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vol. m, NO. HI.
Cornhuskers Down Grinnell by a
Score of 9 to 4.
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Gilnuell. la, Ma T (Special to The
Nebiaskan ) Nebraska added another
to hei list of i tours today b defeat
ing Grinnell ! to 4 She lias struck
hei gait and can't be stopped Ileavj
hitting on the part of Nebraska was
the' feature of the game, the ball being
safely landed upon eleven times Gim
nell made fom hits which, aided b
Nebiaska's generosity, allowed her to
score foui runs Nebraska made fle
enors, while Grinnell piled up six. out
doing our team quite valiantly in that
lespeit The batteries were Belter
and Bender for Nebiaska and Swalm
and Benson tor Giinnell
Another victory for Nebiaska' Our
men aie coming in wlnnna on the
home stretch. Grinnell beat I Make by
a score of 11 to 1. and holds the Iowa
championship. This shows that th"
victor of the team esteiday amounts
to something We hae a fast aggre
gation of plaers. and when the) plaj
theii game the) aie a hard bunch to
beat Today the team plays Highland
Park at Dcs Moines and Satin da it
meets C reign ton College at Omaha
The Chicago Univeisit correspond
ent to the Michigan Hail) sas the fol
lowing in regaid to the game with Ne -biaska
"Today we defeated Nebiaska b to
1 in rather a unique game During the
first tour innings it looked like a slug
ging match, as each team droe ball
after ball to deep center and left field,
but both Ditchers settled down and in
one of the fastest games seen on Mar
shall Field for a long time, the Corn
huskers were defeated. Stlllman. oui
fieshman pitcher from Morgan Paik.
covered left field, and pulled down an
apparent home-iun when a hit would
have brought two Nebraskans oer tjie
plate. Chicago showed up especially
well on Infield flies, while Bender. Ne
braska's backstop, caught the best
game seen on the local diamond this
ear Ellsworth pitched for Chicago
and Morse for Nebraska "
The events for the meet with Colo
lado have been definitel decided and
are as follows:
100, 220, 440, 880 yards, one mi'.e and
two miles.
Running high jump, running bioad
Pole vault.
120 and 220 jauls hurdles
Hammer throw
Pisctis throw
Half-mile relay
From twelve to fourteen men will
go on the trip Preliminaries wjll be
held Saturday and Monday to decide on
the competitots for the sprints
Tickets, 75 and 50o
Glee Club Will Furnish a Fine
Tonight the Glee Club Conceit Do
not lit a few intervening boms c has"
this fact fiom under the coer of our
l)i am Kerp it well in mind and show
up tonight at the Oliver piepaied toi
an evening ol excellent enjo merit Be
tuere to hear the men sing, and bear
witness to the fact that the pre.-,nl
glee club is tne best we eer had and
that it is a ciedit to the univcisitv
It ou appreciate good music-. ou can
lies! show oui taste b coming out
and let others see that jmi know wheic
M can b found
These aie a few words in explana
tion as to wh each univcisitv student
should come out. and heie aie a lew
more (m anv oiganiation ol the na
t in o or the glee club thnve in the inli
ne lsitv unless it is leeognicd and
Mipported. no matter how deseivinu
and me i Motions it ma be9 It takes
a gieat deal of time and trouble to
build up a good glee club, and w have
re-win to feel proud bee a 1 1 -1 this task
has been so sueeesslullv ac c ompllshcc'
heie W hae a line org.iniation and
that alone ought to mo.e us to come
Tickets toi the conceit hae been
selling well, but theie is loom foi
more, and it will be well loi
to avail themselves ot this oppoitunlty
to attend a conceit ol uc h a supeilor
qualitv The boxes will all be occupied,
most I by the vaiious mhoiMics The
fraternities will also I' in evidence
special sections of scats having been
leserved for them
Mr Phil Hudson ot the Consc rvatoi v
of Music will be the oiganist and the
club will be led by Mi Fain - also ol
the Cons ivatoi.v Mi Fani"s de scm ves
special 1 1 edit foi the eat m m and laith
tul work he has clone in turning the
club The men have shown a good
spirit in coming out tegulail.v loi
Dtactice It is eilelnl their clue that
they be
Barbs Meet In Convention
Put Up Five Candidates.
c f
e lei ted
foi the
It should be remembered that the
names of all candidates for athletic
board must be handed in to Dr Clapp.
or at least mailed by G o'clock Satur
day evening, May 7
gic ted I a c iov e'ed hoiifee, to-
General Verdict Stamps Senior
Annual a Success.
The efficiency of our phsical educa
tion department, due to the excellent
work of Mrs. Clapp, has gained a good
reputation in the east Miss Alice
Tovvue, '05, has been offered the posi
tion or instiuctor of gymnastics at the
summer school of the Universit of
Chicago this coming summer This,
however, she had to refuse because she
had accepted a position as instructoi
in heavy gymnastics at the Chautauqua
School of Physical Education Chau
tauqua, New York.
Please help the poor Buy your
cigars and tobacco of Frank DuTell,
1020 O St.
The Home
Cafe for strawberry
The Senior Annual has been drawing
muel-fa c.rable comment, and it scmus
prettv well agreed that the look is a
marked linpiovemcnt ovei an of Its
predecessor The typographic al wotk
on the look is splendidly finished and
Its man excellencies in this dei ail
ment i-hlne foith effectlvel) In the
individual vviite-ups an eFoit has been
made to btat a few simple facts le
garding each pieon the boaid having
deenucl it the best practice to omit all
humorous reference-,
A membei ol the facultv said: "It is
one of the neatest productions of the
kind that I have evci seen The book
is well edited and the liieiaiy work
is good The typographical vvoik
btioughout is vei attractive, and I
think that the eclltois ou,;ht tqion-
giatulate themselves upon Ms general
fine appearance "
Yesterday afternoon the "Baibs" of
the Cniveisity held a mass meeting in
I' 17. for the put pose of nominating
live candidates loi the Athletic Boaid
The meeting was held m Pallaclian
hall and was called to orclei b F F
Myeis. who was elected tempoiai
chair min Ru-sel Moore was elected
tornporao secretary I'pon motion llw
temporary a)i)ointments weie made
Attei a spiiited balloting
Boig F A Baita Fiank Bcei.s
ei I ane and V .1 WcjocIs weie
i anclic! ites Ten men weie out
places and these live were e how n The
candidates weie placed In nomination
with the instructions that no ballot
should I,,' counted unless it contained
the name ol at hast one and no nioie
than two members of the law school
The pile aids announcing the meet
ing were put out vcsteida morning
and weie the caiiv of much suipiiw
to mini of the barb element et. al
though shoit notice was given, the
loom was filled with a demonstrative
thiong at the time of the meeting
The Fnlversit) jells weie given re
peatedly and ruin h enthusiasm aroused,
This is practically the nVt attempt
at conceited action b thn baibs in the
Fnivcisity on any important action of
general Fnlvcisit.v inteiest They as
sert that if they ever expect to get
pic pei representation on the Athletic
Boaid, they must oiganie and piose
c ute a vlgoious campaign Such a the
ory is in general eonect upon any oc
casion and it is ceitainl tine that In
union the re is strength
Theii lack of representation on th"
Athletic Boaid in th. ast has been due
to the- dlsinc lination of the men te) c orne
out and vote and the barbs themseUes
aie willing to admit that the havesuf
teied through lack of -common Inter
est and of an nuclei standing among
themselves But by combining tlrv
hope to better theii condition The tra-
teinit ticket is always strong because
of the oiganization behind, it, and
thetTTrrtTK appear to have become aware
of the fact and to see the advantage ol
doing some oiganiing lor themselves
How' their candidates will fare is a
matter of spec illation, although varying
opinions aie expressed on the subject
One thing Is apparent The barbs
will leap certain advantages because
of this step toward oiganiation, but at
the same time strenuous efforts must
be made by them if tey hope to suc
ceed ynlversity politics nas in the
main been largely a barb-fraternity,
scrap, but never before has the line
been drawn so shaily as to the Ath
letic Boaid elec tions The idea of com
bination was ruled out of considera
tion, and the barbs have decided upon a
straight ticket Fvery prospect poln's
to an Interesting fight at the coming
election, as much concern is being
shown by students in general
Place of Cadet Encampment An
nounced. Competitive Drill.
The annual encampment of the cade'
1 ittalion will, in all piou ibillt. be
held at Yoik this spilng Tli.s w i-.
the ntatiMiunt made bv Captain ('has,-
i st"i dav morning In an Interview foi
th" Nebiaskan. and settles deflni'n ly
.all the coj(ture and spec illation
wllch Iris been In cue ulatlon for fie
past month In icgaicl to 'he matte i
The encampment has con.e to have a
universal interest thioughoiil the state
and scveial towns mini" 'Hong eftoi.i
to scenic 't thin veai Anioug lhei
we iv Fall" Clt. Milfonl. Nebraska
Citj and York Fall.-. City was, how
ever considered too far Irom Lincoln.
is was also the case with Nebiasku
C My Miifoid Is somewhat smaller and
c'ld not offei other advantages which
might be had le the othei towns All
in all. York seems to be an ideal place
for the affaii, and It is thought that
Its selection will meet geneial ap
pioval Captain Chase lett last even
ing to look ovei the giound and make
definite aiiangements We are In
foimed that several beautiful camping
giounds aie available while the si,e
ot the- cliy and the lad that it is th"
home of mini universit students
seems to insuie a most pleasant outin,
loi the soldiers
The battalion will leave Lincoln
Tuesda afternoon at five o'clock May
21, and letuin Satuida night Fur
thei announi e menlh concerning the
dally program while at camp, and othei
matters peitalnirrg to exclusions, etc ,
will be made soon
The following Is the progiarn for the
annual competitive drill of the bat
talion, which will be held at F & M
park, Frlda afternoon. Ma 20. at 't
I)i 111. Company C
Drill. Company A .
Drill, Company B
Music .
Aitilleiy Drill.. ..
Individual Competitive
Cadet Band
.('apt Brown
. .Cadet Band
..Capt Stanley
.Cadet Baud
Capt Mohiman
Cadet Band
Lieut Kimball
(Four Selected Cadets fiom Fac h
Company )
Dresh Parade
Presentation of PrUts...
Frank A Cook, Sub
Cadet Baiui
Dept . F.
VV Castle. SOth Infantry, V
Henry O Williard. 5th Cavalry.
Seniors who want duplkat pictures
from last year's negatives cat. get them
at th rate quoted Tovvnstud
The Palace,
109 N. 11th St.
The R ancj C.
1141 O St.
I Green's Barbershops
Box of cigars given away every day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
Glee Club tickets now on sale at th
Oliver. 50 and 75 cents.'
Individual drill: First prize, gold
medal: second and third, silver
Omaha cup for winning company
braska has consented to present the
prizes to the successful competitors
The winning companies in former
drills were as follows.
Year. Co Captain.
18!)U T).. .F. D. Eager
1894 B-C I D. Dixon
1S95-B C A. Elliott
189C D J C Sedgwick
1897 B R C. Saxton
1899 B J Stebblns
moo d j. h. Woodland
1901 A ,...H. A. Tuke
1902 D A. K. Barnes
I90:i D J. H Farney
Captain Chase said yesterday In re
gard to his statement In yesterday's
Nebraskan, concerning the Senior An
nual, that he commented only on the
general appearance of the book, and
that he had not read the contents.
Chapln Bros., Florists, 127 So. 13th.
Earl J. Woodward, M. D., treats dls.
eases of the eye. ear and throat.
Rooms 207-08 Richards block, 'Phone
.rCi Jill's