The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, November 11, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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Ofy jp Jjw jjcj T T t T' T V "I r T V $ V v T $ T P $ f ftf)
A consolidation of
Tho Hgtporlnn, Vol. ftl, Tho Nubrnnknn, Vol, 10
Scnrlot unci Crunin, Vol. i.
wone Deep inio mc yuanty 01 uur
r - .
r ! Publiiihod dally, cacopt Sunday nod Monday,
V at tl)o UnlvorHlty of NfliruHkn, Lincoln, Nob.
by tho Hoaporlnn PubHHhing Co.,
Bourn Or rjiiiKOTOna
Profosaors J. I, Wynr, nnd 0. R. Richard:
II. P. Lcnvltt
John WcHlovor E. R. Walton.
Asa't. Adr.Managnr
Paul A. Ewlng
A. G. Schrolber
Walter E. BtandoTeu
Fred Naughtoa
Nona - - J . Olydo Moor
Athlotlo .... Frcl A. Sweoloy
Local ... D. P. DoTonng
Socloty Miss Minnie fllllor
Literary Mian Lot Stettor
Editorial Rooma and Bunlnora Off Ice U 911
Pont Office Station A. Lincoln, Nebr.
Night Telephone
Automatic 1528
Automatic 2365.
Subscription Frlco, 2 por year, in adranoa
Entered at the poitoffleo at Linooln, Neb.,
aa socoiuloiitv) mall matter under the act of
oongroiB of March 8, 1870.
' .'!.' ,,.m ' I I i. imwii. ' l
Indlrldnivl notice will bo charged for at th
rata of 10 cents for en oh insertion, Faoulty.
departmental and imlvernlty bullotlna wlU
gladly ba published freo, an heretofore.
Editorial Remarks
What lathe mutter with Nehraskn'H
loyalty? Was there, after all, mnio
truth in Coach Booth's .statement that
we don't know what college spin us
It Heemed for a time that we had dif
proed this, oik e for all, but nirh
seems not to be the a-' .How.
When roiihed to a hlnh pi t c ti of emo
tion liy a great battle, like that in
Moulder, or like that in Minneapolis, it
is not hard to show tho result of one's
leeliiiKK, and at such times-; the leal
i rue ial test of college spirit does not
(ome. The true trial of loalty comes
when nothing exciting has happened
lor some; time, when the football team
bas been doing just what wq expect
them to do, but not anything more,
when thoy are practicing, night alter
night, taking hard knocks and MiHip"
words--, and working hard all the time
Then we are apt to lose some of the
t lose interest and to forget lor the
moment, that this is just the time that
:h team needu us, needs our spirit,
and oiir loyalty Right now is the tUne
v. hen we ought to buck up and show
the team that we are still with them
1'ioLiihly. after the manner in which
we have received them already this
j ear, they will not forget that we are
lack of them Hut it is up to us to
tee that they ate constantly reminded
of the fnrt This-trtp to Kansas City
is the onlyone we-will have to take
with the team; the only time when
--Nebinska rooterB will have an oppor
tunity to match their wind power with
the sturdy rootets of other seltools, and
this is the time vhen we should every
one of Y.& make up our minds to go to
Kansas City and shaie in- Nebraska's
victory oer the Indians.
Y. M. C. A. Meeting.
Beginning next Sunday and contin
uing for one week, college -V M C.
A.'s representing 4:1,000 young men all
over the United States and Canada
will hold daily prayer tervices Sunday
morning at 9 o'clock In the association
looms, a ' quiet hour" will be observed,
l'rof. F, A. Shift", one of the strong
young men on the faculty, will be the
leader. Bible classes at thiB hour
will be merged into tho one meeting,
and i most profitable time is assured
tor the men who attend. All univer
sity men are urged to be present and
especially association men. Tho doors
kffr G
The further you go the more satisfied you w 1 be
of its superior make. We do not know of any clothing
that possesses the general good looks and stylish appear
ance that characterizes our clothing.
Take our suits and overcoats, grade for grade, com
pare them critically and you will admit a difference of
from $2 to $5 in actual value compared with what other
good clothing stores ask.
Our $10 Grades
are strictly hand tailored and compare favorably with
garments sold elsewhere at $15.
The same value difference is true in our finer grades of suits and
overcoats selling at $12.50, $15, $18, $20, $22.50 and $25.
Armstrong Clothing Co. I
will be locked and no one admitted
lflei '.) 1.") During the remainder of
the week short meetings will be held
i t oil- HI 2d to 12' HO p m These meeting.-,
will be led by some ot out sliong
c t r.dents
llr Thomas K (ireen ol Kaut-a Citj
will address the men's mas-s meeting at
the Oliver next Hunda.v afternoon Hi
(heen is a man of distinguished abil
Ity'as a speaker and lecturer 1 a -t
winter he gave a number on the Y M
('. A entertainment course, which wau
c nthusiastlcally tec ehed
The meetings thus far hae
well attended and much inteiebt
enthusiasm has been shown
s ecial lnu-iic- is always of higli order
I'nnerslty men are especiall.v invited
tc; attend The doors of tho Olivet will
open at 3 -.10
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
Sunday meeting, Nov L'0, 1 lot;
'chocs fiom tlie Geneva uiiilut'iiiv
Mits Ruth l'axson, Chicago l Mis1
(.'oppock, Mr Willio llotchkish, Alric-a
Miss Wood, I)r S I) Coidon, Cleve-
land. Miss lOrford, Toi.cnes Here and
Theie, Miss Mooie. Tent 1 ife, Miir.
King. Dress I'arade, Misj Coopei , Mem
bets in AJanj I ands, ,'liis Witheis
Song service at II p. m Come and
jiitir youi Iriends wil.i you
T.icse who have heaid !)i .Jones of
ft. Paul s will be glad to hoar that he
has" consented to addiets the assoc la
tion at some ot the Sunday afternoon
meetings during the year. Watch fcjr
Miss Withers returned from tho
Kaiibus state Y W C. A. convention,
Monday evening. While there she met
Misra Anna Van Zandt, '01, who led a
bible bout each morning of the con
vention. MIes Van Zandt ib at present
ihe general secretary of tl-f Kansas
university Y. W. C. A.
Pyrography Material Hand Mirrors,
Collar and Cuff Boxes, Photograpk
Boxes, Pipe RacJis, Wall Pockets,
Match Safes, Burned Leather Novel
ties atrthe Lfncoln Book Store.
The Famous will give a special dis
count of 10 per cent to university stu
dents on all purchases of millinery, kid
gloves, corsets, etc.
$5.00 Meal Ticket J4.00.
meal. Good Health Cafe.
Lunch or
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inittee -hall be president ol the boaid
iiid he shall appoint one ol the juuioi
c ommittee as set ic-tai y
I V Meetings mav be called li (lie
I re-Melent alone, en upon ireii(-t of
ti e ineml ei1-
The1 boaid sliall base coinilete
control overall ollhial intei -e lass e on-les-t,
and shall make rules governing
sue li e ontests
VI The pies-idenl shall apptji n t a
committee of thi"e lot each olllc ial
eoiitc. t, who shall reeeive all icieipts
Rent a Remington at student rata
and keep our notes in good form
Olihe Corner of Oliver Theater llldg
See Fleming, 1211 O street, about
your jevvelrv: special attention to le
paii ing
Bon Rons and Venetian chocolate at
Maxwell's, Thirteenth and N.
Chapin Bros . Florists, 127 So 13th.
I For Men 1
t Come in and Talk it Over.
"He Makes Clothes"
We have been very successful In
catering to weddings and parties
where something EXTRA FINE
It wanted. Why can't we furnish
you with your Groceries for all
ial South 13th Street
Watch, ClocK or Article ol Jewelry
O. A.. Tucker, Jevuelor
UZ Q AuPUau. BU 534. AuU J&34
Grif fin-Grccr Printing
Wedding Invitations, Ball PiogiAou,
and all ktntU of Commercial Printlnar.
Hk Jt a tKb vk.
&hm &
113 North llth St.
Sole Agent for Lincoln.
LWh' ' ,.A' Vf.
. Sj-i.Ttto -M :'!u , -,,rr w V.t.k'
' '
t -xi fV &$ ''&