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Sbe S)ailp IFlebraekan
Vol. IV, No. 38
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'Commandant Chase's Braves'
Intrude on Football Field.
Aro I'urfuiidtMl to Keep ofT, llniirrr,
nml I'rnctlco Continue.
Considerable comment and excite
ment was eaifsed in athletic circles
Tuesday night "when Commandant
Chase marphed his true and tried cad
et warriors onto the athletic field and
put a stop to all football practice fur
tho evening. The athletic authorities
were very indignant over Comman
dant Chase's action and were heard
to express themselves in rat,her stren
uous terms.
Ono person, close to the athletic
management expressed himself to a
Nobraskan reporter as follows: "We
do not deny Commandant Chase's right
to come on to the field with his "tin
soldlors,".as we understand he has been
given tho privilege by the proper au
thorities, but we do question his pro
priety in doing so when he knows the
hoys need overy minute of practice
they can got, and his actions in send
ing the cadets in to interfere with
the practice is about on a par with his
attitude towards athletics and every
thing else, for that matter except drill.
It is in harmony with his action the
night the football team went to Min
nesota, when he wouldn't let the bat
talion rjo to the train to cheer tho boys
Captain Chase, when seen yesterday
consented to abandon the field until
after Thanksgiving, so last night the
boys had the field all to themselven
and no further trouble is expected
from thLs source.
When Interviewed by a reporter, Cap
tain Chase said:
"I can't see where anyone has a
kjck coming on tho military depart
ment. Tho military department is a
help to athletics Instead of- a hlnder
ance, as some people think. .Look at
tho work tho band does for the games.
I have never Interfered with them. If
I wore opposed to athletics, as some
peoplo say I am, I could lock every ono
of the band Instruments up and refuso
to allow tho band to play, but I novor
have done so. Vhen the boys asked
me to excuse the battalion I did not
refuso thorn and furthermore I ex
cused the cadets fifteen minutes early
and- about 200 of them went down to
the train. I didn't want to give tho
piiities who asked tho favor any en
couragement one way or tho other, but
suld I would see. I wanted them to
wait for orders. That's the military
of it. They must learn to obey and
wait for orders, yolT understand
.Neither Side Was Able to Score
in Today's Game.
One of tho best class games ever
played on tho university campus was
played by tho Freshman and Sopho
mores In tho second of the Inter-class
series yesterday afternoon. The score
was 0-0, but that hardly expresses
tho relative merit of the two teams,
as shown In the game itself. Tho loose
ness of Interference and the fumbling
which usually characterizes class foot
ball games was almost entirely absent,
and tho play of each team would havo
been a credit to any small college. A
majority of (he men on tho Sophompro
'team are on 'tho varsity scrubs, whllo
a number of" tho Freshmen were ex
hlgh school stars, too light for first
team and showed a variety of attacks
that was unusual for a cIoes team.
Their tackle cross-bucks gained half
a chalk line every time. Captain King,
who was on the Lincoln high last year,
Freshman Law Hop
Friday, November 18th
Fraternity Hall
was particularly strong on offensive
work. For the Sophomores Drain and
Murphy played the best game, only the
long f unts of the former saving his
team from a touchdown on several
During the entire game the ball waB
in the territory of the Sophomores,
but in the last couplo of minutes of
play they took a brace and circled the
Freshmen right end for about thirty
yards. Excepting this spurt they were
unable to make any gains whatever
against the splendid defense of their
opponents, and whenever they got the
hall were forced to punt on the third
The fit st hair opened with the Fresh
men kicking off and tho Sophomores
were immediate. y forced to punt. After
this the Freshmen slowly worked the
ball down to the fifteen yard line,
where the Sophomores got the ball on
a fumble, and repeated tho process.
1 ime was called with the ball on the
Sophomore twenty yard line.
The Sophs kicked off in the second
half and the Freshmen worked the ball
down to the five yard 11ne by tackle
bucks, but loft it on downs. The Sophs
kicked and regained the ball on their
ten ard line by a fumble, and then
adanced the pigskin to the forty yard
line, when time was called.
The result of this game necessitates
another to decide who shall play the
winner of the Junior-Senior game. The
second contest will probably occur this
week, and a. large crowd will doubt
less come out for it.
All the members of the team except
Cotton, who is still convalescing, were
but .for practice last night, and after
being put tnrough a thorough practice
of signals were lined up against the
scrubs and put through some heavy
bcrimmaging. They succeeded In mak
ing fie or six touchdowns on the
scrubs and are Bhowing up In good
shape for the Thanksgiving game.
New formations were practiced' and
entire new signals gone through with.
Coaches Booth and Westover were
working hard with the men to prepare
them for a hard fight, and Dean Ringer
was out giving the boysafew point
ers also.
The State Inspector is Pushed
up a Notfeh. j
At the latest meeting of the regents
the office of state inspector of high
schools was made into a full profes
sorship, with all the privileges con
nected therewith. Therefore Mr. F. M.
Hodgman, now professor of, the depart
ment of Inspection, is given all the
privileges of a professor and takes ac
tive part in all deliberations of the
university sonate. The article pub
lished In tho Nebraskan a week ago,
in which It stated that the state In
spector was allowed to be present at
meetings of the senate, but not al
lowed to have a voice in its delibera
tions was printed beforo It was known
that the chango had been mado and
was therefore Incorrect in this one
Dr. W. E. Jack, Dentist, 1301 O St.
Tickets $1,50 j
Report That Heston Will be Next
Coach is Unfounded.
Considerable excitement has been
caused lately by tho Lincoln daily
papers announcing that Coach Booth
was to be suceeded by Heston, Michi
gan's famous full back this year.
While none of the articles claimed to
bo authentic, and wero admltteu to bo
based entirely on rumor, still consid
erable credence was given the story,
and students are beginning to wonder
how they will like "Heston, the new
As a matter of fact the athletic board
has entered into no negotiations with
Heston, whatever, and although n
committee has been appointed to look
into the matter of a new coach, noth
ing has been done toward this end, and
nothing will be done until It is ascer
tained whether Booth desires to stay
or not. Until this time, tne commit
tee announces, there is nothing neces
sary to be done.
While we are not quoting the ath
letic board as an authority for it, stin
the Nobraskan is free to say that If
Booth desires to stay he will bo tho
unanimous choice of ...e athletic board
for another year, and until he an
nounces that he does not care to stay
another year there will bo "nothing
doing" with Heston, nor any one elBe.
Mr. Booth's views ;on the matter
havo been fully explained in the No
braskan, and so far as can be seen now
into the future, Booth will wear his
own shoes another year.
Everybody Will Have to Pay for
Bellevue Game.
As half tho proceeds of the Belle
vue game are to bo devoted to the
Shedd benefit, it is desired that as
much money be made from it as pos
sible, so the athletic management an
nounces that absolutely no complimen
tary tickets will be issued, and all
who desire to seo tho game will have
to "cough up." None of tho players,
nor any of tho other parties who
usually receive complimentary tickets
will bo allowed a single ticket free,
and the management of tho Nebraskan
was obliged to notify its staff lato last
night, to save up their money and be
ready for the- worst, as there would
be no royal path to the Bellevue
game. Manager DavlB is desirous of
getting as largo an attendance as pos
sible and is considering tho advisabil
ity of taxing himself and Coach Booth
for admission. His decision will be
announced later pn.
The season passes, Issued early in
the fall will also bo barred.
The Famous will give a special dis
count of 10 per cent to university stu
lents on all purchases of millinery, kid
?loves, corsets, etc.
Rent a Remington at etudont rate
md keep your notes In good form
Iffico Corner of Oliver Theater Bldg
For Furs bcg Steele, 143 S. 12th St.
Interesting Facts Relating to the
Cadet Crack Company.
Hinting Unit of McmlHTftlilp ,iiiI How
II Ik Coiitlurtotl.
Tho Perishing rifles doricd their
namo from former commander of cad
ets, John J. Pershing, now captain in
tho United States army. It was or
ganized to promoto proficiency In mili
tary di 111 and the rule to admit to
membership only well drilled men who
desired to attain oBpoclal proflcloncy
has been sortnuously lived up to In
tho past and Is being enforced this
Students who have had ono semester
of drill In the unlvorBlty or an equiv
alent elsewher, are eligible to member
ship. Dues are nominal. Each year a
handsomo gold medal is offered for
proficiency in individual drill, tho win
ner of three consecutive contests or
drill-downs receiving permanent pos
session of tho medals which have boon
won "for keeps" by Joel StevenB, 98;
Jerome I. anger, 1901 and L. A. Shel
don, '05.
Last year under Captain Stanley the
Persuings made a very envlablo repu
tation and It Is hoped that an equally
creditable showing may be mado this
year. With the new drill regulations
this furnishes a splendid opportunity
for tho experienced men and non-conls
to keep up and ahead of tho rest of
tho batalllon. Certain phases of tho
drill will be taken up that are gen
erally dispensed with or merely touch
ed on in tho battallion, owing to tho
short time students are required to
There are many former Pershlngs at
tending tho university, some of whom
have made known that they cannot
drill this year. Others intend to drill
but have not yet reported. In order
to simplify matters a list from last
year's roll Is published below. Those
whose dues and fineB are paid in full
may bo excused for a limited time or
dropped "in good standing" upon appli
cation to tho captain.
Those whoso dues and fines are not
paid1 will be allowed a limited tlmo to
Bottle with Mr. A. E. Palen, treasurer,
and tho ones who do not avail "them
selves of this opportunity will be
dropped "not In good standing." The
list Is na. follows: Adams, Anderson,
Orltes, Denny, Hlrehey, Higglns,
Lane, Legro, Miller, McComb, Nelson,
Palen, Peterson, Pool, Ramsey, Ross,
Richards, Scott, Smith, Skeen, Wheeler,
Wilson, Stone, Moore, Thompson,
Syford, Kendall, Moser, Raber, Rush,
Elmendorf, Murphy, Flake, Walrtron,
Towne, McCullom, Wellenslck, Shel
don. The company meets every Thursday
night at 7.115 sharp, for a short, snappy
drill and as they are dismissed prompt
ly at 8 o'clock the mon still have two
hours to study before the library's
The following list of applications
have been received And approved: Fred
C. Ayer, O. S. Copeland, J. R. Dumont,
B. K. Eaton, C. Q. Johnson, H. A. Jos
lln, John McNicol, C. C. McWIlliams.
C. E. Mickey, R. V. Pepperburg, H. W.
Post, I. T. Robrer, C. D. Slaughter,
Roy Stlnes. ,
Applications will bo received "for a
limited time only, after which no more
will bo received until the second eem
estor. LOST j A gold watch, with the. mon
igram B. H. on it. Finder please re
turn to the office.
Erlo B. Woodward, M. D., diseases
f eyewear and tiroat. 207-8 Richards
block. Phono 666.
, l
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