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tlhe aito IRebraekan
Dr. Barbour Back After! Installing
Educational Exhibit at Fair.
Dr Barbour and Miss Carrie Barbour
have returned from St. Ixniis. where
they have been busily engaged the imst
month In arranging the Nebraska edu
cational exhibit at the world's fair. Dr.
Barbour's stay on the exposition
grounds was one of the busiest periods
of his life, and hiB energies were con
stantly taxed by the urgent need of
rushing with the greatest rapidity the
work In which he was engaged. Yes
terday afternoon he was beset by a
host of visitors, but found a few min
utes leisure to discuss matters for the
benefit of the readers ..of the Nebras-
Dr. Bnrbour was well pleased with
all the Nebraska, exhibits. He said
that they showed off to fine effect,
ranking up well.
Four Nebraska exhibits received a
grade of 100 per cent. These were the
agricultural, educational, horticultural
and mines and mining exhibits. The
lowest grade received by a Nebraska
txhlbit "was 96 per cent, and even this
waa showing up well.
In all three carloads of material and
some extra packages sent by express
constituted the educational exhibit, of
which Dr. Barbour had charge. Upon
arriving upon the grounds he found
that It would bo necessary to have all
the material in the proper places by
April 30th or a forfeit would be re
quired. In view of the shortness of th
time this seemed Impossible. In the
first place the city of St. Louis and the
state of Missouri had claims upon the
space allotted for the educational ex
hibit. Tne difficulty was adjusted by Dr.
Barbour's consenting to use ouiei
space. Then began the grand rush. The
force of employees with Dr. Barbour's
co-operation succeeded In getting
things Into shape before the limit ex
pired, but there was hardly a mlnuto
to spare. Much of the material had to
be deposited whereever it could con
veniently rest and still make a present
able appearance. Pictures had. to be
hung wlthm&Jprder or taste, but finally
everythintfTiad an abiding place But
after the limit expired, a little rear
rangement being permlssable. the party
was at Its leisure, to undo ltB work and
fix thlngB up In proper style so that
our exhibit was one of the best pre
sented of its kind on the grounds.
All Qf the educational exhibits are
or Education.
state normal schools, other colleges
and the University are grouped as the
top of our state educatlonad system.
The University exhibit 1b up to n
high staadard. The electrical engin
eering department has furnished a few
sets of viewB and some of its apparatus
for display. There are a number of
Inrg.1. finely colored photographs of the
buildings about our campus, views of
public school buildings finished in the
same way, and a large collection of
photographs of school buildings and
school children, if s well as statistics
concerning them.
Exhibits were also sent from the
agricultuial experiment station and
from the S hool of Music. The forestry
department sent Borne beautiful speci
mens of sections of young pine trees
and pine cones and seeds. The V S.
department of forestry station on the
great forestry reserve In Cherry coun
ty, mad? a display of young pine trees
with which they are foresting the
sandhills region. These range from
seedlings a year old to specimens large
enough for transplanting. It also had
on exhibit photographs of the treeless
sandhills In Cherry county, of sand
hills devastated by fire and sandhills
covered with a force of workmen plant
ing pines, and of the first of the well
established pine forests in the treeless
It must be remembered that in the
allottment of space the public schools
received first consideration, the Uni
versity being obliged to take what wa.s
The great features of all our state
exhibits are the moving pictures repre
senting the agricultural and other re
sources of Nebraska. These are serv
ing as a great attraction, overshadow
ing some of the exhibits in the vlclnty
In the matter of attracting intention
St Louis has a $25,000 exhibit on one
side of It, which does not attract a
third of the attention It does.
Nebraska has accomplished more
with .the $800 expended on the educa
tional exhibit than others have lon
with mflch greater amounts. Every
cent has been sient to advantage, and
considering the limited means at the
disposal of Dr. Barbour, we have n
right to feel proud of our showing.
Concerning the fair. Dr. Barbour
said, "It is an Immense project. It far
outranks Paris, and Is greatly superior
to Chicago. It Is a stupendous af
fair. I must Bay."
Dr Barbour reports meeting many
Nebraskans on the grounds. He ex
pects to return soon again to St. 1 ouis
to look after the interests of our exhibits.
What the Track Men and Base
ball Players are Doing.
The trak mon are putting in thrir
final work In preparation for the meet
with South Dakota Monday. Wednes
day night a number of the men worked
out In the rain in order that they
might lose none of their training, and
yesterday they took advantage of I he
fine weather to practice. The track
was soft from the rain of the day be
tore, but conditions were good for pole
aultlng and Jumping
The effect of the train ride to Ver
million on the mm Is causing some
speculation, but It Is doubtful if the
effect will bo of any consequence, as
moBt of the men have been through
Mich experiences before
housed In the Palace
which Is shaped like a great keystone.
and Ib the first ever built at any ex
position. It covers seven acres of
ground and is a building of Immense
proportions, but great asit 1b it was
entirely Inadequate to moot uie uK
manda for space. An open court con
taining two acres had been left in the
center, but It was found necessary
to roof it over and utilize the space.
A buUQIng covering thirty acres could
not haye provided all the room -desired,
and ltwas necessary to economize on
apace 'bo that we received much less
than we could have used.
The rules governing the standard to
which exhibits must obtain were very
strict. Exhibits had to be select, con
densed ami well classified, bound In
books., and portfolios. Diagrams, pho
tographs, statistics and the like are
displayed mostly In swinging frames,
which help to economize the space. A
great deal of work 1b displayed on the
walls. In addition there are counters,
book shelves, cases; desks and lockers.
nnr school system from the kinder
garten to the University is represent
ed. There la a wide range of material
on hand, representing art, music, lit
erature drawing-, science, manuaj
m I. j nil 1 A
raining, etc. .xne won, w ..
miles of all BChoolB has been grouped.
making a continuous exhibit. Tlitf.
Exposition Number Tomorrow
OwMng to the faot that tomorrow's
Nebraskan will be the last one for
the year, we havo decided to make It
a special Exposition number. We have
secured several excellent engravings
of some of the handsomest buildings
on the World's Fair grounds, and these
will bo given a prominent place. In
order to accommodate them, as well
as several other special features which
we have arranged for, the Issue will
contain eight pages Instead of the usual
Baseball practice has been lagging
much this week. This Is partly due to
the rainy weather and the lack of In
terest displayed by the men. It Is cer
tain that the men from Havelcck will
put up a good article of ball Monday,
and It would be bad for our team to
give them any advantage by fulling to
piactlce. The teum will bo minus two
of its regular players In Monday's game
as Bender and Fenlon will go to Ver
million with the track team. Miller
will do the .backstop work for him and
a substitute will play In the left gar
den. Captain Townseud has a sore
thumb, which Is by no means a con
venience In ball playing.
Tomorrow a number of our men will
play under the colors of the Lincoln
Original against the Beatrice Cream
ery team. The nucleus of our team will
play with the Originals the coming sea
son. Bender. Townsand. Steen. Fen
lori. Hammill, Morse and Adams will
be found with the new aggregation this
summer. "Willie" Wilson will come
all the way from his home In Iowa to
lend strengtht this all-star bunch of
prize winners. Bliss, who formerly
played such brilliant ball for the Uni
versity, will also be found on the roll
of honor.
At present the conference colleges
are occupied with the race for the In
tercollegiate championship. At present
Illinois leads, with Wisconsin a close
second. Minnesota has defied the dope
artists by defeating Bololt, and Michi
gan beat Wisconsin, although she was
beaten by teams that the latter has
downed. The race Is exciting and 1h
attracting much attention from the
outside. Iowa and Kansas have shown
a good change In form and both have
vonsomo fine games.
our estimates must bo exact or accom
modations will be uncertain-. Members
of the faculty and students will con
fer a favor on tho University office by
reserving promptly wthMr. Westor
mann. .
The University Cadet band will ac
oompany the train and watoe up old
Missouri. This decision-was reached.
Thursday evening and will add much
pleasure to the trip-- Remember thla
is M daylight trip going over tho Bur
lln'gton and returning by ICansftH City
over the Missouri Pacific.
Congenial patties' may reserve suites
of rooms if they prefer.
Prof. E. H. Barbour has returned
from the' exposition and will prepare
a careful itinerary for the four. days
the UnlverBfty party will be at the ex
position. This will be invaluable In
saving time and strength.
Friends are not obliged to dine at
the hotel. This Is entirely optional.
Although the director has taken
great palnB to secure a splendid train
service and the very best hotel ac
commodations at a remarkably low fig
ure, he can not be responsible for Inte
reservations. The sooner these are
made the better for all concerned.
It may not be known that both train
and lodgings are furnished at absolute
cost by the University.
The train will bo decorated with Uni
versity colors and photographed on Us
departure from the Burlington depot.
This excursion is an event in the his
tory of the University and will cer
tainly be the cheapest and most enjoy
ablo outing available to University peo
ple. Preparations are being made for a
Nebraska program of music and
speeches one evening of the four.
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
The Geneva meeting next Sunday
will bo led by Misses Withers, Van
Zandt, Reynoldaon, Shlnbur, Piper,
Meeker, Clark.
MIsb Hazel Gregg was yesterday
called to her home at Red Oak, la.,
by the death of her father.
Details of Summer Schoo
Excursion Attended to.
Change in Latin Courses.
Next semester course No. 7 In the
department of Roman history and lit
erature will be change to one hour,
meeting on Tuesdays, at 3 o'clock. The
course will consist of Illustrated lec
turcH on the topography, architecture,
building construction and archaeology
In general of ancient Rome. The lec
tures will be supplemented by papers,
reports, and special studies by mem
bers of the class. The course will be
open to all Btudents above their sopho
more year. I should be glad If those
who deB'lrethlB course would report
to me before the clone of this semester,
that I may know what provision to
make during tho Bummer uy way o.f Il
lustrative material.
Xnpuo ujiipi
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.lossajoJd qiAv Xoqj, -OAJOBdJ ibojoj
jgaju iuisQ oqi joj XnpsoupoA Ul
Reservations for this Bpeclal Univer
sity train should be m.ade at once, both
for the convenience of the students and
the director. Hotel rooms may be se
lected and ticket reserved at once by
payment of $1.00. The remaining $14.00
Is due at time of registration.
Mr. Max Westermann Will receive
the money, make the reservations and
give out the railroad tickets. No tick
ets for thiB train will be sold down
Frank E. Lee, successor to F. T. Ah estimate of the probable number
Shepard. public stenographer, mimeo- muat be sent the hotel and the, rail
graphing. Special rates to students.
501-502 Richards Blk. Phono, Auto
lAcademy News Delayed.
The final Issue of the Academy News
is being published by the girls of the
Academy, who have taken the oppor
tunity to gain experience In Journalism.
The Issue has been somewhat delayed
owing to an error in estimating the
amount of copy necessary. The lack
of material had to Immediately and
hastily supplied, the energies of the
girls being taxed to a high degree. We
daresay, however, that the Academy
News for thla month, when It doeB ap
petr will be up to the usual high stand
ard maintained by that paper.
The Whitebreast. Co., at 1106 O St,
fa tho place to 'buy coal.
'n t"
The Home Cafe for "tetrawberry
shortcake. w' "
Lomlng's, ice cream ana candy: 11 tb
.and j St
Wright Drug Co.. 117 No.
'phone 313.
. Wlrlclc's Trunk & Bag Store, 1036 0.
roads by June 10
Already reservations are being .made
by t)ie faculty. Professors Taylor, Can
dy and Luckey, and Chancellor An
drews havo engaged quarters. Orders
havi this week come from Nebraska;
South Dakota and Kansas teachers, In
dications point to a mrge train, ai- Erj0 B Woodward, W. D.. eye, ear,
ready ;jj.buv teacners iiave. , reburu n03e and threat. Glasses fitted.' Hlcb-
rooins nor me wees, oi una wuiwuu arda block. Lincoln,
in the Christian pndeayor-iiotek.attd: ,
' t
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.' ,
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