The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 12, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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tnirtt&jnfi'iu vXHa fe-y-S
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ttbe ail? flebraeltan
fce ap Jlibraskatt
Published dally, cxcept'Sundny nnd ljonclay,
ly tho HcHpcrlun PnbllBhInK Co , at tlu Uni
versity of NobrnHkn, Lincoln, Neb.
A consolidation of
The Heperliint Vol. 01, The NubrnHkan, Vol, 10
Scnrlot nnd C'ronm, Vol. 4.
Editor-in-Chief Paul A. Ewlng
Manager A. O. Sohrcllxsr
("lrcnlntor Walter E. Rtandevon
AHt't. Adv Manager Frod Nan h ton
Ni-wh - - . J . Clyde Mooro
Athletic Frl A. SwcHoy
AKfiistiuit Athlotlo Raymond H.McCaw
UkjiI D. P. Dc Young
Society MIhh Minnie Rlller
Literary MIbh Ieta Stettcr
Editorial Roojtih and BnHln Office U 21 1
Pont Office Station A. Lincoln, Nobr.
Automatic J528
HnbHcrlptlon Price, $2 per year, In advonco
Entvrud at the poHtofflco at Lincoln, Neb.,
iw m-cond-cliwH mull matter under the act of
'OiKrcuof Mart-hn, 1879.
Individual notion will l)c charKwl for nt the
rate of 10 ccntH for enoh inwrtion Kncultv.
dejinrtTi )tl and nnlvorHlty bulletin will
plndly bu imbliHhwl free, bm heretofore
Editorial Remarks
The action of the upper classmen
in nsslstlng the first, year class to ef
fect an organization la a decided 1m
procment over methods which hae
aeretofore been In vogue. By insuring
an absent e of rowdyism and roughness,
such as has alwas accompanied for
mer Freshman dans meetings, the
.Iunlor8 and Seniors hae taken a step
In the right direction, and the piaitice
t-hould be continued. No class oi In
dividual has a right to interfere in
anything but a friendly manner with
the proceedings of another. The Ne
hraskan believes that what was done
jesterday with this in view, was a de
( Ided advance toward better feelings
In (lass relationship.
After 7 o'clock in the evening The
Daily Nehraskan's phone number Is
Automatic 2365. Anyone wishing to
talk with the editor or the business
manager after that time, can do so
by calling up this phone.
"Centuries of trial have tested tho
usefulness of early drill In Latin as
a builder of scholarship, nnd I have
llttlo doubt that years, from now it
will still hold Its place In the best'
Mr. V. W. Park likewise discusses
the value of historical study and its
approved methods. He sees benefit not
otherwise to be secured, provided right
methods arc employed.
Tho Principal reprints a recent
article of his in the Nebraska Teacher,
on the topic "Business or College?" He
finds for the boy or gjrl forced In
business life, compensatory benefits
and a wealth of opportunity for cul
ture and discipline in buslnesr life
under modern conditions.
Tho paper closes with a column of
statistical prooi that a collego educa
tion pays In Influence, power and hap
piness. The new editors, reporters and
business managers have not yet been
elected, but It is hoped that student
control will soon be established.
Mrs. T. M. Hodgman begins her calls
on tho young women of the academy
this week preparatory to the renewal
of the Social Hour club meetings.
These, as heretofore, will bo monthly
meetings, usually at the home of the
Prlncipnl It Is probable that the
young women will assemble at 0
o'clock for tea and a study of the
twelve greatest pictures. This study
will be under tho direction of trained
leaders and will be Illustrated by
photographs. Yet, despite this serious
element these meetings will remain
primarily for social intercourse and
mutual acquaintance.
The football men are reviving won
derfully and are determined to carry
out their contests with Omaha and
York. Here's- to victory or at least
honorable defeat!
Academy Notes.
The first issue of the Academy News
tor the new year appeared last week.
It was a faculty number exclusively
Miss Adele Lathrop, who has returned
to Teachers' College, Columbia Unl
erslty, writes discriminate of stu
dent life in the west and in the east.
Her dosing sentence reads:
"One easterner, at least, has felt very
ttrongly, and has rejoiced to feel
greater fieedom and unconventionallty
in this part of the United States, a
predominance of large and many-sided
interests, a saner progressiveness,
wider public spirit, and a true hos
l Utility not to be excelled" In any
part of this country or In any other
Miss Elizabeth Kingsbury, who has
returned to the faculty of her alma
mater, Buchtel College, Ohio, writes in
n reminiscent and prophetic strain of
Buchtel. The years have brought sad
ness and Joy. but moid of tho latter.
JJ,C, Ellen rn!i!UBh discusses the
(tlfterencc between academy and ordi
nary high school life. She finds tho
advantages not wholly with the former
but on tho whole prefers, for those
preparing for university work, tho
greater freedom and responsibility of
the academy environment.
Miss Florence McGahey enthuses
over her vacation days in northern
Michigan, where crisp air, the delights
of woods and water and escape from
wearing care, bring strength of body
and mind.
Miss Nellie Dean gives a carefully
written defense of the study of Latin
In secondary schools. She concludes:
Illinois University Professor Col
lects Interesting Figures.
The injury of one of Nebraska's
players In the recent Colorado game,
makes the following list of statistics,
compiled by Professor Edwin G. Dex
ter, of the University of Illinois, for
Spaulding's Official Football Oulde, of
special interest to Nebraskans:
l.bout one college man in ten In
the country plays football.
2. About twice as large a proportion
of the men In the small colleges play
the gaTne as in the larger universities.
3. The ' proportion of men playing
seems to be slightly decreasing.
A. About one player in 35 U Injured
Fiifficiently each season to necessitate
loss of time from college duties.
F. The number of college football
players who are permanently injured,
or who die from the effects of the
game Is so small as to be practically
a negligible quantity.
C. College football is adequately su
pervised In nearly all the Institutions.
7. The opinion of college officers re
garding tho value of the game Is about
17 to 1 in favor.
8. The newspaper reports of injuries
to college football palyeis seem to bo
greatly exaggerated.
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Pjuoav sonsnB8 ooubjusuj luapjoov "6
The Famous will give a special dis
count of 10 per cent to university stu
dents Qn all purchases of millinery,
kid gloves, corsets, etc.
The School of Music Cafo Is becom
ing a popular place for meals. Try It;
you' pay for what you eat only.
Magee & Deemer
It is just as easy to form a good habit as it is
a bad one. And it is just as hard to break
a good habit as a bad qne. So get the good
ones and keep them. President McKinlcy.
The habit of giving careful attention to little
things is the secret of good dressing. It's the particu
lar men the men who insist on exact fitting clothes
that are wearing our "Kensington" Suits. Acquire
the habit of being well dressed it pays. Suits $ J 2.50
$J5, $J8 and up to $30.
Mew Cravcncttes
This morning we opened a new
shipment of black and fancy Crave.
nettes. We are selling a great many
because we are showing exceedingly
good values. Coats, well tailored,
full length and belted splendid fab
rics at $J2.50 better ones at $15 and
up to $20.
We Clothe Men and Young
Men Exclusively.
fflB lVlKH
I Get a Portable
Reading Light
If you study at night.
If you don't, get one
for father's next visit.
We have a new line.
138 So. 10th Street
Erie B. Woodward, M. D.. diseases
of eye. ear and throat. 207-8 Richards
block Phone CCC.
The A. M. Davis Co.
We make
Specialty of
for Students'
Give Us a Call At
O Street
59 Cents
buys a Steel Umbrella Rack
like cut
Wall Paper,
Queens ware
In fact Every
thing for the
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