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be 2atl IRebraehan
VOL. IE. NO. 145.
Senior Class. Back Again After
Strenuous Days Proceedings.
-- ----- .. --.
The Seniors left yesterday rucrnlng
on their Annual Mny Outing, and after
spending an Interesting day at Mil ford
returned in the evening fatigued, but
well satisfied with the time they en
joyed. The party included about one
hundred and twenty-five Seniors. Thev
assembled at the B. & M. depot earl
in the morning. with-an abundant
of provisions on hand antl prepared
for a day of geroial pleasure antl ex
As thoy were especially eager to
do something noblo before starting
thoy deputized a party of powerful men
to go and capture the first Junior that
tncy could find. They were not long
occupied In their search, as they
speedily returned with Uie person of
John V. Allen, prosident of the Ju
nior class. The Seniors landed him
safely In the car, but through lack of
strict watch ho departed tiom their
midst and started up town. He was
promptly pursued and brought bad:,
and after a second unsuccessful at
tempt to escape, was pacified. The new
emblem of the Senior class was floated
to tho brcezo for the first time.
The party arrived at Milford at !
o'clock, and at once piocreded thiough
the streets to the center of the busi
ness portion. There they formed a
large circle and made the people of
Milford acquainted with the fact that
they were from the University, and
were indeed that august body, the clats
of 1904. They perpetrated their new
class yell, which is:
We coiuo with a shout,
Wo corao with a roar;
We're the class of 1SMM.
A number of speeches were made b
prominent members of the class, and
tho Seniors then proceeded to the
grounds of the Spldlers' Home. No
better spot could hae been selected
for tho dny's outing, as the grounds
were spacious and attractive, and the
shade was quite good.
A match game of ball was played be
tween" two teams, one. picked from
the Senior girls, and the other fiom
tho Senior boys. The girls won by a
score of 13 to '2. Airs. Bucknei
pitched an elegant gairie'for the girls,
puzzling her opponents with her laige
assortment of curves. For the boys
Edwin F. Myers did ci editable work
In tho box. He tried hard, but the
odds, were too-great against him. and
ho was forced to resign In Mr. Buck
ner's favor. Miss Ethel Erford did
some splendid base stealing and slid
ing for her side, and Mies - Shinbur
. earned- much-applause by her batting,
throwing' and baserunnlng. Miss Har
riett Brayton- presided behind the bat
lor the girls and let nothing escape
Later a game was played between
two boys' teams, one being the Dande
lions and the others the Black Dia
monds. The former won by a score
Fiesfyman Patty
Walsh. Hall - To-Nigh t
Tickets $i.oo
- - --- .--------
of J) to ?.
Tho class assembled to partake of
luncheon, and thanks to the providence
or tho committee there was an abund
ant supply of tho requisites on hand.
In fact, tho commlttco are to be con
gratulated on the completeness of de
tail with which thoy attended to their
task, as not a hungry Senior could
be found on tho ground, In spite of the
fact that the members of that class
aro habitually so.
After luncheon a number of inter
esting 'speeches were made by mem
bers of the class. Emory R. Buckner
presided and succeeded In tickling the
vanity of the Seniors as he called
upon them In turn, so that they all
responded readily. A large- red um
brella suspended above the speaker's
qjlatj'qrm served to heighten the effect,
and add to the dramatics of the situa
tion. The h( ecli-making having u hid
ed, the Senior athletes got into opcara
tion, and pulled off some in( rusting
contests. A number of records, several
pair.- of suspenders and a col la l button
were bioken by the mighty Senior
men v. ho entered the lists.
About p dozen men participated in
a f)0-yartl dash, antl Mr. Ludden .was
finally declared winner. John West-
over and Miss Mabel Stephens ran
an ecitlngrace theformer wlnningout
alter hard exertion. In the threp
legged ace which was the final event.
Mouck and l.udden carried off the
Alter the races the Seniors seated
themselves again in the shade and lis
tened to very interesting readings by
Miohc-K May Edholm ami Josephine
Poyntt ,
Upon .special invitation they then
adjourned to the Soldieis Homo, where
ever thing possihle was done to enter
tain them. The old soldiers wire gen
uinely glad to receive their guest, and
too much, can not be said in regard to
the courtesy and accommodation that
they showed After the whole class
had filed in anil signed their names to
the visitors' roll book, they were
shown abtut the building and a gen
eral invitation was extended to them
to dance, some of the old soldiers fur
nishing the music. Quite a number
took advantage of the Invitation and
others entertained themselves in other
The Senior baseball team wandered
off up town in search of trouble. They
finally landed up at the baseball park
and were defealetl by the Milford team
by a score of i, to 15.
At 1 o'clock the Seniois began to
assemble at the depot .and returned
to I fiieoln In good time for their even
ing meal Upon alighting from -the
train they formed a profession and
mafched through the streets follow
ing the flag, and being inspired to on
IniLsiasm by a band consisting of ope
nns-ightly peace, which discoursed bril
liantly. They marched along P street
and turned down Eleventh, with all
the demonstrationlhat their volatile
spirits could muster. As a captive in
their triumphal march, they led along
their distinguished prisoner taUeu In
the foray in the morning.
The triumphal body of Senior par
aded about the campus walks and
rounded, up at the big stone east of
tho library. Here they compelled the
captive to mount the stone and after
cutting his bonds they allowed him to
go free.
A number of Juniors were anxious
to despoil the Senior flag and caused
a respectable "rough house." They
succeeded In getting some strips and
these are being proudly displayed about
the campus. A Senior by some swift
foot work lescued the flag pole and
tarried it off to a place of safety. And
tlrns ended a elry of momentous hap
penings, and today the faculty will
vveltome back the truants to the fold
utter misting the pleasure of their as
sociation lor so many hours.
Withdraws from the Congress.
. rhi Camma Delta fraternity has of
ficially notified tho Pan-Hellenic Con
gress of IVs withdrawal from that body.
The reason given for its action Is that
it can not give assent to or partici
pate in the corning Pan-Hellenic bar
becue, because of certain underslrable
features which It is reported will be
connected with it. The communication
regarding this matter was submitted
at the meeting of the congress held
yesterday evening.
May Morning Breakfast will be
First Homo Game Since the Re
turn of tho Team.
This afternoon at 3:,i0 the victorious
Cornlrusker.s will meet Crclghton Uni
versity on the V. & M. park diamond,
arrd Nebraska fans will be given the
opportunity of seeing in uction the
team that skinned Minnesota antl
Notre Dame. Adams will be in the box
anel will endeavor to demonstrate to
the Omahogs any of the fine points of
tne pitchers' art which may have es
caped them in their collision with
Morse last Saturday. The Creighton
te3m has, however, been reorganized
nn. Is expectei. to put up a much stlfTer
game than It d.d in Saturday's contest.
It is not known who will do their
twirling, but the rest of the team wi'.l
lirre up as follows: I annigan, ss; Cal
lahan. If: Mullen. W.. If. Kennedy, 2b:
Creighton, c; Mullen, J., rf; Cassldy,
if; Pendergast, lb; Garvey, lib
It is expected that Johnny Bender
will return from Boulder in time to
do the receiving tor Nebraska, but It
this is impossible, Miller will probably
take his place. The other men will
line up in tire usual order.
a Delightful
Uaturdiry morning. May 11. the Uni
versity Y. W. C. A. will serve break
fast from 7 o'clock till 10 at St, Paul's
church. Undoubtedly, In more seiiFes
tnau one. the breakfast will be warm
The price per plate, will be L'fi cents.
Competent cooks will occupy the kitch
en, antl a satisfying repast Is prom
ised, with something to suit every pal
ate, even the most finicky. Every wise
student and every member of the fat -ulty
will bring his relatives and friend?
and will come early and stay late. Any
person who deslres to eat more thar.
one May Morning breakfost will be
given ample opportunity and a poss
bio deduction in rate.
Altogether there will be fifteen ta
hies. Tho second year domestic sci
ence girls, under Mlfcs Mary Benedict,
will decorate and serve at one table.
There will be a special faculty table.
at which members of the faculty who
wish to set In state and haughty Iso
lation, may be accommodated. Eight
of the tables will be decorated by fra
ternity girls In the colors of their
various organizations, and guests will
bo served by attractive relasy from
tire various fraternities. It Is expect
ed, however, that no members of a
fraternity will be served at the table
bearing her colors, but will seek her
breakfast at another table. The sup
ply of food and the patience of the
waiters will be Inexhaustible. On this
occasion even the latest comers will
not find that the early birds had all
all the fare, v.altresses, It Is sol
emnly affrmod. will not be allowed to
receive gratuities.
Those in charge of the breakfast
are- General Managers. Elsie Piper
arrd Eva Cooper; "kitchen queen," An
na Van Zandt; head waitress. Flos3ie
Archer; door keeper, or "money jug
gler," Ruth Wilson. Among the host
esses aro Mrs. Hodginan, Mrs. Piper,
Misses Alice Howell, Nellie Dean,
Laura Puffer.
All sizes In duck pants at $1.00 to
$1.50. Blue Marine! shirts at $1.00, $1.50,
$2.30 and $3.00. Also tho best army
hat every" shown, at 90 cents. The B.
L. Paine Clothing Store.
Debaters Off for-St. Louis.
Please Kelp the poor. Buy your
cigars nnd tobacco of Frank DuTetl,
1020 O St.
Tho debating team left yesterday af
ternoon for St. Louis, where they will
meet Washington In a discussion of
the Monroe Doctrine tomorrow night
Nebraska will uphold the negative of
the eiuestlon, as It Is expected that
Trom experience already gained, our
men will put up a spirited cpntest .
Speeches were made In chapel yester
day morning by Dr. Pound and Dr.
Ross, who discussed the principles of
debate, making a number of especially
Impressive statements. A number of
Intlmato friends weTro at the depot to
bid the men goodbye, and express
their best wishes for their success, In
which the whole University Joins.
The Home
Cafe for strawberry
Wright Drug
phone 313.
Co., 117 No. 11th,
4H4H-H--HH-W-M-H-H- i-H-W-M-K-HX":
Xiclcets :25
R 8c 7VV Park
.Ticloets :25
Mr. Tompkins' Hired Man.
Another of the popular plays, that
have attracted attention will be given
by the Dramatic Club In Meomrlal hall
next Tuesday evening. This time It
will be "Mr. TompklnB' Hired Man,"
and the plot Is said to be an excellent
one. This Is the second play that the
Dramatic Club has given at the Uni
versity this year. An addraission. oi
10 cents' will be charged. The DrAmatle
club has developed some excellent tal
ent and this play will be awaited with
interest by. University people',
Erlo B. Woowward, M. D., eye, eai.
nose and threat. Glasses fitted. Rlcli-'"
ards block, Lincoln. j
Cafe. 320
help wanted.
So. 11th St.
it t
-4m,. .