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VOL. m. NO. 98
Let Students Come Out Tomor
row and Saturday Evening.
The basket-ball management h)
only one thing to romppte with iw
drawing every student out to 'he ma.
mooting at chapel tomorrow, and
ocn thouRh that one thing is spilng.
spring will be with us for 'a long time
to i omc, and the mass meeting only
comes this morning. If a big crowd
doe-n't turn out this moining and an
other big crowd doesn't come to se.
the best gany'eve r played in CI i ant
hall. It will unadmitted by e-.on tin
mnsi ardnnt supporters of basket -b. 1
that that game can never gain a seciuc
place in university athletics, because
ii will never get support. For a spo: t
to he successful it nerds not gn!v a
champion team, but a good amo.nit of
the oin of the realm Nebraska bis
had the first requisite lor sevcial
.war--, but the support has appeared
only in football, while baseball, basket
ball and track must get along em ono
leg. or else urn on what is left aft. r
lootball seai-on. This cannot go :
torever. and uniess each clopaitmcnl of
athletics becomes self-supporting, Ne
braska will finally have to depend or
football alone as a means to geAt 1 i!
of if. excess energy. Football mas-.i
mi i tings always bring out big crowd!-,
and it will cheer the basket-ball c'.i
lettors considerably if Memoiial hull
Is pae I'.t-d tomorrow morning.
Manager Hewitt is working diligent
ly to arouse interest in the game, and
has sent personal letters to all the
fraternities and societies, asking them
to send big delegations, to the game
and dan-e, besides plastering the cam
pus with posters and bills.
The Wisconsin team left home Mon
day, and plays the Sioux City Gian'.s
tonight. This will be a good game
by which to judge the compain
the merits of the two teams, and if
Wisconsin can defeat the Sioux City
Team, our boys will have their work
i ut out for them, as they could do
nothing against tho northern men.
TICKETS $i.5o.
Eddie Wait's Orchcsiia
$!, rnlvrrsity of Minnesota,
ii!'" tin; Unherslt of Michigan,
ieti.nn. University of California, $21.
0 J'i 3: Cornell. $1X,572. SI; Northwest
ern. 10. (KM). (10; University of Wiscon
sin. S13.P0O.OO: University of Illinois,
$l'J.0n.iii); Univeisity of Kansas. $S,-:"in-;
University of Missouri, $7,
." ; Williams college, $r.r,i(i.ini;
Amlvrst college. $J,2!1.1S.
Law Students Hold Court.
Captain Townsend. has returned from
Tecumseh, where ho has been for th"
last week, and feels very well satis--hed
with-the Improvement the team has
ni?.de during his absence. The team
has an advantage over Inst year's in
bring enabled to begin outdoor .prac
tice much earlier than was the case
lat year, and they aie working hard
to realize- this advantage. Although,
only a few of last year's team are
back, they form a nucleus a re; u ml
which a champion team can be built
up, dad the enthusiasm with which
the players enter the game promises
that the beet team possible with the
material at hand will be turned out.
If anything was necessary to add to the
atiirance of a good team, that was
supplied when it wns announced that
Bender, the veteran backstop, had
finally decided -to Qiiter the game again
this year.' He said last foil that he
would not play baseball this spilng
but would devote all his energies to
track work, and university fans feel
much Cheered to know that .Jolfnnie
will again be behind the bat. and will
heor the boys on in his old manner.
T-;e lav. students hae been holdin,;
court 'in an elaborate system for the
p;-t two months and conducting trials
ol great inl'iest and moment. Tlu-ir
court sjstem includes a justice, dls
trii' end supreme couit, ewh presided
cner by proper magistrates. The law-c-is
and judges having charge of the
tiia's aie all members of th seni r
t lass while tbe juniors serve as wit
nesses and jurois. Each student is sup
plied to tiy two or three cases during
the year and each is compelled to go
through tho grind, being sometimes
obliged to fight his cause from the jus
tice court to a decision on the hearing
of appeal in the supreme court. The
judges are appointed for the whole
Recently one case was finished that
occupied several weeks. The mass ol
evidence was so great that upon one
occasion an evening session was held,
lasting until 11 o'clock. Each Satur
day the court meets in regular session.
A new docket has been fixed up for the
.e.'sion next Monday. New judges have
also been elected. Tire retiring judges
aie I. P. Hewitt, ot the justice court;
Tom Hewitt, E. 15. Valtman and Sam
Rocse, of the district court, and Judg
Armstrong, of the' supreme court.
Union Program.
The following program will be ren
dered Friday, March 1:
Vocal solo Mr. Boostroin. 'ol
"Cracking-Nuts" Mr. H. Meier. 'Hi
Paper. Miss Chappell, '01
Vocal solo Mr. Evans. '9S
"Have We Outgiown the Clusd' s?"
Dean Pound. 'M
Reading of Responses. . .The Secretary
Music Selected
Critic's Report
A couple of das ago a collection of
nearly nine hundred botanical speci
mens was i Helved by the depaitmer.t
of botany from Professor Nelson of the
Uni pi felly of Wyoming Tb.ry were
collected in Wyoming. Utah, and Ne
vada Professor Bessey has iceehid a t opy
of a new work devoted to the botany
of the Southern ttates. It. is an im
mense work, numbciing over 1,100
pages of desciiptions of the plants of
the South fiom western Texas east
ward. It Is the most complete flora of
the Southern states ever published.
Union Club Reorganized.
Th" Union Donating club has just
undergone a process of reorganization
and strengthening. The club had been
greatly weakened by the withdrawal
of scu'nil of its members to take part
in tbe interstate debating preparations,
and was. on the verge of collapse.
Credit for relvlng interest is duo to
J.-M Paul, who lias conducted a vigor
ous movement for "working up interest.
As a result of his efforts the club is
on Its feet again Jind flourishing vigor
ously. A number of debates will be
held with some of our state colleges
in tbe near futuie. Among these will
be meetings with Grand Island and
Wrsleyan. New men are coming into
the club and all of these will hac a
.chance on the debates.
Short Course at Farm Closed.
The short course of the
school closes this week after a very
successful term. About a hundred and
twenty-five students are registered in
tliIscourse, this number being in ex
cess of the showing made for an pre
vious year. Seventy-five students who
are completing this course will enter
the long course and continue wc.rk to
the end of the year. The term began
January 1st and includes the time when
the boys can best be spared from tho
farm for a course of instruction in ag
r leu Pu re.
One of the most Interesting speci
mens of livestock at the state farm is
the steer that Is' the full brother of
Challenger, who took the prize at the
live stock show-air Chicago. This aui
mal promises to eeiual or ourdo his.
lamous relative If he continues in his
good showing. Dining the past two
months lie has galneel 130 pounds. He
is bplng fattened up for exhibition
next yeai.
anc c from the
t.t tbnt It will
two games at
Girls at Last Arrange Game With
The management of the girls' bask-t
ball team has recelxed definite assui-
Unlverslty of MlnneHO-
be possible to arrange
Minneapolis during the
week beginning March 20. both to bn
letwccm our team and Minnesota, or
one of the two to be with Stanley Hall.
This Is the first opportunity that Nu
biaska has ecr had to inert other
large Institutions, as the authorities of
tbe majority of western colleges will
not allow the girls' trains to play with
organizations outside of the Institu
tion. In this respect Nebraska is about
ten yrais In advance of her neighbors.
as no such restrictions have been in
force here, but now that other colleges
aie beginning to loosen up a llulo, tbe
futuie for girls' basket-ball Is assum
ing a somewhat brighter outlook.
It would have been possible to have
ai uingcd a game witlt Kansas this
year, but this was not clone out of con
sideration for the situation In regnid
to tb" relations existing between the
departments of men's athletics of the
two universities. Iowa and Missouri
nilghi also have been met but for the
negc tlatlons which were being carried
on with Minnesota, it will be romeni
Icied that it was announced some
time ago that our team might meet
the gills from the Gopher state. Short
ly after, the arrangements made foil
through, but were revived again
the result as
stated above.
Chapln Bros., Florists, 127 So. 13th.
The February issue of The World
Today publishes a" statement of "the
receipts of college football this year, in
which fifteen universities aro lepre
sented. Tho total is almost half .a
million. 'Here are the figures given:
University of Pennsylvania, ' $08,
521.47: Harvard $57,790.80; Univer
sity' of Chicago, $51,905.00; Yale, $50,-
Box of cigars given away every day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
The new members of Palladian Lit
erary society are busy preparing a pro
gram which they will give next Fri
day evening. The management of the
play Is under Miss O'Connel, and her
excellent llteiary ability is clearly dem
onstrated in the work she Is doing and
the fine results. ,,
Special rate to students at Hendry's.
Lem lug's, Ice cream ana candy:
and L Sts
The Whltebreaf.t Co.. at HOG 0
Is tho place to buy coal.
Earl J. Woodward, M. D., treats dis
eases of the. eye, ear and throat.
Rooms 207-08 Richards block, 'Phono
Chapin Bros,
Florists, 127 So. IStli.
A week from next Saturday the team
will play a practice game with the sec
ond team, when the Academy team
j lays the "Midgets." On the evening
of March 18 a local tournament will be
held with the Nebraska Wesleyan and
city Y. W. C. A., teams. In view of
the game with Minnesota, considerable
Interest will attach to the playing or
the team on these two occasions, ns it
has only appeared In public once be
fore during the present season. In
rp'lte of tho difficulty which the team
has so far experienced in arranging
icgular practice hours. It is umloubti
eelly a very strong aggregation and
may be expected to play a swift game
at Minneapolis.
Mis. R.G. Clapp and' Miss Louise'
Pound have pledged fifty dollars to the
Temple fund on behalf of the girls'
basket-ball teams. The teams will not
be taxed for tho .sum, but it will be
given from tho proceeds of the class
tournament last Friday, which was
well attended.
Miss Pound has withdrawn from tho
management of tho first and second
teams for tho rest of tho year because;
unable to see them practice V She has
class work from ono to two o'clock,
tho only tlmo when it would be pos
sible for the teams to practice either
in the armory or in tho chapel, both
arc in such constant use. Questioned
on tho subject, Miss Pound said: "This
dees not mean that I have lost interest
In the game, or that I shall not be on
hand to do anything I can next fall.
But if it is possible for the teams to
practice for coming matches only an
occasional once a week, they should
have some one In charge able to be
present that onco." i
Lincoln Transfer
'Phone, 170.
Co. Baggage.
Our number is 210 So. 12th St. Our
business is wholesale and retail bar
bers' supplies razors, strops, combs,
brushes, cosmetics, toilet articles of
every description. A. L. UNDELAND.
Phono 170.
Transfer Co. Baggago
WANTED Thirty men, apply to
Secretary Y. ty. C. A. in tbe Associa
tion rooms Tuesday morning at 11:30.
Good remuneration.
Sam's Ca'fe. Tho. only place In the
city to get the famous "Little Gem
Hot Waffles." Special service for ladles.
iur a. i'.-1S& ;,kj juM& :r J,4, ,;&4& i &tvAiifl