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    Cbe E)a i Ip T! e b r a 0 H n n
Zfyt Daily Debraskan.
Jl. uuniioUdatlon of
Am HMptrUn, Vol. 01, The Xebrakaa, YoL U,
Scarlet and C renin, Vol. 4,
dtn Manarr
John D. Hi
A. O. Sokralber
0. JL Sftwyar
Nw - - - P. A. Ewlng
AthUtfc ' - - J. W. Hoar
Literary - Dorothy Grcn
Reportert D. P. De Young and Mable Pouter
and Raymond H. McCaw.
Port Ofllo, Box 18, Station A. Linooin.
ataoriytlou Prlo, ff pw jrr. In draao.
fcWrtd at the postoflloo at Ltnooln, Nbraaka
n aeoond-clan mall matter.
Editorial Remarks
Three weeks remain, before the first
dobato of the year. Our teams have
been picked) and consist of the men
who have shown themselves the most
fitting to fill the positions to which
thoy have aspired. They can justly
feel proud of the reward that they
have earned, and are to be congratu
lated upon their success. They can feel
assured that the University will take
an Interest in them this year as its
champions in debate, and their work
will be closely watched from now on.
If present Indications do not fail of
fulfillment, Memorial hall will find all
of its space fully utilized for at least
onto in its experience.
Wo hope that the attention of all
University students may have been di
rected to the lecture by Mr. J. A. I,.
Wadell this evening in Memorial hall.
Ho is the most prominent brlge con
structor in the west, having estab
lished an enviable reputation as an
able and skillful engineer. He Is a man
of wide experience and the works that
he has planned and perfected attest
the genius of a man whose abilities
havo been centered in rendering to
his fellowmcn services of a permanent
and enduring character. Memorial hall
should be packed to Its limit this even
ing, and if University people are ap
preciative of this opportunity to hear
a clearly drawn and Instructive lecture,
ft certainly will be.
The School for Superintendents and
Principals is to be one of the most Im
portant features of the summer school
work, and already wo are beginning to
hear comments upon the wisdom of its
introduction. It is Intended to develop
this school into a great feature, as the
possihjlltltes that It holds out are capa
blo of development into substantial and
and) tolling results. Here is a new
field, and it will doubtless be worked
to the best advantage. Many who are
instructors or Intend to become such
ought to welcome such an opportunity
for good training, and the school
should' find no great obstacles to over
come, as it is something that is- really
needed. It will be widely advertised,
in order that attention may be drawn
to It from many different quarters. The
superintendents and principals of Ne
braska will find' here an opportunity
that accords with' their neons, and we
look to Bee this branch of the slimmer
school realize the fullest success.
Jewelry Items.
Oold bead necklaces, also the heavy Roman neck
laces, pearl, at 50c, $1.50 and up to $3.50.
Real gun metal chains set with brilliants and
pearlB, prices $2.50 up to $5.00.
Solid gold brooches, stick pinB and rings, in all
the ery latest patterns are here at $1.50 up to $10.00.
Hat pins In sterling Bilver. gold filled and set with
brilliants and real gun metal, also the Art Nouveau
patterns. prW ed from 25c to $3.00.
Dainty Neckwear
A new lot of round style black spangled collars, dain
ty embroidered stocks, Venise lace collars. Bulga
rian embroidered stock collars of wash
able canvnB, each
New turnover collars of u hite embroidery 2 for oc
Novelty turnover collars oof white mull embroidered
In delicate shades, at 30c to 50c
A New Pair
For spring wear a new pair of gloves. That jb
one of the the principal 1 ems nearly every woman
has on her list If she's married she will have two
pair on her list, one for herself and one pair for her
husband. For Milady, choice from those mentioned
here will surely result Fatlsfactorily.
Two-clasp Victoria gloves, prime lambskin, come In
black, white, mode, brown, gray, red d f(
and navy; sizes 5 to 7 J1J
la FayMte French kid gloves, Alexandre make, two
clasps, come In black, white, mode, brown, gray,
champagne, and red all rtj C
sizes -...4I.c)U
Three-clasp Adolfa gloves, made from first quality
real kid black, white, brown, mode, champagne,
pearl, navy, gray, red, green, pale blue, hellotropo
this glove is usually sold at $2.00 J Oj
our price is P 1 O J
Courvolsler Suede gloves are here at $1.50 and $2.00.
All gloves bought of us are guaranteed and fitted
to the hand by experienced fitters.
Contract Will Be Awarded Next
Bids for the new Physics building
will be opened next Monday at a meet
ing of the building committee of the
Board of Regents, and the contract
Itself probably awarded by the Regents
themselves on Tuesday. There will
probably be keen competition among
the bidders on the construction, as over
twenty firms from towns all the way
from St.vl.ouis, Mo., to St Paul, Minn.,
have asked for specifications on the
building. Actual work on the struc
ture will commenco about ten days
after the awarding of the contract, or
somewhere in the neighborhood of
April 22. It-will probably be possible
for tho last ball games before the
trip to be held before the structure Is
begun, although It Is possible, of
course, that the Omaha league will
have to be played In the F. & M "park.
Follow the Flag."
Will Address Y. M. C. A.
There Is a universal expression of
regret, not only among our citizens, but
especially among University people,
over tho announcement in yesterday
morning's paper that Dr. Fletcher L.
Wharton, for four a.nd one-half years
pastor of St. Paul's M. E. church, had
accepted a call to a pastorate in Seat
tle, Wash. Dr. Wharton has always
shown deep interest and sympathy for
tho students of this city, and especial-
Ty for those connected with this Unl-
L versity.
Tho lost opportunity of hearing him
before a University audience will be
next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock In
tho chapel, when he will give a fare
well talk to college men. This Is tho
last chance for those whom he has es
pecially befriended, as well as those
who have faith In him and his work,
to show their appreciation of the man
and his services to tho people of Lin
coln and the state.
This meeting will furnish a large
number of men with the opportunity
of meeting Dr. Wharton personally,
of giving him a farewell handclasp. It
is a University m'en's meeting, and
every man is expected to turn out on
this occasion.
The Lincoln Academy and City Y.
M. C. A. Debating cluba will meet In a
debate at the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium
Saturday evening, April 9. The ques
tion under discussion is Canadian An
nexation to the United States. The
Academy has the offirmatlve of the
proposition) and the Y. M. C. A. will
support the negative. The supporters
of both clubs are looking forward to
a good debate. ,
Falls City Raises Guarantee.
Captain Chase is still In correspond
ence with several towns in regard to
the annual cadet encampment. Falls
City has already guaranteed the speci
fied sum' necessary to secure the en
campment), but Captain Chase wishes
to hear definitely from all the towns
before deciding on any one. This he
oxpecui to do next week.
HARRY E. MOORES, G. A. P. D Omaha, Neb.
Many Miles Shortest
to St. Louis.
The only line with its own Station at the main en
trance of the World's Fair Grounds. Many special
rates during the Exposition. All agents can sell via the Q
Sold only by Harley Drug Co., nil p id O Street
We will supply you with an en
graved copper plate and 100 visiting
cards, liv any size, for $1.00. We will
print 100 cards from your own plate
for 75c. The Lincoln Book Store.
Box of cigars given away every day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
The Whitebreast Co., at 1106 0 St.
is the place, to buy coal.
Lincoln Local Express, 11th and N.
Tel. 787. Baggage hauled.
Wright Drug Co., 117 No.
'ohone 313.
Snecial rates to students wishing
typuwrlting done. 512 Richards block.
1 0 I
April 30 is the date of tho Ladles'
Il I, ..
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