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Vol. IV, No. 106
Price 5 Cent'
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Varsity Basketball Five to Have
Two More Contests.
Fraternity llHbtl Schedule to lie Com
pleted Tomorrow.
Moving Pictures
..OR THE..
In spite of the fact that tho William
Jewell game was advertised to be the
laBt basketball game of, the season,
two post-season games with tho Oma
ha Y. M. C. A. have been scheduled,
the flrtt to be played in Omaha Mon
day, March 27th, and Ihe other here
on Friday, March 31st. The result of
these .two contests will decide the state
basketball championship. Twice be
fore this season we have met the Oma
ha team, defeating them on their floor
iu Omaha, and suffering defeat at their
hands on our own floor a short time
atterwards. These additional games
mean some more hard training for the
basketball men. The Omaha team has
always been" Ihe hardest kind of a
proposition and that tneir team this
year Is fully up to the usual standard
the outcome of bur last game with
them proves. It is probatye that an
informal dance will be arranged after
the game In the Armory', although
uothinsr definite in this direction has-l
yet been done. The 'varsity Ave picked
up active training again Saturday afternoon.
Westinghouse Electric Cos Plant
Chapel. 8 o'clock March 2 J . Free to all.
tt j i j tn j y f r
oi one or two stories to prevent as far
a possible, tremors. Slides were
shown of the most noted observations
and telescopes in the world. Washburn
Observatory at the University of Wis
consin and Lick Observatory on the
.summit, of Mount Hamilton, Califor
nia, the latter with its immense and
complicated 26-lnch telescope, where
first pictured on the screens.
Yerk Observatory, possessing the
largest telescope in the world, nn im
mense 40-lnch instrument, was next
shown. A view of the great Naval
Observatory at Washington, a govern
ment institution, followed. The famous
Gieenwlch, England, Observatory, was
very interesting as it marked the zero
longitude of the world. Prof. Swezey
.concluded with views of the Harvard
Observatory, which is considered the
greatest in the country, judged not
from the size of its telescopes, but for
its excellent work for the science of
Track Mass Meeting.
The Inter-Fraternity baseball sched
ule Is progressing fine and all that Is
lacking is the ratification of the fra
ternities. This will be considered at a
meeting on Wednesday evening.
Claude Robertson, manager of the
schedule, has seen every fraternity
(cmcerning representation and finds
that ten will have a team in the field.
I? these ten were to play games with
each other forty-three games would
constitute the series, but this cannot
be accomplished for lack of time. In
older to cut the number of games
down and get within the limits of the
time Robertson has divided the "frats"
into two divisions, North and South.
There are five In each division. By
doing this the number of games was
cut down from forty-three to twenty
three. By this manner intense enthusiasm
will be manifested by the time of the
championship game between the win
ners of, the Noith and South side di
isionp. It is the intention of the
management to start the ganfes as
soon as possible.
Prof. Sweezey at Chapel.
Prof. S-vvezey, gave the'thlrdof his
series of illustrated lectures"at Convo
cation yesterday. Prof. Swezey's lec
tures upon phases of astronomy, while
not lacking scientific qualities are very
.popular and yesterday's address proved
to be not less Interesting than the
pievlous ones. The subject of his lec
tHire was "Astronomical-Observations.'
He began with a few Introductory re
marks concerning observations of the
middle ages, showing views of the
crude Instruments used In the sixteenth
century. He then explained ihe re
quisites foran ideal observatory, one
of these, contrary to popular opinion,
being that it should be a low building
Today at Chapel time there will be
a mass meeting of all the candidates
for the track team. At this time all
the men expecting to try for a place
on the track team are urged to meet.
The object of this meeting is to get the
men together and learn the events
each Intend entering so more system
atic work may be carried on. Some of
the men have been able to practice be
fore this time while others have not
.been able to do any training whatever
ii thel revents.
Dr. Clapp will speak to the men and
give them some general directions
about the niles to be followed while
in training. He will also set time for
the men in each event- to practice. So
if you are interested in track work
and want to get into the spirit of the
work attend the meeting.
Westinghouse Lecture.
Mr. Chas. E. Downton, Foreman of
Apprentices of the Westinghouse Com
pany of Pittsburg, Pa., will speak this
eening at eight o'clock in the Chapel
on the apprenticeship work with his
company. The lecture will be Illus
trated by moving pictures showing the
Interior of the shops and the men at
work. These pictures were a most at
tractive featiuc of the Westinghouse
Company's exhibit at St. Louis. The
department of apprentices of the large
manufacturing companies is of the
greatest' importance to technical grad
uates. It will also be most entertain
ing, as well as Instructive to the pub
lic generally. Those who saw these
pictures at St. Louis last summer
speak highly of them and do not regret
the time lost from the "Pike" while
they visited the Westinghouse theater
The Geology Boys Have a Good
Study I be Hock unit Holt
rUtto Hirer.
Along the
Inter-Society Party;
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
Miss Hansen, Secretary- of the City
Y. W. C. A., addressed the Sunday
meeting. She spoke on the subject,
"Christ, OurGulde." In her talk Miss
Hansen answered the theme ques
tion, "Who, But Christ. Can We Make
Our Leader?" If we followi confuclus
It. will land ub in dead China. If we
make Buddha our leader, we will have
nothing but the spiritual darkness of
India. Christ has shown us our sins.
By His word, His Providences, and
His Holy Spirit we are lead. The Y.
M. C. A. quartette sang.
Miss Gold Corwln, State Secretaiy of
the Y. W. C. A., will visit tho Uni
versity and City Associations for ten
days, March 21-31. All University
girls should meet Miss Corwln.
The leaders lor the noon meetings
this week are:
Monday Miss Abbot.
Tuesday Miss Agee.
Wednesday Miss Long.
Thursday Miss Annie Moore.
Friday Miss Ruth Wilson.
Sixteen students oi the classes In
Agricultural and Field Geology, ac
companied by Dr. Condra of the Geol
ogy Department, enjoyed a very pleas
ant outing last week at Meadow, Neb.,
Just north of Louisville on the Piatt?
valley. Three days, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, were spent In studying
the structure of the country, tracing
the lime stone clay and other beds
which outcrop In the slope, and study
ing the clay pits, lime stone quarries,
stone criiBhers, etc., etc. The country
along the Platte is one of the best
places in the state for the geologist to
A little time was taken each day for
recieation by the members of tho
party and basketball and other sports
were.engaged in to add to the pleasure
of the occasion.
About two hours of each evening was
spent around the camp fire listening
to speeches and stories made by thoso
present. In this line of snort Mr. Ed.
Manning, Mr. Gllmote MacDonald and
Mr. J. E. Edgerton proved to be the
star performers. Messrs. Manning and
MacDonald scored several touchdowns
on story telling while Edgerton crossed
the tape sereral yards to the good ou
his wit which prevailed on all occa
sions. The boys report a very pleasnnt and
enjoyable experience and the only re
gret expressed Is that the time devoted
to the occasion could not be lengthened.
Friday evening the annual inter
literary society party will be held in
Art Hall where the members of the
Union, Palladian and Delian Societies
will join forces in wholesome frolic.
This party, as it has proved in pre
vious years, promises to be the function
ot the literary societies' social calen
dar. A joint committee has been ap-polnted-from
the three clubs who are
,ax,rapging for aprpgram and -.other
amusements. Quite extensive decora
tions will be made and "Tommy" will
seive punch throughout the evening.
A large delegation from each society
Id expected to attend.
Manifolding and typewriting. See
Ed. Affolter, check room, basement Uni
rhall. UnlversltyTates.
Phi Beta Kappa.
The Nebraska Phi Beta Kappa elec
tions for this year will be announced
at Convocation some time in the near
future. The entire Convocation period
will probably be given over to the an
nouncement. Dr. H. B. Ward, presi
dent of, the local chapter, will give a
talk on the history and traditions of
the Society and on the benefits to be
deiived from membership In theocJ
ganlzation. Dr. F. E. Clements, Secre
tary of the local chapter, will, before
announcing the elections, give a short
description of the manner In which
the reports of the professors of the
various departments of the University
are received and of the work of the
committee in making the elections.
Get a pennant at the Co-op.
Oyster stew 25 cents at Cameron's
new Restaurant, 119 South 12th.
Have you seen
store? It's a beauty.
Sanderson's new
Uni, Pennants at the Co-op.
Erie B. Woodward, M. D., diseases
of eye, ear and throat 207-8 Richards
block. Phone C66.
E. E. Blackman, State Acheologlst,
began experimenting with floor prep
arations about two years ago. He has
succeeded so well that about four
months ngo he ,put out a preparation
which has all the properties of n
"dust killer" without the objectionable
oily feature. Mr. Blackman discussed
the merits of his product before the
Lincoln City Schools last 8aturdny
evening and expects to treat the. floors
of all the city schools in the near future.
E. F. Myers, "04, writes from Har
vard regarding the mid-year examina
tions recently held there as follows:
"In the optional mid-year examina
tion, from which We of the first year
law class have Just received the re
sulting grades. Buckner, Nebraska '04,
got the" highest rank among the. two
hundred and fltty-two men who took
the tesjL
"I write you this for the reason that
It will probably be of Interest to -tho
readers of the "Rag."
"The rest of us Nebraskans succeed
ed in landing in the best fourth of the
class, but were not in the same class
with Buck, apparently.
"Sincerely yours,
"EDWIN F. MYERS, '04."
For Pure see Steele, 142 S. 12th St..
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Fresh home-made candies at Max
well's, 142C O St. and 13th and N Sta.
Chris' Bath House, corner 11th and
P streets.
U W Pomerene,
11th street.
Plumber, 238 S.
' m
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fto ma, 'n.n wa