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ttbe B) alls Utr aelian
Cb Dally fiebraskan.
BZ . ,11.', I a IITf
A. ouiisolidatlon of
tk Inptrits, Vol. 81, Tka Nobnutaaa, TL U,
SoarUt nd Cream, ToL 4.
Mtn Managa
John D. ftte
O. A. Sawjar
New, - - P. A. EwinK
Athletic - - ) W. Hoar
Literary - Dorothy Grten
Reporter! D. P. DtYoung and Mablc Foaalff
arvd Raymond H. McCaw.
fcBoMt KdltortU, U I03H: Bxuiln
Poat 0o, Box 18, Stolon A,
U tllH
Honestly ppoaking now, does not a
safety nln have a useful function In the
world and are we not doing It nn In
justice In condemning an article in
whl h It was mentioned? How tan wo
pxneit more accommodations if we
can not make use of those which we
Hut furiously speaking, the hook
seems quito conservatively editetl. A
member of the. faculty was enthusias
tic In tommenting upon the hook, de
claring in his opinion that there was
nothing offensive in the jokes, and that
many sharp points were brought out
Commandant Chase stated the book is
a credit to the Senior class, which view
we are inclined to share. Two hun
dred books were sold yisttrtlay, which
Is considered a good first clay's sale.
VafeaorlpUon Prloa, (M par f aar. In m&rmno
Ealarad at tha poatofOoa al Ltnoola, Nebraska
a Mond-ohuM mall matter.
Editorial Remarks
The following editorial comment on
the Chhagij-Nehraska game last Sat
urday appeared in Monday's Chicago
Maroon. Nebraskans will appreciate
the hospitable attitude of the Chiia-
goans as evinced In this editorial and
In the treatment of our team during
its 6tay at their institution. Such an
expression of appreciation as this
should do much toward condoning for
the defeat of our team experienced In
its iontcsT'with the Maroons:
"Nebraska has a good baseball team
The game of Saturday between the
Cornhuskers and Maroons was. by far
the most Interesting of the season to
date. The men from beyond the "mud
dy waters" play a fast game, all the
time, and they accept the rulings of
the umpire and the fortunes of war
like gentlemen. Chicago students will
hope to see Nebraska on Marshall Field
again next year."
Agricultural Station Wants Three
Laboratory Assistants.
Plan Your
Trip Early
It Is a duty of all who have the
means and the leisure to attend the
Glee club concert at the Oliver tomor
iow night. A good Glee club is a credit
to any institution, and we have reason
for feeling proud of ours. We have a
Buperior organization now, and if it is
to retain or Increase Its present effi
ciency It must be properly supported
by thoso whose interests it seeks to
bene. The men have worked hard and
the director has spent much of his time
and effort in training the t lub, and
these facts should not he lost sight of.
The men are. lending their services to
a worthy purpose, and tftelr labors
should receive substantial recognition
by a large turnout at the concert to
morrow night.
A Safety Pin Gets the Senior An
nual into Hot Water.
Though a small thing in itself, a
humble safety-pin can sometimes cause
a great deal of trouble. At least one
has succeeded in making its presence
felt through the enterprise of one of
the Senior Annual josh editors. In
consequence, of a reference made to a
situation wherein a safety-pin figured
in a sufficiently conspicuous manner to
attract attention, the Kappa Kappa
Gammas have declared that the Senior
Annual is a vulgar publication.
While this is a rather hard estimate
A request has been received from the
New York agiicultuial station for
three assistants in laboratory work.
The following communic atlon gives all
of the particulars.
K. H. Andrews. Chancellor of I'ni-
verslty. Industrial College of the
University of Nebraska :
Dear Sir Hy authority of the board
of control of this station, we arc pre
pared to admit to our laboratories be
tween now ami July 1st. three student
assistants; one eaoh In the departments
of botany (plant pathology, bac terlol
ocv and entomology. In order to he
eligible to these positions, candidates
must be graduates of a four years'
course in science, preferably at a land
grant college where the sciences are
taught with especial reference to their
bearing upon the art of agrW ulture. It
is essential, moreover, that sin h can
didates shall have pursued studies spe
i ially fitting them to undertake work
in one of these departments and that
they shall have shown such proficiency
and enthusiasm in special directions as
will warrant their choosing one of these
lines of study and investigation for a
life' work.
As their main work, it is proposed,
under the guidance of the heads of the
departments, to associate these as
sistants with one or more subjects of
investigation, with the understanding
that they shall devote a minor propor
tion of eacji day to the care of the
laboratories, preparation of materials
and other routine duties. They must
be prepared to enter immediately under
proper direction, upon a study of one
or more problems without spending a
considerable portion of time In acquir
ing the neceseary preparatory knowl
edge and skill. For instance, the stu
dent assistant in bacteriology should be
familiar in a practical -way with the
technics of making cultures.
Full credit will be given in our pub
lications for the work accomplished.
This station is engaged in several
important lines of investigation and
It Is believed that the observation and
experience gained by such close asso
ciation with this work will constitute
a valuable training for those who are
ambitious to connect themselves with
experiment stations as investigators.
The selection of these; assistants will
be based upon their records as students
and upon such knowledge of their per
sonality and training as may be gained
jji various ways, it Is expected that
they will remain at the station not
less than one year. Hoard, room, laun
dry expense and laboratory material
will be furnished free of charge, no
other compensation being offered.
Will you kindly call the attention of
former graduates and of members of
your Senior t lass who have special
training in the directions named, to
tnese opportunities and request them,
I if they desire to seek hc positions of-
IVICV1, IV1 iwnillinwimt ,.. v.. v .... ..-.
During J 904 several opportunities to go
back East at greatly reduced rates will be
offered by the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Pau
If you want to be kept posted regarding
low rates, dates of sale, stop-over privileges
and train service, advise me the probable
time and destination of your trip.
Through train service from any point
on the main line of the Union Paeific Fail
road to Chicago every day. Folder free
Goneral Wostorn Agon
1524 Farnam Street,
'Rollow the Flag."
Many iles Shortest
to St. Louis.
The only Hne with its own Station at the main en
trance of the World's Fair Grounds. Many , special
rates during the Exposition. All agents can sell via the
HARRY E. MOORES, G. A. P. D., Omaha, Neb.
of the' virtues of such in PRtlmnliW
book as the Senior Annual, all respect signed at an early date? Your truly,
W. H.
i.iay 1, 1904.
Is paid to the opinion of the Kappa
Gammas, and if anything offensive to
them is contained in the book, it is
Indeed regretted. In our own opinion,
a safety-pin has its place in this great
world of ours, but It Is susceptible to
shiftincs and chances find has pvnn
caused, an idea to assail the intellectu- I The Whitebreast Go., at HOC 0 St.,
iiijij ui uiie ui me oeiuor milium eu- i i iue piucu to uuj uuui.
Boston Dentists, best work and low
But there seems to be no grounds
for condemning the book as vulgar
on account of this lonely safety-pin.
We have found some very good things
in It, that bear no traces of depravity.
Loming's, ice cream ana candy: 11th
and Li SU
The Standard
for Gentlemen
The Name " BOSTON
GARTER" Is stamped
r&on every ,00p
Lies flat to the leg never )
bips, I cars nor umastens.f
Sample pair, 8l)k Wc. I
Mailed on receipt of price.
rgMt and Baat Equipped Eating Home In tbm
very loop.
Box of cigars given away every day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
dEO. rROBT CO.. Ifatari
;very Pair Warranted
I eel
iri I
City, FumUhed Room in
.Palace Dining HalL
2 J Meals, $3.00.
W. H. Hart, Prop.
180 N Street Lincoln, N(V
Use Hot
Water for
House Heating
The Modern Method
Estimates furnished for work
any whore in tho state.
Korsmeyer Co
188 Sooth Tenth Street.
i i
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