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Vol. IV, No. 9
Price 5 Cents
Ibe 5atl mebraefean
Fred Hunter is Elected President
of the Senior Class.
Only One llnllot la NeceMary to Klect,
The Other OfllcrH.
As predicted in yesterday's Ne
braskan, the election of Mr. Fred M.
Hunter to the presidency of the Senior
class was accomplished without much
rilfneultv vesterdav morning in Me
morial Hall. The full membership of
the lass was present and much in
terest was shown in the meeting by
dthei classmen as well. About a half
dozen Juntois managed to gain ad
mittance, but were ostracised to one
corner of the room, and raised no dis
turbance except for occasional dis
paraging remarks as to the rnanner in
which things wore being conducted.
The meeting was called to order
promptly at 11 o'clock by President
John Allen. Nominations for the
presidency were at once called for. and
three names were offered, those of Mr.
Hunter, John Bender and Frank Peter
son. Mr. Bender had been mentioned
previously in connection with the
presidency, but Mr. Peterson was more
or less a dark horse. The first ballot
resulted. Hunter 59, Peterson 42, Ben
der 12 Mr. Hunter's ote being a
majority of all votes cast, he was de
clared elected. Mr. Allen, the retiring
piesident, and Mr. Hunter both made
short bpeeches, the former thanking
the class Tor favois him during
his term of office; the latter outlining
briefly his policy and the policy of
the c lass.
Mr. Roy Clark was c hosen vice-president
by acclamation Miss Moore was
named as secretary, and Miss cooper
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
The Bible study rally will be held
on Sunday at 3 p. rti. In U. 10G.
There wll bo good music and Chan
cellor Andrews will address the girls
on xuF-e College Girl and Her Bible."
Members of the V. M. C A. are urged
to Invito others to the meeting. All
university girls arc cordially invited
to be present.
The Y. M. C. A. cabinet meeting was
held on Monday evening from 7 to 8.
'I he names of the fitty-five members
were read and accopted Some plans
were made for the state convention,
which Is to be held at YVesleyan on
October 21. 22 and 23
The following girls will have charge
of the noon prayer meetings next
week :
Monday Edyph Ward.
Tuesday A llene McEachron
, Wednesday Susie KInyon.
ThuBday Lena Nelson.
Friday Elizabeth Thomas.
At a meeting of the Medical society
Tuesday Miss Venus Poole was elected
S resident and Frank Morrow vlce
resldent. The membership of the so
ciety is largely Increasing this year
and it is expected that something of
Interest and benefit will bo presented
to the medical students at every meet
ing. The society is planning to have
v soveral lectures by physicians of repiif
The members and congregation of
the First Presbyterian church will give
a reception to stuitentB at the church
parlors, Thirteenth and M streets, this
evening, from 8 to 10. Tho university
public is cordially invited to be pres
ent. Erie B. Woodward. M. D,.. diseases
of eye, ear and throat. 207-8 Richards
block.' Phono 66G.
In commemoration pf the famous "Fzesfy
man Cap Buzning" Art Hall, Library
building, on Friday evening, Octobez yth
Tickets, $1.00
Jeffersonians Effect Organization
and Start Work at Once.
The Jeffersonian club held an en
thusiastic nteetlng Wednesday evening
in the law lecture ro6m, and adopted
plans for a vigorous campaign. Mr.
A. A. Worsley. fusion candidate for
State land commissioner, addressed the
club and was accorded close attention.
New officers were elected, as follows:
President, P. J. O'Gara; vice-president.
Mr. Martin; secretary, Mr. McGuffey.
A meeting will bo called soon for
the purpose of perfecting an organ
ization that may work in harmony
with the state committee.
Sunday Meeting.
Sunday at 3 p m. W H. Balch. a
graduate of the University of Wiscon
sin and Ph. D. at the Northwestern
Unhciblt j will address university men
In Memorial Hal on "Methods of Bible
Study " Dr. Balch Is an unusually
forceful speaker and because of hlb ex
perience in a state university will have
something or special interest for Ne
biaska men. For the past five jears
be has been a member of the board of
control of the Nebraska Epworth as
sembly and last jear was elected itc
ice-pictldent While acting In l'..l?
capacity he haa won a very large eli
de of friends. Two weekB ago he was
called Fo the pastorate of Trinity M.
E. church and comes with the strong
est recommendations. These meetings
hae been Intel estlng and attractho.
as shown by the largo attendance, and
Dr. Balch is enthusiastic over this op
portune of meeting Nebraska men.
Music in Chapel.
This morning in chapel. Mr. Edwin
C Rowdon, a well known barltono who
has just leturned to Lincoln from New
York, will give the following Bong
The Lost Choid Sullivan
Gipsy John Clay
Spring Song Mac Ken.le
Romanza (Tannhauser) Wagner
Die Belder Grenadier Schumann
Why do the Nations (Messiah)..
Tho faculty concert of the School at.
Music, whlcn was postponed from last
Thursday, was given In Memorial Hall
last night.
W S. McNut of tho academy football
squad has a badly broken nose as a
result of Wednesday's practice. This
is an evidence of the necessity of wear
ing a pose guard even in practice Mc
Nut was orre of the aeadomy's most
promising men for the back field and
It Is hoped that It will not put him
out of the game permanently.
The general university reception to
students, which was postponed las'!
Saturday night on account of the death
of ex-Regent Charles H. Gere, will
be held next Saturday evening from
S to 10 o'clock. In the armory. All
students are Invited.
The Junior Laws met in U. 107 yes-
Fterday morning and elected Black
r hnvablil a f T unrtln vlna.nraailant nrwl
Clark secretary. No other business
was transacted.
Nine o'clock Sharp
Philippine Constabulary Offers
Good Chance for Cadets.
Captain Chase has received the fol
lowing letter from the Philippine con
stabulary. It Is self-explanatory and
needs no comment:
Dear Sir: It Is deeiied to get a list
of the names of a number of young
men of excellent character and good
education, who would accept appoint
ments as officers in the Philippines
constabulary, so that, as vacancies oc
cur from time to time, .appointments
could piomptly be made by cable.
From fifteen to twenty-five young men
wi'l be appointed yeaily, and tho con
stabulary offers a good career for young
men of energy and Initatlve who ha'c
special aptitude for dealing with n ti
thes and for mllilaiy work
1 would be glad to hae circulars
placed In the possession of several
young men who hae. In the past five
or aix oars, graduated from your In
stitution without conditions, and whose
habit1-, antecedents and stability of
chaiacter and Judgment are such as
you or other responsible members of
join faculty could recommend as be
ing men who will, so far as can be
told, giow and develop Into men of
itiong character and Integrity.
1 v.ould thank you ery much If you
will aend to any of your giaduates
whom you may hae In mind, copies
of circulars which I will furnish, ask
ing them If they care to accept an
appointment in the constabulary, and
If so to communicate directly with me.
sending the necessary medical certifi
cates and recommendations as to char
acter and fitness with their applica
tion Very respectfully,
Chief of Constabulary.
The order establishing the same sys
tem of demerits as In effect last year
was lead last night at drill. Fifty de
merits per semester disqualifies the
cadet for promotidn. and makes his
work for the semester deficient. If the
cadet gets sixty demerits In a semester
he is required to report to the chan
cellor, who acts upon, his case. De
merits are given for various offenses
in military line, such as dirty equip
ments, failure In respect to- officers.
absence without permission, and wil
ful disobedience of orders. Explana
tions for any misdemeanor may be
submitted to the commandant through-
cadet captains within ton days, of de
linquencies. Dr. Fling gave a very interesting and
instructive lecture to" his history stu
dents last week, concerning his
recent trip to Europe. Among other
things, he said that his dreams of fu
ture Ideal education included at least
one ear of study and travel abroad for
every college student., the work done
there to be credited here as & regular
course. He suggested how, with man
agers of Institutions properly Inter
ested, such a course could b6 con
ducted. LOST Todd fountain pen. Finder
return to Nebraskan office.
Meals or Lunch. Good Health Cafe.
miit. i
Cornhuskers Depart via the Rock
Island for Colorado,
Tliey Kxpoct a Ilnrtl (lame. Mlnnaantii
Ih Wntclilng NcbrnsCft.,
YeBtorday afternoon, tho football
team left over tho Rock iHland for
Colorado. A somewhat small but en
thusiastic crowd of about 200 students
accompanied tho team to tho station,
and under the leadership of Billy
Ramsey and John Allen gave thorn a
send-off that will doubtless hnvo iU
effect on the result of tho game.
Each man waB cheered Individually
and required to make a speoch to the
rooters. Coach Booth gayo qu,lto an
extended talk, stating that he expected
the team to win at Boulder, but re
alized that." tho git mo would Ue n hard
one. He Bald thai no attempt would
be made to run up a big score, oen
If the westerners- proved weaker than
expected. "All wo want," ho Bald, "la
to win the gatme."
The coach'was ovldently disappoint
ed at the alze of the crowd that turned
out to bid the Cornhuskers good-bye,
but was much pleased by the enthu
siasm of thOae proBent. Some rather
severe, but obviously true lemarks as
to Nebraska spirit were made, but tho
general tone of hlfl talk was optimis
tic. Dean Bessey, who was present.
also gave a short talk.
The following mon made tho trip:
Coaches Booth and Wostovor, Manager
Davis, Mills, Borg, Speer, Mason (Cy),
Robertson, Johnson, Benedict, Bender.
Mason (Glen), Eager, Richardson,
Barta, Fenlon, Wcller, Barwlck, Stand
even. Cotton and Burns.
Up In Minnesota tho dopesters are
conscientiously trying- to keep a close
watch on the CornhiiBkers. The follow
ing short article appeared In a recent
number of the Minnesota Daily:
"As far as can bo gleaned from the
Nebraska papers, they expect to have
the best team that Coach Booth has
eer taken In hand.
"Seveial old men are back, among
them Bender and Benedict "and Cotton,
who has played tho last two years and
who last year played against Captain
Hogan of Yale In scrimmage and
played him to a standstill most of the
time. Mills, tfio 2G0 -pound center, la
also back and expects to tease Moso
Strathern some. He" Is getting' Into
the gamo faBt and furiously and is
quick as a man of much less avoirdur
pois. Cy Mason Is playing a great
game at end with his brothdr Glen at
They are beginning to -hold mass
meetings, and Nebraska rooters arc
planning to come to Minneapolis in a
body on October 29 and have hopes
of departing an theydlil two years ago.
They have adopted a new yell and ex
pect to make it ring heartily on North
rop field."
One of the lockers held by the actfd-
cmy-football men at the city Y. M.
C. A. was broken Into some time be
tween 5 p. m. Saturday evening ant)
the same time Monday evening and
about $20 worth of football material
stolen. Secretary" Mayne offers $5 re
ward for the detection of the thief,
and every effort will be made to catch
him. Considerable of tills work has
been going on on a smaller scale, but
this Ib the first time that any one has
been bold enough to break into a
Miss Helen WoodsmalLhfrs accepted
a position 'as head of 'the department,
of Physical Education In Colorado Cof-
lege, Colorado Springs.
Lincoln Transfer Co.; baggage.
J Phone 176
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