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aih IRebraefcan
Vol. IV, iSTo. 68
Price 5 Cents
Chairman Ramsey Reports Play
Committee. Decision.
Adherent of Fowler Win Senior An
nnal to bo Dedicated to Him.
The Seniors held a well attended
class meeting yesterday morning in
U 106. Chairman Ramsey, of the play
committee, reported that this commit
tee had Anally decided upon the Senior
play, and that they had further decided
not to publish the name of the piece
chosen until a few days before its ren
dition, in the spring. The try-outs for
places in the play will bo held every
evening during examination week,
from 7 to 9 in U 106, and every Senior
that can is urged to make a trial. The
men are especially wanted, as the cast
in the play chosen Includes more men
than women. The dato of the Senior
"Prom," was discussed, but It was de
cided to leave it for March 17th, that
being the most favorable date.
The matter of dedication of the Sen
ior Annual was brought up and it was
decided- to limit the names of the fac
ulty considered for this honor to full
professors, or others of higher office,
eliminating all assistant professors,
instructors, etc. From the start Pro
tessors Fossler and Richards took the
lead, the ballot resulting in Professor
Richards f being Itf-the lead by a. few
votes. The choice, however, was to be
made between, the two receiving the
most votes on the first ballot. The en
tire strength of the engineers was
thrown for Professor Richards, but the
fact that Professor Fossler was more
representative of the lilerary depart
ments gave him the honor, the final
vote being in his favor by a small
They Will Stir the Political Pot
That there is going to be something
doing at the Junior class election Id
no longer questioned ly those who
have got a whiff of the whi-Mvind
campaign that hasbeen inaugurated In
the past few days. The announcement
ot the Soph political activities laet
week must have opened I he eyes of-the
Juniors who, it seems, immediately
"opened a vigorous campaign and are
now" doing Btrenuous political work.
As yet, so far as can be ascertained,
but two fellows have a presldeullal hoe
buzzing in their "bonnets," and from
the present out-look they pern mi will
Te the only ones to enter the race.
However, this is still qv.'le early in the
game and several ambitious fellows
may announce their candidacy in the
week or more intervening thia and the
time for election.
The Sophomore committee to ar
range for the party as instructed by
the actions of the class at the last
meeting deliberated on several differ
ent plans yesterday morning and final
ly decided to givo a play after which
they would give an informal for those
who -washed to "trip the light fantas
tic." The feature of the evening will
be masquerading.
Sturdy Yeomans are Friends of
Agricultural College.
The meetings of Organized Agricul
ture have brought scores of farmers
from all parts of the state to the Uni
versity farm, and together vii t le
287 students in the school ot agrli ul
turo give the grounds a very h .e!y ap
pearance, to say the least. The 2 men,
Who represent the moro progressive cl
ement in our rural population, are an
enthusiastic lot enthusiastic o'or thrt
interests their ariou. organizations
are aiming to advance. They urc alo
proud of the University and arc 'ount
ed among the moat loyal friends of the
Institution, for they realize that
through the efforts of the department
of agriculture especially their occupa
tion is not only raised to a higher
level generally but is a'po made more
remunerative. The officers and in
structors at the school are pulling
forth every effort to extend to the
visitors a hearty welcome.
The association of agricultural stu
dents held their annual business meet
ing in the judging pavilion at the farm
Monday afternoon and elected officers
for the ensuing year. Ralph H. Searle,
class of '05, was elected .president. Ar
rangements were also made for contin
uing the publication of "Agriculture."
In the evening a meeting was hold in
memorial hall wliere addresses were
delivered by Joseph E. Wing, of the
Breeders' Gazette and O. B. Brodfute,
of Ohio. The former gentleman with
characteristic humor, talked on the
subject, "Why a Bronco Bucks."
The students "who labored with the
questions of the Rhode's scholarship
examination yesterday were Paul
Wright of Wesleyan, Walter Smith of
Grand Island and Edwin R. Guthrlt of
the University of Nebraska. The first
part of the examination comprised the
translation of Latirr to English this
morning from ten to twelve; the sec
ond part was the translating English
prose into Latin from' two to four this
afternoon and the last was a general
test In mathematics from five to seven
this evening. The examination board
comprised Miss Louise Pound of this
University, Prof. Albaltln of Wesleyan
and Professor Gllmore of Cotner.
Those who wish to lern more of the
vorld-wlde movement -of GhriBtian
Mislsons will have an excellent oppor
tunity to do so when Miss Ruth Rouse
visits the University Jan. 28-30 Miss
Rouse comeB from England as Travel
ing Secretary of the Student Volunteer
Movement, and has had more experi
ence In work among students of vari
ous countries than perhaps any other
woman. If you have any question in
regard to Christian or Missionary work
be ready to ask It when Miss Rouse
comes. She will bo glad to help you.
At the meeting of tho Athletic Board
on last evening -It was decided to give
sweaters to the scrubs who had played
on the squad for two years. Dr. Lees
was appointed chairman of a commit
tee to chooso the men. to whom sweat
ers would be given. The number of
sweaters to be given was limited to
Extensive Preparations for An
nual Athletic Tournaments.
A good number of men r?port to
Prof. Lane and Dr. Claip every day for
work In preparation lor gymnaHlum
team exercises on Feb. 22. This is the
week following the Charter day oxer
cises. The program on Feb. 22 will be
the rogular semoster gymnasium exhi
bition while the tryout proper will not
come until three or four weeks later
The four men making the best showing
in this tryout will comprise the Ne
braska gymnasium team to ropresent
us In the Western Intercollegiate Gym
nasium Association meet at Chicago
University In the spring.
These oxorclses will comprise work
done on the horizontal and parallel
bars, side horse and tumbling. There
are four points on which the contest
ants are judged. These are approach,
form, stunt and dismount.
There will be no cups given to the
persons -winning first and second
places as have been given on previous
years. The reason for UiIb Is that the
Athletic Board must liear the expense
of sending the team io Chicago but
they will give badges for the first three
The Idea of giving an entertainment
before the men go to Chicago is under
consideration. If this entertainmont
ia given the proceeds will be used to
defray the expenses of the team. If
sufficient money is raised at this enter
tainment to cover all the expenses of
the teamf cups will bo glyen by the
Board for the winner of first and sec
ond places in the contest.
There is a chance for anyone who
desires to try for the team as no ono
has a place on the team cinched yet.
Tho3e who attended the Sunday
meeting of the Y. W. C. A. had a rare
treat In the address of Dr. Swearlngen
whose exceptional eloqueuco and ef
fective argumentation make his points
,Jn announcing his subject, "Tho
Leadership of Jesus Christ," the speak
er stated his desire to prepare for tho
mislsonary noon meetings of next
week with Miss Rouse. He showed that
the two essential elements of true lead
ership arjfe strength and sympathy. As
illustrating this principle he quoted
David who possessed a happy combin
ation of both these elements of lead
ership, but tho reigns of DavltPs pre
decessor, Saul, and1 of his successor,
Solomon, where failures, because each
of them lacked one of these elements.
-The former, who stood with the com
mon people, lacked strength, while the
latter, who had marvelous executive
ability, was without sympathy.
Special music was given by the
Messrs. Wallace and Higgins.
Loving sympathy for MIsb AOman
in her bereavement was expressed by
a chain of prayer.
Fifteen colored studentB at Mich
igan are planning to establish a
Greek letter fraternity. This will be
tho first of bucIi societies ever estab
lished. Forbes' Stables, livery, cab and bag
gage sorvico, 1126-31 P street. Bell
phone, 550. Auto phone 1550,
Basketball Players Win Laurels
From Omaha Team.
8coro 4 to 31 Flrt Contest In North
ern Journoy Well Knrnetl Victory.
Tho Nebraska basketball team won
their first game in Its northern trip at
Dmaha last night in defeating tho Y.
M. C. A. players by a score of 24 to 21.
The game throughout was very close
ly contested, the Christiana putting up
a good fight at overy Btage, making tho
'arslty team earn tho laurels they will
carry with them on tholr northern
Journoy. The Nebraska playors, how
ever, showed up good through tho en
tire game which, of course, aids mate
rially In encouraging the team In tho
series of contests that Ho bofore them.
Nebraska Basketball Team Will
Meet Big Nine Teams.
Manager Beers has been negotiating
with eastern teams in regard to an
eastern trip for the basketball team. If
plans maturo this trip will be taken
about tho first of March. Tho teams
vtlth whom Nebraska would likely play
on this trip are Lawrence University,
Appleton, Business College, W&con
Bln; Chicago University and Chicago
Y. M. C. A. By this schedule Nebraska
would meet two teams In the "Big
Nine" and from the reports of the
work of these teams this year they are
exceptionally strong. In the Chicago
Y. M. C. A. Nebraska would find a
worthy opponent. It was this team
that gave tho Sioux City Giants such a
close rub for the championship at St.
Louis last summer, in the basketball
series. Should Nebraska make this
trip it will bo over a now route and
against new teams.
A delegation of the most thoroughly
representative University men which
has ever attended a state Y. M. C. A.
convention is in prospect for this
year's gathering at Grand Island1 Feb
ruary 16 to 19 inclusive. Full partic
ulars may bo secured from tho general
secretary. A. reduced rate on tho rail
roads has been secured and the trip
can be made at a vory slight expense
Grand Island1 men who are Interested
in this work would do well to see the
general secretary concerning this big
convention, and a trip to their home
town. These university men who may
be able to go to Grand Island, are
asked to talk tho matter over with
some of the association officers.
There was some difficulty on Thurs
day evening at the Wesleyan-Nebraska.
game in rogard to reserved scats. Tho
game was advertised for 8:30 p. m but
from some mistaken ldea-a largo crowd
was at the armory before 8:00. Tho
ushers not being there to take care of
the crowd as a result tho reserved
seats wero all taken by these early
comers. '
At a, meeting of the Sigma Chi fra
ternity last night Messrs. L. W. Tur
ner, John WestoVer, George Bates, W.
S. Day and J. L. Hersey were elected
to membership.
, .