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Vol. IV, No. 33
Price 5 Cents
Railroads Offer $4.00 Rate to
Kansas City.
Prospect nro Hrlghtor for n Hip: Ex
curnlon to UnnktUI Gnme.
Yesterday an excursion rates of $4
for the round trip to Kansas City for
the Haskell Indian game was an
nounced by the Burlington and Mis
souri Pacific railroads. The train will
leave at 11 p. m. Friday evening, via
the Burlington. Returning, the excur
sion leaves Kansas City from the Mis
souri Pacific depot at 11:30 p. m. Sat
urday evening. The excursion reaches
Kansas City at 5 o'clock Saturday
This rate is good only in chair
coaches. The rate including sleeper Is
$5.75 plus $2.00 each way, or $9.75 for
the round trip.
It is expected that this rate will be
productive of a large crowd from Lin
coln to cheer the Cornhuskers to vic
tory. Excursions are to be run from
many points in Kansas and. Missouri,
and the game is regarded as the sport
ing event of the season at the city on
the Kaw. According to the Kansan,
of the university of Kansas, Haskell
will have the assistance of several
hundred rooters from Lawrence, tho
homo of Both K. U. and the Haskell
institute. The game will, therefor, af
ford an opportunity to reiww-otn4 ac
quaintance with Kansas rooters, and
Nobraskans will Jump at the chance
to try conclusions with them once
Talk'of the girl's rooting squad at
tending the game Is reviving, since tho
new rate has been announced. The
excellent work done by the girls In the
Iowa game last Saturday would make
this result one to bo devoutly do
Blred. Benedict's condition Is steadily Im
proving. While unable to be about yet
his log is much better. For tho first
time since his football career began
Bennie will be a spectator on the side
lines at tne NebraskaHaskell gamo
The team that lines up against the
Indians Saturday will probably be the
same that took the field against Iowa,
with tho exception of Benedict, at left
end. It lies between Robertson and
Standovon for this position, with the
odds slightly in favor of Robbie, whoso
weJghL gives aim. the advantage. What
wo will do for a punter Saturday Is a
matter of speculation. No one on tho
squad can come within Bhouting dis
tances of Bennio when it comes to
"kicking; and as the Indians are strong
in this department the loss of our
captain will bo greatly felt.
Hunter is out for practice again, and
will probably Tie In tho first lineup
Saturday. In scrimmage Tuesday even
ing Weller tore a muscle lose In his
right shoulder, and will bo out of prac
tice for tho remainder of tho week.
This Is a hard blow, for Borgs' ankle is
not sound yet, by any means, and
Woller haB shown himself a worthy
substitute at center.
The basket ball squad will report
for practice at 4 o'clock this after
noon. As yet not enough mon have
turned out to make it worth while to
open up the chapel floor, and conse
quently, many have been unable to
play, at all, or fpr a few minutes, at
most. It will be but a short time until
the first game, now everybody should
come out for practice that can p"os,slbly
do BQ,
A lf lf it lit "tlj lit til lit iL lt llf lit if lit tif "A lt lit L lit til il tif
Haskell Game - Kansas City
Round Tip, $4.00
GOOD ONLY IN COACHES. Special train leaves the Vt
B. & M. Station at p. m. Friday. Returning leaves Missouri t
Pacific depot at Kansas City at J Jt30 p. m. Saturday. Sleeper n
rate on same train $7.50.
Freshmen and Sophomores Will
Struggle on Gridiron.
This afternoon at 2 o'clock the first
inter-class football game of tho year
will bo played on tho football Hold,
when tho teams of the Freshman and
Sophomore classes will lineup against
ei-ch other. Both have been showing
up well In practice, and a hard gamo Is
anticipated. Tho freshmon look espec
ially strong, and promlBO to put up
an excellent fight. In tho past tho
freshmon athletic teams have usually
won the championships. Last spring
the freshmen track and football teams
were oaslly victorious over all oppon
ents, and be football team was van
quished after two lomj-tl.wwii out
and fiercely contejtod fights, by the
oniors. Tho greptr numbers fioiu
which the first year ,ioople aro eunl lid
to draw, give them a rtoc'l-'l nd Min
tage over the othrr ciu-in, which aio
also weakened by th 'act tha: the Irtt
athletes in their numbers aic u-uu'iy
nnmbers of varsl.v toains and unarle
to compete in lnic-rlass cci'i"sti on
I hat account.
The lineup for today"? game lias n t
boon announced yet, and will not le
luitll this afternoon. An admission
fee of 10 cents will probably bo
charged to defray the oxo'Hi&es of tho
Holds First Session of the Year
The university senate met yesterday
afternoon in U. 107, for tho first time
thiB year. No business of great Im
portance was concluded, but a com
mittee of five, of which Dr. Bessey Is
chairman, was appointed to look up the
methods of conducting examinations in
other western universities for tho pur
pose of devising means for unifying
our system.
The following are the regents' rules
regarding the university senate, as con
tained in the recently-published by
laws of the board. It will doubtless be
found-to contain much informationTor
tho majority of tho readers of the Ne
Lraskan: Tho chancellor, the deans and tho
professors who aro heads, of depart
ments with such others as the regents
may appoint shall constitute the uni
versity senate. Directors of univer
sity schools, the registar and the in-
spector of accredited high schools may,
attend sonato meetings and engage In
Foot Ball Mass Meeting
J 1 o'clock
1 ll if ifa ifa lit t t ifa ifa lit lfa lf 1 lto ifa tfa t
dobate, but not vote.
The chancellor of tho university
shall bo tho presiding officer of tho son
ato. In the absence of both tho chan
cellor and tho senior dean, tho dean
or the professor longest In service,
who Is present, shall preside.
Tho secretary of tho board of rogonts
shall bo tho secrotary of tho univer
sity sonato. In his absonco a tempo
rary secretary may bo chosen.
Tho sonato shall meet at tho call of
tho chancellor. Notico of meetings
shall bo transmitted to tho members, In
writing, at least two days prior to the
time appointed for meeting.
The senate may consider general
questions relating to the educational
and administrive work and policy of
tho university and shall have power
to decide such questions subject to the
approval of the regents.
The order of business at the senate
meetings shall be:
1. Reading minutes of the last meet
ing. 2. Reports of standing or special
3. Communications.
4. Miscellaneous or unfinished busi
ness. A majority Of all the members of the
stnate shall constitute a quorum; but
no action of the senate relating to tho
government of a college shall be bind
ing upon the faculty of that college
unless a majority of the members of
such faculty be present.
Freshman President Appoints
Members of Board.
President Barwick of the freshman
class, has apointed tho following first
year people to take charge of the ar
iangemonts for the annual freshman
nop. The sophomore hop has already
been held, and it is e'xpected that the
fieshmen will -get busy immediately.
-The committee:
Edward Johnson, master of ceremon
ies, Ray Kimball, chairman, Messrs.
Bullock, Burruss, Barnes, Blaffk, Met
ophe, ""Withers, Jlssesr Laws, Legore,
Campbell, Bain. -
We will make up the Bumstead stock
in our tailoring department-at -25 per
cent discount. Palne's, 1217 O street.
Elliott's Sultorium, cleaning, dyeing
and repairing. Prices reasonable. 1130
0 street. Both phones.
$6.00 Meal Ticket $4.00. Lunch or
meal. Good Health Cafe.
The Dramatic Club Will Engage
"Everyman" Company.
Will Ilnine tho Templo I'lcdge ljr Thin
At a mooting of the Dramatic club
hold Monday morning plans for tho
coming production of the famouB old
play "Evoryman," which is to bo given
under tho auspices of tho club, Docom
bor 1, woro discusBod. Tho play will
bo given for tho purpose of making up
tho romalndor of tho pledge to tho
Tomplo fund. Tho success of tho
"Ladies Minstrel" last spring, whllo
most pronouced was not sufficient to
make up tho ontiro sum plodgod, and
the success which has attended tho re
vival of "Evoryman" at other placos in
tho country has soemod to offer an ex
cellent chance for tho club to score a
sec or d big hit in Lincoln.
It ih tho oldest play In tho English
language over presented In this coun
try, and was written and first played
In England nearly 500 years ago sev
eral years before Crlstopher Columbus
siartcu on his famous voyage across
lite Atlantic.
It was revived two years ago by tho
Elizabethan stage socioty at Oxford
university, and created such a profound
impression and aroused so much Inter
est that It has since been played In all
tne principal cities of England and
America. No modern dramatic work of
reent years has caused a tithe of tho
disc ussion nor received one-quarter of
the mention from tho dally and per
iodical press as this strange morality
ploy of the middle ages. Today the
majority of intelligent readers are fa
miliar with the story of ""Everyman" a
story which Is as true now, as It was
500 years ago.
Rudolph E. Magnus who plays the
title role, is a young actor of great
promise, possessing remarkable resorvo
power: his portrayal of "Evoryman,"
for which he is eminently fitted both
in physique and voice, has boon praised
by the dramatists, and by tho clergy
and imeillKent theatergoers. Tho com
pany reimporting Mr. Magnus is ono of
the hiipor lor attainments as tho charac
ter of tn play demands. Tho company
carries a complete sclenlc equipment
Mstoiiccily accurate in every detail.
This engagement can truthfully bo
termed a novelty in more ways than
one. and it cannot but arouso the deep
est interest among all who appreciate
that which Is best in the drama and
literature. To mlBS this opportunity
of witnessing a complete performance
of "Everyman," will be a matter of
sincere regret.
The scenery and costumes have been
especially designed from ancient prints
lrr the British miiBo"iimand will add
greatly to the splendor of the engage
ment. The engegement of tho play by a
college organization in America Is by
no means a new thing. The nature
of the play, Its setting and atmosphere,
have made It a favorite among col
lege students, and last year it was
played at several of the most promi
nent universities in the United States.
At the university of Wisconsin, tho
play was recently given, and made a
decided success.
Tho Saturday sales at the Two Fifty
Hat store are eye ppeners for students.
It Is always New, snappy goods '"fon
sale, and alwaysat nearlv half nrlc.
Something Is on. every Saturday.
Tho Famous wilj give a special dis
count of 10 per cent to university stu
dents on all purchases of millinery, kid
gloves, corsets, etc.
If you got it at Armstrong's, lfs
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Dr. W. E. Jack, Dentist, 1301 O St
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