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C b c all? Ilebtaslian
Cfre Daily Debraskan.
X eomolldntlon of
rka Httperlan, Vol. Ill , The Nobraakan, ToL U,
Boarlet and Cream, Vol. 4.
rfmala Manager
John D. IUo
A. O. Sohralber
0. A. Bawjar
Nwt - P. A. Ewinjj
Athletic ' - - J. D. Clark
LlUrary " - Dorothy Grten
.Reportrj- D. P. D Young nd Mablc IoUr
And Raymond H. McCaw.
OOomi Editorial, V KMW: BtulneH, U tllM.
Poat Olio. Box 18, Btatlou A. Lincoln.
Batairiptlon Prloa, ft pr yaw. In adraao
Btrd at tha poitoftloo at Llnoola, Nebraska
u aeaond-olasa mall matter.
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Editorial Remarks
Tl mannnomcnt tif tli( Olympic
KunwH at tlie Si. I mils exposition have
croctcil a pormaiu'iil f;mnasliun and a
stadium with a stating n,iclty of 3.r,
000 on the urountlh of tlie exposition.
The Ktndlmn heliiK a counterpart of
the hlHtoiie Roman stadiums. After
the close ol tlie exposition both the
Kjmnasium and .stadium will hecome
the propel ty ol the Washington uni
crsity ol Si. I.oi.1s.
The girls' linsKet-h'ill team lias at
lat-t made-ariaiiKcments for a giunc
with .Minuejota I'liis annoiineomont
lomes as a .surpi ise. as It had been
(piite thoroughly understood that the
Minnesota team would lie unable to
play us., (iirls' basket-ball hah become
popular and attractive here and their
team has alto fields for conquest. Ln-t
y ar the team made a Hue record, and
if the one this .war In lags back the
tresses ol Iheli opponents from Min
ncapolib.lhcy should be givon a re
ception that would make the one ac
i orded to the lootball train last year
h'imii tame in (omparlson.
The trenundous progress that is be
ing made at the state farm this year
is indeed wot thy of comment. Where
loimerly only two buildings stood to
home the Interests and facilities of
our agricultural school, now a cluster
is appealing and by tlie time all of
the present buildings are completed
our farm school will hao in its pos
se ision resources of no mean impor
tance. The growth of the agricultural
H-hool measures back more directly the
support received by the farming peo
ple of the state, and we are glad to
see the day at hand when their in
terests are receiving this important
attention. The Introduction of scien
tific methods into agriculture and
dairying Is working a change, and the
mot successful farmer in the future
will ho the one who is educated. The
dissemination of knowledge concerning
soils and fertilizers and the great bulk
of other useful Information that can be
acquired by study will make the occu
pation one of skill and scientific meth
ods. More has be( n done for the agri
cultural school within the time that
Chancellor Andrews has been here
than has ever been done before. It
ha been placed upon a basis whore Its
work will count greatly and now that
it has been provided with so many
additional facilities, the school will cer
tainly prosper.
What Is the matter with the glee
dub? We know it exists and has been
practicing faithfully all year, but wi
have not yet been favored, with an
opportunity to hear it. As we un
derstand it, the plans of the lub as
to appealing here are rather Indeflnlt
While w.1 do not say that this Is du
to the lac k ol support In the past, ye!
It Is n fart that the glee club has never
received the support that it should.
Last ytar we had a splendid club, wel1
organized and trained, and yet uni
versity people did not take enough
cognizance of its existence to come
out and help make Its concerts a finan
cial success. Under such conditions
It is difficult for any organization ti
thrive. A glee club is an advantage
to any institution and we do not like
to see ours so little appreciated as it
has been in the past. We have one
of the best glee clubs we ever had
this ear, and we would not like to
Fee all the effort that has been spent
In training it come to naught. We
ought to be able to entourage our club
in a suhFtanti'il manner, and after it
is well under way we would like the
pliaure of hearing it.
The mass meeting has been post
I.oc"d until tomorrow morning. This
loves us another day for working our
s;Mrit.- up to -the proper pitch for
this nportant occasion. Something
is lie-essary to work up interest in
i-iT-1,,1 ball here. The game is a good
one and all te.uns aie good. Our
first team has made a good showing
this ) car and with enthusiastic sup
port they ought to be able to give Wis
consin a game that would alone be to
them worth coming all the distance
tha they have to play. This gime
will be the biir one of the season, and
tl.o'e who failed to generally attend
the emf'sts that have already oc
curred should not fall to see the best
1,1 'her... If wc can furnish a good
cro-'.d for games that are worth hali)g
It will be osier to schedule games
of thl Kind in the future. Wisconsin
hipc-. to return home after having
made a clean swee,), and we would
like to be the ones to spoil the reallza
ttc ii of tln'e ho.ies. ir we can he!.)
our team to win by being at the game
and rooting for It. then the whole uni
versity uody ought to be packed into
the armor At least enough to fill
all the available space should be there.
Il is especially desirable that this game
yield good financial results, as our
athletic board lias a debt on hand that
it would he pleasant to see diminished.
And in order that all of us may have
food for reflection, it would not be a
bad idea for as many as possible to
go to chapel and imblbu some enthusi
asm and transmit it to others.
Prof. Dann at Chapel.
Professor Dann gave a stereopticon
lecture at chapel yesterday morning
on Rome and Italy. The Jexlure was
well illustrated and handled in an in
teresting manner. .Much valuable in
struction was given to those present
on the life and customs of the historic
city and her ancient people, so that
from the excellent views and the clear
demonstration the audience could ap
preciate the Roman antique.
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Tickets for the game with Wiscon
sin next Saturday can be secured at
the Co-Op, Uni Book Store, Hall's and
Wright Drug Co., 117 No. 11th,
'phone 313.
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ular 50c edition, gilt top, can bo had
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v . - - J.
sporting News which is the
special attention to college
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