The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 28, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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Cfte Daily Dtbrtskan
A KnnHolldntlon of
Tho HtfwrSnti, Vol. Ill, The N.-bmknn, Vol, 10
Snrlcit and (!r-atn, Vol. 4.
t JKri(7fr"4n'C!Uf"
OrrtiT! Mnnnper
AxM't Adv. MnnnK'T
Vnul'A JfRinR.
A. . Shrvibr
WHl'crK Stnndrvfn
Fml NnuKhton
Nwi - - x .1 . Clyde Moore
Attilttic Frl A. SwihIcj-
Ixm-rI DP. Dt Young
Sorlut.r MIhk Mlnnlo Blllnr
Literary MIah Ltit Strtter
RdttorlHl RouniN ami Biwinia Office U 'ill1,
PjSt-QfjrtVv&Uit!pn A. Uwroln,'W1r.
Bubwripllon Price, 12 per jVnr, In advance
Ktitirttl lit the poHtolHcc nt Lincoln, Nebrnxkn
n Hccond-cluHS mnll matter
Editorial Remarks
The notion taken by the innocents"
estcrday morning .should meet the
homty suppoit of every student In the
unheiRlty. It hns surely been often
cnuuKh.domonBt rated in the past, that
(onHtnnt, organized rooting la essen
tial to good football, and the Ne
lra?lan believes that the sooner
something tangible Is done toward the
organization of well drilled rooting
squadB, the better It will be for the
fortunes of the Cornhuskeis. The
football season Is over two weeks old
already. Two games have already
been played; yet the rooting that has
to far been done would hae been
lutlle In a game where the winning
of the lctory bang upon It. Again,
then, the "Innocents" hae set a
pood example. Follow it up!
Inspectors Report Spoke Well of
the Cadet Battalion.
The following letter is the report
ol the army ofllcer detailed to Inspect
the cadet battalion last spring. On
the whole, the report is considered decidedly-complimentary
to -the cadets,
and much gratification is expressed by
the militaiy department .over the
h bowing made by the battalion. Steps
aie already being taken to remedy as
lar as possible this year, whatever de
lects may have tended to mar last
j ear's showing:
The Adjutant General, Northern Di-
ision. St. I.uuis, Mo.:
"Sir In compliance ulth paragraph
1. S. O. No. 20, c. s.. Headquarters
Not them Division, and letter ol in
htiuctionu from same headquarters,
dated May It. 1904, 1 have the honor
to submit the following ueport of my
inspeition of the military department
ol the Vniv?.'H'ty f Nebraska, 1 in
(oln. Nebraska.
"PuiEUHiit to the order uLoe cited,
I arrived at Lincoln. Nebraska, on the
morning "of May 17. 1904, and was
met immediately by Captain Wilson
Chase. Twenty-first Infantry, on duty
at the University of ' Nebraska, in
(harge of the mlljtary department.
"1 carefully questioned Captain
Chase on the subject maTfer of the
questions eubmitted from your office
lor my investigation, also on the gen
eral subject of instruction and dis
cipline at colleges wheie military
fcleme and drill is made a feature.
"In the alternoon I visited the Unl
eisity. where I ins. ected the office
and the department "of the military
instruction and the battalion and de
tachmen'ta of cadets.
"I'-piTr-lose field return of the cor,s
of cadets showing organization and
strength present and absent on the
date of my inspection.
"Owing to the upfavorable weather
conditions, the Inspection of the bat
talion and detachments was Held In
doors. "It was impracticable to have re
view, parade or battalion drill, but
the ceremony of guard mounting was
performed ana a, temporary guard es
tablished. Companies drilled in all
Qexrelses Included in tnd school of the
"The artillery and signal squads
weie examined separately and ques
tioned In the duties of their particular
"Follow ing" the " order of "questions
ppeclally submitted to me for Investi
gation, and report, I find:
"The Oniver8ity of Nebraska Is not
essentially a military school, the mili
tary Instruction being merely a single
feature of the course. In the standing
of a cadet upon graduation, the mili
tary department represents 4 1-2 points
out of 125.
"The students are not required to
be continually In uniform and they
cannot be f aid", to lead a military life.
"The wearing of- the uniform is
compulsory during the hours of mili
tary instruction, drill and ceremonies
and the enforcement of military dis
cipline Is practicably limited to those
"A true military spirit is developed
to the extent of acquiring an excel
lent esprlte de corps, a pride In bear
ings and a spirit of friendly rivalry
between organizations. There seemed
to be present among the young men
the appreciation of submisslvenes3 to
puperlor authority as being a necessary
adiunct to military discipline.
"I should Judge that military duties
were perCormed with cojnmendablc,
zeal. Such was particularly the case
on the day of my Inspection.
"At inspection the appearance of the
cadets compared most favorably with
companies in the regular army, in
steadiness in ranks and keen atten
tion "The rifles wore old but servicable
Springfield rifles, cadet size. Metal
parts generally clean, but not reach
ing the standard of a Saturday morn
ing inspection in the regular army.
Slocks were marred and gave evidence
of long service.
"Would recommend new stocks be
supplied to replace old ones. Coats,
caps, collars, gloves and shoes were
gencially neat. Duck trousers were
worn; In many cases being made long
to allow for shrinkage, they were
turned up at the bottom. A number
of the cadets were not properly
shaved. The equipment, including
belts, scabbards and cartridge boxes,
were in excellent condition.
"For fle clays each year the bat
talion goes into camp, during which
time Instruction is given In minor
tactics, field exercises and litter drill.
Target practice with small arms Is
also held during the period of this
"I believe that by Judicious selec
tions of graduates from this Univer
sity most excellent young men could
be obtained and commissioned as lieu
tenants of volunteers to the great
benefit of the service.
"1 met and talked with students of
the graduating class who were re
volted to have shown particular ap
titude for military service. They were
gentlemen in manner, appearance and
"I believe them possessed with such
a;.titude that practical and actual ser
vice experience would make of them
very desirable officers in the service.
"Judging from my impressions made J
on but a bingle inspection of the mili
tary department. 1 can safely say there
are cadets i.iere who might well be
lecommended for commissions as sec
ond lieutenants in the regular army.
To. particularize, I would name the
enrfet major, the cadet -captalnB, the
cadet adjutant, and the cadet lieuten
ants In charge of the artillery and
signal detachments.
"I desire in conclusion to make spe
cial mention of the cadet band of
twenty-four pieces, which in its ap
rearanco. care of Instruments, and
playincr. Is especially to be commend
ed. The music rendered can compare
favorably with that rendered by much
oldev organizations.
"Very Respectfully, etc"
Captain Chase was much p'eased
with the enthusiasm shown by the
cadets at the first meeting of the bat
talion last Monday night, and con
siders the prospects good for an ex
cellent battalion this 'year. The bat
talion will meet again this evening,
also tomorrow and Friday,
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