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Cfte Daty Uebraskan.
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A consolidation of
Vko Batperlan, Vol. 81, The Nobraskaa, ToL 1,
Scarlet and Cronm, Vol. 4.
itaatnam Managor
John D. B1m
A. O. Bchraibee
O. JL Sawyar
New - - - P. A. EwJnjr
Athletic - - J. D. Clark
Literary - Dorothy Green
Reporteri D. r. DeYounjf and Mable Fouler
and Raymond H. McCaw,
OAcMt Bdltorfal, V WOW; Bnalnen, U I11M.
I Post Offloa, Box 18, Station A, Ltaeoln.
i -
ttfeaorlptlon Prioa, 11 par year. In ftdraaea
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tared at the postoflloo at Llnaoln. Nebraska
aa aooond-claM mall matter.
Editorial Remarks
An Eastern View.
Ah n good example of how the oast
regards the agitation raised against the
acceptance of the Rockefeller gift In
this state, wo quote the following-.
Chancellor E. Hcnjamln Andrews of
iho University of Nebraska is a Bap
tist. It Is second nature for college
presidents to want money for their
Institutions. When they are Baptists
tl is second nature for them to ask Mr.
John D. Rockefeller to give it to them.
Dr. Andrews did bo. Mr. Rockefeller
said that he would give two-thirds of
$100,000, if tho people of Nebraska
would give the balance. Most of
balance- has been subscribed, but there
is a great outcry in Nebraska about
accepting Mr. Rockefeller's money.
Tho Nebraskans bad better take all
of Mr. Rockefeller's money they can
get. It is excellent money. If they
think he has too much, they should
not neglect to relieve him of what they
If they think that he has been ra
pacious they should encourage him In
liberality. If they think his gains are.
ill-gotten, they may at least assist in
making his disbursements beneficial.
It seems wise to regard Mr. Rocke
feller, not as a fellow human creature,
but as, a mental force, the exercise of
which in trade under conditions which
have prevailed in this country during
the last thirty years has been attend
ed with highly Interesting and instruc
tive results. It seems no more expedi
ent to reject his offerings than tohrow
back into the sea parcels of wreckage
cast tip after a great storm. Reject
nothing, Nebraskans! Fetch ashore all
you ran. The sea, at once destructive
and bountiful. Is a part of nature. So
is Mr. Rockefeller. Harper's Weekly.
Tho Wisconsin game marks the end
of the basket ball season, which was
on the whole satisfactory and success
ful. The team's list of vlctqfles has
more than balanced Its defeats, as there
is -a good margin on the credit sldo of
the ledger. Basket ball is one of the
most healthful pastimes known to ath
letes and calls Into play the muscles
of the body mare generally than any'
other tjamo. The game Is a good one,
and desei C3 better support and en
couragement here, although t lie results
this year have been more satisfactory
than in former years.
The abandonment of the western trip
and the bringing of the season to a
close narrowed the chances for our
team's Increasing Its margin of vic
tories, for on the western trip Nebras
ka has always made her opponents suf
fer. But the lack of realization of the
possibility of the team here is com
pensated for the creditable manner In
which It closed the season and by tho
Importance of the victory gained.
o .
The Sophomores and Freshmen will
settle the interclass basket ball cham
pionship tonight. Neither side Is at all
desirous of seeing the other victorious,
and this lack of generosity may lead 10
a vigorous contest for the honors. The
Fieshmen have Z. ;ood record to
round out. while the Sophomores
are anxious to retain the-honors that
they won with such difficulty last year.
Ail zealous classmen as well as a good
representation of University people
should come and view the excitement.
knock on sweaters is ror'hf
l'lJin t lie health inspec'or-: ot Now
VoiK ' itv. who claim that ihy are in-j'Uju--
t. all who wear thM It is
said that boys have eon.'r.'ivu-i coldi
and severe illness through wearing
sweaters. Yet It will be some time be
fore precautions will be taken here
against the use of them; for any Ne
braska man Is willing to run the risk
of wearing a sweater, especially when
It has an "N" on the front of It.
The honor system is being quite,
thoiougbly tried ot some of our neigh
boring institutions to the cast. Tho
need for such a system at many places
Is apparent and the theory is right, but
all do not report equal success. The
main trouble seems to be the unwilling
ness of students to Inform On each oth
er when there conies ii case in hand.
Few Universities now take pait hi
Mute oratorical contests. These are In
fac t mostly confined to denominational
colleges, as Unlversltltes have become
too busy In working out the best meth
ods for debating and public speaking.
Tire Missouri Independent has consid
erable fault to find in the action of ltd
institution In sending a representative
to the stato oratorical contest. It con
demns the erraTie actions of the speak
ei s at such affairs asa farce of flrst-clast-
order. In fact it considers It fair
and proper to protest against tho repre
sentative chosen going to the place of
holding the meeting, as ho Is not the
representative of tho school, but of
two literary societies. It says that
c ralory Is dead at Missouri and that It
makes tho artificial, not the natural
speaker. It takes the stand that the
man chosen must go as a representative
of a literary society and not the Unl
veisity. We bolievo that Missouri is
right In this matter, and oratory as dls
plajed in elocutionary contests Is dead
in most siuto institutions. Of- course
no one con object If the Binaller denom
inational schools see fit to continue It,
but In larger institutions debating and
public speaking have practically crowd
ed it out.
Delian Program at Settlement.
The Deliuns gave a program, assist
ed by the children, at tho college set
tlement last Friday evening. The audi
torium was filled with a bright .noisy
enthusiastic throng.
Miss Dally opened tho program with
a piano solo. Miss Mathews gave the
next number, a reading' entitled, "The
Story of a Toad." A vocal solo was
rendered by Mr. Vasey, "Anchored," in
such a manner as to require an encore.
Mr. Bates then ontertnined tho child
ren by a "Pillow Fight" and gave "Call
ing the Kids Jn tho Morning," In re
sponse to a hearty call for more.
Mr. Vasey then sang a solo entitled
"Eyes of Blue." which called forth
much favorable comment.
Miss Wirth, president of th6csoclety,
proslded and at the close made a few
well chosen remarks.
The entertainment was a marked
success and the children lingered as If
waiting for more.
Earl J. Woodwaid, M. D., treats dis
eases of tho oye, ear and throat.
Rooms 207-08 Richards block, 'Phono
Tho Whltebreast Co., at HOG O St.,
is the place to buy coal.
Lincoln Transfer Co. Baggage.
Phone, 170.
rnT"TrrnTnTTTi i in 1 1 nm 1 1 j inn i mi i . in n
in the march of progress, wear "Kensington"
clothes, as other wide awake men are doing No
wafting-there ready to put on, We claim they're
superior to tailored-have more style, etc. Save you
a good per cent over tailors prices. New Spring
patterns ready-$ 15,00 to $25.00. See them and
judge for yourself. Its springy-Spring into one
of our top coats.
Kensington Chtlesbey Tit
West's Cream Gum"
Is the Creamiest of all Chews.
Chew "White Sue" for that D&rk Brown Taste.
Chew "Black Joe" for the Complexion.
Che7 "A Pleasant Smile' for the Blues.
Sci u 10 gum wrappers for mammcth ;atalo,.uo of premiums given
X In exchange for'tho wrappers.
Homeseekers' Excursions. . .
On March 1 and 15, April 5 and If). Tickets will be sold
at one fare plus $2.00. Return limit 21 days. The points to
which they will bo sold are as follows: All points in Indian and Okla
koma Territories, and Texas; also to many points In New Mexico, Ar
kansas, Arizona and Louisiana.
Call and get full information.
City office
Cor. 10th and
O street
Depot Office
7th and P St.
Lyicoln, Nob.
Sold only by Harley Drug Co., nth and O Streets
Cement, Pressed BricK, Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Stone and
Oillco 1 343 O St. , Telophono 700. Yards 19th & Q. Tdopliono 720
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