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VOL. m. NO. J 38.
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Have a Good Margin of Points O"
ver Rival Classes Saturday.
Last Saturday ihc interdass meet
was held at F. Q M. Park The weather
was Ideal.
Hau3er again lowered the state rec
ord for tho hurdles, making the 120
jard hurdles In 1G 4-3 seconds, and tho
220-yard hurdles In 27 seconds. He is
getting in fine form and will probably
lower his records some more before the
season is over.
The Freshman class won tne meet by
taking 65 points. The Sophs were sec
ond' with"" SS points, the Juniors third
with 18 points, while the Seniors had
to bo content with 12.
"While the races as a whole were not
fast, this can be attributed to the fact
thai, the winners were not pushed very
Next Saturday at F. & M Park will
occur tho handicap meet. This meet
will settle for certain who will go with
the team to Boulder on May 11. Most
of the places hae been definitely de
cided. Martin. Weller and probably
New ton, 'will represent Nebiaska in
tho weights.
Hagonsick, Benedict and States are
sure of their places in the long dis
tance runs, pole vaulting and broad
jump, while Hauser will compete in
tho hurdles.
Tho sprints are still undecided, but
Smith and Neider hav the best chance.
' Tho following is the result of Sat
urday's meet:
100-yard Dash
First Smith. 10 4-5.
Second Craig.
Third Driscoll.
220-Yard Dash
First Smith, 24.
Second Hoar.
Third Neider
440-yard Dash
First Smith. 53
Second Hoar.
Third Mouck.
880-yard Dash
First Penrod. 2
11 1-
Second Benedict.
Third Sampson
Milo Run-
First Ponrod. 5
Second Havens.
Third Ludden
2 Milo Run
First Havens, 11:49.
Second Melick.
Polo Vault
First Hagensick, 10 feet.
Second Bcmedict.
Third Gibson.
Broad Jump
First Hagensick, 20 feet.JO in.
Second Bowman.
Third Craig.
Hammer Throw
Hret Martin. 1,10 feet.
Second Weller, 101.4.
Third Pedersou.
DiscuB Throw
First Nowton. 97.10.
Second Weller, 90.
Third Mnftln.
Shot Put
First Martin. 34.4 feet.
Secpnd Weller.
Third Pcderson.
High Jump
First Anthls and Bowman, tie, 5.3
Second Ludden and Hagensick, 5
High Hurdles
First -Hauser, 16 4-5 seconds.
Second Hagensick.
Third Mouck.
Low Hurdles
First Hawser, 27 seconds.
Third Gibson.
The game which had been scheduled
with a semi-professional team at South
Tickets, 75 eind 50c
Bend. Ind., was not played yesterday
A special dispatch to The Nebrasknu
last night stated that the game bad
been cancelled. No reasons were given.
Today Nebraska plays Notre Dame,
and a victory over the team which has
heretofore defeated us in every game
would amply atone for the poor re
sults thus far achieved by the team.
Morse or Adams will be in the box. .
The Athletic Board is scheduled to
meet at 7. HO this evening.
The Sophomore's baseball tram made
a tiip to Roca Saturdny and defeated
the local team at that place in a fast
game. Hrubesky's woi k in the box
for the second year men was the fea
ture of the game:
Score by innings
Sophs 10 110 0 3 0 9
Roca 2 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 .
Battel ics Sophs, Hrubesky and Car
son; Roca. Wilson and Hortz.
Farewell Reception
A farewell reception was given by
.Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bryan In honor of
Yumashitn Yashididro, at Fairview
yesterday evening. A large number ol
faculty, students and other friends and
acquaintances of Mr. Y3masbita eip
present. Several vocal selections wer
furnished by Mr. Fiank Farmer of the
Wesley an Quartet, whose home is in
Lincoln, and who is heie on a visit.
Tho refreshments weie served b
Misses Grace Bryan, Helen Schwind
Faith Schwind and Mary Young.
Mr. Yamashita left this morning to
join the Japanese legation at the St
Louis fair. There he expects to remain
until the end of the year, when he will
return to Japan after his long ab
sence, and will assist in the publica
tion of a daily paper in Tolcio. Dur
ing hjs University career h has made
many admirers by his talents and pei
scverance, who will unite in wlbhlng
him success in Ills journey along th1
paths that he has chosen to travel.
Palladian Girls Entertain
I nst Saturday evening was the oc-'
caslon of much merriment home
of Miss Nelle Miller, 1557 U street,
where the Palladian girls entertained
the Palladian boys at supper. At (1:30,
sixty-two Palladians found their places
in the dining rooms, which were beau
tifully decorated with scarlet and
cream May poles, streamers and Pal
ladian banners. After tempting
courses had been served the following
progiam was renderedi. Miss Barn
hart acting as toastmistress. s
Last Year Miss O'Connell.
Loyalty T. M. Hewitt.
2x7 equals 7 Miss Petrashek.
Old Days Mr. Tucker.
Harmony Miss Moore.
The Seniors James Anderson.
Response Miss Bullock.
Our Place In the Uni. Mr. Borg.
I nter in the evening there were vo
cal solos, duets, piano solos and recita
tions. All present feel that the event
was one 'of the most enjoyable they
ever experienced.
Frank E. Lee, successor to F. T.
Shepard, public stenographer, mimeo
graphing. Special rates to students.
501-502 Richards Blk. Phone, Auto
- MMs
Commencement of Dental Col
lege Yesterday Afternoon.
The foutth annual commencement of
the College of Dentistry was held at
the college, at 15th and O streets, at
3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The?
following was the program:
Invocation Rev. F. S. Stein.
Vocal Solo In May Time. Buck;
Frank W. Farmer.
Doctorate Addrets Dr Henry B
Cello Solo (a) Walt. Boltemann;
(b) Minuetto. Hugo Beck, Miss 1 illian
Conferring of Degrees Dr Clyde
Davis. Dean.
Vocal Solo (a) Merry. Merry lark.
Nevln; (b) Three Roseb Re(. Norris;
Frank W. Farmer
Bene die tion.
The following lccrhed diplomas:
Mattie M. Davis. Daniel C. Dorwart,
Alva Erwin HelfliastliFe, B. S.. Wal
ter E. Jack. Oliver K. Mapes. Ernest
P Stubbs. Joseph B. Troyer.
Reception Committee: II C. Mere
dith and W. A. Housel.
Ushers; A B. Clifford and C. B.
Delian Boys Program
The Delian Boys' program last Sat
urday night was as follows:
Miss Belinda Armallnda Bouersox
A. C. Bates
Miss Winsome Lughkly. . Frank Beers
Dr. Quackenbusch Chas. Pugsley
George Wash Jefferson Polky Mon
roe Frank Vasey
Chinaman Mr. Stone
Teddy (small boy) Mr Turner
The main Interest centered about the
breach of contract, the defendant hav
ing scratched the '"slate" and written
to the plaintiff requesting the pleasure
of her v5nuunytci.UieUjilan party.
The Jury composed of lawyers, digni
fied business men. and backwoods far
mers, was exceedingly amusing.
The program was a success from be
ginning to end. and the boys succeed
ed well in producing bursts of laugh
ter In rapid succession from the lady
audience. The girls had nothing but
congratulations t ooffer for the unique
way In which they were entertained.
Freshmen Meet.
The Freshmen had a meeting In U.
107 yesterday morning, and the reports
of several committees were heard. Af
ter the reports some of the membes
who are specializing In oratory slight
ly Indulged and the house fairly went
wild when Mr. Standever placed him
self on an equality with Patrick Hen
ry and other liberty orators In stating
the privileges and liberties of his class.
The class adopted-a yell, which waa
written by Mr. Johnson, and they suc
ceeded In giving it seeral times before
the adjourned.
A student Store with students Prices
$2.50 hats, no more, no less. The
$2.50 hat store. 1141 O St.
Please help the poor. Buy your
cigars and tobacco of Frank DuTeil,
1020 O St.
Box of cigars given away every day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
Debate with Kansas a Hummer.
Preparation for Other Contest-
Expressions of satisfaction regard
ing the debate last Friday night are
quite prevnlent. It is evident thnt this
contest In general interest outclassed
all previous ones. While there hae
been a few rather unsatisfactory polnu.
brought under discussion these have
been mostly of a technical character
and have caused little concern
Hon. John U Webster nt the Lln
dell hotel Saturday stated thnt It was
his opinion that the de-bate was a com
plete walkaway for Nebraska. Many
prominent citizens of IJncoln concur
In the view that the debate was well
fought out by both sides and that the
Nebraska men showed surprising
strength in handling their arguments.
Tho Kansas men took their defeat
in good grace and seemed well pleased
with their stay in the city. They de
parted Saturday forenoon for Kansas.
There had been talk of getting up
a party of ten or twelve members of
the Kansas faculty to accompany them
to Nebraska and lend their good will
and moral support to the assistance.
of their representatives. But (his plan
was found to be unfeasible, and tho de
baters accompanied by Prof. Frazer
were obliged to Invade? the enemy s
country without a reserve column to
support them In time or need.
Considerable expense was Involved
in carrying out this debate. Besides
having to meet the expenses of our
visitors, n number of other items had
to be settled. The charts were quite
expensive, as skilled workmanship was
employed In fixing them up, and the
expenses of the judges also had to be
met. However, the debate was a sue
cets financially as well as otherwise.
The faculty certainly had a good
representation at the debate, as they
were out in greater force than has
ever been noted before. It evidently
follows that they were well Impressed
with the contest, as several of them
talk of accompanying the team to St.
Louis, when It debates there on May
13. The fare will be $15.50 and It may
be possible that others will find it con
venient and advantageous to go. It Is
certainly well to have Nebraskans in
the enemy's country at the time of the
debate, and everyone who goes will
count. There are several prominent
University people on the exposition
grounds and they will probable not
care to miss the opportunity of meet
ing their friends from home upon this
Tho team will leave on Wednesday.
May 11. They will arrfye in St. Louis
on Thursday morning or late Wednes
day night. This will allow them a
reasonable Interval In which to rest up
for Friday evening. The party will
not start back until Monday, and will
thus have an opportunity to visit tho
fair after the debate.
The work of choosing the judges for
this contest is well advanced, and the
selections will soon be announced;- It
has always been the policy of our De
bating association to select our judges
In debates from other states. For in
stance, Chief Justice Deemer was Ne
braska'j choice In the debate with
MIsb .Woodman's classes In English
2 meet today at the usual time and
place for assignment of final" work.
Don Cameron's lunch counter Os
good serrice. ' '
Boston Dentists, best work and low
Wright Drug Co.,, Ufcty., 11th,
yuvui uid, -
' 1
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