The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 02, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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Zbc Dalls Uebrnoftan
Cj Dp nebrasktn.
Jk. xioU4atlm of
aka M9rUa, Vol. 01, The Nobrm-kaa, Yai. to
Boarlat and Cream, VaL 1
Egggi - ii " 1
Alter4a-Chltf Joaa D. Mm
iKum A. . 8araiW
O. JL awyar
Ncwi - - P. A. Ewing
Athlttic ' - J. D. Clark
Literary - Dorothy Grn
Reporter! D. T. DtYcung and Mable Fouler
and Raymond H. McCaw.
faaearlaKoa Prloa, H r ru. In Mtun,
itarat at taa poitofflM at Ltaoala, V earaafea
a Moad-olaM mail amattor.
Editorial Remarks
Unlet ordered discontinued The
Daily Nebraskan will be sent the com
ing semeator to all present subscribers.
The announcement of a mass meet
ing In chapel tomorrow morning brings
bnck vivid recollections. A mass meet
ing Is tho best means of feeling tho
pulse of the student body and rousing
It Into activity In suportlng some ath
letic enterprise. When Wisconsin
comes hero our armory ought to be
packed. Oui chances for beating the
(lOpheis are better than generally sup
posed, although we can not be too
sanguine. Our men need some lgorous
rooting behind them, and if it Is fur
nished It may prove a deciding factor.
The meeting tomorrow will be an lit
teresing affair, and no one should al
low iiimself to be kept away.
The disolution of Company D Is to be
legretted. but there seems to be noth
ing that can be done in the way of a
ivmedy. The withdrawal of so many
men from the battalion at the begin
ning of the semester has necessitated
the cutting out of one company to re
oiiforee the other three. We regret to
see the captain of Company D lose his
company. ThiB company has had tin
most glorious record of all the com
panies, and U has won the cup two
times straight In competithe drll'.
Hence any cadet officer might have
been proud to lead It and shape it up
for another fight for the cup. It Is to
be hoped that Company D may In time
be restored again to its former place
in the battalion. But for the present,
tho pressing contingencies must be
met. even though a sacrifice may be
It Is now settled that Michigan will
- not meet a big eastern college team
next year. Such a game in prospect
would have been relished by all tho
lovers of football and would have set
tled a point very much under discus
sion. Tho eastern teams assume supe
riority and they may have a right to,
but a practical test of strength would
not be out of the way. Wisconsin went
east several years ago and was beaten
by pne of the "Big Four" teams, but
since that time football has, mado won
derful progress In the west, and tho
leading teams of the "Big Nine" have
grown in strength. A game this year
between tho giant Minnesota or Mich
igan team and one of tho big eastern
colleges would have been wached with
breathless interest by the whole coun
try. Perhaps at tho St. Louis fair ar
rangements may be mad for pitting
some of the leading eastern and west
ern teams against each other and a
feature of this kind consisting of sev
eral numbers woud take hundreds of
peoplevto St. LouIb who would other
wise not make the trip.
The World-Herald seems satisfied
with the returns we gave it in response
to Its request for nn argument. But
we asked the editor of that publica
tion to make a number of explanations
and he has thus far failed to do so. If
he wishes to persuade the people here
tt tho University that he is not influ
enced by ulterior motives in his cam
paign against tho Rockefeller contribu
tion, let him address himself to the ex
planations that we have requested re
garding his pwn policy. 'We don't ask
him to explain for others. Ix?t him Just
explain for himself. We do not seek
to limit him bb he did us. He can use
The dissolution of Company D is to bo
tlons that he pleases.
Iot the World-Herald explain why it
countenances the action of wealthy men
who spend fortunes In gambling and
betting on horse races and condemns
the action of others who contribute to
the cause of education. Iet it explain
why It does not oppose the acceptance
of donations from Carnoglo for the
building of libraries when it does op
pose the acceptance of contributions
from another magnate for educational
purposes. And let it make clear that
the whole aim and object of Its cam
paign has not unfolded Itself into a
bitter personal attack on Chancellor
Andrews, and that it has not been
more concerned In injuring him than In
preventing the aceptancc of the Rocke
feller donation.
We students aie a thinking body and
If the World-Heiald will make these
explanations we give, them the most
respect ful consideration.
The fine weather is inspiring to the
baseball men, who are. improving their
opportunity lor practice with religious
zeal. Practice is going on at many of
our neighboring schools, as all believe
in getting an early start. At Chicago
and Illinois there are armies of men
out, although the pruning process Is
going on constantly. These teaniB, es
pecially Illinois, have an advantage
in being able to meet several league
teams for a regular series of games. In
these Institutions cage work begins as
soon as the football season ends, an 1
we hae done well to follow their ex
ample as far as we have in getting an
early start. At present the great"st
concern In the practice shown by our
students who watch the practice is in
getting familiar with the forms and
names of their new players in their
variegated uniforms. There will be a
month yet hi which the team can be
developed that will be sent against the
Ofliaha league team, and during tint
time the number of candidates for po
sitions will materially decrease.
A large delegation of students In the
animal husbandry department of th
state farm left over the Burlington for
South Omaha last evening for atrip of
Investigation through the packing
houses and stockyards at that place.
The expedition was in charge of sev
eral of the professors of the depart
ment of agriculture.
Professor Bessey is preparing an ar
ticle on the "Vegetable Kingdom,'' for
the new Encyclopaedia Americana,
which is to be a general view of tho
whole vegetablelVhigdom from the low
est to the hlghesj! forms. It Is to be
profusely illustrated.
Lcmlng's, Ice cream ana candy: 11th
and L Sts
Tho WhltebreaBt Co., at 1106 O St.,
is tho place to buy coal.
Earl J. Woodward, M. D., treats dis
eases of the oyo, ear jind throat.
Rooms 207-08 Richards block, 'Phono
University students will be pleased
to learn that they can get a handsome
clothes brush absolutely free of charge
at RiggB' Pharmacy.
The Oliver Theatre
F. C ZEHRUNG, and O. T. CRAWFORD Mgfi. Phone 354. Cot. P aod IZth
"The Uandnouaeit Tbcatr In tha Wast,"
Wednesday Ee., March :2n
Harriets Honeymoon
Direct from its Successful Run at the Garrick Theater,
- - New York City. -
PRICES- $1.50, $1.00, 75c and 50c. SEATS ON SALE.
oldnly by Ha rley Drug Co., nth and O Streets
Western Glass
and Paint Co.
12th and M Sts., Lincoln, Nebr asKa
Fraternity Hall, 13th & N Street
Newly lurnlshtd and decorated. Is now
open for dates foi College and Frater
nity dances. Rpic'al rates to students.
Rcom 308, Fratenity Bldg.
Dr. Jno. J. Davis
Graduate Optician and
Headaches and all Nervous Troubles
relieved by correctly fitted spectacles.
Prices Low. Consultation free.
Homo Office 1222 O St. 'Phone 913
Stclner-Woempener Drug C&,
If 44 O Stmt?
Wioft. 707 Unca, RA
Manufacturers of SteLaer's Balaam
Rhubarb Gold Capsules, Pile. Ouro and
Gray'i Oondion Powderi.
For 'first-class Tailoring at low
prices, see Union College Stu
dents Tailors. Telephone 1209
Union College Tailors
South Enterance College Bldg.
For High Grade
Bicycles i
I Sewing Machines
i ypewnters J
Athletic Goods
Call or Telephone.
- i
231 Sd. lltb St. Phone B1232.
; Special Attention Given to
The Weber Suitoriuin
Ii the up-te date place
win yeu can get yot
Ghtliing Cleaned and Tressed
'Phone 708. Northeast Cor 11th and O.
Ring up the Tea Store, 'Phone F 1038,
at the other end of tho wire the ' '
is waiting to serve you at once with
the choicest Teas, Coffees, Spices and
Extracts. Special rates given to board-
fnT nMllnnn ""I I .
..b iiuudvb. uive ua a trial.
1300 O St., Cor. 13th and O -
j ,
Lid .