The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 06, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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Zbe JEDatlg-Ylebraeftan-
Cftc Daj ftebniskan
Published lnily. except fiunclny unci Monday,
1 tin-Hi'Mjicrlnn PuMlHliiinr C ut tin- Uni
vcrdtv of NcliritHku. Uiwoln. Nli
A cciiiHolidiitlon of
Tlic HiHiM-riiui, Vol. Ml. Tin- Nebnvdinn, Vol. 10
Sfiirlt't mid ('renin, Vol. 4.
Kdltor fi Chief I'liul A. KwliiK
MnnnKer A. (1. Sihrelber
Urculntor WnltiT K. Htnndeven
AnVt Adv Milliner Fred NiniKliton
N,.vV., . .1 Cljde Moore
Athletic Fn-d A.Swee'ey
Alstnnt Atlile'lc Hiiymniid H MK'nw
j(,.1 D V DcYduiik
Society MWs Minnie Hlller
Llternry MIhh I.ctii Sfetter
Kdltorlnl HoomH imil BuhIiicii Office U 2II's
Post Office Station A Mncoln, Nelir
Automatic 1528
BuWrlptlon Price, 12 per yenr, In ii-lvance
Kntercd lit the poxtofllce nt Lincoln. Nel) ,
us second class niiill mutter under the net of
congress of Mnrrh !l 1STII.
Editorial Remarks
Tills afternoon nt :i:2.r o'clock the
lootlmll team leaves for its first Rame
ol the season on a strange Held, 'l .iero
Is no necessity for the Nehraskan to
dilate on the nature of next Satur
day's contest everyone knows that the
team will not only hae to struggle
against an opponent that has already
shown itself to he of unusual strength,
but must also light against i new
ilimate. anil one not hj any means
ontlurlve to siu-li football as Corn
li'iskeis aie a ustotnetl to Our games
in tin- west hae always tesulted In
i In-,!' sioies we predltt a (lose one
lor next Saturda The fate of the
MaiK team m a high altitude last year
cannot be forgotten
Mat a giand exhibition ol the pio
MMbial ('ornluibker spiiil this after
noon tannot fail to hae il- effci t on
(he lesult of the game Nebraska ian
liot afford to suffer defeat in the cuni
ing contest not an impossibility, by
any means but il the team lull what is expected ot it, we
aie that nothing of the sort
will happen. It Is the duty of eery
Nehrnskan to he on hand this after
noon, to thoi otighly demonstrate what
is epe ted of their team, and to show their suppoit a( i ompanies them.
Nebraska's Exhibit at St. Louis
Much Talked Of.
I as-t week The Nebraskan published
i:n article from 'Ti inters Ink ' of New
orli in regaid to the system ol ad
ci Using whU h Registrar Shedd. now
on special leave of absence as secre
tary ot the Nebiaska (onnnisslon at
the St. Louis Exposition, has employed
with Mich marked success during his
connection ,wi the university. Con
cerning Mr. Shedd's work at St. Louis,
the same journal lias the following to
"Nebraska's appropi iatlon for the
Woild's Fair at St. Louis was one of
the smallest made by the states and
ttn'itoiies An extravagant legisla
ture suddenly became extremely eco
nomical, with tne lesult that the orig
inal estimate of $125,000 for an exhibit
was cut to $33.(l(Ul. This made a state
building impossible, and the sum was
dewited by the Nebiaska State com
mission to providing exhibits In the
chief buildings Hy careful manage
ment, however, and ahe intelligent
work of the commission, the state of
Nebraska has been given a representa
tion at the fair which ranks first in
point of advertising value.
"The main exhibit is In the Agri
cultural Huilding. .t was decided that
this exhibit should demonstrate Nt-
There is No Romance or
Poetry in Men s Clothes
"KT there are lots of things that make for the well dress
ed man irrespective of the lack of all poetry. You will
be astonished if you see the difference in the way our
clothes are constructed the shape and stylish fitting quali
ties they possess. We claim to sell the Best Clothing in the
United States. Some other clothing house could sell just as
good if they handled the same goods. When we offer Stein
Bloch Co. smart clothes to our customers we know we are go
ing tire limit in value, style and fit giving. No other concern
makes such clothes and haven't for fifty years. You should
see the new models in single and cloubte breasted sacks. Also
English Walking, they represent styles that you will see no
where else, because we are sole distributers for Stein-Bloch
Co. Smart Clothes for this section of the United States, and
you must See them of us or miss seeing them altogether,
which would be a great mistake if you desire the best.
Armstrong Clothing Co.
bra ka's advantages as a pjodiwer of
live stock, giain. dairy products, beet
sugar, etc, and its attractions for the
home-'-eeker llanison d Sjedd. sec -letarv
ot the commission and pait
owner of the I iiu oln Daily Star, vi.-it-"cl
the Agricultural Itiinding last t a I '
Tin st met ure has an aiea of moi.e
than twenty -three a(ies. and is neaily
two miles fioni the main entiainc ot
the lair Some ext raordinarv attrac
tion was needed to halt huiried sight -'ceis
at the exhibit, and in c-istint:
about lor. such an attraction Mr Shedd
made a half decision in favor of
tiaiiVjUiiene ies thowing tanning scenes
Then someone suggested that stere
opticon views be substituted and this
finally giew into a moving pictuie ex-hibitioi
"A complete little theater has been
built in the renter of the exhibit.
e(iii! "d with a stage. 13.") opeia chairs
and electric fans Standing ioom is
nrovided for seven! v-five spectators
Inhibitions lasting fifteen minutes are
sriven thhteen times a dav so that fully
:t (Kiu persons witness the exhibition
dallv The show opens- with ordinary
-teieoet ic on views which indicate the
atricultuial and grazing belts of the
Mate and these are accompanied by a
hi let lectuie on Nebraska The mov
ing picture entertainment then fol
lows Seven diffeient sets of views
aie shown in rotation, one at each ex
hibition m that the same Him is used
onlv twite aday One pet of pictures
deals with the state's beet sugar in
dustry, showing lyirvest scenes, a beet
5'tigar factory, etc. Another shows the
great ranges in Western Nebiaska
with a round-up jf ri.000 head of cat
tle roping, brandimr bucking bronchos
nnd cowbovs. A third is made up of
spring and summer scenes on great
farms showing i lowing, sowing, culti
vating, hai vesting and tlueshing A
fourth deals with midsummer and late
autumn scenes, carry the year from
haying time to corn husking. The fifth
film consists of moving pictures taken
at Nebraska's big Harvest Home Car
nival The sixth shows the dairying
industry by means of views of feeding,
milking., shipping c ream etc. The
f-eventh deals with the cattle Industry,
and photographers are now in Ne
braska taking other views which will
he shown before the close of the fair.
Each roll of film measures more than
a mile and the scenes have beetf care
fully selected with reference (to the
human and humorous element being
Interspersed with views of children,
greedy young porkers, cunning calves
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