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VOL ffl. NO. J02
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Sophomores and Freshmen to
Settle Rival Claims Tonight.
The basket-ball season closes tonight
with the same between the Freshmen
and Sophomores lor the Intertill
championship. The 'arslty feason n:il
el Saturday night with the Wlsi or.lii
victory. Negotiations for the wet-Urn
trip and for a game with Iowa ha
fallen through and the team has ceased
practice.' The schedule this year wa-
not nearly as complete as last jrai's,
only four outside games being plajcd
The team came out a little better than
even on the season, and by the victor
over the Badgeis Saturday added qui'
a little glory to themselves.
The game tonight will be fiercely
contested from the first whistle, and
promises to be as exciting as any la.s
game ever played. The Fresh-men fee!
that they can stand the strain of be
ing champions for a year or so and
the Sophomores aie determined to held
the palm for another season at leant.
The make-up of the teams and the learn
irom which each man comes are a?
Freshmen: Forwards, Miller, South
Omaha High. Swan. Omaha Hlg!i
tenter. Mosher. guards. Lott, South
Omaha High. Hammill. I incoln V .M
C. A.
Sophomores Foi wards. Mathewso.i.
Lincoln High: Kumniell. Lincoln JUgh
center. Krake, West Point High;
guards. Winchester, Lincoln High:
Clark, Cheyenne High.
Everybody who "attended the finals
last year, when the Sophs defeated th
present Senior team -by the score of 21
to 24, will be sure and go tonight and
take all their friends. It Is especial!
desirous that a few men from each
class get together and do a little roo1.
IgJor their teams, If any money is
left over from the gate receipts after
the expenses have been paid It will go
to the winning team to do with as they
please, the team generally deciding to
buy caps or Jerseys. The Freshmen
are especially desirous of winning this
distinction, since they lost the tame
privilege In football by such a slender
TICKETS $i.5o.
Eddie Walt's Ord?csza J
morj .
to the
1 asket ball tournament on Snt-
at 2:.",0 in the I'niverslty nr-
promlscs to be very interesting
University and Academy stu-
The ' Midgets," composed of
of the best University players,
among them being Margaret Pillsbury,
Harriet Mitchell, Inez Everett and
Adflo Koch, will play the -Academy
team, which has sonic strong players
Hazel Camqron. Helen Bonekcmper.
Elizabeth Lyman. Jane Blamhard. Lila
LefJon. Carrie Lute and Eleanor Har
l.oui Those playing on the first and
s-econd University teams aie well
ki.own to all the students, and it is
e.p(ted that the) will play their usual
exciting and Intel esting game. The
gamri will he ni ranged in the form of
a tournament, giving still more inter
est to the matches of the afternoon.
Thketsare on sale at both of the
Unhcisity book stores.
Fire at Captain.Smoke's House.
About a hundred students warmed
themselves on the bleachers yesterday
afternoon during the baseball practice.
About twenty-five men were in uni
form, Including Captain Townsend. Af
ter an hour's work they divided for a
practice game, which showed that a
marked impiovement both Tn batting
and fielding had occurred since the first
of the season. Among the new candi
dates 1b Eager, who l&trying for first
base.- As yet Miller and Barta are
the only men trying for tjhe backstop
position, Bender not yet having gotten
out. The pitching department Is still
the strongest. Townsend, Morse and
Beltzer of last year's team are out, and
also Adams, a Freshman from Wahoo.
The first came Is still several weeks
off, and with a fair degree of good
weather tho team ought to bo In the
pink of condition before the intercol
legiate Heason opens.
The athletic board met Monday and
awarded basketball Jerseys and "N"
sweaters to the following men: Elliott.
Hageuslck, Hewitt, Hoar, Benedict. A
track meet with the University of Colo
.rado to take place at Boulder was sanc
tioned, and thfr board consented to
change the game with Colorado next
fall from Denver to Boulder, an addi
tional guarantee being made by Colo
rado. ,
The following item from the Yale
News concerns Captain Smoke, the' for
merly commandant of our cadet bat
talion: "At about .1 o'clock yesterday aftei
noon a fire broke out in the basement
of Captain Smoke's house, No. CO Yall
street. Working upwards irom tho
basement the fire burn! part vay to the
floor and wall of the library, and did
considerable damage to the third floor
ns well IJeTore tho firemen could get
it under control. The blaze started in
come way from tho furnace and burn
for s-omo time within the walltf and
flues before It was detected. The losn
was principally confined to Captain
Smoke's prlvato papers and the furni
ture, which was not insured.
been left of consideration The
reason for not deferring the election to
June Is that the new members may be
initiated Into the society sufficiently
long before the end of the jear to give
them an opportunity to enjoy some of
the association life, such as the Initial
banquet, the annual meeting of the as
sociation and the annual banquet.
Change in Location of Courts.
Minnesota Scheduled.
Academy Preliminaries Come Off
As a result of the second preliminary
debate held at the Academy last een
ing the following men will represent
the Academy in the debate against the
city Y. M. C. A. to be held the fiit
of next month: De Young, .Miller. M
ers. Messrs. Moigan, Shaw and Wolfe
will (ompose the second team
Last evening's debate was on the
question which will be threshed out In
the coming meet with the Y. M. C. A.:
"Resolved. That it is to the best in
terests of both countries that Canada
be annexed to the United States."
C. P. Craft. N. M. Cronln. and Ira
Ityncr acted as Judges.
Leland Powers Will Visit Here.
P. B. K. Arrangements.
Thirtime Is approaching" for the P. B.
K announcements, as these will be
made the day before tho spring vaca
tioi. opens up. For the first tlmo in the
hlstoiy of the society this election will
be announced at a later date than
Charter Day. During tho vacation
there will be a meeting of tho society,
at which the new members will bo
banqueted. This change has been made
foi two reasons. An opportunity Is af
forded those- making tho choice to have
the uee of the records showing the re of the first semester's work. Here
tol'oie the first semester's grades linv
Leland Powers, the noted Imperson
ator. Is expected to arrive In tho city
this evening for a short visit with
friends In the University. If he can
be prevailed upon he will speak at con
vocation tomorrow morning. Mr. Pow
ers has established an Inlet national
icputatlon for himself a& an imperson
ator. He has appeared In Lincoln sev
eral times, and was here this fall in
one of the numbers in the Y. W. C. A.
lecture course.
Indications are fnvorablo lor a ten
nis meet this spring between Minne
sota and Nebraska. Secretary Tyner of
the Tennis club has been In communi
cation for some time with the tennis
arsoclatlon of the University of Min
nesota, and while no definite arrange
ments have as yet been made. It Is
riobhble that a tournament between
the clubs of the two institution will
take place on our campus sometime
during the latter part or May. If this
airangemcnt is mnde, It Is nlso likely
that a return meet will he scheduled
with the Gophers to come off In Min
neapolis next fall.
The local club will begin the sea
son, therefore, with a veiy bright out
look. While It will be necessnry to
move the courts about thirty feet south
of their present location In order to
make room for work on the new phy
sics building, this will Jic Immediately
attended to, and ft Is thought thai
practice will not bo seriously delayed.
The club at present numbers about
thiity men. and new applications for
membership are expected to come- in ns
scon as the season opens. While ten
nis is not supported in this unjversltj
by the athletic department. It' lias of
late years held np unimportant place In
the athletics of the Institution, and may
bo expected to command still further
inteiest this year if the match with
Gophers Is definitely arranged.
meeting of tho club will probably
Will you kindly pay Miss Stephen
your two dollars for Senior play clues
at once, as some of the money is need
ed now. The Senior class includes aca
demic, agricultural and engineering
students. -
Treas. of Senior Pluy.
As spring Approaches better brighten
up your cadet suit by securing nn ex
tra pair of trousers. 'Splendid values. r
Paine's Clothing, Stpre.
be held some tlmo next week. At Hint
time, preparations for the coming sea
son will bb made, thoMinncsota tour
nnment discussed, and the matter or
moving the courts attended' to. The
local management will be at consider
able expense In bringing the Gopher
to Nebraska, h,pt It is thought that tho
extra inducements that will be afforded
In arranging the meet will call forth
enough patronage to make the venture
a big bucccss. Nebraska lino put forth
men In the past who have attained
much more than merely local fame, and
no uneasiness is felt that Minnesota
will not have her hanclB full In
meeting us In tennis this year. With
euch as Cassady, Mathewson, Tyner
and Scrlbner, Nebraska ought surely to
produce a winning team.
The tournament will probably be of
two days' duration. The first day will
be devoted to singles, and the second
to doubles. Three-games will bo played
In singles, witiriwo men on' a side.
There will be bit one contest, of courao,
In the doubles.
For the benefit of any who may de-
fiireta enter for the tournament, wo
are requosted-to state tlfat $1.50 yrlll
obtain full membership In the Tennis
One-half Price That Is the way
aro selling Sample Shoes. They
beauties,, Sanderson's.
and Li Sta
Ice cream ana candy: 11th
. Don Cameron's
good service.
lunch counter foi
Transfer Cq. Baggage
Miss Martha Tyler
Of St. Louis
Chapel, Saturday, march C2.
Auspice of Uni. Y. W. C. A.
Tickets, 255 cents, 8 p. m.
Fixing Date With Kansas.
The finishing touches in making final
arrangements with Kansas are no;
oeing applied. The question of tho date
is now being settled. Secretary Ityner
has received a note from Kansas asking
for some date between 4prll 15th and
May 1st It Is probable that any date
within the limlts'set wjll meet our con
venience as hosts to the Kansas team.
Sam's Cafe. The only place In the
city to get the famous MLlttlo Gem
Hot "Waffies." Special service for ladles.
Boston Dentists, work and dv
prices. .
All broken .lots and, 'sample shoes.
Big Reduction. Sanderson's Sale. '
: i'v
ChanH Bros:, Florfists, 127 So. 13th.'
Phono 17C.
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