The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 18, 1905, Image 2

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Campus Gleanings
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Cluktt Calmkt
Aunnw AldimoN
Quarter Size
TVyfUST be Quarter Size
Collnrs, that is they must
be precisely right -and made
,of BtufT winch will not shrink.
The Cluett and Arrow Col
lars nre riirhtlv innde of
slirunk fabrics.
Cluett, 25 cents
Arrow 15 cents
each or 2 for 25 cents
Cluett, Peabody k Co.
Maker of Cluett nnd Monarch Shirts
Sam Westerfield
Proprietor of
Ltttlo Qom Hot
Moivlfl nnd
117-121 North IS
CbrltsB Gregory
tbt Coal man
NO 1044 O 8TUKT
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anrono sondlng Bitot oh nnd desorlptteai may
qWokly ascertain our opinion free wMttw an
Invention Is probably notontahla ComaMuilciv
Uons strictly confidential. HAND&OQK oaPaieaiU
ont froo. Oldest amnoy for BeeatmoMUbta.
.Tateuts taken throuan Munn A Ob. roootTe
tpteiax notice, without charge, rn too
Scfemlfic Htnericait.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.anest dr.
eolation of any sclonUflo Journal, Terms. 13 a
year t four months, f L Sola by ail newsdealers.
MUNN & Co MiBd. New York
Branch Office, 06 F St Washington. 1x0.
Includes In the Now E,ditlon
25.000 NE.W WORDS, Etc.
New Gaxettoor of th eWorld
New Biographical Dictionary
Edltod by W.T. HAUUIS, Pli.D., LL.D.,
U. S. Commissioner of Educutlou.
2380 Quarto Pages.
New riatri.
5000 Illustrations.
Kiel, Illnllnir
AUo Webster's Collegiate Dictionary with
lil8tt!. 1100 IUaitrationt. blw : 7ll)i5iUi.
A Special Thin Paper Edition De Luxe
'llnt-J f nro aarao lnU4 rrifular edition. It ha
limp ovi.n and round txirnor. Bra : 5)iSrsil.
FREE, "A Teat In Pronunciation," hwtract
Ivo and entvrtaiulai;. Also Uliulrntvd luuaphWU.
Publlahers, Springfield, Mass.
ExtonBlvo preparations are being
mado for tho second dormitory dance
which will bo hold this evening at the
University Women's Building. The
following are among tho visitors from
Omaha here for tho occasion:
Mies Mablo Cheek, visiting Miss
Pearl Fitzgerald; Miss Eunice Ensor,
visiting her sister, Miss Nell Ensor;
Miss Florence Kohn, visiting Miss
Minnio Hlller.
Tho Forestry people havo been offi
cially notified of tho change of name
of tho United States Bureau of For
estry which is hereafter to be known
an tho "Forest Service." All of the
government forest resources, many of
which have hitherto been under the
Department of the Interior have been
transferred to the Forest Service This
moans a much moro scientific treat
ment of the forest reserves and at the
same time it will call for moro well
trained forestera
Tho College Settlement houBC was
tho scene of a most happy occasion
Wednesday evening, when a reception
was given to all tho glrlB' clubs of the
Settlement by tho Y. W. C. A. commit
tee which has that work in charge.
About fifty girls first Joined in a grand
march, then seated themselves for tho
program. This consisted of muslr and
recitations by some University girls,
followed by several Settlement girls
who showed great talent When the
piogram was ended tho Valentine box
was opened and a joyful clamor arose
vhlle the missives were being distrib
uted. Then the children were taken to
the basement where they Indulged in
the best treat of all, candy making
Altogether the evening was a great
success, one long to be remembered by
all who were there.
In Oliver Colleges
The Alumni of the University of
Minnesota have offered $436 in cash
prizes to be awarded to students suc
cessful in contests in essay writing
oratory and debate.
H. H. Putnam, registered in the Med
leal School, is ill at his home In Om
aha with the Iagrlppe.
The University of South Dakota
gives tho debating team of that school
its choice of opponents in debates.
Tho most Important gifts to Yale
during 1904, were as follows. $100,000
for a mine school: $40,000 to library
funds; and a bequest of $250,000 for
the construction and maintenance of a
building as a memorial to Dr. Jared
Tho enrollment In tho Bible classes
at the Y. M. C. A. reaches tho high
water mark this year at tho University
of Minnesota, three hundred men hav
ing entered tho work. Thero has been
a steady growth all year, and still
moro classes are being formed.
Tho legal department in Denver Uni
versity has recently established a law
office whore anyone needing legal as
sistant may place IiIb case. It will bo
turned over to the seniors who, In
prosecution of tho case, will be under
the direction of experienced lawyers.
L. G. Wllklns, a freshman polo vaul
ter at tho University of Chicago, has
Invented a dovlco for Indoor vaulting
which is expected to make possible as
good records Indoors as outdoors. The
device consists of a hardwood block
covered with metal. Tho vaulter plants
his polo on tho metal plate and It
slides to the end of tho block, thus
saving tho jar from the momentum
until the vaulter is in tho air. A. Q.
Spalding has taken steps to patent the
device and it will probably bo placed
on the market soon.
Twenty-ono meals for $3. Dormitory
Hair dressing, shampooing at the
For Furs see Steele, 143 S. 12th St
Special (Announcement I
"Rajah Silks"
The &Cewest Thing in Sltks.
7ho80 silka will hold first place in tho ontiro silk
dom. They aro mado in all tho popular shades and
Many imitations havo boon attempted, however,
you will find tho namo "Rajah" stamped along tho
solvedge. Thoro is but ONE "Ha jab," None other
genuine. Look out for imitations.
vVo aro oxclusivo agonts for this popular fabric,
sold at $I.a5 per yard.
New York
Boston and
The East
Fast dally train
Chicago & North-
the double-track
Missouri River to
Ing at Chicago
all points East.
service via the
Western Railway,
railway from the
Chicago, connect-
wlth afl lines for
The trains of the
Visiting nnd Address Cards
Programs, Invitations and
Correspondence Stationery
Fraternity Building:
v7c also manufacture Advertising
Buttons and Mirrors.
A349t 34
NorthWestern Line
are most completely equipped for the
safety and comfort of patrons.
The Best of Everything
TVets and full Information on application to
H. W. McGINNIS, Agent,
1024 O Street
Chicago & North'Westera Railway
Book fiospltal
Ffcoa J HO J24 O Stoat
n you converse
Intelligently regarding any book you may have
been reading as it you had really stttd it u
completely? Welles novel, a poem, a history, a
biography a drama, an ora
tion a sermon, or any other
literary production, if read
or studied as our nrw book I
tells one how, becomes a
subject which one can dis
cuss or write about in '
a thoroughly Intelll
trent and comprehen
sive way.
Cloth, 75 ctnit, postpaid
31-33-35 W. 15th St.
New York City
Schoolbooks of all fublitheri at ont itort
In I0B6 than throe days from Lincoln what an agroeable change!
Why endure three more long months of winter weather, when you can
leave it all and go to balmy California on a train like the
C olden State Limited
Every comfort and convenience agorgeous hotel on wheols If you
plooso expressly for you. '
Dally via El Paso and tho Southern Pacific through New Mexico
Most southerly courBO quickest way to reach the realm of summer Ev
ery mile is a mile away from winter.
Full information about this train and other service to California
with booklet "The Golden State," promptly on requost. '
If you got It at Armstrong's, IV t
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