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    XTbe Batl TFlebraeftan
Vot IVi No. 77
Price 5 Cents
. i
til. f
Will Deliver Annual Oration of
Sigma Xi.
FeUmnrj 14tltl tho l)ito Hrt for the
Ir. A. Roes (1111, dean of the Teach
ers Col lego of tho University of Mis
souri, has written to Dr. R, H. Wolcott
hia acceptance of tho Invitation to de
liver tho oration glvon under tho au
Hplcea of tho Sigma XI society, In con
nection wUh the mld-wlntor com
mencement. Tho oration is an annual
affair glvon tho night beforo tho mid
winter common cement, alternating
with tho Phi Beta Kappa oration
given annually In connection with tho
Juno commoncoment exorcises. Dr.
Hill has announcod his subject to be
"TIhj Psychology of tho Scientist."
Under this head he intends to discuss
tho point of vlow, the methods, and
tho motives of tho scientific man or
what might bo called bis mental life
or psychology. Tho oration Is public
und will bo given In University Hall
at 8 p. m. on tho evening of February
14, 1905.
Dn Hill was formorly -professor of
psychology In this University. Ho loft
hero and bocamo a momber of tho fac
ulty of tho University of -Missouri in
1903. Ho 1& one of the strongost mom
tors of tho faculty at tho Columbia
Institution. , ' ....
Dr. Hill, accompanied by Mrs. Hlu,
will arrive In Lincoln Tuesday, Febru
ary 14, over the B. & M. and will re
turn on tho following-Wednesday even
ing. Up to tho nresont.tlmo. no formal
nrrangemonts havo beiin mado for tho
entortulnmont of Dr. and Mm HUT.
M. H. Swonk, assltantMn tho depart
ment of Entomology'; left yesterday
morning tor Edgart Nebraska, whoro
he will glvo a talk bofoftf tho farmora
Institute ou tho Hessian fly. Ho will
also discuss tho Hesslon fly and "Bird
Protection" at tho farmora' institutes
held in Sutton and Clay Ccntor this
week and return Friday.
Profesor Bessoy has received notice
of an examination for tho position of
Scientific Aid in the division of plant
pathology of tho United Statos Dopar
niont of Agriculture Applicants must
bo graduates of colleges and must have
takon special work In Botany bo as to
fit them for tho work of tho position.
Christians to Play 'Varsity To
Tomorrow ovenlng the 'varsity bna
kctball team will lino up against Oma
ha Y. M. C. A. team for the return
game. This will prove to be one of
the fastest games played on the Arm
ory floor this soason. Tho Omaha
team has boon putting In hard practice
slnco our game with them on tho
northern trip.
The 'varsity has been putting in
some vory hard practice since their re
turn home from tho trip. On last Sat
urday afternoon they played a practice
gamo with Wesloynn, resulting lu a
score of 50 to 20 in tho 'varsity favor.
This shows the relativo strength of tho
'varsity. Their team work is very
.good ..and sjjows much Improvement
over tho work before they loft on tho
northern trip.
Omaha held Nebraska down to a
scoro of 23 to 21 on the last game
played with tho Omaha team. Of course
Nerbaska will have an advantage over
Omaha in being ablo to play on tholr
homo floor.
Rcsorvcd seats are on sale at tho co
op. These can oo secured without ex-
Yah -l
tra charge. Tho price of admission is
2r cents. The lineup is ns follows:
Omaha. Nebra&lta.
Clark liageubick
Wilrard C, BurrusF
Hansen Moser
Wlllard Boll
Anderson .-......-,. Honr
Subs. Omanar Harris; Nebraska,
Krako, Boers, Durkoy and Meyer.
This will be the llrst chance for the
supporters to Bee tho 'varsity play
sine tholr successful trip north.
Tho Sophomores defeated Wcsloyan
on Bnturday, afternoon by a score, of
28 to '15 While 'this vias a vory short
gamo tho Sophomores had tho best of
tho gamo during tho entire time of
playing. Smith did lino work for tho
Sophomores, while Chorrlngton did
the best work for Wesleyan.
Professor. Smith gave an Illustrated
sterdOptlcon lecture yesterday after
noon In U 107 to tho clnss In Education
10. Tho lecture was on tho subject of
"Cathedrals and Their Schools."
Ten hours for study, eight hours for
sleep, four house for meals and social
duties, aud two hours for exercise, Is
tho Bchodulo recommended by Presi
dent Eliot of Harvard.
Sixteen Candidates for Degrees
in Different Colleges.
1'rof. WIIhoii Will Conduct Coniinoncu
mnnt I'rnffram.
The ninth annual mid-winter com
mencement will be Ucld one week from
tomorrow. Contrary to tho usual cus
tom followed at this time no oration
will be glvon, but exerclsos of another
nature will be held. Professor H. II.
Wllsou, of the UnlvorBlty Collogo of
Law, w 111 have those exercises In
charge, but the oxact program has not
yet beon'fully'dcoldod'u'pon.
The followlug Is a list of candidates
for degree at the mld-wlntor com
Carnoy, Bertha.
Cullon, Poter Calvin.
Blmgren, David Emnianuol.
Klesselbach, Rudolph Philip.
Kiosselbach, Sophia Dorothea.
Kinyon, Susie.
Orton, Olive Inez.
Qulnn, Clarence Ellas. . -
WoodB, Wlllmer, Joseph.
Chain. Frank LoRoy.
CutBhall, Lowls Alexander.
Fuwcott, Georgo Lorenzo.
Holmes, John Campbell.
Koch. Arthur William Frederick.
Mellck. Charles Wesley.
Venters, Alice.
This list will probably Btand as It Is,
although it Is, of course, subject to ad
dition or change bofore the 15th.
ProfeBBQr x!ogmau .kua, planned for
several extensive trips of inspection
during tho next four weeks. One will
bo ovor the Union Pacific lino from
Omaha to Choyonno, Wyoming. One
ovor tho Northwestern llpo to Long
plne, one through tho northeast coun
ties of tho stato aud a fourth over the
southern tier of counties.
Dr. Ross addressed a good Blzed au
dience at Convocation yesterday morn
ing, ou tho subject of tho present-state
of affairs in Russia. In subslanco Dr.
Ross said that social conditions at
the preBont day in Ruslsa aro not
much In advanco of tho conditions
which- provallcd in Eurono during the
fourteenth century.
Old and New Material Report for
First Practice.
Captain Bonder "aridv tho candidates
for tho battery, met In tho 'gymnasium
yesterday aftornoon from two till
three. A good numbar of men were
out to try for places and tho prospect
for tho team was novor. better. The
practlco yesterday consisted of tha dlf
teront men limbering up tholr arms a
llttlo by light practlco. Thd statdmont
mado by Captain Bonder, or rather
quoted as from him, In Sunday's Jour
nal, was made up from tho wtoolo cloth,
for no such Btatoment wan mado by
tho captain.
The men out for places behind tho
bat yesterday wero B&rta, Carroll,
Grant and-Gaddl$s. 'Burla In", wbll
kuown to tho student body from his
record on tho football team. Barta
played first base and catcher on the
socoud baseball team last year. Noth
ing needs to bo said about Captain
Bonder, as his work on tho baseball
toam of tho past is well onough known
to the studont body. Bender will with
out a doubt occupy his usual place
behind tho bat. Carroll Is a now man
from Fromont and hoe 'had consldor-
ablo experience In baaoballT Ho
showed up very well In yootorday's
The pltchora out aro ' Morse, Dort
Kurtz, Dirks and Nllsson. Morse la
without a doubt one of tho fastest
collogo pitchers in the west and with
him as twlrlor tho varsity' chances
for victory aro advanced one hundred
per cent Dort la tho man who did
such fino pitching on his class team
last year and showed ho bad varsity
form. Kurtz Is from Cortland, Nob.,
and Is a now man, but sbowod good
form in yosttfrday's practice. Dlrkfi
comes from Chicago, and Is" considered
an oxcelleut man. Nllsson a a. new
, man and. llttlo is known .of bis ability.
Men out for tho infield yesterday
wero Grant and GaddWs. Grant is
from Ohiown, Nob., and 1b a vory good
man. Ho played on tho Havclock team
loBt, year In their gamo against the
Upivorsity. 4 Gaddlsu is from,, Hastings
and ho played on this team.- Jast year.
Tho mpn out yesterday as a wholo
made an pxcollont sho.wJng-;
Sixty-two. students have been sus
pended from Leland Btanurdon, ac
count of poor work, and soyQuty-oight
others warnod tho quality s of tholr
work must be improved it tboy wished
to sustain their relationship with the
unlvorslty. . .
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