor Caldwell told
tho crowd that there used to bo just
ono prayer sent up by Scarlet and
Cream supporters, and that was that
wo might bo given victory over Min
nesota, but that now there must bo
two prayers. Ho prophesied victory
for' Nebraska next Saturday. In con
clusion he-declared himself In favor
of football, provided It was played by
legitimate students, and expressed
himself as believing that every man
on tho Nebtaska team was liorp for
work first and football next -
sophomore: hop
All this tlmo the crowd had been
howling for Coach Booth, and It be
ing thought that tho professors of tho
University had been given enough
prominence to show to tho outside
world that tho University Is not an ap
pendix to football. Dr. Bolton graci
ously permitted him to address tho
students. With his face wreathed in
a smile which Immediately won tho
heart of every co-ed, "Bummy" re
lieved himself of the following expres
sions: "We are going up to Michigan to
win, and overy man on tho toam feels
it in his bones that ho is going to win,
for wo havo fight, spirit, and that
which can't bo licked. Spirit at tho
University of Nebraskhaslncroased
five hundred per cent in the past five
years, as Is shown by tho crowds
which turn out to tho games and to
practices, as well as by such demon
strations as this, and it Is In this that
Nebraska receives her greatest gain
from tho football successes of the
After Jack Best had told tho boys
that ho knewwo would win, nnd that
Ac could already hear the, boll ringing,
Assistant. Conch Westoyor.watf called
for to tell about Michlgan,vus ho had
seen tho gnmo with VandorbUt last
Saturday. He said:
"I suppose you follows want to kndwv
what I think of our chances afttir see
ing tho game with Vnnderbllt. Well,
I 'havo felt over slnco last fall when
the game was scheduled' that wo wore
going to win, and now I am twlco as
confident of It. That Michigan bunch
is fast, but wo are Just a little bit
faster. They are fighters for every
inch of ground on that field, but wo
can beat them at that game, too, and
wo are going to wn the game. What
struck me most up there was tho
cheering, They had ono song they
sang while everybody was standing up,
and a fellow In tho rear punched mo
nnd mado mo stand up too. Then an
other thing, they cheered the othor
toam frequently. Every- tlmo a man
had to tako out time, they would glvo
him a good send-off when he got to
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k o o t
. .! Returns from Michigan-Nebraska Gattfe
to be announced.
Nebraska Field, Saturday, Oct.
Admission 60 cents.
$1.50 .
.Lincoln Meets North Division on the
Gridiron Tomorrow. '
University students aro displaying
much Interest In tho game between
tho high school and tho North Division J
high school of Chicago, which Is to bo
played on tho campus tomorrow nftor
noon. This gumo will probably settle
tho question of tho championship of
tho weBt, as tho Lincoln boys havo
won the championship of tho Missouri
Valley for a number of year, and tho
Chicago playors aro at tho head ot
their class in tho Mississippi Valley.
Tho act that roturns from tho great
Ann Arbor gamo aro to bo read oVory
minute or two will -induco n largo
number of students to attend tho game,
as they would rather sit In a grand
stand and listen to the reports than
stand out In tho middle of a street and
attempt to forco tholr way up to a
window on which vtho report Is pasted.
There will bo a special wire run di
rectly to tho grandstand, and a mem
ber of tho Nebraskan staff will read
the returns as fast as they como In.
Reports of other games will also bo
announced whenever received, The
gamo. will begin promptly nt three
O'clock, tho. samo time as the eastern
The Lincoln boys aro confident of
putting up a fino showing against the
Chicago team, but aro by. means sure
of winning the game; Fred Hunter
Will .arrive this afternoon and will
give thorn a few finishing touches in
Oiq oftort to .better their team work,
which has been a little weak this
year, and he will undoubtedly fill
Coach Benedict's placo very satisfac
torily In putting a Httlo ginger Into
t,he men during the game.
Den Zwanzigsten Oktober 1905.
tflavler Sblo. ...... .'.Fraulein Anthes
Vortfag :Horr Thompson
Eln Brief. Frauloln O'Connel
Die Wachtam Rheln ...... Ljedorkranz
Waswlrd's seln?.. .Horn Clark
Klavler4 Duet..-,....' ,
' . .'.Stolhilffer und Fraulein Anthes
b All
Price 5 Cents
Nineteen Men Accompany Coach
Booth on the Trip North
Prospects Bright
The enthusiusm which causod such
on enthusiastic mooting In Memorial
hall yesterday morning reached tho
climax last evening nt tho B. and M,
depot. Never wns a football toam
given such a send-off by Nebraska
students. About fivo hundrod studonts
added cheer to tho crowd bound Mlchl
ganwar'd by their lusty yells.
At five-thirty tho band wagon, car
rying tho team und subs loft tho train-
table quarters, drawn by a crowd of
students nbout one block In length.
The men woro accompanied by tho
University cadet band and battalion.
This largo crowd was augmented un
til it was of a groat sitfe by tho tlmo
It reached tho depot. ,
At tho depot tho band wagon wns.
drawn up besido the specinl car for
tho team, and the men carried Into'
tho car. Tho wagon wasthen usod
for a platform, and several professors
and prominent studonts spoke to-tho
crowu. tho university yeliB wore
given with such strength that nearly
. .
every ono present is spanning in a
whisper today.
' Tho car was decoratod on tho InBlde
with the University colors, scarlet and
cream. Tho mon will carry with them
.to Ann Arbor the colors, which thoy
aro to defend, and which overy true
Nebraskan bollovcs thoy will honor
by victory.. Never was Nebraska- rep-
resented by "a stronger toam bf con
sistent, strnlght, hard football players.
Every man knows tho gamo from
start to finish. If Yost'spets" win In
Saturday's gamo thoy will jIay the
gamo fit t their lives. v
Booth put tho men through a light"
practice last night In tho s.od near tho
Library. It was only for tho purpose
of limbering tho men up. before thoy.
lpft on the long trip. A short practice
of signals was lndulgod In, as well ns
somo punting. Tho mon appeared to ,
bo In dfe pink of condition, nnd seemed
to havo every part of tho gamo down
to a science.
Supper was sorved at tho training
table before the team loft. Tho men
who will accompany Booth, Westqver, ,
and Morrison ate at the table, that Is,
the team and subs.. Besides the three '
abovo named .persons,' Dr, Poyntor will
accompany the team as physician, As
sistant 'Manager Woods, Jack Best,
Shlndall, James Van .Burg; and, Regent
Teeters. Tho members of tho team
and subs that make tho trip are: 7
Benedict, Johnson. Rice. -x
Borg. ' Lundln. Schmidt.
Burns. Little. Taylor."
Boekly. Lantz. Weller;
Cotton. Morse. '"'Wilson.
Denslow. Mason. Nelson.
Found On tho campus, Thursday,
O'ptober 19, holder, containing pen and
pencil. Owner can have" same by. call-
ing at Nebraskan . offlco and proving',
property.- -
. . .
I Best 15;c6nt meals. Phoenix Res.
1 taurant " .
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