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TIbe Batty IRebraefcan
Vol. IV, No. m
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Debating Board Finally Decides Who Shall
Constitute the Two Teams.
John D. Ringor, '03, Law '05.
Albert Molvin Levy, '07.
Joseph Magnus Swenson, '08.
Alternate Morton Leroy Corey, Law
Charles Abobtt Sawyer, '06.
Earl Morton Marvin, '06.
Charles Algernon Sunderlin, '07.
Alternate Frank August Petorson,
Tho 1905 Intercollegiate Debating
team wore appointed1 yesterday after
noon by the Debating Board. Tho
eight men who have been awarded the
honor of appointment to tho team,
and upon whom tho responsibility rests
of maintaining Nebraska's unparallel
ed record of success and of adding two
more scalps to tho seven already hang
ing In our trophy room aro as given
Tho final solectlon of tho team, as a
result of two months' deliberation ou
Jthe part of the faculty Judges on tho
Debating Board, has been accompanied
-with an unusual amount of Interest
not only among tho members of the
squad, but among othor Btudonts Inter
ested In debating. The contosts for
appointments waxed warmer than on
anv Dfevlous years and an unusual
number of tryouts were necessary
before tho final selections could be
The members of the teams aro for"
he most part new men.
C..A. Sawyer, the only old debater,
was a member of tho team which an
nihilated. Kansas last spring in Me
morial Hall upon tho Monroe Doctrine.
A. M. Levy was alternate on that team
and C. A. Sunderlin was a member of
the squad last year. The other speak
ers have never before tried for tho
Of our two opponents this year,
vWashington we thrashed at St. Louis
last -May but Iowa wo have never met
before Joth debates will bo hold in
Lincoln, the contest with Iowa occur
lng Friday, ApU 14, and tho debate
Dort Does Good Work in the Box
--Score, 5 to O.
with Washington three days later, on
Tuesday, April 18.
Both debates will bo on the same
question which is stated as follows:
"Resolved, That the second sentence
of the second section of the Four
teenth Amendment to the National
Constitution should bo repealed." This
sentence reads as follows: "When tho
right to vote at any election
Is denied to any male inhabitants of a
state being twenty-one years of age
and citizens of the United States; or in
any way abridged, except for the par
ticipation in rebellion of other crime,
the basis of representation therein shall
be reduced in- tho proportion which
the number of such male citizens shall
boar to the wholo number of male clt-
izens twenty-one years of age in such
a state."
The question is a live and up-to-date
question, involving the problem of
suffrage and negro franchise and is
one which is before the National Con
gress and the American people today.
It is perhaps' the most complex ques
tion ever debated by our debating
team for years. Tho preparation
under the supervision of Prof. M. M.
Fogg has required four months of hard
labor, and a great many facts which
the squad have worked out through a
thorough original research have beea
unearthed for tho first timo.
These huge hunks of facts backed
by unimpeachable logic will be hurled
at our opponents from the rostrum of
Memorial Hall in tho first battle occur
ring a week from tomorrow night and
tho second a week from next Tuesday.
Professor Q. H. Morso of tho Elec
trical Engineering Department, has re
ceived word from A. L. Rohror, Elec
trical Superintendent of the General
Electric Company's Works at Schenec
tady, New York, -saying that ho would
bo pleased to admit three graduates of
the Unlxorsity Electrical Engineering
.courses In tho Company's Testing De
partment. After six months' experience
these young men will bo advanced to
responsible and well paying positions.
Ho will also use one graduate from the
Mechanical Engineering Department,
putting him at once upon steam tur
bine work. Mr. Rohrer will visit the
University early in May and give a
fitoreoptlcan exhibition illustrating .the
General Electric Company's laborator.
...ies and shops after tho style of tho re
cent "taovlng pictures Illustrating the
Westlnghouso facilities.
x Ttfefortleth, regular meeting of the
c Nehraffca section fol the .American
vJhwnIoaL 'Society will, ha, held- in "the
tory of the University today, at 8 p.
m The following progra mwlll be
Chemistry considered from t Do
mestic Science Viewpoint Miss Rosai
Hydrocyanic Acid Miss Mary L.
Recollections of Professor A. B.
Prescott Mr. Albert Jacobson.
Everyone is cordially Invited to at
tend this meeting.
Tho second gamo with Omaha's
western league toam, played yesterday
afternoon, wias finished within tho time
limit and, therefore, was not entan
gled with "Chaseology" or any othor
"malicious science" maneuvers. This
feature of tho gamo was indeod re
freshing to the "fans," who dlBllke to
have tho after-smack of a good gamo
soured by a dose of "bayonet pills."
The game brought out tho good points
of Nebraska's men and Bhowed tho in
fluence of the game played on the day
Tho visitors realized that thoy wero
not playing marbles and changed
pitchers twico; once In the second
half of the fourth and again in the
second of the seventh inning.
Dort stuck it out for Nebraska and
put tho ball over as well In the last as
in the first inning. With an occa
sional exception his support was ex
cellent. Tho first inning was fruit
less on both sides, leaving a man on
second for Omaha and one on third for
the Uni. But In the second inning two
leaguers slipped around the diamond.
The homo team worked hard, played
good, consistent ball, but tho long
hard training of the opponents showed
1 1 Itself again In the fourth inning when
uondlng crossed home plato, making
tho score 3 to 0.
Two sensational plays in the seventh
brought out great bursts of enthusiasm
from tho grandstand. Rine, at second,
made the first one when he stopped
a buzzer, which he reached' with great
difficulty after turning around com
pletely, and landed it on first with
only a few seconds to spare. Tho
second one was a single handed catch
out near the fence by left fielder Fen
Ion, Tho only homo run of the afternoon
was made In the ninth, when Howard,
of Omaha brought Welch In
with him for two scores. The game
resulted In a score of 5 to 0 In favor
of the visiting team.
Five men walked to first Two 'Var
sity men reached first on balls and one
was hit by tho pitcher. The Unl, pitch
er hit one Omaha man and allowed
one man his base oa balls.
For Furs see Steele. 148 S. 12th St
Professor Bessey received a tele
gram yesterday from Washington re
questing him to send Messrs. E. O.
Siecke and B. R. d'Allemand to tho
forest resorve within a few days. Both
of the men are seniors In tho Forestry
Department and are well equipped to
take up the work which thoy Mave se
cured .
Gymnastic Exhibition
Armory, Friday, April 7th
8 F. M.
I Admission :25 and 35 Cents. i
Greatest Gym. Exhibition Ever
Given Here.
Nln Stanta of Exceptional Merit to IS
. Olven.
The management of tho Oymnastio
Exhibition havo about comploted prop-,
aratlons for this big event. This- prom
ises to be one of tho greatest athlet
ic events over hold in the University of
Nebraska. Never before has the Phy
sical Training Department attempted
to put a similar exhibition bofore tho
public. The first thing on the pro
gram will bo a drill by ono hundred
and twonty-flve men taken from tho
different classes registered for tho class
In Physical Training 14. This drill
will constltuto tho elementary exor
cises given to tho men Just ontering
gym. work.
Other events will bo pulled off In
which the second year mon will tako
part. The advanced mem will also
give the pyramids and other highly
Interesting stunts. The leading fea
ture of tho evening will be advanced
horizontal bar work by Dr. Olapp and
Mr. Lane.
Tho committee given in last Issue
aro already assured of a large crowd
and a very successful evening. Tho
tickets are being disposed of very rap
idly and all that remains Is for overy
student to give this their best sup
port. The events to bo given are as fol
lows: 1. Light gymnastic; first year
classes; 126 men in drill.
2. Class apparatus work; 4 pieces
of apparatus used at same time, par
allel bars, long bars, side horse, low
horizontal bars; 10 mon selected from
first year classes op each piece.
3. Double tumbling work by Lane,
Graves, Copeland' and Johnson.
4. Hamburg drill by second year
5. Games and contests by first year
classes mow feature).
6. Apparatus work by gymnastic
team on parallel bars, flying rings and
long horse.
7. Pyramids.
8. Exhibition of advanced horizon
tal bar workby-Dr. Clapp and Mr.
Lane. '
9. Relay races for lnter-class cham
pionship; 3 teams from first year
10. Advanced work by second year
class. . .
Tickets are oa sale at the C6-op.
and Porter's book stores. Admission
25c and 35c.
Se?'8 I Pfilace' 1Q0 N' llth Street!
) Mogul. 1144 O Street. .
Chris' Bath House, corner 11th and
P streets.
L. W. Pomerene, Plumber, 238 S.
11th street.
nHneo, TranBfei- Co.; Daggai
Phdne 176. -
Oyster stew 25 cents at Cameron'!
new Restaurant, 119 South' iStn,
v .
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