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Vol. IV, No. J 7
Price 5 Cents
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Minnesotans to Give a Splendid
Reception to Cornhuskers.
Much Intereat In lining Taken In Tho
The way in which tho Nebraska-Minnesota
game Is being regarded by the
Gophers, 1b best shown by the elaborate
preparations that are being made to
entertain the visiting Cornhuskers The
Minnesota university papers have been
full of comment during the past week,
on the action of the press club, which
has decided to give the first social
function of its career on the eve of the
big game. A large attendance at the
game is expected from Nebraska, and
the affair will, In reality, be a great
reception for them.
The nature of the entertainment is
best indicated by tho following clip
ping from the Minnesota Daily
"College pencil pushers composing
the "U" Press Club are preparing to
break, into society, on the night of
October 28 tho ove of the Nebraska
"They will give an informel at the
Amory on that date, which will turn
out to be one of the most unique as
well as brilliant functions of the year.
"It will bo an informal informal,
of an appropriate Bohemian character,
and between dances there will be all
kinds of such college stunts as clog
ging and singing, by 'U' talent.
The music will be the best In tho
Twin Cities.ith.oprlc.eJis.410,
"We have received the outline of a
melodrama In process of construction
by a person or persons unknown, mem
bers of the dramatic club.
The title will be 'The Red Hand,'
or 'Chicago Gone Mad.'
If the prospectus can be rolled on
. the play will be several shades more
lurid than the title.
"No setting, situation or shudder of
the stereotyped melodoama will bo
lacking. The sagacious child, the fee
ble minded heroine, the idiotic hero,
the adventuress, the villlan and the
inevitable detective will all be there.
"The scene of the play Is laid in the
stockyard district of Chicago at the
time of the great packers' strike and
the action reaches its climax in a great
mob scene in the third act, where tho
hero after being despeately wounded
with two-thirds of a brick, quells the
mob, breaks the strike and wins the
heroine. This pleasing scene is ren
dered complete by the arrest of the vil
llan and the suicide of the adventuress.
"The cast calls for sixteen speaking
characters and a mob of three.
"We will give a complete review
as soon as we receive a copy of the
aThe play will be put on at some pri
vate hall about Nov. 17th. Attendance
will be limited to the Dramatic Club
and a few Invited guests.
"JuBt at the time of going to press wo
learn that the Press Club has opened
negotiations with the author for the
presentation of their masterpiece at
the Press Club ball.
Mr. Corey chairman, Messrs. Bul
lock, Swan, Miss Keegan and Miss
Turnbull have boon appointed on tho
committee, to provide a constitution for
tho freshman class. They will meet to
day at 4 o'clock In U 110.
Loming's Dairy for Ire Cream,
. H
'Milk and Confectionary
Fleming, 1211 O St., is showing a
'&nice line of Jewelry.
V Armstrong Clothing Company, prac
tical hatters.
Chapln Bros., Florists, 127 So: 13th.
The Nobraskan has received tho fol
lowing now rooting song from Miss
Mablo H. Stephen, '04, of Omaha. Cop
ies have also boon sent to tho rooting
loaders, and to the band, and have met
with much approval from both quar
ters. They will be tried as soon as
the weather moderates sufficiently foe
the rooters to got out, and it is sug
gested that everyone save the No
braskan or cut tho songs out for handy
1. Time "If I but Know."
If I but knew, what we would do
When we line up 'gainst Mlnn'sota,
I'd bet some more, upon our score
And be so confident, and cheer so loud!
Perhaps we'll win, and score like sin
We surely will. If we keep still,
This Saturday will make us gay
Nebraska'll win, we're sure Bhe will!!
2. Time "Listen to the Band."
Oh see our bully team
How splendidly they play!
How well they pass the ball
Hear everybody say!
There's Eager, Mason, Mills
And Bender swift you see
We will surely win the day
When our Bennio leads the way
To victory, for dear old Nebraskee!!
3. Time "Tale of the Alamo."
We'll shed some tears for Minnesota
When our team runs up the score
Our presence will be felt we guess
When Bender runs some more
No paper's tale of It will tell.
How much we them outshone
But we'll give a fair account of It
When we get home.
4. Time "Here's to the Land which
Gave Me Birth."
Here's to the, team we love so well
Here's to our star and jride
Here's toTre6TOFea"IharhTucn do tell
Preparation for Knox Game is
Spoiled-by Wet Weather.
On account of the wet weather yes
terday, light practice was held on the
campus last night. The recent changes
made In the line-up, make this es
pecially deplorable Just at this time,
on account of the hard game with Knox
next Saturday. The Galesburg men
have one of the best teams In thqlr
history this year and promise to fur
nish one of the closest and hardest
games on the schedule. Their game
with Illinois resulted In a score of 11
0 against them, while Illinois was able
to beat Indiana by a score of only 10-0
last Saturday.
Manager Davis has returned from his
trip to Kansas City where he went to
close arrangements for the Haskell In
dian game, to be played in that city
on Nov. 12th. As the park manage
ment failed to guarantee sufficient seat
ing capacity for tho game no contract
was signed, and if those having the
park In charge do not come to time
there Is a possibility of transferring
the game with the Indians to Omaha.
This Is not thought probable, how
e verms there Is a strong feeling of
interest already worked up In Kansas
City and the foot-ball fans would not
consent to allow the game to be trans
Friday Night,
h Fraternity Hall
Here's to our fame so wide!
We'll show them all how to play foot
ball With Booth behind to guide
Nineteen four will show some moro
What Nebraska can do!
5. Yell. (Indian.)
Sizzle, sazzle, Husky Poke
Ou-rang-ou-tang, Ou-rang-ou-tang,
A hie! haec! hoc!
Boomerang a shanghl! ki yo! ki yi!
Boomerang a shanghl! kl yo! ki yi!
Biff! Baff Bubbles! Bah!
Osky, wow, wow! Nebraska!
Yell slow at first, then faster until
laBt two lines are very fast and sharp
"Osky wow wow! like Indian war
whoop. Tune. "Under the Anheuser Bush."
Talk about the teams of the vaunted
Big Nine,
Praise their lightning plays and their
strong beefy line.
There's a little squad thats' the pride
of our state,
You've seen them play and you know
that they're great;
Often In a game when tho fierce strug
gle's on,
If a moment comes when the play
, seems in doubt.
Watch and see Cornhusker grit will
win out.
Come, come, come help tho boys to win
Yell for the Scarlet and Cream
Come, come stir up a Joyous din,
Cheer our victorious team,
Hear our brave Uni band. (Ach du
Heber Augustine)
Just shake the old grandstand. Yah!
Do. do wake and get some life in you,
Yell for the Scarlet and Cream.
M. H. S.
ferred If they could help it. A largo
crowd is expected at the Haskoll game,
and the feeling, mostly for Nebraska,
Is very gratifying so long before the
As yet no definite rates have been
made either to Minneapolis or to Kan
sas City. Low rates to both points
will undoubtedly be made, however,
and a large crowd ought to go with
the team on both these trips.
Regular basket ball practice last
night brought out a good number of
players. After some preliminary goal
throwing and passing the men were
placed In two teams with Capt. Hoar.
Beers. Hagenslck. Burruss and Durkee
against Krake, Fowler. Tyner. Van
Burg and Mathewson. The older and
more experienced men succeeded In
keeping their opponents from scor
ing but were compelled to play swift
bnll to do so. Fowlor, a new man, has
the height to make him a valuable man
when he develops more speed and ac
curacy. Hauser. of track athletics
fame. Is intending to get out for bas
ket ball practice soon. H1r haieht with
the necessary speed would make him a
vuiuaoie jnan at centre. BasTtef ball
practice will bo held Thursday after
noon, if the gym is open. Notice will
be posted to-day or in Thursday's
Dr. W. B. Jack, Dentist, 1301 O St.
October 21st
HrlHJ I7-aTf'c flM-U.t
ww jio viwiwua .
Long Awaited Faculty Carnival
Near at Hand.
New Features Atltletl to Alrently Long
List of Attraction.
Tho first L.g event on tho program
of the Groat Faculty Circus, which
will show on the athlotlc field tomor
row aftornoon will be tho Calvacado,
and fancy ovolutlons of tho troop of
twenty-five trained horses under tho
directions of Colonel Bills and Profes
sor Taylor. An exhibition of two
trained horses will also bo given, as
well as a broncho-busting exhibition.
Much mystery is connected with tho
wild animal part of tho show, and we
have not been able to find out much
concerning it. A laaoolng contest,
which is also scheduled, is being
kept quiet, and some startling sur
prises are promised.
Tho Indian war dance, which was
called off, has again boon placed on the
program. The races will consist of a
slow bicycle race, in which Professor
Caldwell is expected to beat Professor
Barber, by at least half a mile, a walk
ing racez 100-yard dash wheel barrow
race, etc. The football team will line
up under Professors Emorson and
Condra. The band of 110 pieces will
be In charge of Dean Pound.
A number of university girls will
compose the population of a Gorman
village." They will, ,be costumed aa
Deutschers- and will dispense rofrbah-''
ments if handsomely renumerated. No
clowns will be on hand, but a country
doctor, not Dr. Ward, a genuine reub,
and other well known freaks among
the faculty will be present.
Appointments Are Announced at
Drill Last Night.
At drill last evenlngrthe regular uni
versity commissions were given to the
commissioned officers of the battalion.
Captain Chase presentom them, with a
few well chosen remarks. It was also
announced that a number of the cadet
uniforms had arrives, and might be
had at the down-town clothing stores.
The following appointments were
made In the battalion, to take effect at
Cadet Frank T. Dayton to be 2nd
I leutenant and Quartermaster.
Cadot I con J. Pepperborg, to be chief
Cadet Stephen Hayman to te princi
pal musician.
Cadot Stove Anderson, to be ser-'
Cadet Myron Abbot, to be sergeant.
Cadet Alfred Crago, to be sergeant.
Cadet Chas. McElroy, to bo sergeant.
Cadot F. A. Schmidt to bo corporal.
Cadet Arthur Smith, to bo corporal.
Cadet Harry L. Leo, to bo corporal.
Cadet Roy Heacock, to be corporal.
Cadet Leroy White, to be corporal.
Cadet W. T. Young, to be corporal.
Cadet, L. M. Horn, to be corporal.
Cadet George Lyons, to bo corporal.
The stenographic bureau was not in
operation for A while yesterday morn
ing, owing to slight injuries sustained
by its Principal, Miss A. Ottio Wiggen
jost, caused by the mix-up of a bicycle,
a runaway team, qnd an O street curb
ing. High Grade Chocolates and Bpn
Bons. Maxwell's, 13th and N.
Lincoln Transfer Co.; baggage
Phone 176.
For Furs see Steele, 143 S. 12th St.
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