The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 09, 1905, Image 4

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I no less than the gown
I luiH learned to like the I
I Quarter Size Collar I
I Tho lcsl are the B
"Arrow" H
1 bbI- ?r jT I
H Clurtt Ciialton Aitsow Aicom H
H Cluctt, 8."k- ntcli. Arrow, 15c each, H
2 fot
I Cluctt, Poabody & Co. I
H Makers of Cluctt onri Monarch Shirt H
Sam Westerfield
Proprietor of
Llttlu Gem Hot
MoiiIh nnd
I 17-121 North 13
The First National Bank
f Unoofa, Na.
Capital IMJMJt
Aureus UM
UndlvMtd Bflta . . HJOMt
ft. ft urabau FtfB.
A. J. tmwftr, Vict-Prwldemt.
EL ft. rrwmaa, CUltst.
H. B. Bvana, Aflrt. OMkltr.
Frank Parks. Aat Oaakftt,
P. B. Basterday, AuMUr.
CbirltsB. Gregory
(. tn.'H)
ZSA?. tbt Coal Ulan
Columbia National
Bank ofa
Include In tho Now Edition
25.000 NE.W WORDS. Etc.
New Gazetteer of the World
New Biographical Dictionary
Kdltod by W.'l'. II AUUIB, Ph.D.. LI..D.,
U. b. Commlsetonor of Hriucutlou.
3380 Quarto Pages.
5000 Illustrations.
Krw rUU.
Well lllndlntoi.
AUo Wetntir's Collegiate Dictionary with
llMpae. 1100 Illof r(uii. Slj tiKbtfJJln.
A Special Thin Paper Bditlon Dc Luxo
frijtUdfroMapl(tairecuUridUlbo. Iihu
Ump cotot and rwnj cpnwm Hlio i biSil.
FRUb,"ATatla Pronunciation," butrert.
It. aU ortntalalaf. AUo Ututxe4 pamphlet.
PafalUtiera, SprtacfUld, Mm.
Collegiate Debating Journal.
Intorcolleglnto debate has an organ
of ItH own. "Dothsldes," a monthly
magazine, has boon founded by the
advlBoiy council of Harvard Unlvor
Bity In rosponHO to suggestions from
many partB of the country. The flrBt
number of this magazine was pub
llnhed In January. It ban adopted as
Its motto tho words of Sir Roger dc
Coverloy, "Much might be said on
both BldcB." Tho Journal 1b dovotcd to
tho IntcroBtB of college debating In
Amorlca. On the advisory council aro
mombore of debating teams from more
than thirty Aihorlcan colloges and the
permanent odltorlal staff, which will
bo engaged soon, will bo composed of
representatives of debating interests In
various universities in tho country.
Tho publication will thus bo froo from
provinciality and .will represent the
ontlre college world.
The January Issue of "Bothsides"
gives an Idea of what subBeqnont num
bers will bo. It contains accounts and
full briefs of the recent Yalo-Princeton
dobato on tho American -policy of im
perialism, and of tho Pennsylvania
Virginia debate on tho Fifteenth
amondmont. In addition it contains
an article on "The Debating Method,"
by Lucius P. C. Garvin. The February
Ibsuo will contain a unlquo historical
skotch, "Debating at the English Uni
versities," by an Oxford debater; re
ports of tho Chicago-Minnesota contest
and of the triangular debates -between
Columbia, Cornell and Pennscylvania.
Tho magazino will publish from time
to time elaborate annotated bibliogra
phies on current questions.
"Bothsides" is to be furnished at
dub rates to students .intoiesfnl in
debate. It has already been recom
mended as a text book for classes in
argumentation and debate In more
than a hundred colleges and ptepara
tory schools, and nearly all the lead
ing universities of the country are
forming dubs. The dub rates are ex
tremely low. Colloges taking 100 sub
scriptions will receive them for $20,
or 20 cents for a yeai's subscription.
Colleges taking fifty subscriptions will
receive thorn for $15, or 30 cents a sub
scription. All colleges organizing clubsJ
will bo given tho privilege of publish
ing freo In "Bothsides" their dobating
news and colleges ranking high In do
bate will havo thoir Intercollegiate
briefs published. A dub will be made
up at Nebraska. All students inter
ested in dobate and argumentation who
wish to subscrlbo for thin magazine
will hand their names to Iho head of
tho Rhetoric Department immediately.
A member of our frfeuTly and a grad
uate of Brown University, of which
Chancellor Androws was at one. time
president, said that a Brown student
never failed" to bo present when tho
prosidont spoke. Our chancellor is held
in tho samo high esteem by Nobraska
Btudents and they will havo a chance
to glvo expression to their loyalty by
attending tho vesper sorvlces In Me
morial Hall Sunday evoning nt seven
o'clock. Many members of tho faculty,
and students, were so enthusiastic in
their praiso of last year's vosper ser
vices that thoso having Uic arrange
ments in charge were encouraged to
have a like service this year. This is
tho only chance which all University
moil and women have to parti lpate in
n service of this kind, and the hall
should be completely filled.
An oxamlnatlon for engineering and
hydrograpnlc aid wiH be held at vari
ous points throughout tho United
States on March 15. From the eligible
list established by this examination
names will be solocted -and appoint
ments given for positions at $900 per
annum and upward. The employment
Will bo largoly in connoc.tion with the
.construction of Irrigation works in the
WesL An opportunity Is afforded for
graduates of collegOH or technical
schools to obtain engineering work In
linos which may lead to future ad
vancement. Facts concerning this ex
amination can be obtained by applica
tion to tho U. S. Civil Service Com
mission. Washington, D. C.
Chief Engineer.
Manifolding and typewriting. See
Ed. Affoltor, check room, basement Unl
hall. University ratos.
Fresh homo-mado candles at Max
well's, 1426 O St. and 13th and N Sts.
In less than three days from Lincoln what an agreoablo change!
Why onduro threo moro long months of winter woathor, when you can
leavo it all and go to balmy California on n train llko the
C olden State Urn!
Every comfort and convenience agorgcous hotel on wheels, if you
please expressly for you.
Dally via El Paso and the Southorn Pacific through Now Moxlco.
Most southerly course quickest way to reach the realm of summer. Ev
ery mile Is a mile away from wlntor.
Full Information about thla train and other service to California,
with booklet "Tho Golden State," promptly on request.
F H.
Special Excursion to Omana.
$1.10 for Round Trip.
Roller skating enthusiasts are ar
mnging to have a special excursion
to Omaha on Friday, February 17th,
to attend tho roller skating race be
tween Miss Hellman of Lincoln and
Mrs. Cuscaden of Omaha. A rate of
$1 10 for- the round trip has been se
cured and all who desire to take ad
vantage should see the manager of tho
Auditorium Skating Rink at ouce. In
tho recent contest at Lincoln. Miss
Hellinnn won, and the Lincoln sup
poiters are confident of the ability
of their representative to again j-how
Omaha "how It is done."
The program committee have an
nounced the following question to be
debated at the Students' Debating Club
Saturday evening, February 12: Re
solved, That the low birth-rate in
American families Is detrimental to
the national welfare. The speakers
on the nfllrmativo will be M. F. Cos
tello and V. L. Strickland M. J.
Hughes and C. H. Kerr will respond
for the negative.
StanfordUnivorsity won the Carnot
medal In the eleventh annual Carnot
debate with the University of Cali
fornia last Friday. The modal Is pre
sented by Baron do Coiibertin in honor
of M. Carnot, the martyrod president
of France, and is awarded annually for
tho best discussion of some subject se
lected from French -political history.
THo question debated this year was:
Resolved, That the action of the
Fronch government in closing the
Catholic schools is prejudicial to
educational welfare of the Fronch
public. No dobating contebt In
west arouses as much interest as
annual Carnot debates.
Prof. M. M. Fogg served as a judge
at tho annual debate between Wes
leyan University nnd Simpson College
(Iowa) at University Place last night.
The question dobated was on "Reci
procity With Canada."
A few moro months and college das
and associations will end for many.
Do not neglect tho opportunity nf
forded now to preserve for tho future,
portraita-that will rocall many happy
romlnlsconces. Townsond Is produc
ing effocta that surpass anything yet
produced in'iphotography. Studio 22G
South Elovcnth street.
Erie B. Woodward, M. D., diBoasos
of eye, ear and throat. 207-8 RlchardB
block. Phono 666.
Tho Good Health Cafe for the no
meat menu. Ask our patrons about It.
Get tho beat Hondorson & Amen'
uniforms, at Armstrongs.
Lincoln Local Express, 1039 N street
Both phones.
Twenty-one meals for $S. Dormitory
G. F. Pt.
Tradc Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyono Bonding n skotch and'doscrlpUon nut
qutoklr nscortnln our opinion froo whether oli
coniiaontlnl. IMUunOQX .on rtcnta
sunt t rwoTOIdost aaohor for socunno patents.
Patents taken throufah Munn A Ob. receive
tptcial notice, without obaruo, in tho
Scientific American.
A hondsonieljr Illustrated woekly. largest cir
culation of any noionUflo Journal. Terms, 5 n
yxir: four months, L Sold byoU nowvdeatcm.
Branch Offloo, 035 F Bt Washington. D. (J.
The newest And finest Btxthzt
Shop in Nebraska. Particu
lar attention given to face.
neck and scalp massaging. J
1206 O St., Burr Block
New York
The East
Fast dally train
service via the
Western Railway,
Chicago & North-
thc double-track
railway front Mh?
Missouri River to
Ing at Chicago
all points East.
Chicago, conncct-
with nil lines for
The trains of the
North Western Line
arc most completely equipped for the
safety and comfort of patrons.
The Best of Everything
TKxcts and lull Information on cppikulku to
R. W. McQJNNIS, Ageat,
10U O Street.
Chicago & NtrUhWestera Railway
-. j
vg yrTfifov8ta7TaraTj?joy-,aBBr?
tT - Ma.a j I. r&isaa&foai