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Leaguers Strike Their Gait and
Defeat the Varsity Team.
Yesterday the Omaha leaguers at
toned for their showing of th day be
fore, by defeatlrig tho University team
by a score of 10 to 4. The experlenc"
received from the drubbing that they
received must have held them in good
stead, as they certainly played the
game yesterday as professionals might
be expected to play It. Our team did
not do badly by any means, as the pro
portion of errors was not large, yet
there was a noticeable falling off in
team work, and some of the individual
play ere did not keep up the pace that
thoy started out with yesterday. But
such things are bound to happen In
baseball, and in tho account of the
s rnrnn fh "fa" nro mit nf n1nrr
Oraaha played league ball. They had
to fight for the game and were forced
ls i-lmr flinlf Hinlf Our fnnm nlnvnrl
a good steady game, such as will place
it a winner among other college teams,
and at times brilliant pieces of play
ing were consummated. The loys have
speed and they all get into the game.
Yesterday they were outclassed by a
bunch of bronzed and hardened men,
whose home is on the diamond From
the point of view of a non-interested
spectator the game was much more
satisfactory than the one of the day
before. The story of the game is an
Interesting one, and tho sensational
parts could not fall to leave an Impression.
At the start things broke well for the
Varsity boys, as they wero ahead up
to tho fifth inning, when Henderson
went In and showed himself to bo a
bad genius for Capt. Townsend's colts,
lie was in fine fettle and was exceed
ingly parsimonious in allowing hits as
he absolutely refused to allow a single
one. Bender was obliged, however, to
stop ono of his swift ones with the mid
dle of his back and was Urns allowed to
pass to first without being molested.
The day before such an action on the
part of any of the Omaha pitchers was
regarded as a deliberate attempt to
defraud ono of our men of a chance
to fatten his battng average, but yes
terday it was different.
And now as to the actual events of
tho game.
The game was called at 3 o'clock
mi ..i.i . .. A A flnnl 4k lm lvn4 on1
m. if v J. lie visitors wie mot lw mi- uhi.
P"JA- - barton, went out at first. Plake struck
out and "Dusty" Miller got hit on the
arm and was allowed to take first, in
order that ho-might feel no ill will.
Later he scored1 on a grounder to right
'field by welch, who was forced out-by
Downs, on a grounder to second. In
the last half Townsend scored a home
run in loft field. Tho next inning
Omaha, got a goose egg as their share
while our boys -wero more successful.
Fenlon was hit and went to first. He
was sent to second by Williams' hit to
center and came in on Beltzer's hit to
left field. Bender's fly was caught and
olflo wns out..
K In tho third inning Carter was given
a pass to Him ana1 was uiu i m-n
"Dusty" Millor got onto one of Belt
zer's curve and brought both of them
in homo.
Just to show the Omahogs that we
were still in the game Steen "knocked
a three bagger into left which Capt.
Townsend duplicated, sending tho ball
into centor garden. This was soon fol
lowed by a liner by Fenlon netting
two and tho last scores for Nebraska.
The next Inning resulted in goose
eggs for both sides.
In tho sixth the visitors added two
more with a couple of three baggers,
and a singly. Williams mode a sensa
tional catch of Thomas' liner in this
Tho next inning Schiplce scored on
Henderson's hit to right while in the
eighth Miller lined out a three base
Senior F'rom
Walt's full Orchestra
hit to left and scored on Welch's hit
to the same place.
Tho visitors mado three more scores
in tho last Inning making a total of
10 for tho game.
For Omaha tho pitching of Hender
son was the feature of tho game. He
was In splendid form and his curves
invincible. Plaice and Schlpko played
star ball, while "Dusty" Miller took
in a few in' left and handled tho stick
in fine style.
For Nebraska Townsend, Steen and
Fenlon did excellent work at tho bat.
Williams mado some sensational stops
at short.
Today occurs the final game be
tween these two teams. Adams will
probably bo In the box for the home
team if he Is well enough He has
plenty of speed and promises to show
the leaguers a "warm time."
Tho visitors are getting down to
work and today' s game will cer
tainly bo tho best gamo of the series,
and overy lover of the sport should be
out to encourage tho University team.
Score by innings:
Omaha 10 2002 11 310
Nebraska 1120000004
Omaha. Nebraska.
Carter rf Miller
Plako : ss Williams
Miller If Fenlon
Welch cf Cook
Thomas lb Townsend
Schlpko 3b Steen
Downs 2b Hammill
Gonding c Bender
McCarthy p Beltzer
Henderson p
Umpire "Billy" Wilson.
Time 1 hour, 35 minutes.
tho following to say in regard to th'
coming contest:
The girls' basket ball team will prob
ably go to Nebraska. Early In the year
Nebraska wanted to havo our girls go
down to Lincoln and play them, but at
that time President Northrop wns not
In favor of tho idea. Since then, how
ever, he has changed his mind. Yes
terday ho received a letter from the
director of tho Nebraska team, request
ing that ho allow our girls to make the
trip to Lincoln, and this morning he
stated that ho would probably send a
reply in the affirmative. If such is the
case Nebraska' challenge will soon be
forthcoming and as a contract can be
easily arranged the gamo will be a certainty.
Kansas-Nebraska Debate Will be
Held Friday, April 29.
Minnesota Girls Will Play Basket
Ball in Lincoln.
The negotiations between the girls'
basket ball teams of Minnesota and
Nebraska, which have "been hanging
fire for some time began to assume dofl
nlto form yesterday when it was an
nounced that arrangements had been
made betwjnm the two teams for a
game In Lincoln. Sometime near the
end of the present month the game will
be played. Tho actual date of tho meet
has not been decided upon yet,
It Is also reported to us on good au
thority that negotiations' are under
way wiith Missouri and perhaps one
or two other Institutions for a girls'
basket ball tournament In Uncoln (hir
ing the visit of the Gophers. This
would be a decided innovation in wo
men's basket ball and would be
watched with considerable Interest all
over the country.
Last Saturday's Minnesota Daily has
Tho date for the big Kansas-Nebraska
debate has at last been deter
mined upon. It will occur Friday even
ing, April 29, three weeks from to
morow night, in Memorial hall. An
enormous crowd. Is anticipated for the
ovent, on account of the extraordinary
relations that havo existed between
the two schools for some time. Kan
sas has adopted an entirely new style
of argument, modeled after our own,
and will do her utmost to retrieve past
defeats at our hands and win new lau
rels by defeating us this year.
Practice debating has been going on
hero with considerable vim for tho last
month or so. Iast night Messrs. James,
Lightner and Anderson supported the
affirmative of tho question against
Messrs. Levy, Sawyer and McReynolds.
The members of the interstate debat
ing squad will be announced either to
day Or tomorrow. On account of the
unusual effort that has been put forth
by candidates for these positions, the
announcement will probably create
considerable Interest. The Kansas
squad has already been selected, and
is getting Into shape for the contest.
Tho officials for the debate have not
yet been decided upon, although cor
respondence is being carried on with
several prominent men welLcompetent
to judge In each contest. No presiding
officer has been chosen.
J. A..L. Waddell, Noted Bridge
Constructor, Will Speak.
Friday, April 8, will be Engineer's
Day at tho University. Mr. J. A. L.
Waddell, tho most prominent bridge
engineer of tho west, will deliver an
address nt S p. m. In tho Memorial hall.
This opportunity engineers will not, x
and other should not miss.
Mr. Waddell has achieved lasting re
nown not by saying or thinking, but
by doing. Tho structures he has de
signed exist as enduring monuments
of his skill and aro tho connecting
links In great commercial highways.
In addition to his professional experi
ence in this country Mr. Waddell was
for several years professor of clviV en
gineering in tho Imporlal Unlvorslty
of Japan. Honce ho brings to tho
platform an experience and breadth of
opinion seldom equalled. That a man
of so high reputation consents to in
terrupts his professional duties to ad
dress the studonts horo Is a compli
ment to the University and a recogni
tion of the high position its engineer
ing departments aro assuming In se
curing Mr. Waddell the engineering
society feels It has mado a distinct ad
vance In' the class of entertainments It
has fiom time to time offered to tho
student body. Nothing can so add to
tho enthusiasm for and knowledge of a
profession as the opportunity of hear
ing the experiences of Its leading men.
One thus acquires in a short time in
formation which has cost years of
study and work, and' which can not bo
secured from text books. Tho Engin
eers should hear this lecture.
The engineering students of Nebras
ka have tho opportunity of adding to
their experience tho valuable advice
of one of tho most successful men In
their profession.
Through tho courtesy of Mr. Kimball
director of the school of jnuslc, the
chapel has been secured and Mr. Wad
dell will deliver his lecture at 8 p. m.
A unique feature of advertising has
been introduced by the engineers for
this Mure. A largo electric sign has
been placed on tho tower of University
hall, composed of tho single word,
"Waddell." Tho sign can le seen for a
long distance down 0 street, and at
tracted considerable attention last
night. It will doubtless prove a most
effective advertisement for -tho lecture.
The engineers aro also doing them
selves proud In the way of posters an
nouncing the event.
Sanderson has the swellest line of
spring shoes you ever saw. Drop in
and see thorn.
Box. of cigars given away every day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
Lincoln Local Express, 11th and
Tel. 787. Baggage hauled.
Colorado Wants Tennis Meet.
L ?"
University vs. Omaha
Tickets 25c 3 O'clock.
--Oolorado Is desirous of meeting Ne
braska In tennis, a letter to tills effect
having been received by Secpetary Ty
ner yesterday. A meet with Colorado
will be agreeable to us, If Colorado will
defray the expenses of a trip by our
representatives to Boulder this spring,
with the understanding that wo recip
rocate In like manner next fall. Tho
courts have been moved to the south,
and the rain will help to pack tho
grounds, which havo lately been filled
in. Several players were out for prac
tice yesterday and the day before, and
a number of now men havo promised
to Join the association.
Sam's Cafe. Tho only place In tha
city to get the famous "Little Gem
Hot Waffles." Special service fo ladies.
Earl J. Woodward, M. D., treatm dls.
eases of the eye. ear and throat.
Rooms 207-08 Richards block, 'Phone
Chapio ' .os,, FlorlBte, 127 So. 13th.
'Phonp itJ.
Boston Dentists, best work and low
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