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PPte SDatl IFlebraeftart
Vol. IVt No. 5J
Price 5 Cents
' 1
I Second Annual Comhusket
Lindell Hotel, December 1 2
The Great County Fair Attract
ing Much Attention.
Oun.-r of Iteil l.j n to ho A iiimhiimmmI
TIiN i: f n I hi;.
Thi.- t'.fniiig at 7 o'clock the reconel
annua! County Fair of the Y. W. C. A.'
will op-n its doors upon the exhibition
In whhh so nnn.v and such glowing
p:or.iLse-- hne boon mede during the
past two weeks. Man lasi hinting
booths- have been nrrnnged and side
Miow v Ithout -lumber hae been pet
up to lure the coin troni the eager
Chief inteiest rests in the famous
Red I ynx.
Woi'i was received esterday that
the animal had been ailowed to pass
through the custom house only on con
dition that il 1h not used for exhibition
purpose. This apparently put an end
to its exhibition tonight at the County
Fa IV.
Dean Pound. hoeer. Interested
himself In the case, and 't has been de
e ided to risk the exhibition tonight.
It Ii3s leaked out that the donor of
the lynx is a graduate of the univers
ity, now serving in the Philippine con-s-tibuliry.
The young lady'H name
has not Leon discovered, but it In
known that she is guarding the little
ar.iir.Dl closely. Ilei identity mn lie
discovered n.t the Fair tonight
Mr. Leroj's Curio booth includes
bookc 5H years old. and'rons, snuffers,
hour glasses, boot warmers, real lace
and hand embiqhlory, all inn to 300
years old. Gods and HugK of all na
tions, ec-arty. pillows, gowns and other
r lies trom former unhcmlty students
p.ov. in foicign fields.
Iloothr close at f and fiee program
will e given consisting of .Japanese
song in costume, spei lal appropriate
stunts, plantation melodies by the col
ored chorus, clogging by Dutch girls in
costume, topsy-turvy concert, and clos
ing with a grand maich ol all tho
tancy dross participators and special
ties on the Pike.
I jlr
$1.50 PER PLATE 8:30 P. M.
M-WW-Mm-M -VlHff-
Engineering Notes.
John HumaUer, ex-mecnanlc arts, '03,
who has- been working on the testing
4Joor nt the EaiiJbaaka. Moise Co., at
Rcioil, Wis., has been trnnslerred to
the office.
North Dakota Wants Debate.
Other Debating News.
Another challenge for inter-collegiate
debate has ariived. This time it is
fiom the Unheisity of North Dakota,
The men ot the north want to arrange
lor a joint debate the UrBt of a series,
l!)c hope to lie held any time suit
able to Nebraska during the winter
or j-piing.
It is undeistood thnt arrangements
tor the inter-collegiate .lebates of the
.cnr will be announced in the vety
nc:ir iiuure.
O. ii Timmerman Is reported hick
with a rather severe attack of pneu
monia. Ho had been feeling budly for
fevpral days and on Monday was
taken to St. Elizabeth's hospital.
A A. Steel, tvil engineering, '!'J,
has been making hi iq letting-tests at
t.'ie fuel-testing plant ol the United
t-'tntcs Geological Snrey at the
-World's. Fair. His work has bCOli done
under the direction of Dr. Joseph Hydo
Pratt of the survey.
George J. J. yon, '91). la professor of
clil engineering in Colorado college,
at Colorado'' Springs. Mr. Lyon Is a
graduate of the general scientific
group, haing taken his olectlves In
engineering and supplemented his
course Here with work at Columbia
"The Electoral college Is the only
college that has been able to exist so
lor.g without the aid of a football
twin;." fcx.
"She Stools to Conquer" is to be
ghen shortly by the Dramatic club at
Columbus, O.
The beconcl brjef n Pro!. Fogg's.
Rhetoric 13 was handed in yesterday.
Several new electric lights have been
h tailed in the libra-)'.
If you -got It at Armstrong's, It's
Uic- Khetoilc I.i dqflBc this week on whether or luvWsfe army can
teen should be le-eestablished. The
ni.-i usion, which was decidedl Inter
esting, was carried on by I.. E. l.egro,
who opened; E. M. Mnivln, who ie
plled for the negative; Mason Wheeler,
who wound up the afllrmat le case, and
W I. Claik, who concluded for the
The Rhetoric- 17 debate yesterday af
ternoon on the adoption of Hie Initia
tive and referendum in Nebraska, was
v rattling good one. Hanlen opened
clearlyjfor the aflirninlhc and Hrook
ings rime back with rapid robuttal.
I -vy ended strongly for the alllrma
the and Sawyer for the negative. The
uluttal arguments called high
1 m'?" Irom Prolessor Fogg.
The Maxwell Debating club, com-
rroscd of law students, holds rogular
meetings In the I aw Id-lure room. This
evening the following will speak on
the question; "Resolved, That those
who aie too Ignorant to read the-eon-stitution
of the United States with a
Inlr understanding should be disfran
c hited."
A (Ill-mat I e, Getj ineyer, Carey ajul
Green. Negative, Burgien, Rutler and
Although theimembershir of this so
ciety Is limited to law men, students
of other departments of the university
are coidiall invited to visit.
The Students' Debating club will
meet Satuiday evening in the Union
halL. The question for debate will be
on tho Inlatlve and Refeiendum. The
speakers will be Swan and Sherlock
on the affirmative, and Anderson and
Levy on the negative. As usual a glad
baud will bo extended to all visitors.
The Yale debating management has
extended a special invitation to mem
bois of the Harvard Debating club to
attond the Yale-Princeton debate at
New Haven last evening.
Dlble Etudy Is being introduced at
many of tho fraternity houses In. this
country. The fraternities of Ohlohavo
taken up the Innovation.
A fund Is being raised at Lehigh to
luMst needy college football players
and nthletes to obtain their education.
About thlity books are stored up in
the librarian's office, which have been
hit in the reading loom by students.
Lincoln Transfer Co.; baggage.
Phone 1TG.
Senior Prom, to be Held St.
Patrick's Day.
At a meeting of the Senior Prom,
committee yesterday morning, the date
lor the Prom, was determined upon.
Maicli 17. (St. Patrick" day) was
The Prom, will probably be held as
usual at the Lincoln hotel. Tho lol
lowing Is the committee In charge of
the aiiangements:
Robert White, chairman; John Ren
der, mnster of ceremonies; James Van
Ring. Elmer 1)nvlx, Lucy Jones, Her
bert States, .hennas Fleming, Edna
Spears. Elizabeth llencock, Lillian
Timnis, Harry Roberts, Katherlne
Luniij, Fiank Reeis, Emma Mo'rrol,
Ruth Wilson. Alice Towne, Mary Har
Will be Held at Lincoln Hotel
January 13.
The elite for the annual Retching
Rides hop has been announced as Fii
day evening, January 13. The hop will
be held at the Lincoln hotel
This will be the first strictly formal
social evont of the year, and will prob
ably be well attended. Eddie Walt's
lull orchestra will furnish tho music,
and refreshments will be served.
James McGeaehln is chairman of the
committee in charge of the arrange
r.vits, and C. D. Wilson master-of-ce
Pedagogical Club to Meet.
A meeting of the University Peda
Kogieal club will be held in room U212
r.ext Wednesday evening. Mi. W. A.
Sullick, of the I incoln city libraiy will
speak on "Personal Characteristics
That Influence Employment and Suc-ccs-,
in Teachors." All students Inter
ested In teaching are Invited to attend.
Sophomdre Caps Appear.
'i he Sopjiomore caps h-ive made their
ainjeannnjc on the campus and ate at
tracting much nttentionbehig the first
class cups to sliovv up so rar tills year.
The caps are almost Identical with
the famous '07 caps, which suffered
such an inglorious fato at the hands
of the Sophomores last year, tho only
difference Lelng in the lettering. 2tn
unusuallj largo number seem to havo
been fold.
Unlveislty men are eating and drink
ing good things at the city Y. M. C. A.
Spa. They enjoy home-made pies,
I read nnd sandwiches of the best quality.
There aro 1G.0OO living alumni of
Michigan university.- This Is the larg
est of any Institution of learning in
the United States.
Rev "inl lockers for students' books
aie boon to be placed In the basement
of thj 111 ran
Lincoln Local Express. 103J N street.
Roth phones.
Cornhuskers Defeated in Close
IliKliliiiiil l'url T.-iuu I'timi-h Ntronir
Highland Park delented Nebraska
la-t night In the opening game of the
season by a k-oic of 3S to 33. Shott
passes and suierlor lenin work by the
visitors were responsible for their lc
toiy. The short pass seems more cer
tuln and effect ho than the long, swift
pas ol the home team. The Nebraska
team seemed unable to hold the ball
on these long passes and many times
when It would have niennt points.
Roth teams fouled frequently, giving
.luany-c han cos for tiee tiles. Tyssellng,
for Highland, and HiiRensic k, for Ne
braska scored many points for their
respective teams Troni the foul line!.
The Individual work of the Nebras
ka team was good. Tysseling threw
the most goals for Highland. The line
up was as follows:
Nebraska. Highland.
UnmiBH F Mlddleton
Ilagenslck F Tyweling
M"i- C Johnpon
Meyer ..'..C
I,nnr G ...'stark
Durkee, Reers. . . .('. Fitzgerald
Officials Referee, Hamilton. Um
pire. Hewitt.
Gen. Sweeney Will Not be at
Oliver Sunday.
General Sweeney, who was to have
addressed the men's meeting nt the
Oliver tomoirow, has telegraphed Mr.
Mayno that he cannot be present. Mr.
Mnvne telegraphed at once to Hon.
Frank G. Tyrell, of St. Louis. He
was to havo spoken two weeks ago,
but was prevented from doing so. To
moirow, however, ho will fill bin en
gagement. Mr. Tyrell Is one of the moat promi
nent men In Missouri. Ho plnyed.nn
important patt In the election of gov
ernor there this fall. He Is a brilliant
nnd eloquent orator, and Inspires in
tense enthusiasm In his audiences.
The doors of the Oliver will open at
3; 30 sharp. Admission HeeAll men
Mr. Chnrles Mellc, who is now ln
r.tructor at the Agricultural college at
Manhattan, Kan., nnd who was In
charge of the Agiicuutural exhibit at
St. Louis, will return to this univers
ity next semester to gel his degree.
Toklo is the largest university in
the world with an enrollment of 48,(JQ0
students. The Japanoee are studying
especially, law and civil and mechani
cal engineering.
Yale's football team' will taker an ox
tensivo trip during the holidays, when
they will go as far as New Orleans.
Many of tho best teams In the south
ivill ho played.
The llnlveielty of PcnnsyLvanlahaa.
threo inter-collcglato dobatos sched
uled for tins year. One is with Colum
bia, one with Cornell and a third with
Tho largest receiptsMn the history of
Avcstern football were received at the
California-Stanford game this yoar.
Tho'tot,al receipts were ?30,308.
Get the best Hendorson & Ames'
uniforms, at Armstrongs.
Armstrong CJotUlng Company, prac
tical hatters.
Chanln Bros., Florists, 327 So. 13th.
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