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Ibe Batl IFlebraekan
Vol. IV, No. 8
Price 5 Cents
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Foot Ball Men Start This After
noon for Colorado.
A Hiirtl Ouiiie U AnHurecl. Colorado Is
Ileporteri Vcfy Strong.
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afternoon at
for Colorado
Colorado last Saturday defeated the
University of Utah 33-G, Utah's score
being made on a fumble and a result
ing 105-yard run. The game Is de
scribed as one of eleven men together
against eleven Individual players,
with the usual, lesult.
The Colorado papers aie devoting a
good deal of space toward showing on
paper that Nebraska's overconfldence,
together with Colorado's real ability,
will result In the defeat ot the Corn
huskeis. A hard game awaits the var
sity out in Boulder. This much Is
certain. But It's the haid games that
Nebraska has a peculiar habit of win
ning. But the students should not let
the team do It all. Every victory this
yoar should be one of the whole school.
We can't cheer the scarlet and cream
on at every game, but we can alwajs
give the team a good send-off. This
afternoon at 3:20 at the Rock Island
depot the varsity leaves for a game
that will try Nebraska's grit to the
utmost. I et every one be at the sta
tion to cheer the team. A good end
off is half the battle, and this that we
can do is certainly up to us to do.
After putting the varsity squad, com
posed of Mills, Borg, Barta, Bonder.
Benedict, Eager, Weller, Burns. Rob
ertson, Johnson, Speer, Standevon,
Glon. Cy Mason, Fonlon, Barwlck,
Marsh. Cotton, Denslow and Richard
son, through signal practice and a
good drill in the fine points. Coach
Booth sent the scrubs against them
for a good scrimmage. Gains were
consistent. If not very long. The right
side of the varsity line still shows too
much weakness, though this may be
overestimated, as the left wing of the
iciubr is stronger.
These men. with Coaches Booth and
Westover and Manager Davis, go west:
Mills. Borg. Speer, Mason (Cy). Rob
ertson, Johnson, Benedict, Bender,
Mason (Glen). Eager. Richardson,
Barta, Fenlon, Weller. Barwlck, Stand
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wwwiiww onwwftwmwwwuwww wmt 'goowtw
In commemoiation of the famous "Fiesfy- J
man Cap Burning." Art Hall, Library j
building, on Friday evening, October jh 1
Tickets, $1.00
Nine o'clock Sharp
fhe. These two events will give Ne
braska distance men something to
think and work foi.
Beginning Friday the cross country
men will run Fridays and Mondays at
5 o'clock and on Saturday afternoon
at 2:30
Y. M. C. A. Banquet.
Friday evening, beginning promptly
at G o'clock in St. Paul M. E. church
dining room, the University Y. M. C.
A. will give a complimentary old fash
ioned dinner to all members of com
mittees and to all university men who
are Interested in association work.
Among other business matters that
will be attended to Immediately follow
ing the dinner will be the election of
a treasurer to succeed Mr I,. J. Zook.
who did not return this fall. Those
desiring so to do will be able to leave
by 7.30 and it is expected that all busi
ness will be attended to before 8
o'clock. Those who had the privilege
ql partaking of last year's dinner will
not need to bo urged i.o attend this
one Friday evening. It Is an annual
event In association circles and will
be given at the expense of the associa
tion for those who are directly Inter
ested in its work. Any one so intei
ested will please leave his name with
the general secretary and he will be
heartily welcome
Work This
Men are
to Begin
Fomoirow evening at 5 o'clock the
cioss country men will take their first
mn. Added Interest Is being taken
this falj In cross country running for
Nebraska Is to be represented by a
five-man team at the cross country
championship run in the Olympic
games at Bt. Louis November 17. The
run on that date is to be eight miles
in length, one on the track, six cross
country and the finish on the track.
The first five finishing score for- tho
winning learn United States champion
ship medals will be awarded teams In
first; second and third places. Run
ners from Greece, France and England
will compete with the collegians of
America. All places on this team are
yet open. Tomorrow will he the first,
run and until then no Idea can be
had ot the material available.
Another event which has given an
Impetus to cross country running Is
the annual run of tho Western Gross
Country association, of which Herbert
States is treasurer, which occurs at
Chicago on ThankEglvlng. Nebraska
will le represented at this run, which
is fhc miles In length, by a team ol
At a meeting of the Dormitory girls
Tuesday evening arrangements were
made for the monthly dances to be
held during the winter Miss Franklsh
was elected president, and Misses Hall.
FltzgeraldJ Gluck. Davey. Verne Hall,
and Walker were chosen proctors.
The general university reception to
btudentd. which "was postponed last
Saturday night on account of the death
of ox-Regent Charles II. Gere, will
be held next Saturday evening from
5 to 10 o'clock, in tho armory. All
students are invited
Additions Made to Roster of the
Cadet Battalion.
Laot evening at cli 111 a number of
ery important additions were made to
the roster of officers already appointed
in the battalion The most important
of these wns the promotion of Clement
I . Waldron to the majority. Mr. Wal-
dron Is the first Junior to be major in
the history of the battalion. Last year
he was first lieutenant of Company A,
which won the Omaha Cup In tho an
nual competitive drill.
Tho entire order was as follows:
Special Orders, No. 2
1. The following officers are hereby
appointed In the battalion, to take ef
fect this date:
C. I . Waldron, to be cadet major
H. M. Crawford, to be first lieuten
ant and artillery officer
Albert Heimrod. to be first lieuten
ant and signal officer.
Paul Horst. to be second lieutenant,
assigned to Company B.
2. The following non-commissioned
officers are hereby appointed In the
battalion, to take effect this date:
A. T. Charlton, to bo sergeant major.
R. H. Thompson, to be battalion
quartermaster sergeant.
F. A. Anderson, to be first sergeant,
assigned to Company A.
E. D. Skeen. to be first sergeant,
assigned to Company B
A. H. Scribner. to be first sergeant,
assigned to Company C
C. D. Wilson, to be first .sergeant,
assigned to Company D
The above officers and non-commls-sloned
officeis will be obeyed and re
spected accordingly
By order of Capt. Chase.
Most Important Class Election of
Semester This Morning.
Fred Huntfr U at PrrMont tlio KuvorlUt
for I'rrslilcnt.
The Seniors will meet at convocation
period this morning in Memorial Hall
for the election of officers. Politicians
ol the class were busy all day yester
day, with tho result that the end of tho
contest for the presidency can be pre
dicted this morning with reasonable
certainty Yesterday afternoon tho can
didacy or Mr Fred Hunter was an
nounced, and this was soon followed
by the withdrawal of Mr. W J. Woods.
who. had been the most prominent of
tho men seeking tho place.
Notwithstanding the boom of Mr.
Hunter, and tho withdrawal of Mr.
WoodB, It is )ossiblc that some other
candidate will spring a surprise on the
meeting. A number of possibilities for
.the place are available, and at the
time of our going to press. Mr. Hun
ter's election is by no means assured.
He Is, however, by far the most prob
able choice. No candidates for the
lemainlng offices have beon announced
The presidency of the Senior clasB
is ctonsldered the most important class
office to be secured, and Interest in
the result of this morning's election
exceeds even that shown In tho de
liberations of the Freshmen. The full
mpmborshlp of the class is oxpectcd to
be oh hrtrid
1 The Palace.
Green's j 109 N 1 1 Street.
Shops j The Mogul.
I 1144 O Street.
Franke E. Lee. Public Stenographer
and Notary. Mlmeographlc letters;
perfect Imitation. 501-502 Richards
Blk. Auto 1155.
$5.00 for $1.00. G5od Health Cafe.
Fleming. 1211 0 St.
nice line of jewelry.
Is showing a
Tho Famous will give a special dis
count of 10 per cent to university stu
dents on all purchases of millinery,
kid gloves, corsets, etc.
As usual wo arc taking many orders
for cadet uniforms. The cloth, stylo
and fit will bo very satisfactory. Paine.
Rent a Remington at etudont rate
and keep your notes In gqpd form
Office,. Corner of-OHve Theater Bldg.
The School of Music Caffr Is becom
ing a popular place for meals. Try it;
you pay for what you eat only.
Erie. B. Woodward,
of eye, ear and throat,
block. Phone 6GG.
M. D., diseases
3:2o p. m,
cAt Rock Island Tfepot
Team Leaves for Colorado.
EvezyMy Out.
Junior Cap Hop is Already The
Talk of the Day.
The Junior cap hop next Friday
night Is proving a source of much In
terest on the campus and tho success
of tho enterprleo seems already as
sured. The announcement In The Ne
braskan last Monday that A. O.
Schroiber and Cy Mason would pose
In the act that has gained such celeb
llty for them "Holding the Sack"
proved a great sensation. Mr. Mason
In an Interview with a representative
of Tho Nebraskan laBt night stated,
however, that he feared this would
have to be declared off, on account
of tho tremendous advance sale of
tickets. Tlilfi. he said, would make the
performance too laborious for one
man. and his own absenco In Colorado
would make the whole Job devolve on
Mr. Schreiber. At the cost of sacrific
ing his position on the football team.
Mr. Mason fears that he could not ar
range to be present at the hop. but
he has arranged with Mr. Butch Hun
ter, who has had much experience In
similar enterprises, to take his place.
Mr. Schreiber expresses himself as be
ing satisfied with this arrangement,
although deeply deploring the loss of
Mr. Mason's companionship.
It is stated that the plank uBed to
batter down the door at tho Fresh
man party lasryear, has been secured
at much expense, and will grace ono
ond of the hall at the hop.
Lemming's Dairy for
Milk and Confectionary.
Ice Cream,
Get tho beat Henderson
uniforms, at Armstrongs.
& Ames'
Candles, Baked Goods and Ice Cream
at Maxwell's, 13th and N.
Union Shining Parlors. Shine,
Chairs for ladles. 1018 O street.
Your cadet cap Is ready at Pairie's.
T'wlll bo the latest and made right.
Meals or Lunch. Good Health Cafe.
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