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Xlbe Pail2 IFlebrashan
VOL. ffl. NO. J03
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Physics and Farm Building to be
Advertised Saturday.
The completed and revised plant for
the new physics and state farm build
ings have heen returned to the office
of the Superintendent of ConbtructioiJ,
and bids will be adveitibed for Satur
day In the Lincoln and Omaha papers
No material alterations were made in
the original plans for the physics
building, as it was discovered that they
might be carried out as at first Intend
ed, without doing away with the ath
letic field. Even th
shortening oi the north wing
be made.
This will necessitate the extending
of the field clear to the board fence on
the, north end. The earth excavated
for the new building will be used to 1111
in the holow there, and It Is thougat
that the work may be done at very
little expense to the athletic board. Ajn
ple space will be left for the north
goal, although the one of the south
will be somewhat Inconveniently locat
ed on account of the building just bade,
of It. In the southeast corner of the
field only about four feet will Inter
vene between the building and the goal
line. The northern wing will extend
lo the west along this line for about
twenty-nine feet, but as has alreadv
heen explained, plays in this corner
may be transferred to a corresponding
place on the other bide of the field if
On account of the time that will in
tervene before the next meeting of the
regents It is possible that the bids for
the new structures will be opened be
fore that session . Work will actually
commence about the 20th of April, and
. pushed with all speed In order that the
buildings may be in use by the first oC
noxt year. A section about 48 feet
long on the southern end of the grand
stand will have to be removed to the
northern, -end.
In addition to the changes in the
chemical laboratory already announced
plans for an entirely new addition to
tho old structure are being made by
Superintendent of Construction Cho
" yfr and w111 k submitted to the re
r,jeTlls for approval as soon as complet-
jaL For the present the additions win
constructed with the idea in view
'.raising it, to the same height us the
rlglnal building: It will extend soutn
the present laboratory about the-
imo distance as the length of the
rthern wing, and will be laid out In
nearly symetrlcal lines with that
rtlon aa possible. It Is thought that
h'e $30,000 appropriated by the leglor.
ituro for thiff-purpoBe two years ngo
Fill be sufficient for tho expense of this
Idltlon, as well as for remodeling the
illdlng. A new entrance will be
lade at tho west side of tho building
about the middle of the completed
LTho University will have practically
fur new buildings under course of
instruction, therefore, as boon as the
eather permits, to say nothing or the
ample. Yet notwithstanding these im-
vements we will be much cramped
room. The greatly Increased de
fends of the law and medical depart-
jnts make the construction of a
Mlding especially for them a mere
itter of tlmo, The regents, foresaw
le ultimate neeu oi sucu a uunmus
3t year, when they adopted a model
the campus as It will ultimately ap-
tor. This cans ior a law ana inuuicai
illdlng just west of the library, ano
lodelod after the stylo of that struc-
re. It is possible that the next leg-
llqture may be asked for an approprl-
tlon for this building. .
ITKe .demands for a new auditorium
re also becoming insistent. As condl-
ions exist at present, our chapel is in
Elmos t constant use as a lecture or
jcltatlon room, or as a gymnasium. It
Is possible, however, that the need will
be satisfied by the Temple building.
The plans for tho Administration
building will admit of an addition to
the uoithern side of that structure
when it becomes necessary. This, how
ever. Is too far in the future to require
attention nt presont, since the new
building will amply fulfill the uses to
which it is to bo put.
Material Coming Still and Ship
ments Will Soon Be Made.
The material accumulated for the
Nebraska educational exhibit at the
world's fair is gradually finding Itrt
way lo St. Louis The returns from th
schools and arlous wDman's clubs
of the state have bee most satisfying,
as a large quantity of fine work has
been received. Since the first of the
year, and especially during the past
few weeks. Dr. Barbour and his as
blstant.s have been greatly rushed In
preparing material for shipment. Tho
work of classifying, assorting and
packing lias required the taking of
great pains and care, as well as mm h
On February L'Oth, the first carload of
mateilal was shipped. An enormous
furniture car was completely filled and
still a part of the material then on
hand was left over until the next ship
ment, when another carload of material
gathered in both Lincoln and Omaha
will be sent.
The Lincoln schools have promlset!
an unusually fine art exhibit, and thep
is little doubt but that they will come
up to expectations. It will be placed
in the Nebraska booth in the Palace of
Education. As a special feature Super
intendent Stephens is endeavoring to
have a phonograph record of singing
done in each of the grades, to illus
trate the vocal work done in the city
schools here.
Miss Edna Bullock, who Is connect
ed with the circulating library at the
capitol, is gathering statistics pertain
ing to all the libraries throughout the
state. She Is also making a complete
collection of photographs of these, ns
far as It is possible to obtain them.
These will Include both internal mid
external views.
Tho state museum lias been drawn
on very liberally, yielding for tempo
rary use the best of its treasurer,
whWh will be classified and appoi
tloned among the Agricultural, Mines
and Metallurgy, Education and "Irriga
tion buildings The attempt is being
made to have all schools, both private
and public well represented. Whatever
space remains over when the exhibit
is installed will bo used for the Uni
versity exhibit. Material 1b still com
ing in abundance; every Inch of space
will bo In demand.
Mr. Kimball, a prominent Omaha"
architect, and formerly a student of
this University, who designed the elec
trical pahico, which is accounted one
of tho most beautiful buildings on the
world's fair grounds, has finished the
full designs for the educational booth
and tho Mines and Mining booth. These,
were forwarded Monday by the super
intendent of the educational exhibit for
the approval of the chiefs.
The design for the Nebraska build
ing Is to be in white like marble of
very choice order, decorated with
flambeaux, open book and scroll de
signs, with the great seal of the state
of Nebraska, the seal of the Universi
ty, and smybols of education in relief.
Mr. Kimball also designed what la
known as the Nebraska Agricultural
Theatre, which has a capacity for seat
ing' several hundred people and Is built
In the main aisle of tho Agricultural
building, which covers twenty-two
The following circular sent out by Dr.
Barbour contains much important In
formation, calling attention among
other things to the fact that all of our
exhibit must be installed by April 29th
or a forfeit prfid. .
"All departments of the University
f Nebraska which are to be represent
ed by exhibits of any kind at the St
Louis world's fair, are urged to take
immediate action In fact everything
should be In hand now, and all aiv
urged to send at once whatever they
hae to offer. The next shipment will
be made about March 20. After April
lht. It will be difficult. If not Impossi
ble, to receive exhibits, since every
thing must be completely installed by
April 29th, or a forfeit paid. You an;
particularly urged to send any and all
published books and papers, or at lcaH
a list of them, including those written
by the heads of departments, instruct
or or fellows, or students. Please give
a concise history of your department
and its growth. This history and any
accompanying statistics may be wri
ten In lead pencil and we will tran
scribe it. Send any photographs of lec
ture rooms and laboratories, any orig
inal models, diagrams, etc., also stu
dents' worn, etc.
"We are forced to call attention lo
tne need for Immediate action, an w-ll
as to the desirability of having the
University of Nebraska well repre
sented, standing as it does at the heud
of our educational system."
Three Literary Societies to Give
Party in Art Hall.
On Friday evening one of the larg
est annual affairs connected with thf
University will occur. The Palladia;).
Union and Dellan. societies will hold
their annual joint party in the art gal
lery In the library building.
These parties have come to be a reg
ular fe.atuie of the social life of the
Unhersity and arc greatly enjoyed by
all who are privileged to attend.
Much attention was drawn to the
party last year because dancing waa
lett out. It was believed that it would
be impossible to entertain such a largo
crowd without dancing, but all who
were present last year will reinemb"r
that it was adequately demonstrated
that the absence of dancing did not In
any way detract from the fun.
The party this year will be conduct
ed ifpon the lines of last year's party,
and no dancing will be indulged in.
Ample entertainment has been provid
ed, and It is expected that the party
will be a great success. A short musi
cal program will be rendered.
Members of the faculty who are
members of the thnv societies will at
The committeo having the party in
charge is as follows:
Russell Moore. Palladian, chairman;
Messrs. Doughters, Anderson, Town.
DCon, Waltman; Misses. Barnhart,
Mathews and Holllngsworth.
Corporals Appointed.
The following orders were read
drill las-t evening:
Special Orders No. 15
The following appointments are
hereby made in the battalion to take
effect this date:
Company E Private F. T. Dayton, to
be corporal.'Signal department.
Private A. L. Nye, to bo corporal.
Private F. A.tewart, to bo corporal.
They will be obeyed tnd respected
accordingly. By order of
Run Over the Sophomores and
Win the Championship.
The Sophomores were easy victim
for the Freshmen J n. a game for the
interclass basket ball championship
last night that although fast from the
first whlBtle. was too one-sided to
arouse much enthusiasm in tho small
audience present. Miller began the
ceremony with a goal on the second
pafis', rind followed It with tljree more
In as many minutes. After that he
glowed up a little, but added two move
field goals before the half ended.
Mosher at conteP did not have any
troublo In out-Jumping hiB much short
er opponent, and also managed to get
loose from him long enough to throw
nine goals from the field. In this half
Miller and Mosher were decidedly the
stars, although Mathcwson did some
very excellent work for the Sophomores r
by throwing six goals. The half end
ed 37 to 17 In favor of the Freshmen.
The second half was much moro In
teresting, since the Sophomore guards
did better work, although the forwards
could n,ot locate the baskets. Swan,
who had been unable to bcore before,
threw three goals, and Mosher got the
same number. Lott came up from guard
to toss a couple also. In this half the
the score was 21 to 10 for the Fresh
men, making tho final score 57 to 27
This js the largest score made this yeai
In basket ball, and there can be no
room for the squabble that ensued
from the closeness of the score in the
final game. last year.
The Freshmen1 were superior to their
opponents In every respect. The goal
throwing of Miller and Mosher was eab
lly the feature of the evening, while I i
team work the Sophomores could not
approach them. Mathewson and Krake
did the only good work on tho Soph
Bide, but could not overcome the other
team unaided. Klmmel, a regular for
ward, did not apear, and while his sub
stitute, Corlett, did, creditable work,
tho team as a whole suffered. Tho llne
,up of the tenmB was:
Sophomores. Freshmen.
.forwards Miller
, . .center Mosher
. .giiardB Lott
Swan 5. Lott 3, Krake 2, MathewBon 0,
Winchester 2, Corlett 1.
Goals from field Miller 4, Krake 2,
Mathewson 2, Winchester 1
Officials Hoar and BeorB.
After tho game the Sophomoies elect
ed L. S. Krake, of West Point, captain
for next year.
Botween the halves a very fierce
game was played between tho Fresh
man Laws and Senior Laws, which end
ed iu a victory for the latter by ttre
scoro of 19 to 9. The game, was re
markable for the football tactics and
horseplay indulged in. by both teams.
Milek and Lightner did tho best work
for the Seniors, while Laird was the
only Freshman who seemed to hat an
idea of what was wanted.
Krake . . .
Clark . . .
Earl J. Woodwaid, M. D., treats dis
eases of the eye. ear and throat.
Rooms 2"07-08 Richards bjock, 'Phone
Sam's Cafe. The only place In the
city to get the famous "Little Gem
Hot Waffles." Special service for ladles.
The Whitebreast Co., at 1106 O St.,
is the place to buy coal.
Lincoln Transfer
'Phone, 176.
Co. Baggage.
Junior Cap Committee Meets.
The Junior Cap committee met Tues
day, but no denfinite arrangements for
securing the distinguishing headgear
were reported. It is planned, however,
to obtain some design, if possible, that
will be suitable to the boys and girls
of the class alike.
Special rate to students at Hendry's.
Drop in and se.e our stock of spring,
shoes. At Sanderson's.
All broken lots and sample shoes.
Big Reduction Sanderson's 'Sale.
Chapln Bros., Florists, 127 So. 13th.
As spring approaches better brighten
up your cadet suit by securing an ex
tra pair of trousers. Splendid values.
Palne's Clothing Store.
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