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Vol. IV, No. 52
'Price 5 Cents
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County Fair Saturday Proves a
Big Attraction.
Nnurli I o If tnnlri(l IiiI:ii-h iri ('Irarcil
n SliiMrwr
The great County Fair, comeining
which to much has been wild during
the past rwo weeks, is how ft tiling of
the past. The ted lynx has lost bin
charm aud the grand galaxj of Iroaks
no longer holfls an interest for the
Financially the fair was the most
Hiucc'fisful In the history of the nni
ersitj. as the following table will
show. The Pi Phi's Living Picture
Fhow proved to be the best moacy
maker., with the Freaks not far be
hlthi. The red lynx, although showing
greater resemblance to the dog than
the cat family, also pioved attractive.
The rfeoipts ami disbursements of the
ralr were as follows:
A. D. T. by Woman's Bldg Girls
$ 4.32
Spanish, by Delta Delta Delta.. (5.07
Candy, fPalladUn)'. 13.75
1 emoaadel peanuts,. doughnuts. . 10.00
Flower (Delta Gamma) 3.4G
Information and check room 70
Pennant (Miss Morgan f.00
Side Shows-
Freak Museum (Thetn) $1G.15
Living Pictures (HI Phi) 20.49
Red Lyn 13. or.
Zulu (Union Society) 2.10
Indian (Miss Brunei-) 8.60
Door Receipts $61.00
Ticket? 10.00
Total Receipts ...... .Ti . .?171 .78
Bunting $ 8.50
Printing, Journal," Star
dodgers .!&
I umber 2.75
Toys, tostumes, dishes... 1.75
Total expenditure.- . $ IK . (5
Net receipts ?157.13
Among the most beautiful and at
tractive booths were the Japanese
booth, by Chi Omega: Ladles' Sym
phony, by Alpha Pi; Baby show,
Waffle, by .Wits Van Horn; Music, by
Miss Redingtoiu Cnrios by Mr. Roy,
and the Rest booth.
On Oh- Plko were Dutch girls, Wll
helmina and' Grctchen (Miss Andrews
and Mifct. Young); Hans and his Frau,
bride and groom, Miss Barbor and
Wiggles; the Performing Dog, the
Clowns ..and Jesters. .Peanut and
Doughnut boys, and girls, the Coons,
tho Monkey and the Camel.
Regular Session of the Board of
Regents Today.
The regular meeting of the hoard or
jL-cgenttt held today. It is ex
pected that business of unusual Im
portance will be done, although tho
information -was received last evening
that Regents Ernst and Rich, of Oma
ha, will be unable to attend, and dlfll
uulty may be experienced in securing
a quorum. The matter of Intor-com-munlcatlng
'phones will probably come
up",as well as a discussion of the plane
for the administration Sounding.-
Armstiong Clothing Company, prac
tical hatters.
Frank 13. Leo. Public Stenographer
nnd Notary. Mhjaographlc lotters;
perfect, Imitation. 501-502 Rlchnrds
IllU. A-nto 1155.
AH Engineering Students
Arc invited to the
Eng Soc Smoke
Sat. Eve., Dec. 1 7
Juniors Will Make Another Ef
fort to Settle for '07 Caps.
This moi ning at chapel time the Ji.n
lors will meet in Memorial hall in an
other attempt to devise moans for set
tling for fhe "07 caps. A number of
methods for disposing of the matter
hae been announced', among them the
proposition to buy Junior caps this
year at wholesale and sell them out
to the members of tho class at retail
prices. It Is not expected, however,
that the entire sum. outstanding
against tire class can no raised in this '
way, and new suggestions will he re
cehed at. the meeting this morning.
Tho flan which appeals to many ol
the class is an asses anient 0:1 each
member. It Is thought that class pride
would make this scheme effective, al
though It Is confessed that the Jun
iois he not shown signs of a super
abundance of thi-i quality so far this
year. Still other members of the class
(irtiio a 1 lass play or some such func
tion which Wight be mndo a univers
ity uliair.
The total debt against the class is In
the neighborhood of $15.
New York Tribune Wants Articles
on College Fraternities.
The New York Tribune has offered
a prize of $Uf for the best letter not
(xceeding 800 words In length, set
ting lorth the benefits which result
to colleges and to the student body
horn college fraternities, and another
ori.o of. $2r lor the best similar essay
against college fraternities. The com
1 1 tition is open to all and will clo3e
January I, 11)05. All letters must be addressed-
to the Sunday editor, New
-York Tribune, who will be the sole
judge as to the prize winner in each
class. All letters published will be
paid for.
Whitmore at Chapel.
. Hon, W. G. Whitmore will tpeak at
con vocation Wednesday morning. Mr.
Whitmore Is regent-of tho university
and one of the moHt prominont mon in
the state. The subject of his talk will
bo announced later.
rror. W. G. I-. Taylor spoke In chapel
yesterday morning on "The Progress
of tho World In 1903." The subject of
llnance was discussed at some length,
and amost interesting and Instructive
talk furnished: The attendance was
Christmas Thoughtsturn naturally
to the line line of Jewelry shown by
I-.', Fleming.
Elliott's Sultorlum, cleaning, dyeing
and repairing. Prices reasonable. 113G
O street. Both phones.
Eric B. Woqdward. M. D., diseases
of oye, ear and throat. 2d7-8 Richards
block. Phono CCG.
For Furs sqe Steele, 143 S. 12th St
- -
Basketball Game With Gophers
May be Played January 21.
A tentative dute for a game of bas
ketball with the University of Minne
sota, has been made by Manager Boers
lor January 21st, In Minneapolis. II
games ca.i be scheduled en route to do
fray part of the expenses and warrant
our accepting Minnesota's proposition,
we will meet the Gophers on that date.
With the lesson learned Friday even
ing lu the game against Highland Parl
marked- im.roemcnt should begin to
be apparent from now on. .Our for
wards will have to learn how to hang
on to swift passes, for to tho fumbling
ot these swift throws are due many of
the failures to score Friday night.
Whether or not our long swift passes,
il handled properly, aro more effective
than the short pass used by Highland
Pnrk is still a question. A combination
of the two ought to be thtybeM, and
the short pass, at the side lines, where
thete Is more open space and less
chaiKc of blocking should ho .rac
tlced more.
Dr. Clapp has received a letter from
Manager Msl nnahan of the Yale Bas
ketball Team stating that Yale's west
ern schedule is entiroly made up, and
legrettlng that thoy will be unable to
rr.oct Nebraska this year. He exprcsn
cs the desire, however, that the two
b-chools may meet at basketball some
time in the future.
Highland Park won the ga-ne agilnst
Nebraska Friday evening by the t-.amo
kchoro made by Nebraska against the
Methodists, 31 -3J, but Wesleynn has
protested tho game on a technical
point and Highland Park agreed to
hae the question submitted to the
Amateur Athletic union for settlement.
Special Notice,
The Athletic board heroby wishes to
express Its disapproval of all subscrip
tions which ceitaln individuals are
said to be tuklng-t'or university athlete.--."
Such subscriptions never
reach the Athletic board', and are used
only for illegitimate purposes. Tho
board respectfully recluests that all
persons absolutely refuse to.-subscribe
money for tho above-mentioned pur
pose, and aid the Athletic board In
maintaining clean athletics by report
ing any Information regarding such
subscriptions tohc board. (Signed)
Word has been recolvod at the Thetn
house of the death of Mrs. Dellecker,
mother of Miss Zola Dellecker, who
was In school hero last year.
T. H. Grubb, ex-'OC, who Is teach
ing school at Greenwood, Neb., was
ia town Saturday.
L. E. Grifiii... '01, who is now prin'
clpal of tho Pawnee high school .was
In town yesterday.
Pictures framed and unframed, in
Pastel. OHsl Water Colors, etc., etc., sold at the Lincoln Book Store
Auction- this week.
Second Annual Cornhusker Ban
quet a Big Success.
I'.liihorutf .Menu uiitl Mitnr ToiimIn Miihe
UimmI I'mcmm.
Over I (JO guests were present at one
ol the most successful functions ever
cairled on under the name of Nebias
ka football last night the second an-"
nnal Cornhusker banquet.
The following was tho menu:
Oysters on Ifnir shell
Krsence of Beef n tasse
Cannpo d'an-hois
Boiled Hati Snapper sauce Hollandaise
Pettits Pommes do Torro
Ills de Vnux Bralssee nu Potlts Pols
Punch an Kirschwasper
Uoaelcd Turkey stuffed cranberry
Fiesh Lobster Salad en mnyonaiso
Neapolitan Ico Cream
Aseortcd Cakes
Edanv Cheese
Cafe do ml Tami
Toasts were as follows: Dr. Roscou
Pound tottstmnster.
"The Varsity '0-1,". . . .M. A. Benedict
''The Scrub," Georgo Lantz.
"Football at Nobraska".John Westovtr
"The Exchequer" E. F. Davis
"Now for litor." I. I. Wycr
Other Universities Would Investi
gate System of Debating.
During the paBt few weeks tho Rhet
oric department has received several,
requests from outside colloges for in
formation on subjects for debate, sug
gestions on wording of questions and
other matters which Blgriffytho"bies
tlge Nebraska holds In' forensic work
among the western universities. The
latent of theso requests has been from
Park college, Missouri.
The impression which Lee I ouia and
M. C. Reynolds, made In the debate
with Washington university In St.
Louis last May, sedmsjto havo lasted.
A letter was recently recolved from
one of the high schools In St. Louis
stating that an inter-high sehool de
bating contest upon the question of
-the Aloutoc-JDoctrlne. wns to occur lu
that city. The request was made for
any information and coaching1 upon
the subject that Nebraska might be
disposed to give.
In the chess matches by correspond-"
onco, which the Nebraska Chess Asso
ciation has in recent yenrsplayed with
teams of neighboring states, John L.
Clark has made the good rocoTd of
playing lu every match and" winning
every gamo ho "played. The reelgna
tloh of his Kansas opponent, Just re
colved,maketf his tenth victory.
1. P. Bullta, '02, vlBltcd In Lincoln
over Sunday. '-
Alfred Meier spent Sunday with
friends In Omaha.
Education 13 yesterday owing to the
County Fair, which lias not yet been
wholly cleaned up. .
Claude II. Robertson spent 8undji;
in Wahoo.
Phi Delta Theta will ontcrtalh at
a Christinas party Tuesday. Decem
ber 20.
George Honoyworth, ox-'0&, was on
tho campus yesterday shaltlncr hands
with old friends.
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