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Vol. IV, No. 66
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Some Professional Plans Have
Been Announced.
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Tim Oatilur or Course unl Inttrurlur
The marked gain iu attoudaaco, var
iety thoroughness of courses, and qual
ity of students shown In last year's
summer school of the University, liaH
encouraged botl faculty and regents
toward still groatcr advancement. The
regents and chancellor wore so well
pleased with the results that an in
creased appropriation has been made
and InHpector T. M. Hjodgman re
appointed director. The plana are fully
tiiatured ia most Instances and provl
BlonQlly moBo. to the- minutest-1 detail,
Briefly the lending features nro, the
course In superintendents conducted
by" Superintendent W. L. Stephens of
the .Lincoln city achools, assisted by
able superintondentH from within and
without tho state. The problems of
school management will be treated hy
pnotical , school executives. Oub very
helpful nhu very attractive feature of
tnlB course- wll bo the lectures by
Dean Roscoo Pound on "Nebraska
School .Laws." Last summer this
course received an attendance of over
s&Jyr It?laiflaijn'cl pflmarlly to meet
the heeds of prospective superinten
dents and principles ana it is Baio to
pay that no course can be taken by
University studonts contemplating
teaching, which will compare with this
in practical holpfulncsa. The course
Is unique In this western country and
ta a pet project of tho director's, who
has long flt and has recently been
even more U. ssed during his inspec
torship, that green University grad
uate may be long on theories, facts and
methods, but very short In correct
knowledge of men and students in
high school work. Theso practical su
perintendents will give heart to heart
co'Sferentca'' showing- jusf'tho way in
which they havo met tho concrete
problems of tno executive. Superinten
dent Stephens, assisted by Professor
l.uckel, Is overcoming tho weaknesses
displayed In the initial course last
year and is planning a sewes ot lectures-In
which there shall be no Overlapping-
of subpects and which shall
bo .wisely supplemented by library'
reudiuga and round table conferences.
In addition to this course Professor
Luckey wiil offer three courses from
his department most in demand by
students. An innovation in this year's,
program is the series of Saturday
morning lectures opon to all members
of the summer school without regis
tration. Theso lectures wllf'o under
the title "Dominent Notes In Modem
Education" and will aim to give the
recent developments, approval methods
and deslrablo ends In Important depart
ments of high Bchool worlL It Is ex
pected that. -Dr. Q. E. Howard will
sound tho noto of authority in history'
teaching, Dr. E. A. Ross in recont so
cial movements. Dr. G. W. A. Luckey
in Education, Professor G. E. Barbor
in Ancient Languages and "Professor
Lawrence- Fosslor In Modern Lan
guages. Thege'loetures nro expected to
bev especially helpful to teachers and
students slnco they will furnish, In
clear and untechnlcal language, the
final word of theso departments. The
course of Illustrated evening lectures,
which proved' so popular last year, will
b continued this summer on each Fri
day even)B of the session.
It Is oxpectbd that Dr. E. H. Barbour,
Dr. J. T. LeeB, Professor Lawtonce
Fossler and Professor G. W. Swezey
will constitute the lectures In this
All else is of course subordinate In
Importanco to tho character and var
iety of thtt. courses offered by tho facr
ulty. An unBunlly large number of
j General Z T Sweeney
Men's Mass Meeting;, Sunday
at the Oliver
Ail Men Cordially Invited
The? Athletic Board Gives Its
Thti ICfTcctM of tho Conferr ne- flute, if
whom will assist in this important
work. The number of courses offered
and tho Instructors- will be as follows:
Dr. Luckey will give throe courses,
Professor Candy three, Profossor Cald
well two. Professor Perslugor two. Dr.
Fling two, Dr. Bolton two, Dr. Condra
two. Profossor l!arbertrco,'DritA:lmy-
one, ir. unies- two, x'rorensor ruHHir
two, Professor Dann two, Professor
Stan two, Professor Pijur two. Profes
sor Smith and Lion ono, probably Pro
fessor Conklln two, Miss Howell tVo,
and two courses In physical education,
one for men and one for women, will
also be given.
Law School Members Request
This of Dean Pound.
Lincoln, Jan. 13,, 1904.
Hon. Iloscoe Pound.Doan of tho Col
lego of Law, University of Nebraska:
Sir:. Inasmuch as you have tondercd
jour resignation as Dean of tho College
of Law, we. tho students In mass moot
ing assembled, desire to express our
hearty appreciation of tho valuable
services you havo rendered to tho
nrhnnl nrwl P tho miCnlllnf fHrncfhlT
Altothcr coiirso-offerodlr0p.-BrKvincn-yoU havo-wlwsyir hHd-for us as-
Raymond in school music will bo a
popular one among. Nebraska teachers.
Heretofore the opportunity has not
only been missing, bnt the proper
teachqr has-also bcon wanting fOfijut
a word' 'of 'dissent all will "agree tnat
Mrs. Raymond Is the proper teacher
for Uiis ncedod now course. Mrs.
Brock and Miss Mundy will offer
courses In drawing and china paint
ing, which will be free courses. The
director has strong expectations of an
increased attendance over any previous
summer session of the University. Stu
dents can materially assist In spread
ing Information among their frJondB
of the state,
The complete cotaloguc will be ready
early )n February and will bo frooly
distributed from the office to all desir
ing it.
Cen. Sweeney to Address Men.
Gen. 'A. T. Sweeney, one of tho most
prominent lecturora In tho country,
will address tho men's meeting at the
Oliver on the subject, "The Power of
tho Gospel." Besides being a lecturer.
Gen. Sweeney is a noted author and
deplomat. He is tho author of "Un
der Ten Flags," n book which has had
a larg' ae. He has been ministor to
Turkey and has held other important
political positions. He is a member
of Victoria Institute, Loudon. Insti
tute of Christian Philosophy, New
York, and tho National Geographical
8ociety, Washington. I). C. He was
also a member of the Advisory Com
mittee, World's Congress of Religions.
At present he is commissioner of fish
eries and game- for Indiana
Some fino special music has been
provided. The tfoTed Dunbar male quar
tet of Chicago has been engaged to
sing. All men are Invited. Doors are
opc.i at .1:30 shifnv Admission free
individuals. We would oxpruss, also,
our confidence in your marked- abil
ity, not only in tho capacity in wblch
.you have sorfeithfully served, but'alsVr
1n your well-meritod standing' as a
member of the bar, and wo realize
that in your learning the institution,
loth the itato and the student body
suffer a material loss.
It is the unanimous w.nao of the stu
dents of this college, that wo request
you to roconslder your resignation,
shoiild such a courso not cause too
great a personal sacrifice.
Basketball Men Get Suits.
New suits have been ordered for the
basketball team. Thcbo suits will be
on hand the tlrst of the week so tho
men will havo them before starting
north. The monogram on the jerseys
will be tho same as on tho old suits.
The men who get tho suits are Moser,
Hoar, Bell, Hagenslck, Burruss. Krako,
and Beers. These suits will add a
great doal to the appearance of tho
team on tho floor.
New Course in Entomology.
A new course 'in Butomology will be
offered by the Department of Entomol
ogy next semester. Tho courso will bo
Intended to fit students for positions in
government and experiment station
work. Tho course as outlined will be a
slx.hour (credit) course. Almost allof
the work of the course -will bo Indl
idual study in tho Entomology labor
alory and also Hold work. The course
p.clud,es systematic study of tho life
histories and habits of various insects.
their diseases, parasites and other ene
m I e. Breeding cage experiments will
be performed for the purpose of noting
their methods of transformation, etc.
The clnss will also spend considerable
tjmc In field expeditions for the pur
pose of seeing insects with their nat
ural surroundings and for the purpose
of learning possible methods of fight
ing the destructive forms and the pro
tection of the beneficial ones. Tho sub
ject of the relation existing between
insects and other animal forms will
also constitute a portion of the work."
The course will bo Entomology 12.
Dr. C'lapp has divided this afternoon
l.n to threo periods for tho different
teams that desire to practice. The
floor will be given over to the class
basketball teams from 1:30 to 2:30. To
the men practicing for Charter day
from 2:30 to 3:30 and from 3:30 to 5:00
the 'varsity basketball team.
The committee appointed by. Pres.
Wolf of tho Sophomore class' to tako
charge of the party that was voted In
the meeting has been appointed and
are requested to meet in U HO noxt,
Tuesday mdriilng. Just what plans
they will attempt to make a class
f i-notion that all members will attend
Is a matter of speculation but with the
following committee in charge as se
lected yesterday, there Is little ques
tion but that something out of the or
dinary will be tho product of their
co-pperatlon: Miss Camllo Hall, Miss
JobIc Frazier, Miss Elba Booso, Miss
Anna Quonechek, Miss Helen Huse,
Mr. James Bender, Mr. Clarence John
sou and Mr. Aubono Lott.
A groat deal of Interest lias- been
aroused among the colleger of tho
West In regard to the now rulo under
consideration by the schools of tho
conforouce. This rulo if passed will
exclude all men from participating- in
athletic contcsta who have not been in
school for six roontha provlous to tho
Thinking It might be of interest to
the University studonU to know how
tion, we bavo Delow tho opinions of tho
members of tho athletic board-.
Dr. Pound "I assume that Nebraska
will fall In lino with any action taken
by the Conference."
Beers '.'Under cortain circumstances
I think It wolud be all right but thero
arc cases when it would1 keep good moo
off the team when they dcelro to be
Woods "It it in adopted fflBdull
schools would'm&Ko7aneTfo&toiorce
It'I think it would' bV a move in the
direction of purifying athlotics. I
think Nebraska would fall In lino with
the Conference schools."
Prof. Richards "I think it would be
a good tiling and would abolish some
of the questionable evils existing undor
the prcsont conditions. But do not
think it should go Into otfect for at
least two years."
Prof. Chatburn "1 am In favor of it
for it would prevent the rushing of high
school men into school for tho sole
purposo of playing on tho toam."
Lane "Prevents men from attending
school just for tho football season.
jAIbo privents- tho rushing)'. oft; h'
school men Into the University. ' It
makes study In the University tun
primary object of every student"
Dr. Loor "I am not in favqr of tho
rule. I do not sec why men entering
at the Unlyorslty who aro u. fltil6tly
amateur and bona flde students should
bo deprived from making tho toam."
Dr. Dales "Whilo I havo givon the
mattcr but littlo thought it scorns as if
the ruling wuold bar many good mon
entorlng from tho high school. Bnt It
would be a good thing In rogard- to
men who make It a husinoss to mi
grate from ono school to anothor."
Dr. Clapp "Tho rulo would cut out
all 'ringers.' Men who mako it a busi
ness to sec that othbrs ortfMiaJd'pay
on a football team or otlier' atbl6t!c
teams. The expense of keeping theso
inoji in .school for a year would be too
great and would bo given up by those
encouraging thlB plan."
C. T. Bor "Nebraska has never
been guilty of proselyting and hence i
the rulo would crdato n.o reform here.
It would, howover, hamper ua because
It would not make the freshmen ma
terial available, which, in our ease,
would- work a greater hardship than in
the larger institutions wkoro there is
always an abundance of material. I
think tho proposed rule liadvltaor4gin
iu petty jealousies between tbo con
ference colleges, not in tho Interests or
'pure athletics,' but to helfr 'number
one,' for this reason It will probably
never be adopted.. If it shppld be
adonjted Nebraska will doubtlessly; ac
qulesc aff it has to Conference fuies
in the past." .
Dr. Clapp received a letter from, Prof.
S. H. Barton, of Illinois, secretary of
the Conference. In this letter it was
his opinion that the rule would pass
the Conference
Manlcuriug, halrdresalng, shampoo
ing and facial massage. Special at
tention to students. Tho Famous.
Forbes' Stablca4ivcry. cab and bag
gage service, 112531 P street Bell
phono, 550. Auto phone lfSO.
' 41
, .''
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