The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 18, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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    Gbe 3D a i I IRebraehan
the Daily Utbraskan
A consolidation of
Tin- Ht-Hiii-rliin. Vol !ll, Tin- NubniNkiin, Vol. 10
Sonrlit mid ('roam, Vol. 4
Published daily, pxr'pt Bundny nnd Monday.
ut tlio UnlviTHlty of Nihrimkn, Lincoln, N'b
by the HeHjicrlnn PuIiIIkIiIiik Co ,
BoAnn Or ninKCTs
I'rofi-HhorH J. I. Wycr. nnd C. It. ItlchnnU .
II V Lcnvltt
John Wntovrr E It Wnlton.
Editor in Chief
AnVt Adv Mnnngcr
Paul A BwIiik
A ( Schrcibor
WnltcrK Stiwidcvcn
Krod NnuRliton
Ni'WH - .1 Clyde More
Athlutlo Knxl A.Swwloy
Awlntiint Athletic Itnyniond H McCaw
Locnl -DP De Young
Society MIhh Minnie Hlllcr
Uterury - MIhh Ltn Stctter
Blltoriul RooniH nnd BuHlniwa Office U 21 1
PoBt Office Station A Lincoln, Nelir
Nlgjjt Telephone
Automatic J 528
Automatic 2365.
Hul)Hcrij)tlo:i Prico, $l per yenr, In advance
Entered ut the postnftlec ut Lincoln, J?il ,
as hccoihI cIu-ih mull nmttor undor the act of
eniiKresh of March !l, IS70.
Individual notice will lx ehnrk'cd for nt the
rule of 1(1 cents fur enoh tiiHcrtlon KWultv,
ilepnrtinontnl nnd unlverKity Imllellnn will
ejndlj bifpubllMhi-d free, n heretofore
Editorial Remarks
It was u smiiic ot some surprise and
considerable Kratiflcatlon to Nebrns
Kans at the CieiRhton fjame laht Satur
day to observe the enthusiasm and
pride exhibited by the Omaha Medics
oer their riht to actively participate
In rooting for the Scailet and Cieam
It is indeed a pleasant revelation to
liml oneself still among friends in a
ttrange lty. 11 ut the Omaha Medics
showed thempelvcB to bo possessed of
genuine Coinhuskor Bpirlt They were
out In full force, and vied with the
1 incoln motets in cheering the team
The alumni of Omaha alto showed
ample evidence that they had not for-
One kind of a dog has one kind of hair,
And another dog has another kind, and
Yet they both look all right for each
One's hair is a part of itself.
MORAL: Buy a Hat that Becomes You.
gotten their alma mater. All In all,
the Creightou game provided one of
the pleasantest features of the foot
ball season and should hae a place
on succeeding schedules.
Roosevelt Men to Form a
Tomorrow Night.
The Republicans of the University
will meet next Wednesday evening at
7:30 o'clock In the chapel to organize
the University Roosevelt League. The
Etate Republican committee will fur
nish a speaker. Following a short ad
dress, olllcers will be elected and mat
ters .of vital Importance discussed.
It will be an enthusiastic gathering
aud should not he missed. Every Re
publican is requested to come and reg
ister. Subscribe for The Nebraskan.
Y. W.C5. A. Notes.
The Sunday meeting was very Inspir
ing. Miss Withers had charge of the
Hible reading, after which Miss Cop
pock addressed the girls on "What
(Jod has Olven Us," and "What We
Should Olve to Him."
Mrs. F. M. Hall then talked about
the past work of the Y. W. C. A and
uiged the girls to attend the coming
convention, that thoy mjjht the better
plan and work In the flnpre.
After the meeting the-" Y M C. A
and Y. W. C. A. members met in the
Y. W. C. A. roomand held a twenty
minute song service. This service will
be held each week hereafter, after the
usual afternoon meeting.
A tocent Issue of The Nebraskan
announced that the annual state con
vention of the Young Woman's Chris
tian Association would be held at Uni
versity Place, October 21-23.
Many excellent speakers will appear
on the program, the most important
being two secretaries of the American
(national) committee, who will make
two addresses each, beside some short
talks. -These seciotaries come with
broad experience and are always a
source of great Inspiration both to an
audience and to individuals There
will be three Ulble hours, probably In
charge of a popular professor from the
State University, whose work has been
widely and favorably known in the
state It will be a particular pleas
ure to have also Mrs. Emma F Byers,
general secretary of the large city as
sociation In Omaha, who, besides mak
ing an important address on Satur
day, will occupy the pulpit on Sunday
morning. Mrs. Hyers is well known
In Nebraska through the splendid
work at tho head of which she stands
in Omaha. Miss Gold Corwin. the state
secietary. needs no intioduction to the
young women of the colleges and
cities where she has visited. She will
trael over the southern and western
pails of the state before comentlon
prganizlng and isitlng associations
and working up as large delegations
as possible. Miss Florence N Hanson,
general secretary of the Lincoln city
association, will make nn important
address, touching the woild's work,
which Bho has had opportunity of
studying during her travel abroad
Miss Myra Wltners. the successful sec
ietary of the Stato University associa
tion, will assist in many ways to make
the convention enthusiastic and help
ful. At this time Miss Abbie Hums,
who has the chair of modern languages
at Nebraska Wesleyan university, will
formally take her place as chairman
of the state committee to which posi
tion she was elected while studying
abroad soveral months ago. Miss
Burns is well known as an elllclent
worker and popular professor, and
comes to this place with experience in
both local and foreign work. Per
haps best known of all is Mrs. Naomi
K. Easterciay of Lincoln, a member
of the American committee, and one
of the founders of the association
movement. We aro pai ticularly pleas
ed to have this capable woman with
us. There will, of course, be a score
or more of prominent women of tho
etate. members of faculties, Etato and
advisory committees and city boards,
as" well as large mini bora of local work
ers and alumni. A further announce
ment of the program will follow.
Rent a Remjngtou at student rato
and keep your notes in good form,
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High Grade Chocolates and
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ity, and above all because it is
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In the Botannical Seminar on Fri
day afternoon I)r Ernst Bessey de
scribed the appearance of the country
and its vegetation from the Caspian
sea eastward for 1.200 to 1.500 miles.
Much of the country is a dry. sandy
desert, and ouly from 2 to 3 per cent
of the area is under cultivation. In
the mountains of northeastern Turke
stan, where there is a greater rainfall,
he found the thin-shelled walnut grow
ing wild, and also the apple and pear.
There have not escaped from cultiva
tion, but are the original wild forms
fiom which our cultivated varieties
have been derived.
In October the Bay View Reading
Club, J. M. Hall. President, and Cen
tral Ofllce in Detroit. Mich., will enter
uron its thirteenth year. This is ono
of the gieat educational institutions
of the day. It is organized in every
state and territory and outside of this
country, and embraces over 1,000 liter
ary clubs and moie than 15,000 mem
bers, besides hundreds who study
alone It offers this year two popular
coursed, one on Germany. Belgium artel
Denmark, l)je other on the theme of
the hour, Russia and Japan
Any students interested in playing
chess are requested to meet at the Y.
M. C. A. rooms at 7 o'clock this even
ing. The universities of South Da
kota. Iowa. Missouri and Wisconsin
all have flourishing chess clubs and
the lowas have challenged Nebraska
to a match by correspondence. Some
money and supplies have already been
raised for a chess cTub here and the
intention ia to organize this evening.
B. B. Gillespie, manager of the $2.50
Hat Store, opened up a bunch of dol
lar Oxford shirts this week that are
particularly good for student wear in
that they forget to wear out.
Frank G. Lee. Public Stenographer
and Notary. Mimeogiaphic letters;
perfect imitation. 501-502 Richards
Blk. Auto 1155.
Cowgirl, Mining Girl, and other
Poster Pictures for room decorations.
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J.R. burlSch" 'r. m
I"1 II Ml MM IMd
v. '&ii&iMitawtW&$l
, ?,
J U iHc
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